The Preemptive Revolution to Stave Off the Real One

by Scott Creighton

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UPDATE: And what exactly did all of this domestic full spectrum dominance do to thwart the Boston Bombing or the Aurora Massacre or the shooting at Sandy Hook or the Ricin letters attacks? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Don’t even have so much as a manifesto or a related text message to show for it from any of the suspects. Why is that you think? Why are none of the MSM asking that all important question?


Something Wicked This Way Comes

For those of you who are familiar with my work, you know I don’t do fear mongering. I leave that to other, more well-connected scribes. This is not fear mongering, it’s observation.

What is happening right now looks an awful lot like a regime change “color revolution” in the making. The American press along with various “alternative” journalists, breathlessly en mass making mountains out of already well established mole-hills as if they are “breaking news” suddenly stirring up unrest and hostility. Typically this pattern has been a clear indicator when they plan to force a color revolution in some other country once our puppet dictator starts acting like he doesn’t want to be our puppet dictator any longer.

As bad as that is, it may actually be something much, much worse.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. The economy is going to crash, Wall Street is going to get all the rest of the loot and control they missed in the first go-round and we are going to be forced to make do with far less than we have now.Economists have been saying since the middle of last year that the beginning of the summer of 2013 will be start of the next collapse. Seems like they were right.

The neoliberal “brick” of Chicago School of Economics austerity is going to hit and hit hard very, very soon, and suddenly, without warning, the Obamatide is turning in a big way and as far as I can see, with no real “breaking news” to support the near universal nationwide MSM shift.

We have a proven agent provocateur in the form of Adam Kokesh setting up his “armed revolution” for July 4th (less than a month away now) and suddenly there are all kinds of scandals being brought to light, mostly from Washington insider leaks, which promise to turn up the heat going into the Summer of Discontent. Here’s a clue: these scandals were already well known to most people and like the Wikileaks psyop, though they didn’t expose anything new, they are being treated as if each and every one are the Pentagon Papers. That should tell you something.

So what does all of this mean? What is the significance of the timing of these carefully scripted leaks and revelations from the very administration that is demonized by them? Gun control, NDAA 2012, drones in our skies, NSA in our phones… and austerity poised to rain down on us like the Chicago School Brick that slammed Chile in ’73. What does it all mean? What of the announcement of the “Final American Revolution”? How would marketers and PR gurus deal with an unstable society and the threat of a real revolution?

They would fabricate one of their own.

You can’t just suddenly have bunches of armed folks running around shooting other folks for no good reason. There has to be a believable pretext created like the “Innocence of the Muslims” video they attempted to use to explain the Benghazi psyop. That’s the exposition to the story, the portion of a story that introduces important background information to the audience answering critical questions like “why a revolution?” and “why now?”

In a world where the manufacturing of preemptive wars and preemptive arrests are commonplace, is a Preemptive Revolution with all the scandals and the angst to justify it, such an outrageous theory? Is that what we are seeing? The exposition stage of the Preemptive Revolution?

Scandals are one thing. There have been plenty of those since 9/11.  But for the most part they have been swept under the rug or completely ignored by the complicit MSM. These aren’t the kind of scandals that could have our president arrested and removed from office like killing 23 kids in Dec. of 2009 with cruise missiles in support of a Yemen dictator or killing U.S. citizens illegally without due process or the FBI simply murdering a suspect while being questioned because he refuses to confess to something he didn’t do. Though the drone program factors in, the focus is on lesser crimes, including the lesser crimes of the drone program.

Here’s a list of the scandals that have recently broke with the help of “insiders” who leaked info to the press:

You will notice that not a single one of those “scandals” deals with anything as substantial as the 122 children who have been murdered by Obama’s illegal and highly immoral “Terror Tuesday” drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen (go here to read their names and ages, Compiled from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports) (remember Obama making a joke about his drone strikes relating to boys dating his daughters?) countries that we aren’t at war with… countries that had nothing to do with 9/11 or the Ameritrhax attacks… countries that have not attacked us or any other nation.

