CIA’s “Where’s Edwardo?” Angers Foreign Diplomats With Good Reason

by Scott Creighton

wheres edwardo

We are the most propagandized nation in the world and probably the most in history. That’s not a controversial statement anymore. It’s just a fact. And now that we are in the process of the final stages of the neoliberalization project, it’s going to get worse. Much worse.

Leaders of other countries are getting tired of being pulled into our intelligence agency fabricated bullshit story-lines. They are sick of it and they are sick of the fact that we the people BELIEVE this crap because our “free press” panders to power like the sycophantic Judas Mockingbirds of old.

He has not crossed the Russian border… We have no relation to Mr. Snowden, his relations with American justice or his travels around the world…He chooses his route himself, and we have learned about it from the media.” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

“The U.S. side has no reason to call into question the Hong Kong government’s handling of affairs according to law… The United States’ criticism of China’s central government is baseless. China absolutely cannot accept it.” China foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying

Across the artificial political divide ( Huffington PostNBC NewsCNN, Fox NewsABC News CBS News ), the presstitutes are pushing the “Where’s Edwardo?” game like there’s no tomorrow. Considering the building momentum of fascist decrees like the TPP, CISPA and global warming “executive actions”, there may not be a tomorrow or at least not one that you would recognize.

The push is to use the “Edward Snowden” psyop to expand the manufactured crisis, so they are involving our most formidable international “foes”, Russia and China.

Hillary Clinton ( a woman who has absolutely no business speaking to anyone about respecting international law after her “humanitarian intervention” in Libya and a year and of half of running terrorist mercenaries in Syria) says that China is too blame while John Kerry threatens China and Russia both in not so subtle ways:

“That kind of action is not only detrimental to the U.S.-China relationship but it sets a bad precedent that could unravel the intricate international agreements about how countries respect the laws — and particularly the extradition treaties,” Hillary Clinton

When someone from the United States starts deriding other countries for not respecting international law you can’t help but laugh and cry simultaneously. That is, if you have more than a cursory understanding of our history and current events dating back to our industrial revolution.

Of course, if you have even a basic understanding of the Edward Snowden psyop, even the official narrative of it, then you will know that China and Russia have violated no international laws. Lavrov knows that.

We consider the attempts to accuse Russia of violation of U.S. laws and even some sort of conspiracy, which on top of all that are accompanied by threats, as absolutely ungrounded and unacceptable… There are no legal grounds for such conduct of U.S. officials.” Lavrov

Threats from nation states like the one issued by Kerry are considered terrorism under international law. They know damn well that Snowden was never in Moscow. It’s tantamount to our secretary of state threatening Moscow if they don’t hand over “Uncle Sam”

There is absolutely no evidence the CIA’s “Edward Snowden” character ever entered Russian space. He was not seen at the airport getting off the plane in Moscow. No witnesses put him on that flight, the Telegraph tried to publish a picture of some guy at a train station claiming that was Snowden, but that story was debunked as quickly as it was published.

Fact is, Snowden was never in Russia. And when he was in China’s territory of Hong Kong, by his own admission, he was staying at a high dollar hotel “just up the street” from the CIA’s massive compound. That’s where he met Greenwald.

Wikileaks, an NSA / State Department honeypot trap for whistleblowers, has claimed they know what country Snowden is in and he’s safe and sound with their help.

It’s also been released that the Edward Snowden character only took the job with the NSA contractor in order to get his hands on some info he could use for this psyop. A nifty little plot-twist.

I personally sent one of my most informative and well researched articles on this psyop to Glenn Greenwald in the hopes that he would at least address some of the most glaring issues with his “hero”. He has not responded.

The presstitutes on the left are turning on Greenwald, taking up the clarion call of the far right saying he isn’t really a journalist. I had hoped, back in the recesses of my dusty little brain, that I had been wrong to a degree on Glenn and that he wasn’t fully aware of the role he was being led to play in this ongoing psyop. His silence speaks volumes. So does the ways this psyop is being used while Mr. Greenwald ignores other journalists:

