Neoliberalism has spawned a financial elite who hold governments to ransom

(Some say that it’s great that the MSM is finally seriously talking about the growing Orwellian police-state. And I say “fine”. Some say it’s great that the MSM is finally seriously talking about our death squads from above program (drones) and I say “fine”. But the Guardian writing about neoliberalism? Honestly? And the IMF and World Bank? I say “great. it’s about time”)

from The Guardian

Yet, mealy-mouthed and hotly contested as this minor mea culpa is, it’s still a sign that financial institutions may slowly be coming round to the idea that they are the problem. They know the crash was a debt-bubble that burst. What they don’t seem to acknowledge is that the merry days of reckless lending are never going to return; even if they do, the same thing will happen again, but more quickly and more savagely. The thing is this: the crash was a write-off, not a repair job. The response from the start should have been a wholesale reevaluation of the way in which wealth is created and distributed around the globe, a “structural adjustment”, as the philosopher John Gray has said all along.

The IMF exists to lend money to governments, so it’s comic that it wags its finger at governments that run up debt. And, of course, its loans famously come with strings attached: adopt a free-market economy, or strengthen the one you have, kissing goodbye to the Big State. Yet, the irony is painful. Neoliberal ideology insists that states are too big and cumbersome, too centralised and faceless, to be efficient and responsive. I agree. The problem is that the ruthless sentimentalists of neoliberalism like to tell themselves – and anyone else who will listen – that removing the dead hand of state control frees the individual citizen to be entrepreneurial and productive. Instead, it places the financially powerful beyond any state, in an international elite that makes its own rules, and holds governments to ransom. That’s what the financial crisis was all about. The ransom was paid, and as a result, governments have been obliged to limit their activities yet further – some setting about the task with greater relish than others. Now the task, supposedly, is to get the free market up and running again

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  1. I’ll never look at the media the same way again after the Ed Schultz radio broadcast where Ed said during the commercial break, “How do we spin the Libya invasion and the Bin Laden killing as a victory for the President?”

    An unusual query for a host to ask an unseen cohort,since his antiwar Left audience would be skeptical to say the least considering all the info released on both of Eds so called Obama “victories”

    What Ed didnt know was that the mic was still on after just going to commercial. I happened to be listening from an obscure feed from an ad company so the usual local radio spots did not cut in as they usually would have on the net.

    So you see, the truth of the anecdote being, some media hosts and writers are not real people.

    • wow !

      • Yeah. Dont have an opinion on Snowden yet. Anyones work can be perverted into something nefarious. I will say this, I do like Glenn Greenwald a great deal. But the Guardian has been broadcasting all sorts of pro-Wasington lets kill Assad the butcher dictator horsecrud, one sided support for the bloodthirsty AL Queda killers appears nonstop daily for years on end. The Guardian is like the BBC in many repspects a pro-war propganda outlet at the end of the day. Note all the Michael Tomasky columns on Obama RE proLibya slaughter and painting the Prez as heroic for levelling that country and before he left for the Daily Beast, owned by Elitist scumbag Tina Brown CFR, the transparent shill he was. Tomasky now works for the company that bought bankrupt Newsweek for a dollar.

        As far as Julian Assange being an agent, he said that 60 pages were once converted into a single paragraph. He could be infiltrated and controlled without knowing it. But i doubt it. Whenever you get huge document dumps, esp low level “confidential” classification its a mix of crappola, diplomat opinions, low level know nothings or propagnda by NeoCons pushing their agenda. No one is perfect, but considering the mixed bag I think the actual quality of most of the information was extremely helpful in propelling the antiwar movements claims of torture, needless brutality, false terror dogma, fabricated threats, etc at a time when the Lamestream was chock full of nutty nonsense, tabloid crap, useless assumption which the following is full of.

        The COINTEL MEDIA is running 24-7 occassionally you can get it wrong so much brainwashing is flying around. Maybe the CIA pulled Snowden out of hat, seeing their chance when Obama is already weakened from scandal, pushing him to invade Syria, McCains pathetic please for invasion or maybe Snowden is broadcast as a story with no legs as so many faux “outrages” are these days simply to suppress SYRIA and the NO FLY ZONE STORY.

        With Rove out of the picture from his last election failure, the GOP dirty tricksters can use anything and everything to weaken Obama just for spite with no real ulterior motive. Maybe Instant fame or celebrity is too hard for Snowden to resist.

        A rare time when Scott got it wrong. Consider the accusers, Wayne Madsen? He f**ks up constantly. Cryptome? Who the hell cares about that site or that guy? Mr. Kennebunkport? Mr. Cointel Gordo Duff?

        • Snowden is promoting a Reddit initiative to get libertarian minded folks to march on Washington D.C. on July 4th.

          Reddit is almost pure NSA since they were sold. You got a problem with that assessment like you do my evaluation of Wikileaks? By the way, Wikileaks is as obvious a honeypot as it comes. And since you seem to take exception to that opinion of mine, I feel I should do a follow up article in the next couple of days exposing what those “leaks” really showed us and what Julian really got for all his efforts.It’s funny you should have such an opinion of the Guardian when we all know that the Guardian and Der Spiegal and the New York Times were actually the ones picking and choosing which things got leaked from the Wikileaks documents. Julian just handed them over to them or so he says.

          You can say what you want about the guy from Cryptome, but he’s been running a legit leak site for years longer than Wikileaks, doesn’t demand money for it, didn’t have unprotected sex with some chic while she was asleep, and to my knowledge, didn’t live in a British billionaire’s castle for a year and a half while he was supposedly on the run from the law. And no, he’s not an international playboy, self-styled opportunist with his own TV show on RT.

          I could go on…

          Lots of people know what Assange is. They figured it out long ago without my help.

          • Ever read the Wikileaks Torture Files? Those are some things you may want to consider reading before you give the readers the Assange brush off. Definately worthwhile.

            The COINTELPRO MEDIA publishing Wikileaks is not proof of a PSYOP.
            Those were severely edited Wikileaks. THE NYT ones are almost usless. And Julian said somsaying he’ll never use the NYT again. Assange is no dope. He admitted in an RT interview that 60 pages were condensed into a paragraph. THATS CONTELRPO MEDIA, not his fault. Also, Assange not agreeing with 9/11 Truth IS NOT PROOF HE IS CIA.

            On the same subject BTW, the NYT unciritically published the official report on the 9/11 attacks word for word as govmnt stenographers would.
            Just like they intentionally screwed up Wikileaks. THEY ARE COINTELPRO NOT Assange,

            You know who else is COINTELPRO? Wayne Madsen, (an intel backround), Tarpley, Duff, Alex Joiners, Veterans Today, and all the other CIA people misdirecting you and others Left WIng dissenters TO NOT READ WIKILEAKS because he is a “Psyop”

  2. Wanna see something really cool … ???

    unaired Spidey

    • I like how his plan involves storing all the library of Gorn onto an flashdrive and HIM making an escape. He couldn’t pick anyone else on their planet, had to be him. What a plan.

  3. Close your mind to the mental power of the Overlord and send him back to Dementia 5.

  4. […] Neoliberalism has spawned a financial elite who hold governments to ransom […]

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