You will also notice that in every case, the critical information was either leaked by someone on the inside or as in the case of the renewed focus on drone policy and the IRS audit scandal, it was brought before the public’s attention by the government themselves for reasons no one is quite sure of.

Each and every one of those scandals looks like it was custom tailored  to piss off a libertarian or a patriot in the Tea Party. God knows they won’t give a rat’s ass about 122 dead Muslim children or the illegal invasion of other countries or not prosecuting the previous administration for obvious war-crimes and crimes against humanity. But mess with their rights, an invasive IRS? Now them’s fightin words.

Now consider this in light of that rough timeline of “scandals”

Kokesh has backed off a bit from his original plans possibly due to so many of us out here exposing it for what it was. Were a staged event to take place while Astroturf and his minions crossed the bridge into D.C. there would have been way too many articles spread out across the internet for anyone to claim it was unforeseeable and way too many for them to ignore the probability that it was staged. Plus, many suggested going there with all kinds of video equipment and scouring the rooftops for snipers and the streets for agent provocateurs as the day progressed.

So it was cancelled and in it’s place, protesters are instructed to march on the 50 different capital buildings across the country. That would make staging an event easier in that there will be less witnesses and cameras to account for. It also gives the impression of a larger movement when in fact Astroturf Adam couldn’t get 20 people to show up to protest for his release outside the Federal building where he was supposedly being held after his planned arrest a few weeks ago.

Has all of this been scripted to generate a narrative that the public can easily buy into? A narrative that claims political unrest leading up to the July 4th event boiled over into a bloody confrontation and the creation of a new “al Qaeda” type insurgency inside the United States that has to be crushed in the name of “national security”?

The managed nature of these scandals and the timing of them would certainly lead one to that conclusion.

But perhaps the best evidence is the breathless and exaggerated reactions from the MSM which are completely out of character for the status defending instruments of conventional repression.

You have the Huffington Post headlining their website with “George W Obama” which is something that we have been saying for years, even before his coronation (Obama is just the continuation of Bush – Clinton – Bush – Reagan) and in fact for years the Huffington Post would erase comments and ban commenters who dared to make that claim on their site.

The New York Times has gone so far as to claim the Obama administration “has lost all credibility” and again, the sycophantic Huffington Post echoes that sentiment.

Glenn Greenwald and other respected journalists (“real” journalists, not us “conspiracy theorists” who have been making claims like these for years regarding our vanishing freedoms of the press) recently Tweeted:

Glenn Greenwald
Accusing James Rosen of committing crimes – for basic reporting – may be the most dangerous thing the Obama DOJ has done yet
Anthony De Rosa
What was done to James Rosen “goes above and beyond what the Justice Department did when it monitored the AP
The Daily Caller
DOJ went through so many of this Fox reporters private records, you have to wonder, what didn’t they look at?

Websites like Drudge and Fox News are pretty much still doing what they’ve been doing, just with more higher caliber ammo than they are typically allowed to use.

With the new austerity looking to crash down upon us very soon and the stock market only being propped up by mass infusions and transfers of wealth to the big banks on a monthly basis, it’s very interesting timing isn’t it?

You can also factor in the American Gladio operation that started nearly a year ago in a theater in Aurora. The push for gun grabbing has been building but without a growing popular consensus. At this point, the people still want their second amendment rights and who can blame them.

Finally, factor in the worse intangible, the gradual buildup of the domestic police state and the militarization of our “protect and serve” public servants.

And don’t forget that martial law little rehearsal drill they ran after the staged Boston Bombing event.

When you step back far enough to see the big picture, when you admit to yourself that we all knew for quite sometime that the NSA was scooping up everything we said or wrote in order to use it against us in the future, you come to understand that focusing on this one thing alone isn’t helping one bit.

So-called “alternative” news analysts like Mike Rivero of What Really Happened are out there, once again, promoting the status quo line (just like he’s doing on the Turkey psyop by the way) breathlessly screeching that you HAVE TO BE ANGRY at all of this.

Yeah? To what end Mike?