  • CISPA is being “reworked” in the Senate in response to the Where’s Edwardo psyop. You know it will be approved in one form or another. When 800 major corporations in America want something that bad, it gets done. Our corrupt congress serves them, not us.
  • Relations with our main two advisories in the central banking wars are being strained on unfounded accusations that don’t even conform to their official story.
  • Obama’s war on whistleblowers was being ramped up right before the Snowden character’s “leak” with the Insider Threat program announcements.
  • The PCLOB was set in place ready to craft the narrative for the discussion on the balance between privacy and security just days before “Snowden” took flight to Hong Kong.
  • Even the left-wing (so-called) of the MSM are starting in with the Cheneyesque accusations and dismissals of journalists who dare step outside the boundaries of acceptable discourse (meaning whatever they tell us is the news) openly claiming they aren’t journalists when they do that.
  • You can call Snowden a traitor, you can call him a hero, but if you dare call him a psyop, you will incur the wrath of everyone from the most well connected to the “conspiracy theorists”… the narrative must be BELIEVED

It is understandable that heads of other countries are sick of our propaganda reaching across their borders and into their lives. It is clear enough that the timing of this just happens to coincide with Russia and China’s rejection of our “humanitarian intervention” in Syria.

Where will Edwardo end up? Where will the NSA’s Wikileaks say he is? Will he show up in London in an embassy window next to Julian? Will they claim he’s with Assad sharing secrets of our Power Point presentations?

Who knows. Who cares. The real story is the shuttering of discourse in America and the end of critical thought as we know it.


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  1. Wikileaks made it known to everyone who cares that: ¨WikiLeaks direct credit card donations to #WikiLeaks will be shut down by VISA on June 30, due to politics¨
    Haven’t figured out what ¨politics¨ they are referring to, but there is a lot of talk lately about Bitcoin – any thoughts on it?
    The daily beast is running this today:

    • Richard Cottrell over at ¨End the Lie¨ said his ¨instinct¨ is telling him this Snowden psyop is likely a trial run to test the public. While that is a limited assessment, it bears a lot of truth.
      Entering Bitcoin ( of which I know close to nothing about) in connection with an otherwise defunded Wikileaks, could be a major trial run and a big part of this psyop…

    • ¨By using Bitcoin, you directly pay the merchant online using the merchant’s Bitcoin address, that’s it. Perhaps, it is for reasons like this that Michael believes that Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous person or group of people who designed and created the original Bitcon software, brought something valuable to the world without having taking anything in return.¨
      (Michael Parsons is a Bitcoin ECOSYSTEM Entrepreneur and Advisor)
      Sounds like PRISM/CISPA would have a major interest in this… – and btw what’s Obama doing today?

    • Something od is happening, or at least it looks that way to me – Wikileaks and the Bitcoin community are asking for Bitcoin donations on behalf of Snowden – ¨ The Blockchain shows 0.36 bitcoins were transferred to the WikiLeaks wallet address on Sunday, increasing to 7.18 BTC on Monday, following Assange’s telephone conference call with reporters.¨ and ¨Since Assange’s talk with the press yesterday, 14.85 BTC (currently worth around $1,568) have been donated to WikiLeaks.¨ That does not sound like a lot of money right? But, the article at ¨Bitcoin news¨ goes on: ¨He went on to explain that the 800 BTC donated to WikiLeaks up until August last year was worth approximately $8,000 at the time, but now those same bitcoins are worth ten times that amount – around $80,000.¨
      So, this looks like the prize of Bitcoin since August remained fairly stable and Wikileaks is naturally happy at their marked increase in Bitcoin donations since Snowden. But if you look at the website ¨Bitcoin news¨ and press ¨Breaking news¨ you get these headlines: ¨Citibank will no longer process any transfers to Mt Gox due to association with Liberty Reserve¨ and ¨Bitcoin miners, beware: Lawmakers are fixating on digital currency¨ – coincidence?
      In fact, much of these adverse developments to the crypto currency Bitcoin have been happening in the last few days and weeks, although Bitcoin had its difficulties earlier too, now the problems have become a lot more mainstream, like: ¨Bitcoin Foundation Receives Cease And Desist Order From California¨ 6.23.13
      Still, Wikileaks tweets 3 hours ago: ¨WikiLeaks Bitcoin donations up 1000% — help smash the blockade more:¨
      And Wikileaks despite all these developments made sure that people would focus on donating Bitcoin, by stating: ¨WikiLeaks direct credit card donations to #WikiLeaks will be shut down by VISA on June 30, due to politics¨
      When I see discrepancies like this, it reminds me of the old ¨legend¨ how the Rothschilds got rich during the Battle of Waterloo…
      But what is Wikileaks setting up here, renewing faith in Bitcoin? Or, acting as front for some Waterloo scam?
      In the meantime, I found this a good read:–Con-or-Not

      • Bitcoin is the single gretest threat to the “system”, that’s why the Wikileaks-op is being used – now they can go after Bitcoin, saying that it supports terrorists and enemies and eats little babies and such.

