PRISM Logo Reveals Sense of Humor at the NSA – Are They Mocking Us? Or is it Hipgnosis?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Chuck Smarr found the original image the PRISM logo was lifted from. OUTSTANDING work Chuck. How did you find this? Chuck wrote: “Weird that a multi billion dollar program would just grab an image from a free multimedia site for their logo. Absolute rabbit hole stuff. I wonder if this guy even exists.”.


photo with a copy-write held by Adam Hart-Davis ends up as the PRISM logo?

Adam Hart-Davis is another Brit, supposedly second cousin once removed of the British Prime Minister David Cameron

UPDATE: (see end of article) Who is the man who’s image appears in the pyramid on the PRISM logo?


When I first noticed this, I thought it had to be a joke. Then I realized along with the “pole dancing super hero” and the 200k a year for the high school drop-out, that it was a joke. The whole thing is a joke. They’re mocking us with this distraction…

At first I noticed the slides released from the Guardian and the slides released from the Washington Post were different. That may be because these two agencies want to track their outreach or brand their products. Or, it may be because the group that leaked them wanted to see who had more reach. Or, maybe someone wanted to see if we were really paying attention.

Or maybe they wanted to call more attention to the logo itself…

Either way, it’s a subtle difference, but obvious once you see it.

The big story is the logo itself. It’s about how we were taken down the road to the Dark Side by the likes of Cheney and others and the life and times of a cult level artist named Storm Thorgerson. A BRITISH cult level artist.

After noticing the differences between the two versions of the logo I started thinking about the PRISM logo itself and what it meant.

There are many people out there harping on the extremely low quality of the design of the power point slides themselves. People talk about it jokingly as if it’s just a fluke. The presentation from which these slides supposedly came from appears to have been an effort to sell this particular SIGAD over others to a group of  high level analysts of NSA’s Signals Intelligence Directorate at a conference in Silicone Valley in April of 2013.

While others will tell you that is simply a funny oversight not to be taken seriously, I wonder about that. Do you really think a massive program like PRISM would have such a cheesy presentation? There’s a lot of money involved here and the whole point was supposedly to impress these high level analysts of PRISM’s technical superiority. And they can’t get a decent Power Point presentation?

First, here are the presentation header slides from the Guardian and the Washington Post. The redaction is slightly different on them, but the biggie is the PRISM logo.

comparison 1

Why would they change the logo like that? The orange background on the Guardian release obviously isn’t on the one from the Post but apparently someone did add a slight orange outline around the black border on that one as well. Here is the actual logo taken from the PRISM Wiki page. Notice there is no orange border at all:

real logo

Since someone has called out attention to it, let’s deconstruct the PRISM logo a bit. I think you’ll find this interesting.

What’s the first thing you think about when you see this logo? Security? Confidence? No. You think about Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to be specific, commonly referred to as “Dark Side”. Obviously I’m not the first to make this comparison.

“The eye-on-the-pyramid scheme came from the Great Seal of the United States – it’s on the back of the dollar bill – and is still beloved of conspiracy theorists all over the world. It’s meant to be the all-seeing eye of God, but it’s also commonly associated with freemasonry, the occult and a shadowy New World order presided over by the Illuminati. To deploy it in a logo for a creepy-sounding spy agency simply justifies the paranoia of people who think the world is run by lizard-shaped aliens. David Icke’s next podcast will write itself.”

But maybe I am the first to make this connection: Does “Dark Side” bring anything else to mind? Like maybe Dick Cheney saying on a Sunday morning talk show that the U.S. was going to have to go over to the “dark side” to fight the “Global War OF Terrorism”? Ring any bells? “ We also have to work, though, sort of the dark side, if you will.”

pink floyd

The similarities are impossible to ignore. The black background, the greyish pyramid prism, straight on in the album design, turned and extruded in the PRISM logo. The light enters from the lower left, exits to the lower right. And both have triangles withing the pyramid prism. It’s not subtle and neither is the fact that the Washington Post and the Guardian made sure we would notice the difference between their two logos and then pay closer attention to the logo itself.

So maybe the Cheney “dark side” connection was meant as a joke. Well, let me show you another one…

The album art for the Dark Side of the Moon was done by a British company called Hipgnosis. They did a lot of album art back in the day.

He also did a lot of art that would seem to appeal to a certain group of individuals like this, and this, and this to share but a few. And that’s too say nothing of the ode to British elite pedophilia theme in this cover.

Hipgnosis was run by a guy named Storm Thorgerson til they broke up the business in ’83 or so. He had a cult following of sorts and his own webpage depicting much of his work over the years.