I’ve been doing this kind of analysis for some time now. I do it under my real name and I do it with the full understanding of the consequences it has brought and will bring. And I tell you this – these are not coincidences. The Summer of Discontent is upon us, early in the Obama second term. The control grid they have been putting in place is about to tighten across the country just like it has in so many other nations where the crippling austerity of neoliberal Chicago School Economics has been imposed. And what we have seen thus far pales in comparison. Left vs Right, White vs Black, Rich vs Poor, Christian vs Muslim… all kinds of divide and conquer tricks are being used while anger and desperation is channeled in all directions but the right ones.

When a country is dragged into 3rd world status and the people grasp the astronomical divide between the oligarchs and the proletariat, revolutions tend to flourish. So what is the best way to counter the instability of such a threat?

The best way is to manufacture it yourself before the real one takes shape. That way you can justify rounding up the potential leaders and participants and disarm the public before the public disarms you.

I don’t do fear mongering, I do observation. You stand far enough back from anything observing without emotional distraction or the blinders of identity politics and you can see it’s form and it’s design from the beginning. Something wicked this way comes… of that I am sure.




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35 Responses

  1. Thank you willyloman, for letting us step back.

  2. good grief…
    I got up this morning feeling so good about surviving the ‘pumped’ up tropical storm… (yeah, I had water, flashlight, candles)….
    and here is this ‘end of my world’ article…. 😦
    So Obama is beginning to withdraw from helping with the destruction of America (maybe he wonders what kind of life his children and grandchildren will have to endure) ? So the ‘masters’ are going to replace him and complete the take over?
    Darn it, can’t they wait until after Christmas?
    And Pope Francis is beginning to unite the strength of churches …
    for the good of all people…
    Wouldn’t Obama have plenty of insider backers that maybe could bring down these creepy ‘masters’?

    Seeing it like you have put all this together…. does turn me cold…. all these little children… and young adults……………
    we can’t let our future generation down…. how can we protect them?

    • I certainly didn’t mean to imply that Obama is not in support of all of this. He is. He’ll stay in power. The “revolution” will simply be cover for rounding up various types. He’ll be there till Jeb Bush takes his place.

      • While your observations are incisive, I just don’t think they have that much control over events. Much of what they are is a shell game, a pretense. That’s why they play there games so hard and so obviously.

        • What wouldn’t they control of in this case? The leaks? They came from somewhere and these programs started after 9/11, were exposed in 2006 and absolute silence on them since the FISA act of 2008. Someone picked the moment to leak one little contract. Who could that be?


          Oh yeah, that was controlled as well.

          How about the way the media jumped all over each and every one of these so-called leaks as if it were the biggest thing in the world. Can they influence the media? Control it?

          I say so.

          So what don’t they have control of in this case?

          I’m not saying they control everything. What I am saying is they WANT to control everything and this is a step toward that full spectrum dominance they desire, just the domestic version.

          Did they not control the collapse of the economy? False Flag ops to justify the GWOT? Lies going into the bombing of Iraq? campaign for gun grabbing? what didn’t they control?

          They know what is coming will likely spawn something they can’t control. It’s like a crew fighting a forest fire with controlled burns.

          Now look at the LAPD’s little street theater performance which happened yesterday and tell me World War “Z” is a coincidence.

          • I guess we will see but I think there are certain people that have the know how, but I just don’t see how they can really direct the troops and police in a massive scale. That would lead to the kind of oppression that would get out of control Frankly I think they’ve demonstrated to our own soldiers through these middle eastern actions that they are corrupt.

            • I don’t know what you mean… ?…. I’m not talking about a real revolution, I’m talking about a fake revolutionary insurgency where various acts are committed in order to create the impression of an uprising, and people are rounded up and sent to the Gulag in response. Maybe even the creation of a new “al Qaeda” like instrument is formed run by another Adam Pearlman or that phony from North Carolina.

              You already see part of it happening. Dorner, Boston, Sandy Hook… look at the drill they ran yesterday in L.A. It would be massive, but massive in the sense that they are running various ops in shall we say “friendly” counties across the country. Some real with real victims, some staged like the shoot-out that Thursday night with Tamerlan and his brother.

