Top Ten Issues I Have with the Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden Story

by Scott Creighton

The wheels are starting to come off  (H/T boomerang) … just a bit.

While the two biggest frauds from the right and the left, Glenn Beck and Michal Moore, parrot the status quo line telling their supporters to think of Edward Snowden as a “hero” (you will think as we tell you), more and more real people are starting to ask questions about our new manufactured hero’s story.

The tale Edward Snowden recounted to Glenn Greeenwald doesn’t seem to add up. That’s not too say that we shouldn’t all be very concerned and even angry about massive spying programs being run by contractors on behalf of our “national interests”… we should be damn angry about that… and that’s not too say we shouldn’t be fighting for the protections of our civil liberties and constitutional rights, but unfortunately it looks like Glenn and many others may have fallen for something here. What it is just yet, we can’t be clear, but as the song goes, somethin is happenin here.

Top Ten Issues I Have with the Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden Story (there are more)

1. Special Ops training?

According to Edward Snowden, he underwent training to be in the Special Ops when he signed up for military service.  That story doesn’t really hold water. First of all, as several military vets have pointed out, Edward back in 2003 (the year he claims to have done this) would have been 19 years old and without a high school diploma. They don’t take kids like that straight into Special Ops. Plus you have to go through basic training first and then it’s determined what you do, where you go. He could have been told he would be in Special Ops by a recruiter, but that’s not the same thing as going through Special Ops training like he claimed.

But he actually didn’t even do that.

Served in the Army for only five months. Snowden told The Guardian he enlisted in 2003 and entered a Special Forces training program but was discharged after breaking both his legs in a training accident. POLITICO confirmed Snowden was in the Army Reserve as a Special Forces recruit in 2004, but an Army spokesman said he was discharged five months later and “did not complete any training or receive any awards.” Politico

The program, according to another Politico article, was apparently some glitzy thing they were running back in the days leading up to “The Surge” where they would take young guys and put them is some program that supposedly gave them “a chance” to go right into Special Forces. The trick was, you didn’t need a college degree (how about a high school diploma?) but you have to have something on the ball. You couldn’t just be “Joe Average” as they say, otherwise you just take the walk of shame.

Edward walked.

Those were the new generation of SF babies they started to try to get when the war was really going back then,” said Gina Cavallaro, an Army expert and author of the book “Sniper: American Single-Shot Warriors in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

They didn’t require college, they were looking for people they could train up quickly … I think it has subsided by now,” Cavallaro said. To go directly into the SF world, she said, “I think you have to be smart. You can’t go into those services and be just your average joe with lots of tattoos and knives. You have to be smart — if you have a language it’s good, plus you have to be physically fit, and there are all these requirements that you have to have.” Politico

Think of it as the sub-prime mortgage loophole for the Special Forces. Edward didn’t measure up.

2. Broken legs?

Politico has apparently seen his Army transcripts and they don’t mention anything about him breaking both legs in a training exercise.

“Snowden did not wind up entering the SF world — he told The Guardian that he “broke both his legs in a training accident.” It’s possible he could have injured himself as part of parachute training.” Politico

But think about this: Would the military really toss out a recruit that was qualifying for Special Forces as a walk-on because he broke his legs in and accident? Maybe if the accident involved him getting drunk and trying to open a bottle of beer by slamming it on a grenade or something, but really, ditching him completely because he hurts himself a little? Don’t they send troops back into battle these days with missing legs? Or am I missing something?

3. Clean Stickers of Credibility?

A lot has been made of his stickers on his laptop. They are of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the TOR Project. They made sure to get them and his laptop in the photo. Perfectly clean almost brand new looking stickers.

clean stickers

4. Spectacular Rise to the Top for a High School Drop out Who Quit Community College?

“Snowden told The Guardian he was a high school dropout who later earned his GED. He also said he attended community college to study computer science, but didn’t complete the coursework there either.” ABC News

So the guy has less education than the average undocumented worker who risks life and limb to get away from a neoliberalized economy South of the Border. That’s ok. Lots of people are like that. But pay close attention to this next bit of his resume. At first, it seems to fit… then…

“From there (leaving the Reserve training course early), The Guardian reported he worked at the University of Maryland as a security guard for a secret NSA facility within the university. (POW!)  He then joined the CIA and worked abroad and undercover as a technical assistant, he told The Guardian. The CIA declined to comment Sunday on Snowden’s employment there.

