Woolwich Attack: Video Appears to Show Some Kind of Traffic Accident

by Scott Creighton

UPDATES after the article

UPDATE: (H/T DB Schell) Conflicting reports but enlightening. Seems like the two suspects deliberately ran off the road, hitting a guy on the sidewalk then jumped out and finished him off, dragging him into the street. They then approached buses and other cars asking them to take their picture. Then they waited around for the cops to show up and a helicopter which whisked them away after they were “shot” by the officers.

“The guy with the gun, the tall guy with the beanie cap on, even a bus had pulled up – he was going over to the bus and asking people to take his photo.”

“When he was dead, they dragged him out into the road and left him there

“It was strange, they didn’t run off, they just stood there as if they were waiting for the police.

It must’ve taken about 20 minutes for the police to arrive, I think it must’ve been because they were waiting for armed police.”

“They fell to the ground. Then a helicopter landed

“I don’t know if they died, they were taken away in the helicopter.” Information Clearinghouse

Does this make anyone else think of those two British soldiers who were caught in Iraq driving around with AK-47s and bombs dressed like Arabs?

Seems to me this is totally staged. The victim may be real, but these two guys were clearly waiting to be picked up. They wanted it to be seen and have a shocking effect on the public at large. That is why the reaction from the British government seems so out of place for what would appear at first to be a murder or road rage incident. It was staged. There is no doubt.


I just watched the video of the young guy holding the knives in the streets of Woolwich talking about what just happened. It’s heavily edited and you can see a car crashed  into a pole across the street. You can also see a woman getting up off the ground next to what appears to be the body of the victim.  But she wasn’t kneeling next to him as might be understandable if she were trying to help him, she was sitting on her butt right next to where his head was.

If that guy had been “beheaded” that woman wouldn’t have been anywhere near him. Certainly not that close.

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The video is called “The Video of the Woolwich Terrorist”. So this is what passes as terrorism these days?

The man in the video simply says he’s sorry women had to see the violence, but it happens all the time in his country and then goes on to say if you think the government is going to keep you safe, you’re wrong and you should do away with it altogether. That’s not a terrorist threat, that’s a guy telling the truth. Cops aren’t here to protect us, they’re here to generate revenue. How many times have you heard that or said it yourself?

Whatever happened, the Brits are ready to declare war! They called a meeting of Cobra…. that’s right, G.I. Joe’s arch enemy of terrorists, to discuss what to do next in the wake of a knife attack after some kind of car accident.

“The Guardian reports that British Prime Minister David Cameron called the incident “truly shocking.Cameron asked Britain’s home secretary to chair a meeting of Cobra, the government’s emergency committee.” Huffington Post

COBRA is a group of high ranking officials who meet in times of national emergencies consisting of the Prime Minister and other ministers as well as high ranking members of the police.

They actually convened an emergency meeting in this room for a knife attack which may or may not have been simply road rage.

The video is extremely disingenuous. The narrator claims the guy has a machete but he doesn’t. He has a common kitchen knife and a clever.

Then he says the streets are “blood soaked’ but the red on the street is paint. You can clearly see it goes all the way past where the man was lying. In fact, I’ve looked at this for some time now and I don’t see any blood around the guy at all. If there was blood near him, it would have to be on the opposite side that we can’t see in the video, and that woman would have been sitting in it. I don’t think that happened.

This is completely ridiculous. The fact that they are trying to turn it into terrorism shows how desperate they are to gin-up the community fear and loathing of anything Muslim.


If you go here to watch the RT story on this, they keep repeating phrases like “what is thought to have happened” or “what has been reported” regarding specifics of the story. Statements like those mean absolutely nothing when it comes to actual facts surrounding the case. Someone could report the guys jumped out of a spaceship and it would have as much legitimacy as what RT is reporting as facts in the case. It’s laughable but they are doing exactly what I said they were doing, demonizing Muslims.

It’s also alleged that at the time they were uh… uh…. coming out with statements in Arabic, Allah Ackbar, God is Great… and it’s also thought that at one point “All mighty Allah, we will never stop fighting” So a lot of concern at the moment, the picture certainly being built up that this is a terror related incident” RT

Yeah. It is being “built up” into a terrorist related event… by RT obviously.