              • How I’m reading it, considering the evidence you thoughtfully have provided, is that things actually will get very bad. There may in fact actually be real uprisings out of despair. I suspect that the the Gov. and their private mercenaries are really not as prepared as some think. The can’t even handle the drone program with any real skill. They bumble constantly. Iraq was a mess, with huge amounts of money lost.

                • “The can’t even handle the drone program with any real skill. They bumble constantly. Iraq was a mess, with huge amounts of money lost.”

                  Ok. I understand you point about real uprisings. That’s probably true. Some small things will happen. The guy who tried to kill himself on the Today Show for instance.

                  But, I think you miss the mark a bit with your descriptions of Iraq and the drone program as bumbling. The drone strikes kill so many that they can’t account for, their “signature strikes”, for the very reason they are so successful. They can’t tell you all the targets they kill and the reasons for their deaths because if they did you would understand that they aren’t targeting “insurgents” and “terrorists” but rather political adversaries or business competition, union leaders, journalists, whistle-blowers… all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons, most of which they can’t lump under the rubric of the GWOT.

                  As to Iraq, well, that was about creating chaos anyway. They needed to destroy the civilization in order to remake it in the image they wanted, like Libya for instance or Yugoslavia or Russia under Yeltsin. Terrorism, death, lawlessness… these are the stock and trade in this programs, what they create because the biproduct of it is profit for the right crony companies.

                  Neither of them are bumbling mistakes… it’s just better to view them as such for PR purposes.

                  Yes, they know what they’re doing and they are succeeding at it for the most part. Some things have come back to bite them, but mostly, with control of the press and both “legitimate” political parties, they can make slip-ups and still get away with them. Building 7 and Flight 93 come to mind.

                  • I disagree. They are not that efficient and in control. They had to abandon their original Iraq plan. As far as the drone program goes, have you looked at these stats?

                    • Have I looked at the stats that I myself just linked to in my article?

                      yeah, DB, I think I did.

                      I read some of them when I linked to the 122 dead children in Pakistan and Yemen.

                      The difference between you and me is you seem to think when they don’t hit a “terrorist” they missed and I’m trying to tell you they aren’t targeting “terrorists” very often. That’s the difference, so of course their stats are going to be way heavy to the civilian side… but that doesn’t mean they “missed” or they “bungled” a strike… that might just mean they hit who they wanted to hit and sent the message they wanted to send.. and YEAH.. kids were involved.

                    • I read much of the body, didn’t see that link.

                      But I guess that is the difference in our thinking. I don’t believe they were firing to simply to create fear or chaos or whatever. I Do think they are tracking individuals, though not necessarily by name on a list. And I do think they miss or they have bad information or they miscalculated the number of people present .

                      Dirty Wars has very specific info about some these strikes. The book makes the point that they do go for incorrect targets.

                      Having said that , I do know that they to back round an kill people who go to investigate or clean up after a kill and they kill people that attend funerals of those they targeted.

                      The number of people killed in relation to insurgents is very high for something so surgical.

                    • “I don’t believe they were firing to simply to create fear or chaos or whatever”

                      Neither do I. Did you not read my comment? I clearly stated they are deliberately targeting and killing people and their families whom they can’t justify as being “Taliban” or “al Qaeda”, so they end up being what they call “signature strikes”, hitting unnamed people because of what they SAY they observing them doing.

                      The drone program is a modern day version of the old death squads we used to set up in other countries.

                      “The number of people killed in relation to insurgents is very high for something so surgical.”

                      That’s because the people they target are not necessarily insurgents and they can’t get away with claiming that they are. So those victims end up in the civilian category on sites like the one you link to and in books like Dirty Wars… but the REAL reason they were TARGETED never does.

                      You seem to be missing that point I am trying to make.

                    • “But he began to wonder who the enemy targets on the ground were, and whether they really posed a threat. He’s still not certain whether the three men in Afghanistan were really Taliban insurgents or just men with guns in a country where many people carry guns. The men were five miles from American forces arguing with each other when the first missile hit them.