Snowden left the CIA in 2009 only to go to later work for another spy agency, the NSA, as a private contractor with the technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii. Snowden described his work in a series of titles — “systems engineer, systems administrator, senior adviser for the Central Intelligence Agency, solutions consultant and telecommunications informations systems officer” — before becoming an “infrastructure analyst for the NSA.” Booz Allen Hamilton confirmed Snowden’s employment there and said he joined less than three months ago.” ABC news

Let me see if I got this right:

He failed out of High School

He failed out of Community College

He apparently failed SOMEHOW out of Reserve training for Special Forces (and apparently didn’t want to sign up for anything less)

And then he became a Security Guard at the local university where he was SUDDENLY discovered to be this great genius and given high stakes jobs overseas with the CIA as a super secret spook hacker type, who then went to Booz Allen Hamilton in 2009 as a:

  1. systems engineer
  2. systems administrator
  3. senior adviser for the Central Intelligence Agency
  4. solutions consultant and telecommunications informations systems officer

… before becoming an “infrastructure analyst for the NSA.”!

Talk about a turn-around. Holy shit. He must have bought one of those “Think Positive” videos from that guy with the fake tan and the big smile.

Oh, but wait… there is that last little part of the quote I forgot:

Booz Allen Hamilton confirmed Snowden’s employment there and said he joined less than three months ago.

hmm. Making 200k a year at Booz Allen after “less than” three months? He did all that in three months?

5. Kicking it in Style?

I wrote a little about his digs in Hong Kong this morning. Nice hotel. Pricey too.

I don’t think this really qualifies as “sacrificing” anything. It could just be me. I don’t make 200k a year (or even lie about making 200k a year)

6. Hey! Publish This Top Secret Code so the Foreign Embassy Knows I’m Legit?

I’m sorry, what was that?

“Additionally, according to Gellman, Snowden requested that the Post publish online a “cryptographic key” so he could prove to a foreign embassy he was the source of the document leak.” Politico

I’ll just let that sink in for a second.

7. Could Have Shut Down the Entire NSA Tomorrow?

Edward Snowden told Glenn Greenwald that he wasn’t trying to hurt America or the NSA for that matter (what would publishing that “cryptographic key” have done you think?) but that suddenly he had a conscience and had to do something to warn us all about stuff we already knew about since 2006 and really since the Total Information Awareness program was leaked in 2001 or so. 

He felt compelled because “he didn’t want to live in a country like that” and he said that… in another country.

But he also told Glenn, who didn’t really pressure him about it, he could have brought down the entire NSA by “tomorrow” had he wanted to.

Which leaves me with the two OBVIOUS questions:

1. If he knows the NSA is out of control and harming America and violating our constitutional rights and civil liberties, did he or did he not take an oath to defend the constitution and defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic? Was it not his DUTY to defend the constitution and the constitutional rights of EVERY AMERICAN?

In fact, don’t our troops go to war overseas and get horribly maimed and killed DEFENDING OUR RIGHTS!?! And he chose not to?

2. The massive NSA, comprised of some very smart people who actually did finish high school and some even went to college at places like MIT and Harvard and Yale.. this massive, well-funded (over funded) intelligence Juggernaut could be brought down by a guy with a GED overnight?

Honestly? Glenn Greenwald believes that? JFK tried to go up against the CIA once, the NSA’s little bastard, whored out sister, and you see what that got him and you see where the CIA is now.

But of course, JFK was no Edward Snowjob either.

(If you are noticing the little twinge of sarcasm I started with has grown into full on disgust, sorry, I am only human)


Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: What are YOU Willing to Risk for Your New FACEBOOK Hero?

9. FACEBOOK Crowd Sourcing Bitches!?

Yep, there is always money to glean from these things.

“Facebook employee and Silicon Valley reality TV show star Dwight Crow started the campaign to raise $15,000, explaining on the campaign page:

“We should set a precedent by rewarding this type of extremely courageous behavior. It’s definitely apparent that legal fees may soon be a big part of his future, but I don’t care how he uses the funds raised, whether it’s for a business-class trip to Iceland or just to pay his hotel bills…”With nine days to go, the campaign is about a third of the way to its $15,000 goal.