None of that has any shred of evidence at this point to back it up. They’re just making this shit up as they go along.

UPDATE 2: In the RT video, you see the same wrecked car and the same white truck still at the scene whereas everything else has been cleared out. Obviously these two vehicles were involved somehow.  Is the victim a truck driver or the guy from the wrecked car on the sidewalk?

UPDATE 3: From the angle in this video, you can see the blood on the sidewalk next to where the car crashed. There is no blood on the road. The witness in the video says the car ran the victim over and that makes sense considering the fact that they hit the sign pretty hard and the blood pool is right beside the wrecked car.


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  1. There’s something very wrong about this, with all the people casually standing near the alegded ‘Terrorist’. For instance, if there was a fist fight no one would want to be there, to protect their safety.
    I agree, what he says is true, and the stupid British government is about to give real Terrorists in Syria weapons, and no doubt when the country descends into civil war, they will swoop in to steal their oil and natural gas.

    • that’s a good point and related to what I wrote. If that guy had been beheaded, those women wouldn’t just be hanging out beside his body and they damn sure wouldn’t be hanging around so close to the guys that they just watched do it.

      There is also speculation making it’s way around the web that the two suspects were known to MI5, Britain’s version of the FBI

  2. It’s too early to call it anything other than what it is. The message of the guy with the blade has relevance. Curious to hear official comments on it. I’m sure they won’t address it though. They will go on about terrorism and how they have to beaf up security. And they will do all they can to create a aura of disgust around the anyone associated with the guy with the knife.

  3. Here we go:
    “We will look at every aspect of security, we will look at every aspect of what you can learn from these incidents,” Cameron said during a joint press conference

  4. I am jumping in a little late and no time to do my own googling…

    Anyone seen anything as to who is taking the video? Is the cameraman part of the “terrorist” team?

    • It looks like he is planted there by someone. There is more footage of the shooting of those two suspects, but they only show what happens AFTER they get shot, once again, TELLING us what happened (they attacked the cops of course) rather than SHOWING us the video. Because obviously it’s the same video as the one I posted above and obviously the guy didn’t just shut off the camera when all the action took place. It’s a mighty high quality camera as well not a cell phone.

      All these reports are now saying he was video taped saying “God is Great” and all of that, yet I haven’t seen that video. I don’t think it exists.

      There are now reports coming out of London that people are driving around stirring up anger, yelling out of their car windows about the Muslims.

      It’s sounding a lot like India 10 years ago.

    • Allegedly the two attackers ¨were trying to film the attack¨ the video is supposedly ¨amateur¨ but so far I have not seen any mention of who took it.

      • Maybe the guy from the bus on his way to an interview. That factoid has disappeared. There is this only in the first article I read: Shocking footage recorded by witnesses and made public by ITV shows a man holding a meat cleaver with blood on his hands using jihadist rhetoric to justify the violence.

    • Thanks Scott and Brian.

      I don’t want to jump to hasty conclusions, but judging by the camera angle, location, the knife-dude’s body language and demeanor, I’d say the cameraman is neither a part of the hack-team, nor a random bystander…. Which leads me to think that he is on location ot document the whole thing with a proper video camera… (Although, most pocket photo cameras take very very decent video these days)

      • that is exactly what I think as well. He just happened to be at the exact right place to get the guy’s manifesto and the great shoot-out with a relatively good quality camera and audio. This was staged.

      • Oh… Another thing… Judging by the camera angle, the cameraman and the knife-man are 4-6 feet apart when he is talking directly to the camera… To be honest, I don’t know too many people who’d be standing that close to a man holding a bloody cleaver and a bloody knife in his hands, moments after chopping someone’s head off, with the slaughtered victim lying in the middle of the street. No way!!!

        Also, the guy’s hands and the “cutlery” are covered in blood, but for someone who just hacked someone, he does not seem to have any blood on him at all..

        • If you’re chopping someone up enough to get THAT much blood on your hands, you’re going to have it all over you… sprayed in your face, on your coat, on your pants… everywhere. Not just neat and tidy on your hands like it’s shown in the images. When you cut an artery, the blood doesn’t ooze out… it sprays… surprisingly far actually.