                      “They (didn’t) seem to be in a hurry,” he recalled. “They (were) just doing their thing. … They were probably carrying rifles, but I wasn’t convinced that they were bad guys.“ But as a 21-year-old airman, said Bryant, he didn’t think he had the standing to ask questions.” drone pilot

                      someone targeted those three men but for what? they are all listed as “Taliban” by the government, but who knows what they were. activists? reporters like in the collateral murder video? ever wonder if that was really an accident or if the US military was sending a message to foreign journalists about being too close to our operations? you should. Did the Manning “leak” actually cause the military to change their operation procedures or did it simply make sure everyone got the message? Were those three men even armed? Were they really 5 miles from the nearest US soldier or more like 10?

                      The big thing about the signature strike program.. is they don’t reveal the names of the targets but who is too say they don’t know their names and just can’t release them for fear that reporters will start to figure out the kinds of people we are really killing over there.

                      It’s no different than any other death squad campaign. And if you think we are done with those, check out what we did in Iraq in 2005 and 2006 following the Surge. A lot of people think that carnage was an accident as well. Not so. We did it by design.

      • According to Websteer Tarpley, Obama does not want to invade Syria because his base will desert him and he will be impeached and he knows it. The scandals are a soft coup against Obama.

        • and he also said that the Benghazi psyop was part of the Mormon mafia’s attempt to get rid of Obama prior to the election…

          and he also said that the unconstitutional mandate of Obamacare was constitutional and that anyone saying it wasn’t was just trying to harm Obama…

          see a pattern developing?

          Obama doesn’t want to invade Syria any more than he doesn’t want to invade Syria and Tarpley himself has said countless times that president’s don’t make these high level decisions… bankers and corporate CEOs do. Why do you think there are so many of them in his cabinet?

          The problem with Syria is not his dwindling flock of Obamaites. And they couldn’t prevent or cause impeachment anyway. His base doesn’t determine impeachment nor protect him from it. You know that. His base couldn’t have even got him re-elected if the owners of this country hadn’t run the vulture capitalist up against him…a MORMON vulture capitalist that the religious right couldn’t even support…

          So, no, that makes no sense what-so-ever and honestly I am surprised that Tarpley is pushing that line to his supporters who are probably some of the best informed and educated in the alternative media sphere.

          The problem with Syria is China, Russia, Iran and Turkey. Toss in Pakistan and India for good measure and even Brazil. Specifically Lavrov and Putin if you want to get down to brass tacks. They aren’t going to have it. And Obama’s bosses know it. Killary played the game of brinksmanship and Lavrov simply stared her down and that’s it. We blinked first. Now there are weapons and ships in the area and the UN has agreed to Russian peacekeepers in Golan and THAT changes everything.

          Obamaites didn’t do shit and they couldn’t do shit. Pardon my language. It’s about a global power struggle, not the will of Obama… Tarpley is giving him credit for a backbone he doesn’t have.

          that’s my opinion anyway

          • You have called Ed Snowden a “manufactured hero”. Certainly we should be suspicious, but being a long-time NSA employee does not by itself mean that he is not an honest whistleblower. But if he has been “manufactured” would it not be the Empire that has manufactured him to attack Obama?

            • why attack Obama? He’s done everything they wanted. Sure, Israel wants us to attack Syria via a NATO humanitarian intervention, but with Russia now parking ships off their coast and the UN approving Russian peace keepers in Golan, even they know it’s a game of brinksmanship that they have lost. Russia basically said they will put their forces in harm’s way and if Israel or the U.S. wants to attack over them, so be it. No one blames Obama for not pulling the trigger on WWIII right now. Why should they? Back in the days of the Cuban missile crisis they didn’t have the hyper accelerated GWOT to feed the banks and the MIC like they do now. World War would have been a much needed boost for their bottom lines… but NOW? With tens of thousands more nukes and them making all the money they need?

              Look at it this way… Obama is providing cover to re-colonize all of Africa. You think they want to get rid of him now? You know how many trillions of dollars that will be in the short term and how many more in the future?

              Obama is their servant, just like Kerry and the Clintons who brought him into the fold. Just like the Bushes and the Cheneys. They have no intention to get rid of him. He is working out nicely and that is too say nothing of our collapsing constitution… he’s doing his job better than expected. So why attack him?