What do you think? Will you be joining either of these crowdsourced efforts to support Snowden? Let us know in the comments.” CNET

What? A FACEBOOK employee AND a reality TV star?! You can’t get more credibility than that! Oh wait… shucks… that’s Dwight Crow on the right…



10. It’s just f*ckin stupid

Sorry Glenn. Yes, I know it was a nice hotel and yes I know he had a nice badge that said CIA on it (give me 10 minutes and I can make you one if you like, just don’t try to buy beer with it). I know he had a slide show lifted from some conference he attended in Hawaii and a copy of a self-renewing legal warrant for a Verizon wire tap dating back at least 7 years. Yes, I know he “has the look”, that Hollywood, hipster look, that makes everything else pale in comparison (like, I don’t know, common sense maybe?) and yes, your bosses sent you down there to interview him with a nice open limit on the credit card.

But you have to think about these projects, Glenn. It’s called “identity politics” and I would have thought most people would have learned a little something after the “election” of 2008.

Yes, you were in competition with the Washington Post on this one. Does that make it legit? I don’t know: did everyone reporting on the bullshit WMDs in Iraq make them legit?

I have to say that it almost seems like someone set up Glenn Greenwald on this like they set up Dan Rather back in the day with the Killian documents. Maybe they want to silence a lot of people who are leaping on the bandwagon by pulling the rug out from under Glenn in a couple days if not sooner. Will Ed turn out to be some mail-room flunkie, a compulsive liar? Will Glenn be raked over the coals for not vetting his source? He already could be in my book. How do you miss what I have already written about above?

Who knows. I like Glenn and his work. Whatever has happened here, and it ain’t exactly clear, there’s a man with a lie over there, tellin me I got to beware.

So just stop, people. Everybody look what’s goin down.

You know the rest of the song. I won’t insult your intelligence anymore with it. Let’s hope Glenn doesn’t insult ours anymore either. It’s time he vetted his source once and for all and put some of these issues to rest. Till then, I can’t support anyone going anywhere for any rally or march on any day much less July 4th.

There it is. My take on it. Good luck folks.


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29 Responses

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  2. Its important to question sacred cows. I really appreciate what you do here. 95% or so of the “alternative media” is taking this all at face value and not being critical at all. Not to be overly cynical(Ive often been accused of that) but there are no “heroes” anymore, if there ever really were.

    • Heroes are a myth. Heroic actions however are a bit different. Smedley Butler had a moment at one time. As did MLK Jr and JFK had a few good months from what I gather. There was even that guy who came out and ratted out the room the NSA was routing all the calls through back in 2006. Moments are the best we can hope for I think.

  3. This guy supposedly went out for Special Forces? Look at the pictures you’ve posted — he’s never lifted a weight in his life or exercised more than his mouse hand. The SF side of the story appears to be complete B.S.! How many weapons systems is he proficient in? A Special Forces warrior has to master something like 82 different systems. This part of the meme seems to be super weak on his resume. Perhaps he fanagled some kind of CIA punk status due to his IT props, but I’m skeptical now, having grokked a bit more of this story.

    Scott, you’re always excellent with your critical thinking skills and intuition. We’ll let this develop further as his underwear is held up to further scrutiny. Cheers!

    • You know what I’m starting to think?

      No high school records…
      No college records….
      incomplete military records….
      no Facebook or Twitter accounts…
      no internet footprint of any kind…

      a computer guy with no internet footprint of any kind?

      his story seems to be bullshit and he’s career NSA? And that good of an actor?

      I hate to be a conspiracy theorist or something, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s not a complete fabrication. (remember, you heard that here first 😉 )

      • No high school records…
        No college records….

        I’d be willing to bet he has multiple SS #’s, No BC……
        He could be president if he wanted or if somebody else wanted him to be. :p

  4. Oh, sorry. You stated Special “Ops”, not Special “Forces”. Perhaps a S.O. vet can weigh in and let us know how broad the criteria is for such a specimen?

  5. Excellent stuff. I’m partial to #7 (Could Have Shut Down the Entire NSA Tomorrow?) especially given his background and position. It’s beyond ludicrous. They would have had him on such a tight leash, so this pretty much gives away the game for me. Hopefully, Greenwald will be mulling this one in particular as well as the other points you raised.