    • My last comment on Bitcoin today, I’ll call it : The dream of every offshorer: These are the 10 richest
      BTC Balance
      Bitcoin Address (Hash 160-bit format)

      438824.90216295 8bf24a18a58ab500d30c73bf21dbf4703d31ad2c

      105555.00000000 582431b9e63d2394c8b224d1bc45d07ae95d2379

      79956.00100000 a0b0d60e5991578ed37cbda2b17d8b2ce23ab295

      59258.88000000 89a37004da17f792487bcc26f853c7722c56fd91

      53000.00000000 3d9e561f21d312f9b8b46e74169263e2452d5591

      50129.66980000 2004f419e735115cb2a42cbc76f5b0a20c9698f8

      50000.00000000 863ec44fbf7c9ed0819b52f275006b22ba781794

      50000.00000000 f1c87a5e8ff7d14e74b858089bf771c94b1b6db4

      47457.46000000 6fbe1851f5d1de5477d147e93b3da5c0c98f4e8e

      45000.00000000 f68212be6db427d4b30f01113920db0e9e457c8d

      unless the dream is Hacked/Vacumed of course –

  2. Where was this “discourse” to begin with? Most people’s thought processes have pretty much been put on hold since the dawn of (this round of) recorded history. Propaganda is just a fancy term for ‘lying to the people’, and it’s been going on since the Garden of Eden. For every million people on this planet, there might be at most two or three souls who would actually live and die for the truth; the rest just go along to get along and are happy to swallow and parrot lies in exchange for a paycheck, personal safety, or simply just to ‘fit in’. That, my dear should-be-a-Pulitzer-Prize-winning-journalist-if-the-prize-were-legitimate American Everyman, is the sordid and glorious truth of life not just in the early 21st century but in any age. Your job (should you choose to do it) is to ferret out the truth and to speak it boldly to those few who actually want to hear it. To my mind, there is no higher calling and no other way to live.

    • “For every million people on this planet, there might be at most two or three souls who would actually live and die for the truth”

      You’re EXTREMELY pessimistic. You’re wrong, it’s more like 5 out of hundred, worst case.

      If it was only 2-3 in a million, this would would have been down the drain millenia ago.

  3. scott,

    you’ve got the best take on the snowden that i’ve seen thus far.

    i especially appreciate your examination of the “coincidences” going on (in the bullet points). gotta distrust and examine “coincidences” in context.

    hope you’re wrong about things getting much worse…we all do.

    did you coin “presstitutes?” a good one!

    curious that a guy named “snowden” is at the center of this massive govt and presstitute snow job.

    right, “Wikileaks, an NSA / State Department honeypot trap for whistleblowers.” and be wary of those who portray julian (9/11 is s false conspiracy) assange as a hero. they are at best uninformed.


    • I think “prestitutes” is from Mike Rivero over at WRH. At least that is where I heard it first.

      • Allegedly, it’s from Gerald Celente, of all people, the Grand Poobah of “the sky is falling!” disinfo.

        “A term coined by Gerald Celente and often used by independent journalists and writers in the alternative media in reference to journalists and talking heads in the mainstream media who give biased and predetermined views in favor of the government and corporations, thus neglecting their fundamental duty of reporting news impartially. It is a portmanteau of press and prostitute.”

        • I love Gerald Celente, Jesse Ventura, and those crowd. Why not? Can you come up with a better kayfabe?

          I’ll take entertainment value over grumpy nihilism any day.

  4. according to Putin, Snowden is in Moscow Airport transit area, hopes he leaves asap, while: ¨“The likelihood that there’s either been no conversation with him or they haven’t downloaded stuff from his electronic gear is about zero,” Philip Mudd, a former CIA deputy director of counterterrorism, told Matt Lauer.¨
    And Wikileaks team with their diplomats(?) and legal advisors are right there with him keeping him safe…?