              • Scott, I do understand very well that Obama is a CIA insert who is and always was the Uncle Tom lackey of Wall Street and the Empire, But you still did not answer my question, which was, to repeat, IF Snowden is a “manufactured hero” then who manufactured him and why if not to attack Obama? Can you give me another reason? Please answer this question, because otherwise the analysis you are presenting does not add up, and Tarpley’s is more consistent. The other possibility is that Snowden really is an honest whistleblower. Do you have a third possibility in mind?

                • “But you still did not answer my question, which was, to repeat, IF Snowden is a “manufactured hero” then who manufactured him and why if not to attack Obama?”

                  I started an article this morning at 6 am in order to answer this very question. I just posted it. I hope it sheds some light on what I think.

          • Obama has no backbone but I think he does have a will to political survival. Also, his generals are against attacking Syria, as is his foreign policy guru Zbigniew Brzezinski, who has advised Obama to let London and Paris go ahead on their own, if they dare,and tell Israel the same.

    • Not missing your point. Several studies including one form NYU stated thatIn other words, the people in the areas targeted by Obama’s drone campaign are being systematically terrorized. To that point i wrote “I don’t believe they were firing to simply to create fear or chaos or whatever.”Seems we both disagree with that assertion. We have a disagreement there as you responded with “Neither do I.”

      Your point is that it’s all no accident. “They aren’t targeting “insurgents” and “terrorists” but rather political adversaries or business competition, union leaders, journalists, whistle-blowers… all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons, most of which they can’t lump under the rubric of the GWOT. ” And you said, “The big thing about the signature strike program.. is they don’t reveal the names of the targets but who is too say they don’t know their names and just can’t release them for fear that reporters will start to figure out the kinds of people we are really killing over there.”

      For a long time they referred to those killed as militants. Then it was all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants.(The US counts all adult males killed by strikes as militants.) Most recently Obama himself said civilian deaths can be explained and will haunt him.

      What you are saying doesn’t account for the women and children that have been killed. They don’t fit neatly into any categories as you have defined them. They were present or the bomb missed it’s target. And these bombs do miss targets.

      There never not been full and complete administration explanation about many of the targets or the civilian causalities of drone strikes, while the administration constantly says that “We have talked about a need for greater transparency.” That’s all there is too it at this say and there’s not way to definitively make that leap to the idea that they were all part of a rubric. We just don’t know. In it seems in many cases they have no idea.

      • “What you are saying doesn’t account for the women and children that have been killed. They don’t fit neatly into any categories as you have defined them”

        there is a simple explanation for our disagreement… you can’t fathom the idea that they would deliberately target women and children, can you? Women in Muslim countries are activists and organizers. Women work. In fact, there are women politicians and prosecutors in Afghanistan AND Iraq and Pakistan and Yemen.

        So yes, they could fit into those categories.

        But even still, they are families of targets and whether or not the target is actually there, their deaths send an even more chilling message.

        Do you think the Kandahar Massacre was carried out by a “lone gunman” who can’t to this day actually remember what happened or what his motive could have been or do you believe the multitudes of witnesses and the local investigation that proved it was done by a Special Ops team who actually told village elders they were going to do it, to send a message to one particular family about providing aid and comfort to fighters opposed out our occupation? Is the guy on trial a “lone gunman” or a patsy covering up for a brutal tactic used in an illegal occupation?

        “That’s all there is too it at this say and there’s not way to definitively make that leap to the idea that they were all part of a rubric”

        When someone comes rushing in to help and they get killed or they attend a wedding or a funeral and they get killed, of course there is no way to say they were all known… but to say their deaths weren’t DELIBERATE, to say they weren’t all TARGETED is naive.

        James Holmes won’t be tried but if he were, he’s on the hook for all of those deaths as MURDER… premeditated MURDER. It doesn’t matter if he knew each one or not, it’s still MURDER when he does it… when a drone op does it, it’s what? an ACCIDENT? “collateral damage”? No, it’s murder.

        All I am saying is that the stats provided to places like the BIJ are tainted from the start because they don’t always give all the information they have on the targets they kill. In some cases they deliberately withhold information because they know it can be traced back to a political favor or silencing a reporter or some business deal. Ever wondered how many people the CIA has killed in Afghanistan because they were rival drug lords to our drug lords?