      • The embedded video is not available any longer. Says there was a copyright claim by ITV… so it’s obviously their footage taken on a professional camera.

  5. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article35046.htm

    Luke Huseyin, 32, who lives in a block of flats on John Wilson Street, Woolwich, close to where the incident happened.

    He said: “I was at home and heard a big bang. I looked out of the window and saw a car had crashed.

    “It was a blue Vauxhall.

    “Then two black guys got out of the car dragging a white guy across the road towards the wall.

  6. 7 news. New York city police have an embedded detective in Scotland Yard studying the attack. GEEZ NYC police are like god–everywhere.

  7. The ¨beheading¨ seems to be slowly dissapearing from the story.

    And what concerns the victim being a soldier: ¨The incident occurred 200 yards from the Royal Artillery Barracks, adjacent to Woolwich Common, the historical home of the Royal Artillery. The barracks, also known as the Woolwich station, now houses a number of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery and independent companies of the Grenadier and Coldstream Guards.¨
    ¨The spokesman also confirmed the Queen will visit the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery at Woolwich barracks on May 31, which was planned before Wednesday’s attack.¨

  8. It’s all wronger than wrong.

  9. ¨Counter-terrorism expert Richard Barrett said it was possible the attackers may have been “copycats” of the Boston bombers.¨
    By what logic?!

    • http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/2912750/Sun-immigration-survey-day-2-Violence-on-the-streets.html
      By this logic, Somalia recruits a large number of chechens!!!
      Look at the link.

      • The link above is from 2010 look at the picture – look familiar?

        • HA!!!… One cleaver, one knife… Good find Brian.

          And this is a day after Todashev pulled a knife at the FBI…

          I was joking about a knife ban earlier… But, the knife thing adds such an element to the “anyone can be a terrorist” meme that it takes the psyop to a much higher (or lower if you will) level…

      • Are they about to sell us Somalia next?
        ¨Last July (2011) a UK threat assessment stated that the threat from Somalia had significantly increased and that British militants who had traveled to the country were “returning to the UK to plan and conduct terrorist operations.” CNN 2012
        The above mentioned Richard Barrett in the same article:
        ¨Richard Barrett, the coordinator of the UN Al Qaida Sanctions Committee, and a former director of counter-terrorism operations for British intelligence, told CNN he doubts American Somali recruits to Al-Shabaab are poised to carry out terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.
        One reason, he says, is the significant intensification of FBI’s investigations into Al-Shabaab recruiting networks in the United States.¨

        Is this the same Richard Barrett that hosts the blog Somalia Report?

        This is to early to tell but indications imo are strong…

          • sorry, why is this interesting? Because ¨the Independent¨ now reports:
            ¨the dead soldier – who was wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt – was a member of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, which is currently based overseas.¨
            And so was David Collins the guy stabbed in the Heart by a British Somali a week ago.

        • Ok, this shit is starting to bug me, all the available stories – it’s crazy.
          ¨Ringleader of beheading plot jailed for life¨ Stuff like that happens? But it looks like all the stories I have supplied in succession here, acted as a storyboard for this culminating incident today.
          So what was this alleged ¨Ringleader¨ wanting to do during his beheading? Ask the Judge in the case: “You not only plotted to kill a soldier but you intended to film a most brutal killing.”
          Film it?
          And why the beheading? “This was not only a plot to kill a soldier but a plot to undermine the morale of the British army and inhibit recruitment,”
          Ahh, is the British Army having a tough time to convince young and unexperienced people from joining the Royal Army, perhaps these young adults learned something on – the internet ad interim? Who knows?

      • what a great find. seems like the weapons of choice

  10. Yes, if that man had been murdering another man in a rage….. and then walking around swinging knives, people would not have been calmly walking around or taking pictures up close….

    • in the video, one lady has her back turned to the guy.

      • We have a better class of homicidal maniac here in the UK. It’s the breeding, you see! ;o)

        • ^5 ROFL. I love the lady with the shopping cart who crosses the street behind the alleged ‘homicidal maniac with the knife and cleaver in his bloody hands’, which they had cut out and redo the lines.

          • one little old lady walks right by the “crazed radicalized Muslim” while he’s giving his big manifesto speech. She practically knocks him and the cameraman down making her way down the sidewalk.