  5. I don’t take Lavrov’s statement as anything but dissociating himself from those who are insinuating that this is all a Russian plot or that ES is a spy working for Russia. He is denying Russian involvement. I believe Snowden really is in Russia, but most likely in the Ecuadorian embassy, which is technically part of Ecuador, not Russia. Ecuador has an anti-American government and they are also protecting Assange. I think Putin is happy to have this additional chance to embarrass the U.S. government and for the American people to begin to realize that that their government is going hardcore fascist. That’s the main narrative as I see it. The MSM is trying to change the narrative to “Snowden is a traitor and a Russian spy”, and Lavrov’s denial of involvement is intended to prevent this from happening. Why is Ecuador protecting Assange and Snowden? As far as I know, it is just because the government is aligned against the Empire along with most of the rest of South and Central America, Syria, Iran, Russia and China. I don’t think they are doing it to secretly cooperate with a CIA “limited hangout” scheme to distract people from real whistleblowers.

  6. Greenwald, now, today is saying Snowden gave encrypted copies of the docs to several people around the globe, “in case anything should happen to him”. Why didn’t Greenwald come out with this before? Or, does he have contact with Snowden in Russia? Is Russia allowing Snowden to use a secret email address to communicate with Greenwald, so Greenwald can change this narrative on the fly?

    As with any potentially staged propaganda scheme, things start becoming mixed up and more lies need to cover up the previous ones, until it just flat-out gets to a point of ridiculousness.

    Our propaganda organs are saying Putin said Snowden was in Russia, but there is no video of him saying this. Putin hasn’t claimed he met Snowden in person or even seen him for that matter.

    Yes, Russia does stand in the way of NWO. CIA lead man Brzezenski’s book “The Grand Chessboard” talks about “Buffering” Russia in with NATO countries … surrounding Russia with these countries. In 2008, Georgia (Russian Republic), was scheduled to become part of NATO only three days after the Russian invasion of Georgia. Putin was sending the message “Georgia will not be part of NATO”. Also, it was said Russia is the one who leaked the Climate-gate emails. Demonizing Russia would be ideal considering the plans laid out for NWO by Brzenski and others.

    • You are sadly misinformed. Russia is part of the NWO. All of the ‘world powers’ are. How the hell can you take as a reference a book written by someone in the CIA?

      • The book is a laid out plan for NWO. Find excerpts from the book.

        Russia has become the Black Sheep, and has not complied with NWO directives. Russia is not part of NATO. Read the Moscow Times article “5 Reasons Why Russia will Never Join NATO”.

        NATO countries are basically the countries that would comprise the NWO countries governed by the UN. One of Obama’s alleged objectives was to woo the Arab League of Nations to become part of NATO.

        US – Russia cold war never stopped. There have been some very close calls in recent years in terms of going to war with Russia. Something none of us want to see.

        • The NWO is not about a power struggle between superpowers, but more about getting rid of the sovereign nations and having them go under the control of their regional superpower, accept a universal currency and the control mechanism that comes with it, and forcing these nations-no-more in to accepting and abiding by international maritime laws which regulate trade and distribution of resources.

          Think 1984…Or think Mafia… all the same…

          There is no US without a THEY.

          • You’re right to a certain extent, but the sovereign nation thing is an illusion, just like ‘democracy’ (all elections of any importance having been rigged since secret balloting was rolled out in the 1800s). There are political/business factions being pitted against each other, almost as a sport, but ultimately they all have to abide by the rules of a game that very few know about, the winnings of which are not oil or land or even information, but spiritual plunder in the form of willingly bestowed allegiances. That’s what the overlord is ultimately after, and all world powers serve that overlord.

            The current frontman (Putin) of what is essentially a mob-run political/business entity (Russia) would never come out and say that the Snowden thing is a farce because he knows there would be horrendous consequences against him and his ‘faction’. They all prop up each other’s lies; that’s part of the deal they agree to when they ascend to power. See how carefully he coaches his words with reference to “Snowden”. Officials for the Chinese government were likewise very careful in how they worded their “Snowden” dealings. Lying is their premier currency. They wouldn’t be where they are were they not excessive, perpetual and unrepentant liars, the whole lot of them. Liars in power being quoted by other liars (the MSM) being repeated by people who’ve turned off their reasoning and thinking capacities. That’s the world we live in.

