Edward Snowden: 1. Glenn Beck Goes all “Brokeback Mountain” on Us and 2. New Groundbreaking “Bombshells”

by Scott Creighton

If you didn’t know that Edward Snowden is a fabrication by now, all I have to offer you is this…

Glenn Beck
I think I have just read about the man for which I have waited. Earmarks of a real hero.

He was waiting all this time for a high school and community college drop-out who exaggerates his income and his military record and tells us nothing we haven’t been hearing since 2006? Is this Broke-back Mountain?

He’s a hero to the Glenn Beck clans and a hero to the Ray McGovern set… a hero on Huffington Post and a hero Reddit.

He’s a hero for hanging out in a high dollar hotel up the road from Hong Kong’s CIA offices and telling Glenn Greenwald nothing that hasn’t already been told to us by real whistle-blowers who live right here in the U.S. and you can talk to every day.

(pssst… hey Glenn Beck, you want to know where your man is for that “one on one” you’ve been waiting for? Try the CIA offices in Hong Kong. That would be my guess. 😉 )

Oh wait… according to the Huffington Post, Snowden dropped another “big bombshell” leak on the world today!

Edward Snowden Drops More Bombshells

The Post reported that Snowden said that the U.S. government “had been hacking into computers in Hong Kong and [in China] for years.”

Lam also reported:

“Snowden said that according to unverified documents seen by the Post, the NSA had been hacking computers in Hong Kong and on the mainland since 2009. None of the documents revealed any information about Chinese military systems, he said … Snowden believed there had been more than 61,000 NSA hacking operations globally, with hundreds of targets in Hong Kong and on the mainland.” Huffington Post

Did you guys know the NSA and the CIA have been hacking China and other countries? Wow. Now that’s news! He must be legi…

Oh wait, no it isn’t…

At the Jamestown Foundation on the afternoon of Feb. 28, Hayden delivered a speech titled “China and the Cyber Challenge.” On that day, the Chinese military accused foreign hackers of an average of 144,000 attacks on China’s two military networks per month last year, and 62.9 percent of those attacks were from the U.S. A China Review News reporter asked Hayden if he believes these two nations are engaged in media warfare over some mere cyber issues or has cyber warfare really occurred between them, and how to respond to this kind of challenge.

Hayden replied that the media likes to take unpleasant things that happen on the Internet and call them “cyber attacks” or “cyber warfare.” This is inaccurate, misleading and sensationalized. He said he has personally always used the term “cyber espionage.” In no way should the behavior of spies be classified as “attacks” when this is a typical state activity. China Review News March 2, 2013

So former CIA Director Michael Hayden said he likes to  call the attacks something else, but… yeah, he admitted the U.S. intelligence agencies have been hacking China.

But he is so heroic… I mean he gave up that $200,000 a year job in paradise where he never got a tan and left his whacked out “pole dancing super hero” girlfriend with no thought for himself..

AND he knows all the 10 year-old catch-phrases to use in order to buy himself credibility in the alternative movements …

“I will never feel safe,” he said. “Things are very difficult for me in all terms, but speaking truth to power is never without risk.” Huffington Post

“Speaking truth  to power” Yep, everything else seems as sleazy and manufactured as a Christmas Fleshlight in a trailer park, but when he said “speaking truth to power” that did it for me. He has to be legit.

Now I see why someone like “legit” Glenn Beck can’t quit him.



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20 Responses

  1. In other breaking news, Francisco Franco is still dead.

  2. Hi Scott,
    Was that my site that did that?
    Let me know if it is, so I can make sure someone didn’t hack it in some way.

    • no. someone else left a comment casually positing if I or this other writer was more accurate on the subject, so like an idiot I Googled that person and sure enough, top of the list, so I went there and the next thing I know my connection from my network to the net was gone. Don’t know if the person who left the comment knew about it or even if the writer does, but I’m not taking chances with reader’s computers. There are many good opinions out there in opposition to mine to choose from. readers can pick them all day if they like. could have been a coincidence, but it hasn’t happened in the 6 years I’ve been doing this so why risk it.

      but definitely not your site. I had been there and read your article before all of that.

  3. Oh boy, here we go…. first Glenn Greenwald, now Glenn Beck. hahahaha

  4. I’m really beginning to like Snowden. Unlike the Assange escapade, nobody stands to get hurt by revealing anything. Snowden is really an archetypal computer programmer. (The hackers all love him.) Only about 2% of people who get computer science degrees in college can actually program real computers. About 50% of real programmers never went to college. So he could be real. His small lies are even part of the ring of truth.

    I think he went off the reservation and they neglected to kill him. At most, it could be part of an “NSA Revelation”:

    1) surreptitious self-defining transgression

    2) tacit persistent transgression

    3) final acknowledgment of and acquiescence to transgression

    Keep in mind:

    30% goes to the military (not 50%)

    30% goes to medicine, police, and fire

    20% goes to spook agencies

    20% goes to drugs (see spook agencies)

    So this Snowden guy is probably some random character who fulfills the nerd prophesy.

    But I’m beginning to like his act. Why not? Plus he has a pole dancer girlfriend. What could be more cool than that?

    I did actually have a girlfriend who robbed a convenience store with a shotgun, and another one who had a shoot-out with “somebody” with an automatic something or other. But a pole dancer is good enough for me.

    The show must go on.

    (oh, and by the way, I am on the verge of starting a new website blogging my adventures with the OCaml programming language using “C” for speed and SMP. Everybody will think that is back assward, but I do it all my way.) (Obviously.)

    • How about a bit of humor at this juncture?

      George Carlin – Self Esteem Movement

    • George Carlin – Tips For Serial Killers

    • yes, too early to say for certain.

      Like many others, I thought something had a particular stench though in truth if a bozo suddenly awoke he would look something like Snowden.

      As I wrote originally and still believe today, the only way we’ll know for sure is if Snowden experiences something similar to ‘learning environment’ to that which Brad Manning has been forced to experience.

      Time will tell.

      Though I hope Snowden is 100% and there’s a whole lot more where he came from.

    • George Carlin – (Matrix) Architect Parody.

  5. Scott,

    I think Snowden probably is an honest whistleblower. For one thing, others I consider honest whistleblowers strongly support him, including Sibel Edmonds, whose whistleblower credentials are impeccable


    William Binney, your preferred whistleblower has also issued a statement of support:


    We can’t be sure one way or another; it’s a matter of judgement. The only important analyst I know who agrees with you is Webster Tarpley. He makes an interesting case too, but my feeling is that you and Tarpley are being a bit too clever here. I think these are genuine leaks. Whether they will change anything I don’t know, but they represent some progress, I would say.

  6. this blog is like a breath of fresh air. i know that sounds cliché, but it drives me nuts how all the “alternative media” have been had by the government. the snowden narrative is replete with holes and obvious disinformation. it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

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