Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Greenwald Announces New “Leaks” at Socialism Conference (video)

by Scott Creighton

“Glenn Greenwald has become the conscience of America” Jeremy Scahill

“Thanks to Jeremy Scahill who is easily one of the worlds bravest and most important journalists” Glenn Greenwald

What did I write before? Oh yeah, shills cover for shills.

As I wrote the other day, it seems Glenn Greenwald is doing his part helping to demonize their manufactured hero, Edward Snowden. Glenn said that Snowden had more files, top secret files, that he spread around to various individuals in order to ensure his security, kind of like a whistleblower blackmail of sorts (same B.S. story told by Wikileaks to help explain why Assange was never arrested or whacked I suppose). He also said that Edward leaked certain classified materials to China in order to “ingratiate himself” to the Chinese.

But, Greenwald said, “if anything happens at all to Edward Snowden, he told me he has arranged for them to get access to the full archives.”… daily beast

… “Whether I would have disclosed the specific IP addresses in China and Hong Kong the NSA is hacking, I don’t think I would have,” Greenwald said. “What motivated that leak though was a need to ingratiate himself to the people of Hong Kong and China.”… daily beast

You might think it’s an odd direction for a supporter of Edward Snowden to take, telling the public he’s sucking up to our enemy and using top secret material to his own advantage, but that’s the psyop at this point.

Well, it gets worse.

Today it’s being reported that Glenn went to the Socialism Conference in Chicago of all places yesterday and announced he has some more “groundbreaking” leaks to drop on the world.

A screeching Sherry Wolf starts off the segment acting like a high school cheerleader at a pep-rally.

Jeromy Scahill introduced him. You have to be a special kind of idiot to still believe in the manufactured hero Jeromy Scahill at this late date.

Laughingly, Greenwald did his lecture via Skype.

Skype of course is listed as one of the companies spoon feeding all communications directly into the privatized intelligence industrial complex, according to Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. Basically, Glenn might as well have invited the NSA to take a seat next to him on the stage.

Also interesting to note, since what they do is record everything and then IF you become suspect, they actively monitor your live communications and Glenn would certainly qualify for that attention at this point (remember, he did say his communication with his boyfriend was monitored just the other day)

So if Glenn knew the NSA would be listening and basically in control of his Skype chat at the SOCIALISM conference where he was going to make some new groundbreaking announcement of more of their secrets… why didn’t they just turn off his chat?

Anyway, you know what his big announcement was?  Glenn said that the NSA was scooping up billions of cell phone calls a day and storing them to listen to later if the need arises.

Greenwald indicated Friday night that he’s sitting on several more — one of which he decided to talk about even though his story on it hasn’t been published yet.

“It talks about a brand new technology that enables the national security agency to redirect into its own repositories one billion cell phone calls every single day. One billion cell phone calls every single day,” he said.

“But what we’re really talking about here is a localized system that prevents any form of electronic communication from taking place without its being stored and monitored by the National Security Agency,” Greenwald continued. “It doesn’t mean that they’re listening to every call, it means they’re storing every call and have the capability to listen to them at any time, and it does mean that they’re collecting millions upon millions upon millions of our phone and email records.” Huffington Post

What? I’m sorry but isn’t that the first “big story” that Edward Snowden supposedly broke weeks ago and wasn’t that just rehashing of what William Binney told us… 5 years ago?

Glenn goes on to say that he is proud the Army is blocking the Guardian website at it’s facilities across the world due to their coverage of the Snowden scandal. The lemmings in the crowd ate that up just like they were supposed to. It bought him some serious street cred apparently…

… but do remember, this “socialism” conference is being held in Chicago, the home and birthplace of neoliberalism, the Friedman School of Economics at the University of Chicago and of course the former stomping grounds of our President, not to mention the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Glenn was eating it up though, apparently oblivious to the fact that so many movements in our country are either packed with assets or run by them. He couldn’t keep his joy from showing. He just loves to be the hero in the spotlight and it shows.

The fact that he’s doing this as the Socialism conference shouldn’t go unnoticed.

It will play right into the demonizing of whistleblowers and those who publish their leaks, especially after Glenn told the world that Snowden was ingratiating himself to the Chinese just  a few short days ago.

The video is hard too watch. While Scahill is calling Greenwald the next best thing to sliced bread in his intro, you can see a little image of Greenwald self-conscientiously fixing his hair and getting pumped up for his little love-fest.

But take it for what it’s worth..  here it is, in all it’s made for TV glory.




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5 Responses

  1. They are having so much fun. It’s like they have Halloween every day….. trick or treating, and asking for believers (of what their costumes portray) to follow and cheer all across America.

  2. Scahill’s “expertise” comes mostly from another fake-expert singing his praises — Chris Hedges.

    I read a Scahill essay around 2009 or so that was pretty decently honest, but it was shooting at very easy targets and even though it was honest as far as it went, it really didn’t dig very deeply.

    It reminded me of a Greenwald essay. Pretty much rehashed “facts” that were revealed by others in earlier journalistic work, with a very mildly critical voice inserted. In Scahill’s case, he was critical of the US Department of Defense. DoD is one of the easiest targets on the Federal landscape, since its budget is more bloated than the fat guy at the end of MP’s Meaning of Life, and since it lies regularly about its “spreading democracy” nonsense.

    Scahill and Greenwald commonly report on a story where there’s an obvious bad guy and/or obvious bit of falsity/corruption, but they never dig very deeply. As I like to characterize them, they will tell the truth as far as their typing takes them, but they tend to omit 15-25% of the story and usually, that missing 15-25% would show things like clear bipartisan complicity, or a favored Democrat hero being totally on the take, or the financial influence of a Democrat analog to the Koch Bros.

    They can’t really claim time or word count limitations force them to omit that crucial 15-25% of the picture. Both men write in a very wordy, meandering wonk-ish style that could be cleaned up to say the same thing in 1/2 the number of words, given an editor whose role is to make the Greenwald or Scahill essay more direct, more punchy, less meandering. So there’s plenty of room and time to cover a fuller story.

    Obviously if Obama could be sold as President Hopey Changey, a Greenwald can be sold as a civil rights expert, and a Scahill can be sold as a government affairs expert.

    While the Snow-job continues occupying most of the various media’s respective attention spans, what else is the US Govt doing domestically and abroad?


    Remember the Lewinsky scandal? And what was happening while we all got distracted by blue dresses, cum stains, and vaginal cigar humidors?

  3. Where am I, is American Everyman, like former spooks or something? Has anyone read Skahill’s Black Water?
    Whats the undercurrent of derision of socialism about?

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