            • ¨Putin would never come out and say that the Snowden thing is a farce¨? then what¨s this: ¨I’d prefer not to deal with this issue at all—it’s like shearing a pig—too much squeaking, too little wool,”
              supposedly this is an anecdote from Sir John Fortescue’s Governance of England, ch. X (written in the late-fifteenth century): “And so his hyghnes shall haue theroff, but as hadd the man that sherid is hogg, muche crye and litil woll.” (Modernized: “And so his highness shall have thereof, no more than had the man who sheared his hog–much cry and little wool.”) It’s a warning to the monarch not to implement policies that will greatly upset the people (much cry) but produce little by way of tangible revenues to the crown (little wool).
              He says its a farce (pig) and he knows it (no wool) nothing to gain.

              • LOL,,, darn that hairless pig……
                love this, brian !

              • As I said, Putin coached his words very carefully. Whether or not his pig was the same pig as the Olde Englishe guy’s, only Putin, his scriptwriter, and his anonymous overlings know for sure. He didn’t say the ‘Snowden’ saga was a farce; he implied, by the quote, that little would be gained. Your interpretation was very liberal and frankly not very accurate.

                • Yes, it’s also a Russian proverb, yet the liberal interpretation, was exactly the point on Putins side. Tell me Charlotte, would you be a raging truther in his position?

                  • I’m not a raging truther, and I thank God I haven’t haven’t sold whatever it took to be in Putin’s position. Of course he isn’t a ‘truther’, raging or otherwise. He’s a front man for a criminal organization. Truth, whether the telling or the holding of it, is not his goal.

                    • You can’t believe what wikipedia reports… just because Putin has raised the wages, and increased the living standards of Russians does make the Western nations a little upset…. after all that is not the plan of global neo-cons..
                      so they report that the state of Russia is like a Mafia gang..
                      Putin is no criminal.

            • For a vast majority of nation states and their citizens, it is indeed just an illusion. Maybe even just a hollow state of mind stemmed from decades of brainwashing and utter ignorance… The psychological chess game played in the twentieth century with all the isms, and the mass scientific conditioning we have been subjected to allowed all nations to fall weak in the face of manufactured financial collapses yielding two world wars, and ultimately submit to a sinisterly woven financial web, and absolute corruption.

              They are set out to finish the job this century, but the job is not complete just yet… There are still a few sovereign nations who have not yet submitted to IMF rule and a central bank scheme. And not even a single pea shall be tolerated under the nine NWO mattresses. Iran is one… Cuba is another. Perhaps Turkmenistan or venezuela to a certain extent. None of which, it seems like, will get to finish this century with any level of independence or self determination.

              As masses, our programming starts so far in advance of the long term intended “perception of reality”, by the time we become aware of them, we have already been conditioned to accept it as the new normal. And, we are convinced that this has always been so. A lot of this conditioning is implanted via language to soften the impact when the time comes.

              Almost never used until late 90s to refer to U.S., the word homeland, taken directly from the nazi vernacular, is being used exclusively, with the subconscious connotations of being under attack and something that needs to be defended.

              Note that, starting with president Obama, there’s a new term that is being pushed these days by all talkingpointmouths… What used to be a US citizen, is now a “US person”, which sounds to me like the preparation of a new status for us slaves within 10-20 years… Or they might be dancing around some legal definition of whom they can and can not drone or something.

              As for Putin’s words and how it might effect Obama or the US in general… It’s just words… Just meant to distract us and keep us busy,,, Like WWF wrestlers, they trash talk for the audience… they would both like to win, but only the owner can decide who’s gonna come out on top. The show must go on.

              • You’re right in saying that only their ‘owner’ decides and that the puppets have no autonomy. But I disagree that Cuba or Venezuela or even Iran are still sovereign nations. They wouldn’t exist if they hadn’t agreed in principle to cooperate with the overlord. Some agree and then back out or break the terms of the agreement, at which point they are ‘dealt with’. It’s no great mystery; we can see at any given time who’s being ‘dealt with’, who’s been given time to reconsider, who’s been done away with, and who is permitted to exist in a vegetative state as a perpetual warning to others not to overstep their mark.

      • During the Boston Bombings, it would have been the easiest thing to convince the public that now was the time to renew Russia, Nato relations and jointly clean up Chechnya. If you think about it, that would have gotten a secret global NWO scheme a great deal further in setting up World Government but, that did not happen and instead, we are back in the cold war.

      • I don’t think you can be so certain about Putin. Remain skeptical by all means but at this point I think he gets the benefit of the doubt.