    So what’s the game? Perhaps it’s simply to test the waters of what the resistance will be. There’s a stinky Pew poll out there that seems to indicate Snowjob’s worst fear: that this will go nowhere.

    But, from the NSA’s POV, it’s probably going exactly where they want it to go. Honey pot anyone? Reel in the dissidents.

    And, you know it’s bullshit when Daniel Ellsberg (who fell for Obama) and Ray McGovern (need I list anyone else?) are writing opinion pieces about the new hero. Oh well, another day in the world of psy-ops with the usual suspects. Glad you’re here Scott, along with Jon Rappoport who also has legitimate questions:

    One last comment. It seems to me that all the various false flag ops over the past year have become increasingly obvious to those who will look. Everyone else just listens to the MSM and their favorite partisan pundit (Michael Moore, Glenn Beck, etc.) for how to think. But things are getting jokingly transparent now. The question is WHY? Maybe to demonstrate to themselves how much they can get away with. Anyway, expect more of all kinds of ops and mindfucks, escalating in intensity and frequency, I’m afraid — and, of course, the bottom line is to take away our rights, with our eager permission.

    • Thanks mangrove and I think you have hit on it when you say it’s about taking away our rights “with our eager permission”. The whole thing now is everyone is chirping about “we have to have the debate”

      would ANY of us have thought we had to ‘debate” our rights under the Bush administration with Cheney? course not, and yet here we are with everyone saying that exact thing. Incrementalism. Rand Paul putting forward a bill to “restore” the 4th amendment… “restore” it? It is still the 4th amendment isn’t it? we don’t need to restore anything but the rule of law. since when do we need to pass a bill in congress to validate an amendment?

      • Yes, incrementalism — getting the public used to surveillance as normal and even desireable.

        And, couldn’t this also be a very easy way of rendering the general population impotent when it comes to real, positive change? TPTB release this “leak” to give the public hope — at least, what appears to be real hope. Then, after time passes and it becomes clear that nothing will be done, those people addicted to the hopium will become disillusioned and give up the fight (not that they ever figured out who the real enemy was anyway).

        So…. they’re taking the guns, and now they’re taking the hope. It’s a full spectrum assault on the sheeple, and they’re completely oblivious to it all.

        Most of the commentators over at “progressive” websites like seem to have fallen for the hopium. Again. They’re the ones who are going to crash and burn the most when this little psy-op drama comes to an end and the status quo remains fully intact.

  6. Blah, blah, blah.
    You just sound stupidly nasty. Not even suspitious, just condemn the guy cos you can’t imagine yourself doing anything so good so he Must be a fraud.
    Not a single attempt even to explain what his evil sneaky Gain might be.
    Just crawl back into the hole you live in and die.

    • “… cos you can’t imagine yourself doing anything so good “

      You’re right, I can’t imagine I would work for the CIA and the NSA invading people’s privacy and thwarting their constitutional rights for 10 years and then offer up a tidbit of information that has already been known to the public for 6 years and call myself a hero for doing those things.. no, I can’t imagine me doing that. Whether that is “good” is a matter of opinion.

  7. Reads a lot like the Unborn Identity script!

    Jason gets a glimpse of his true nature when he stops looking to his past and his role. In one wonderful moment in the film, he looks into his heart and says, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

  8. Well no doubt something is up only for the simple fact that nothing in the media is put out there that they don’t want out there. It’s a script. Could be real sure, but most things aren’t. The real issue though of course is the spying by our government. I suspect this whole thing is a fabrication by either pro constitution folks inside the CIA. Possibly agency against agency. Or something by the Koch brothers or Rand Corp. It’s definitely manufactured no doubt. And if this is the type of people the NSA hires for 200k or the CIA – we are in trouble. Lets get wild.

    Maybe he’s a mind control subject that got away. His past is made up – like obama’s and he’s brainwashed to believe it. A high iQ sure, but merely a pawn. A brain and talent used by the CIA and NSA. A fabricated past designed to, if exposed, to make him and everyone else look stupid.

    I have said too much. I must go.

  9. Great job Scott. I called BS on my fb page and then I came across your site and it appears more and more to be one big psyop indeed.

