The Real Story Behind the Spying Program: Privatized Hit Lists for Our New Neoliberal Totalitarian State

by Scott Creighton

As I have written before, this is not about catching terrorists before they strike. They have been scoping up your personal data and communications for over a decade knowing full well that you aren’t a terrorist while so-called “terrorist” attacks and lone-wolf mass casualty events occur on a regular basis. The American Gladio operation is well underway as the neoliberalization of America proceeds on schedule.

This isn’t about collecting information to protect us from the terrorists, the people collecting the data and putting it to use are the terrorists.

This is a modern day version of every neoliberalization program the CIA, Chamber of Commerce, the Chicago Boys and the IMF have ever run with a slight twist: privatization. This is about collecting the names of those who will be a problem in the future when the brick of our economic reforms slams down on this country once and for all. It’s about a massive algorithm program that takes all your information in and predicts who the trouble-makers will be. It’s about creating a modern day death squad hit-list for our new totalitarian state and nothing more.

Below are two quick quotes from scholarly articles about two supposedly separate moments in time which are actually connected by a long process of gradual usurpation and unconstitutional power grabbing.

They are the crux of what I have been warning about since I started this website almost 6 years ago to the day.

The first is from Amy Goodman reporting on the death squads of Indonesia and how the CIA created and complied lists of left-wing activists, journalists, union leaders and organizers for the Suharto neoliberal dictatorship to have killed or disappeared.   This is from back when Amy was actually a real journalist, before she was bought up by a foundation and forced to promote various humanitarian interventions for the masters of the universe.

It’ also important to note that Barack Obama’s step father was a general working for Suharto during much of the round-up days, taking lists given to him and killing left-wing dissidents. Once our puppet dictator was firmly in power, he was awarded a job as a go-between negotiating between Suharto and various oil companies who came in to loot the nation.  Obama’s mother worked for USAID in Indonesia during the Suharto dictatorship as an information gatherer for the CIA. She actually helped create the lists and Obama’s step father then acted on them. Their histories have been neatly white-washed, but the truth is out there if you choose to look.

The second is a recent article which describes how the spying industry actually serves the Chamber of Commerce

Amy Goodman, Indonesia

“Indonesia, under Suharto, the military regime came to power in ‘65 in an incredible bloodbathPerhaps a half a million to a million people killed in Indonesia with the support of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.  Because of the reporting of one crusading journalist named Kathy Kadane, who went to journalism school simply to write this article.  She had met a CIA agent who had been working in Indonesia and he talked about how the U.S. CIA made up lists of dissidents in Indonesia and gave them over to the military under Suharto as he rose to power. And the military would go out and kill these people as the U.S. CIA would strike their names off the list.  And in this way they killed between a half a million and a million people from 1965 to 1967.  That was how the Suharto regime rose to power.”

TruthOut , privatized intelligence serves whom? –

There are any number of reasons that you might end up on the FBI or CIA’s watch list, but primary reasons include having a criminal record for terrorist-related activity; actually knowing or communicating with known terrorists or terrorist organizations; and of course the catch-all: “material support” for terrorism. According to the Center for Constitutional Rights the material support statute, otherwise known as 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2339B, creates a broad definition that includes any kind of support for blacklisted groups, encompassing humanitarian aid, medical training, expert advice, other services in just about any form, and of course, political advocacy.

It’s this political advocacy portion of the statute that places communication on social media sites, and search engines queries, namely Google, at the top of the list for creating these data-driven networks. Simply looking at a questionable web site, or tweeting something about Syria, Yemen, or anything to do with “radical” subjects, is reason enough for the government to give you a second look. With the powerful software developed by private corporations, it is now much easier to track your day-to-day life, both online and off.

While the civil rights and civil liberties issues here are important – due to near-indiscriminate surveillance of ordinary individuals based on generalized algorithm specifications – there’s another issue at work here: consolidation of power and control. What we’re seeing in the partnership between the feds and companies like Palantir is the nearly complete union of corporation and state. This sets a stage for increasing corruption and consolidation of power into fewer and fewer hands. (no. that sets the stage for fascism)

It’s startling for many reasons, especially when you take into account the attacks on progressive organizations and (non-terrorist) individuals orchestrated by Palantir, and the series of security failures that have occurred on their watch. One such high-profile incident was put into motion by the US Chamber of Commerce, which contracted Palantir “to develop tactics for damaging progressive groups and labor unions, in particular, ThinkProgress, the labor coalition called Change to Win, the SEUI, US Chamber Watch, and” TruthOut

This is fascism folks. And it’s the modern day version of USAID’s “micro-loan” program where they would go into various neighborhoods and make “loans” to certain “business friendly” locals if they snitched on their neighbors, telling them who was a liberal, who was a “leftist”

They don’t need to do that anymore. They have NarusInsight for that. That’s why it creates patterns of networks of associations knowing full well no one has terrorists ties or leanings. They simply aren’t looking for terrorists, they are looking for anyone on what they call the fringe of the centrist ideology, the Washington Consensus.

People keep pondering why it is we keep killing so many civilians in other countries with our drones, people with no connection to al Qaeda or any of our other mercenaries. The answer is simple: they are killed because they are the same types that we have always killed when we neoliberalize a country. They aren’t nameless… they aren’t accidents…. they are victims of the same kinds of death squads Negroponte and others have been running for decades. They just don’t want to tell you their names else some journalist not on the payroll might start putting the pieces together.

What we see happening here, the real story, is the fact that this program is OPENLY creating these lists right before our  eyes, and progressives like Obama and Greenwald don’t seem to have a problem with that at all. They want us to have “the debate” as to whether or not it’s legitimate.

6 Responses

  1. I just wanted to quickly thank you for your work. Especially today, with an onslaught of critical points to ponder.

    Sure, the swift descent is approaching. But I remain confident that the bad guys will self-destruct. I think human advancement is exponential, and the hysteroidal cycle is shortening in length.

    Once again, thanks.

  2. Here’s what else is being collected and stored — all of our banking records, all of our PayPal and online funds transfers records, all of our medical records, all of our criminal records (even parking tickets), all of our purchases made by electronic means (all those not done by cash; check payments are electronically recorded), our tax payments (or non-payments) — in short, everything that is has been lifted electonically from any number of devices, including swipe cards and chipped cards and anything that has a series of identifying numbers that are connected to us in some way.

    WHAT’S WORSE, AND WHAT WOULD HAVE COME OUT IF “SNOWDEN” WERE WHAT CLAIMED TO BE, IS THAT WE’RE ALSO CONTINUOUSLY BEING RECORDED ON OUR COMPUTERS, TELEPHONES AND TVs (the operative word here being “continously” — think Winston in 1984). I’m not talking here about phone conversations or video chats; I’m talking about just having these devices within earshot or vision range; they keep recording us. Most computers built since 2007 (I think) cannot have their internal mic turned off. You don’t have be Sherlock Holmes to figure out this was done on purpose.

  3. Remove the soundcard driver and your mic will NOT work. Then use an external USB audio device that requires an external mic to be plugged in for recording. Done.

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  5. Reblogged this on Reality and Other Falsehoods and commented:
    IBM and the holocaust? Try Facebook! Writings on the wall people, the enemy’s endgame is approaching…

  6. Another cogent and prescient ray of absolute truth. Folks they say that only the 144,000 are saved thats bc theyre the only ones paying attn!

    the 20th cent was just one vast replay of a formulated, genocidal theme that merely switched symbols and flag colors when a particular thought-line became exhausted.

    The globalist have perfected the machinery of genocide and their endgame is fast approaching.

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