        I think (and I am at the same time aware of other possibilities) that Putin is a Russian nationalist above all.

      • Russia WAS a part of the NWO until Putin came. There is an internal struggle ever since, because Putin is trying to break out of the NWO and clean the ranks. why do you think so many politicians have suddenly “quit” their jobs, why do you think all these new anti-corruption, anti-foreign-NGO laws, anti-gay-propaganda laws etc. are being passed there as we speak?

        Charlotte, whoever you are, either you’re sadly misinformed or you’re trying to sell me a bridge and a camel.

        • notice the color revolution in Brazil? Where is Glenn on that story? he lives in Brazil. Of course, the BRICS nations are posing a serious threat to the IMF/World Bank neoliberalization of the globe and what do we have happening here? Brazil is undergoing a color revolution… Russia is being demonized by this stupid Snowden psyop as well as China… and some businessman is pretending he is being held captive by his ungrateful workers… in China…

          You are also correct, Russia and Putin are not part of the new world order as it stands right now. That’s why they tried to destabilize the country during the run-up to the election.

    • the Putin quote does not say he’s in Russia, it says Putin thinks he may be in the airport in some kind of limbo zone which is not Russia. Again, he did say it. I questioned the validity of the story myself, so I went to Ria Novosti and found an article about it. According to that story, he says Russia has no control of who flies into their country, but when they do, they have to go through their customs to enter Russia which he has not done. I agree though, there is no image of this guy in that stateless zone at the airport and I promise you the press is all over that place… sounds to me like they made up a legit passport to get someone else on the plane under his name and when he got to Russia he just left showing his real passport. So he walked right by the press and the ghost of Snowden is sitting in the airport. either that or they hacked the security of the airline and simply inserted his name into the manifest.

  7. I think the biggest conundrum here is why anyone still believes anything they read or hear on mainstream media. You’re racking your brains to try to make sense of one lie after another? You might as well try to make sense of a psychopath’s lies, because that’s essentially what they are. The “Snowden” narrative doesn’t make any sense because it’s a lie, one after the other, one building on the next. And if you think that’s not possible, think of 911 or the Holocaust or ‘stolen elections’ courtesy of Diebold. It’s not difficult to get masses of people to go along with a lie if you have the right people telling it. Then it just becomes a matter of repeating what you’ve heard. THE SNOWDEN NARRATIVE DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE BECAUSE IT’S A LIE FROM BEGINNING TO END.

    • Strange that you quote another lie to make a point. I didn’t realize you’re into that “there was no holocaust” nazi bullshit.

      Well I can tell you that yes, of course there was. My grandfather being a genuine witness. He was in there and only survived because he was a blond, blue-eyed non-jew (slavic).

      And if you doubt it, there are tons of genuine live shots of the mass killings in many state archives all over Europe.

      • Certainly, jews were killed, but not the mythical 6 million figure. That is what I was referring to, and that is hardly a lie. The “Holocaust” was machinated by the ptb (mostly zionists, and yes mostly jews) to further the zionist agenda.

        • I’m not talking about jews specifically, many more slavic peoples were killed, also roma etc.

      • What a coincidence, ‘Tester’ — my grandmother was in a camp, too, and she managed to survive because she was a bombshell blonde who gave good head. By the way — do you believe everything that people tell you online about themselves and their family? I don’t. Just sayin’.

        • LOL, such a pathetic provocation…

          Do yourself a favour and go check some of the archived live footage from many camps back then. And while you might see no gas chambers, you will see many mass shootings, mass head-smashing with hammers, caterpillars pushing mountains of corpses around and on and on.

          Let alone the many millions of (non-jewish) people who witnessed all that, many of them are still alive in many affected countries and will gladly give you an interview.

          And now I’m done with you, I don’t talk to dupes and agents.

          • I didn’t say the ‘Holocaust’ didn’t happen; I said it was an operation that is not what it’s purported to be and certainly didn’t claim 6 million victims. Reading comprehension doesn’t appear to be a strong point with you.

            • Oh, nice that every single of your messages here contains a personal insult. Way to go girl, now THAT’s some serious discussion!

              LMAO… the feds used to hire cleverer people before, it must be the shortage since top experts like Edwardo went to Russia/China/wherever

              • Accusing someone else of working for “Feds” is transparent work by someone on the Fed dime. Accuse them first, so you don’t look like the stooge. Nice work, Rove.