    • it seems after the initial emotional response that many had, they are coming around and thinking about the whole thing and figuring out it doesn’t really add up. I’m not sure what it is yet, but it certainly seems we are being taken for a ride and maybe Greenwald as well.

  10. FromTom’s Dispatch:We’re talking about the very officials who planned and oversaw Washington’s wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the backlands of the planet and who have searched their own hands in vain for any signs of blood. (None at all, they don’t hesitate to assure us.) Among them are those, military and civilian, who set up our torture prisons at Guantanamo and in Afghanistan, are ultimately responsible for the perversions of Abu Ghraib, and oversaw kidnappings off the streets of global cities. These are the folks whose Air Force blew away at least six wedding parties in Iraq and Afghanistan, whose drones have killed hundreds, if not thousands of civilians, and whose special operations forces recently seem to have been involved in the torture, murder, and secret burial of Afghan civilians. I could go on, but why bother since it was all done “legally,” which means they can retire to corporate boards of their choice, rake in money from speeches, and write their memoirs, while Manning, whose motive (to judge by the online conversations he had) was to end the bloodletting, reveal information about American crimes, and to shut down our wars will have no memoir to write, no life to live. It can’t get worse than that, can it?

  11. […] it’s real curious. Any one of the questions I have, makes the whole deal curious. The totality of the questions makes it very curious. Question […]

  12. Berger, Albright, Foster, Boorda, Colby, ….Ron Brown.

    Danny Casalaro, echelon, Carnivore, amdocs, odigo,

    THE EMET GROUP…man I’m sittin’ in a library with hundreds of books on these STAGE {Yiddish} PLAY Wag the Dog assholes it boggles the mind of the average braindeadgoy…

    so when I found a copy HD DVD of Mercury Rising at the pawn shop for 2 bucks I got it for a friend of mine who doesn’t watch Talmudvision….

    get this, one time I asked his dad who was in Germany while the Germans were being holocausted and I asked him about Patton and he said “yeah there was some scuttlebutt about it but he didn’t repeat rumors”…even showed me his NAZI officer artifacts ..

    I saw Dick Cheney in Highland Park at a ceremony for Eagle Scouts…most of them looked like this Snowjob some even geekier

    maybe with his resume, they’re setting him up to be the PRESIDENT, when he turns 35…er sumthin’….,7340,L-4391649,00.html

    since Shwartzenegger is all washed out…at least he’s not “gay”…yet.

    good analysis…

  13. Forget the messenger. It’s the message. And NSA is very upset because, whomever Snowden is, he nailed it. Things are out of Pandora’s box now. And whomever he is, I tip my hat.

    • The message was already out. So the question is “why?” Why go through the trouble to fabricate a hero now. That’s the question. What is the message going to be?

  14. […] it’s real curious. Any one of the questions I have, makes the whole deal curious. The totality of the questions makes it very curious. Question […]

  15. Ok, I have questions regarding the Reuter’s news story here:

    How did Reuter’s learn about the website? The story is that Anthony De Rosa discovered the Ars Technica posts after Reuters revealed his “The True HOOHA” screen name, as seen here:

    But how did Reuters (as opposed to the Guardian, or the Washington Post?) learn about the anime website? If you read the article, it states Reuters attempted to contact one of his co-workers, but that they never replied, and the website was taken down the next day.

    Am I the only one who thinks something sounds amiss here? Who did Reuters attempt to contact, and how? And if the business that created the website shut down almost 10 years ago, why was the website left online all this time?

    And I really love this last line here: “The defunct company listed an address in Fort Meade, Md., next door to the National Security Agency.”

    It couldn’t be that someone is manufacturing a background for our manufactured hero? Not that this new material lends any more credibility to his story. Now I’m learning that he supposedly smuggled out all his material on a flash drive? Really? According to RT, thumb drives have been banned by the NSA since 2008.

  16. […] us to know.” The mere fact that all of the media outlets are even talking about the Snowden enigma  and nary a peep about Manning, for me is the final tell that this whole affair is a possible psyop […]

  17. Dave Emory has been publishing a lot of well researched articles about Snowden and his questionable past, connections and motives on the WMFU Spitfire website. Different angle than this article but shows there are way too many doubts about Snowden. Strange mainstream media hasn’t stumble over some of this.

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