        Ever read about what we are doing in Mexico?

        You CAN make the “leap” because for instance, we know what we do in Mexico, we know the myriad of death squads we have set up in so many other countries over the decades because we know we went there in the first place based on lies and false flag ops.

        So yes, MO applies… motive applies… thus we can make “the leap” with FAR MORE supporting evidence than we can make “the leap” to saying all those nameless victims were simply the result of “bumbling”

        I heard that “bumbling” line long ago in terms of the “missed” warnings leading up to 9/11 and it holds less favor with me today than it did then.


      • James Clapper said the NSA may have “unwittingly” collected data on 100s of millions of Americans. More bumbling I suppose.

        Oh but wait… the bumbling excuse was a lie according to Greenwald and he supports his statement rather well. So much for the bumbling defense.

        and the Guardian says that the FBI’s murder of their suspect in Orlando is just a case of our drone policy coming home to roost. Sounds like a “death squad” allusion to me, but you be the judge.

  3. On your update ¨And what exactly did all of this domestic full spectrum dominance do to thwart the Boston Bombing (…)¨ Most probably it would have helped to create such incidents… but your right, it is likely a big bluff (speaking of project prism), not that they would not be able to spy on everybody, or at least have access to everybody’s social media footprint, but with a petabyte data stream it is unlikely to gather any intelligence of a sophisticated nature. On matters of predictability, it would be more use to trends research and crowd control – classical fascism actually. But once an incident that was not predicted is analyzed, the free availability of digital records would of course be vital to gather intelligence, and the public upon being given proof of this by being shown the vital records, would probably latch on to the surveillance state. Unfortunately there is no such proof ever being brought forth – how come? One reason would be, that it would implicate themselves, like the CIA linked professor giving e-mail study assignments to Jahar Tsarnaev… it would always implicate themselves one way or another, I don’t even think that it would be easy to create a random patsy from a study of algorithms, when in real life, the patsies are already lining up.
    Prism, has nothing to do imo with criminal intelligence what so ever, besides potential intimidation of course, when They gather that perhaps you are a threat to Them.
    Prism is simply crowd control and trends research a reciprocity of commercial interests and state commercial interests conducted by using tax payer money – a business venture.

  4. Thanks Scott, I was hoping you would come up with some food for thought.

    We do have to try and maintain ourselves as objective observers. I don’t feel much anger or hate, just observing.

    I’m trying to remain positive that ‘they’ are concerned that their plans may not be working exactly the way they want them to. We can make a difference even if its in very small ways. You are doing your part and more in this struggle.

  5. In the listing of scandals there is one more big one to ad – the Monsanto Obama connection
    Sorcha Fall allegedly is the originator of a story wherein ¨Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.”
    The story is more proof of a destabilization campaign waged, especially since Monsanto and USDA policy is in fact coming under heavy scrutiny worldwide.
    further reading:

  6. […] I stand by my original theory on all of this… it’s part of an elaborate scheme by the intelligence complex themselves to create unrest or at […]

  7. Is Obama to blame for Benghazi? No, I suspect those responsible are the Israel First faction within the CIA, DoD and Washington who have it in for Obama… the same folks who did the OBL raid, leaked the info about the raid, and then killed-off Team 6… since OBL has been dead since 2001… this faction was hoping (counting on) their (Israel’s) man Romney getting into office by doing these things, but they underestimated Obama (and his political machine)… and, since election day, they’ve been trying to force Obama’s hand via the many (Zionist Jew/Christian) media exposed scandals, beginning with the former head of CIA, now IRS and NSA, plus the daily military sex abuse scandals, all of which will stop (and be forgotten about) the moment Obama decides to attack Syria, Lebanon, and Iran, as they wish for him to do. Benghazi was supposed to ruin Obama’s re-election campaign, but it didn’t. Romney lost, and those who supported him are furious. The two factions warring within the US government are the pro- and the anti- Zionists, with the pro- being more powerful, and owning the mainstream (and alternative) media as well.

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