Cop Assigned to Downtown Boston Arrested with Military Grade Explosives – Interesting Twist With Wife’s Son

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Turns out Kirk is the Detachment Commandant of Boston Police’s Marine Corps League


zA recent separation from his wife ended up costing Boston police Officer Kirk D. Merricks a small measure of his freedom. Briefly.

He was arrested after said wife was “going through his things” at the home they had shared up until recently when she and her son apparently found military grade high explosives, det cord, blasting caps, grenades and multiple types of military-grade ammunition in a shed in the back yard.

Merriks was released on a thousand dollar bail. Most DUI suspects have to pay more than that. Why so low in a town reeling from the Boston bombings?

Of course, there is a twist to the plot. His wife’s son just returned from a tour of duty. I wonder what his specialty was?

“Boston police Officer Kirk D. Merricks is facing charges of illegal possession of explosives, including four grenades, after Plymouth police said they found the devices in the home he formerly shared with his now-estranged wife.

Merricks, 42, appeared in Plymouth District Court, where he was released on $1,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty Friday to 11 explosives possession charges, along with four counts of receiving stolen property and one count of possession of ammunition.

During the arraignment, Assistant District Attorney Matt Ghiloni said it is “unclear where he obtained these military quality explosives.” Boston Globe

Merricks is a member of the Boston PD and as luck would have it, he is assigned to the downtown area of Boston, near where the Boston bombings took place.

Apparently the wife found the explosives and called the police. With a public record already created and the Boston PD on edge after the bombings, they couldn’t very well ignore the call, so while Merricks was on duty, his home and the shed were searched. He was arrested while in uniform.

“According to an incident report filed in court, Robin Merricks contacted police on Thursday afternoon after she found what she feared were explosives in parts of the house and in a shed at the couple’s home on Paddington Way.” Boston Globe

Did the estranged wife find this stuff while away from her son and call the police assuming it was her husband’s? Did the two of them set up the husband in order to benefit from a divorce settlement?

The “spin” is that since the general public has no way to obtain military grade explosives, the police spokesman said they must be stolen. Stolen from what? How would he have access to military grade explosives and ammunition even as a cop?

Here’s the twist…

“They are obviously not anything that civilians should possess,’’ Botieri said. “We believe it’s all stolen. It’s not something you can go out and buy without the correct permits.’’

Merricks’s lawyer, Eric Goldman, said in court that there was no evidence linking the explosives to his client and suggested they may belong to the son of his estranged wife.

The son recently returned from a military tour of duty. Boston Globe

Did the wife find this and the son feign ignorance of it? I would really LOVE to know what the wife’s son did during his tour of duty. Was he a demolition specialist?

The items found are very specific. It’s not like he just had some C-4 and nothing else. This cache was a complete set-up from blasting caps to det cord to high explosives and apparently enough military grade ammo to facilitate a get-away or an entry after the explosion.

It’s a very interesting situation. Not sure if it leads back to the marathon bombing or not. I doubt they would have used military grade high explosives for the event because it’s very easy to track the residue back to that material, but still, very interesting none-the-less.

6 Responses

  1. If it was one of us mere mortals, rather than a god, they would have shot us while interrogating, or bagged and tagged and off to gitmo.

  2. Yeah Goat… LOL
    Hey Scott, is the ‘son’ from a previous marriage of the ‘wife’s’?
    Then maybe you have a good point….. the man is being set up….by angry wife ?
    can they get finger prints off that stuff?

    • That would be counter productive to sweeping it under the rug. Another way to look at it though might be that this is an attempt to silence somebody who was making waves about what happened at Boston.

  3. […] “Edward Snowden“  to updates on the Sandy Hook massacre , the James Holmes case and the Boston Bombing ( and every ridiculous psyop in between ) I try to bring careful, well-researched journalism to the […]

  4. Interestingly enough, I had already concluded that C-4 had more than likely been used at the Marathon.If you watch the video (at least the 1st explosion) in slow motion,you can hear,& even see the effects of a “dual explosion”.C-4 is known for it’s “two phase” explosive quality. Since I had personally determined it’s probable use at the Marathon,I felt the Tsarnaev’s would have had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting their hands on such a commodity.Hence,they are innocent.

    • Ah, the point of the story. The smart guys running this thing realized they have to concoct a story about how these guys got hold of military explosives that don’t show up at the local five and ten. Mark my words, we will be told they ‘discovered’ a link between this guy and ‘the bombers’.

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