Thorgerson died on April 19th 2013. Wanna see something funny?


One of the men responsible for creating the artwork that made up the basis for the “Dark Side” logo PRISM uses, just happened to die the same month as the slide show presentation.

Cute, huh?

These slides weren’t handed over until May sometime. So Storm Thorgerson had been gone for a little while before either the Guardian or the Washington Post got their hands on them.

Is it another coincidence? Homage? Or just a joke to see if anyone is really paying attention anymore?


UPDATE: I’ll just leave this here. This gets funnier by the minute

real logo 2

for a closer look:


You can see eyes and a mouth, an insignia of some kind on his chest, his shoulders and hair. Who is that? Why is that sneaky little guy hiding out in the PRISM logo? What’s he doing in there? Is that an old DUI photo of Dick Cheney? He had a lot to choose from. Could be.


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16 Responses

  1. You know, I always wondered about Led Zeppelin’s album cover “Houses of the Holy”…..

  2. The image in the logo looks like the shadowy figure standing in the church entrance during the dream sequences in Carpenter’s movie “The Prince of Darkness.” I don’t want to sound like AJ here but it seems there is at least a segment of the “Elite”(scum) that believes in the power of numbers,astrological alignments,symbols,certain geometric shapes,etc.That brings forth the possibility that some or all of the recent Gladio/mass killings could be ritualistic murders.

  3. I should have said “reminds me of”,rather than “looks like.” Here is a screen shot from the film The rest of my comment still stands.

    • It could be anything and that’s the point I think. Jan told me the one in the center looked like a woman, I thought it might be Stalin, you see shadowy figure from that film. could it be that guy who got locked in the plane of glass prison in Superman? Could be anything. But what it definitely is, is funny. Nobody would design a company logo like that. It’s ridiculous. And the fact is, whomever gave those “leaks” to the Guardian and the Post wanted up to pay attention to it, but as far as I know, I’m the only one who has written about it thus far.

      • Its a false flag he was ordered to reveal this information….They want to see the worlds reaction..time to put it in our faces…tell us that they are in control……

  4. I know they play mind games with us all the time. Perhaps adding an element of mysticism just gives them another fog to hind behind.

  5. Scott correct my spelling will ya? I’m setting a record for posts today.

  6. I don’t wanna play Rorschach test with this lo-res logo… But purely from a creative point of view, the graphic elements within the prism make no visual sense. And as far as it’s execution quality goes, it looks like it has been made by a high school student in the 90s. (just image-search “prism logo” ad you find a good number of variations on a theme… pyramids and glowing tips galore)

    So, without even trying to decipher the image, I’d say it definitely looks like they have implanted some visuals in there that means something to them, and perhaps subliminally something to us as well…

  7. A quick Google image search took me to this original image created in April 8, 1998 by Adam Hart-Davis. I copied it onto Paint and flipped it and it seems to be a near perfect match. a clearer original of the image can be found at
    Weird that a multi billion dollar program would just grab an image from a free multimedia site for their logo. Absolute rabbit hole stuff. I wonder if this guy even exists.

    • Wow! Great find!

    • One hell of a find, this one… I wouldn’t be surprised if a program with the name PRISM does not even exist… And the whole thing is just fabricated for this psyop…

      (I don’t mean the surveillance programs don’t exist… but we can be sure that the real ones are a million times more intrusive and a million times more unconstitutional than the Snowman wants us to believe)

    • Thank you so much for the link. Great find. I put it on the top of the article as an update with a hat tip to you. outstanding find. The copy-write holder is also interesting. This is a complete psyop, you’re absolutely correct. I wonder if the guy knows the PRISM logo is his copy-write? mega-lawsuit?

      • Wow, Chuck Smarr is blowing the whistle : )
        And Adam Hart Davis is: ¨He is a direct descendant of King William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan and is therefore fifth cousin once removed of Elizabeth II, second cousin once removed of the British Prime Minister David Cameron and first cousin once removed of the historian John Julius Norwich.¨ wiki
        I think this man is not going to sue …, its really a great find, just going through this guys ancestry and connections can make your head spin an absolutely fabulous who’s who.
        These elites stick to their kind in everything they do. Hrt Davis’s father had the same teacher as Orwell…? And thats not even coincidence, its a side note.
        Funny how the british are tied in, Naomi Wolf trained her nose. Really brave from her by the way.

  8. Chuck, did you use a reverse image search on google for that?

    Scott, keep up the great work. I’ve been reading all your articles for about 6 months now. I forgot how I stumbled upon your site, but I’m very glad I did.

  9. turn the symbol upside down and look in the middle… It looks like a seahorse, alien, whatever…

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