                • Of course dude, because it’s ME disseminating disinfo here and supporting nazi narrative… jeez.

                  “She” is rather obvious, both the contents and the writing style.

    • I would prefer in the future that you don’t toss Holocaust revisionism into discussions willy-nilly. Obviously there are issues with certain aspects of the historical narrative, but as you well know, once you start tossing around that particular discussion on threads, it’s very easy for people looking for a reason to dismiss legitimate questions to do just that simply because you brought that up.

      this discussion is about the evidence of the Snowden psyop and has nothing to do with that poison pill topic and I would hope you keep that in mind. thanks.

      • Topic censorship on American Everyman? Who woulda thunk! My impression was that all topics, however tangential, were open for discussion here, especially those that particularly irk the “Masters of the Universe”. But your wish is my command (seeing that this is your blog club, after all, and you make the rules), and I promise not to say another word.

        • Keeping a discussion on-topic is not “topic censorship”. Ask Willy if you can write an essay on this pet subject of yours. Maybe if it’s good enough (well written, well reasoned) you can run it here. Or you could start your own blog where your main focus is something other than the Snowden Psy-Op.

  8. I absolutely agree with all you say on snowden. It surprises me that so few have cottoned on to the Snowden agenda. I think there is a concerted effort to anger the American people to breaking point, and then wheel out the crowd control, and worse. I have just started a blog myself, talking about how the Hastings’ crash fits in with this. Have a look if you want. Respect.

  9. The “level of debate” as Scott points out is not really a debate at all. During Vietnam the controlled propaganda “debate” was “shall we stay or shall we leave”?. Every talking head (I believe it was Paul Craig Roberts who christened them ‘presstitutes’) was simply showing the public two sides of the same coin. The REAL question was how and why were we in Nam in the first place. THAT question and discussion was forbidden just as the dialog regarding Snowden is being controlled. I believe the sheeple are still clinging to the sadly uninformed hope we will magically return to life as it was and not as it is or will be. The public still seems to prefer to believe the truth is just “crazy” talk or paranoid fantasy.

    Perhaps after TSHTF the public will be more curious about and receptive to accurate information. We’ll see… I am still trying to decide if the globalist oligarchs are actually oppositional or simply jockeying for better seats at the table…

  10. Regardles of what one thinks of Snowden, he shined a light on a very dark corner.

    Guess he’ll have to be murdered like Hastings or tortured and drove crazy like Manning before people stop slamming him?

  11. the discussion you’re having when you’re not having a discussion –

    ‘… this is not ancient Athens. This isn’t a direct democracy where we allow the entire population to vote on every proposition. We are representative democracy. The people’s representatives were informed of these programs and they voted in favor of them. They’ve been approved by two presidents, they’ve been approved by the American court system. In the American system, at the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch lying out, it doesn’t get any better than that in terms of concern of the governed.

    • Actually not a “representative democracy” at all. In truth and function, a plutocratic republic with a charade of democracy where federal “elections” are concerned.

      Small towns may show true democracy with direct voting. But that bears nothing where Fed elections are concerned. Electoral College shows lack of democracy; presence of Senate shows plutocracy. Maybe go review the changes that happened between 1776 and 1787-89, when the Articles of Confederation were in force, then rejected in favor of the Constitution — and see how the Constitution changed things. Might ask why they had to wait several years to install the “Bill of Rights,” when those rights originally were provided in the Articles. Now why would that be?

      • Thanks William, but that’s just a small sample of what seems to be a universality of credibility gaps apparently lost on the ‘constitutional lawyers’, ‘Boston Strong’ and ‘… so I skyped my bf in Brazil’ crowd.
        No specific mention of ‘Harold Robbins’, but, among other things, you can read who wants to claim credit for ‘framing the question’.

  12. So Snowden is going to sleep in the transit area again? They don’t know what to do with him and the Wikileaks garrison keeping him snug, do they?
    Who the hell has written the script here?
    And how bout this?
    ¨The CIA has begun moving weapons to Jordan from a network of secret warehouses and plans to start arming small groups of vetted Syrian rebels within a month¨ Within a month?
    They think it would be cool to get a No Fly Zone too, but, the White House thinks,that is not an option – we rather you take those Kalashnikovs we’ve been using for the last 30 years and shoot yourself’s in the foot. ¨Washington Post¨ (almost literally)

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