            I can’t help but think about all the fake scenes created in the early days of the Syrian destabilization campaign or the Libyan one or the Green Revolution in Iran a while ago when I see that. You always see these things going on and people walking by like nothing is happening… as if they know it’s staged and think it’s something for a show or something. They just don’t have time for it, so they go right on by.

  11. I watched the msm news tonight and although I was already suspicious about it being a genuine terror attack, all credibility disappeared when they mentioned the shout of “Allahu Akbar.”

    Britain has been pushing into Mali and perhaps they wanted more justification for what they are or will be doing there. It was convenient that the “terrorist” was a typical-looking African man.

    Nowhere but in this article has anyone reported the bodies being taken away by helicopter. The two articles I’ve seen on-line of late show a helicopter in the area but fail to mention it’s involvement.

    Unless there was a severed head rolling around in plain view of everyone, I see no reason to accept that anything happened here but a hammed-up enactment of a fake terrorist-attack. Even a severed head wouldn’t be solid proof of its genuiness.

    And if it was me holding the video camera facing someone who has allegedly just murdered someone in cold blood, I would guarantee a much shakier video.

    • By the way, the government are asking us not to jump to conclusions on this attack. I suppose that they don’t want a repeat of the Boston Bombing fiasco where people mis-identified innocent bystanders as suspects!

  12. The guy that was brutally hacked to death was a 20 year old British soldier, wearing a “help for heroes” t shirt doing charity work. They rammed him with the car and then hacked him to Pieces outside of a school at 2:30 in the afternoon. Shouting verses from the Quran. There was a firearm involved aswell as kitchen knives and meat cleavers. They then turned on the police which is why they were shot. The suspects are currently being treated in hospital. This was a politically motivated terror attack on an innocent man.

    • Lucas, how did you come to that conclusion? Did you see a video that we have not yet seen?

    • Wow Lucas, you got it all down pat don’t ya? Please link us to the video of that guy saying all of that.

      And wow, look at that… you are in the UK just like Stokeingy is. What a coincidence, huh?

    • Unlikely, Lucas. More likely that it is a staged, theatre production for the benefit of influencing public opinion. Notice how the media is making a big deal of the “Help for Heroes” T-shirt as if this makes the crime more monstrous! Once you’ve watched a few of these performances, it becomes too easy to see the “joins” in the script. Normally the performance is held in other countries which lessens their impact on the local citizenry so every now and then a hometown production is required and Woolwich drew the short straw this time.

  13. this is possibly the most ridiculous blog I have ever read. Whist I am not sure that these two are terrorists by definition it would seem that they had radicalised themselves by using the internet, I guess in the same way that everyone commenting on this site has turned themselves into a conspiracy theorist. of course the press blatantly exaggerate the actua facts by saying a man was beheaded. but this does not mean that his was staged.

    What a joke you are. If a man walks up to you and says film me whilst carrying thos things I would say you did not have much choice for fear of being attacked. On woman talked the terrorists out of carrying ou further attacks. It is the nature of peole that see something so shocking happen hen they thought that it was just a car crash would probably just be standing there in shock.

    Staged my backside

    • ¨it would seem that they had radicalised themselves by using the internet¨ please tell me why it would ¨seem¨ that way – please!

    • You may be right stokeingy… But your willingness to accept without asking any questions shows a lack of historical knowledge, and is outright scary… So I would say you are probably NOT right!

    • “… it would seem that they had radicalised themselves by using the internet…”

      Wow. That is so organic sounding. Not at all like a complete out of context over-reach which had nothing to do with the discussion…

      and speaking of saying things that have nothing to do with this discussion…

      “If a man walks up to you and says film me whilst carrying thos things I would say you did not have much choice for fear of being attacked.”

      Seriously, how much do you get paid to run around posting this crap on sites your sweeping program digs up? I’m serious. I need a job. What does this kind of shit pay? I gotta be better at it than you. At least I could make my comments sound like their mine and at least slightly relevant to the discussion.

      I see you are in the U.K. Are you contracted by the British government to do this spin crap (or crappy spin)? I could telecommute to work.

      • re: “If a man walks up to you and says film me whilst carrying thos things I would say you did not have much choice for fear of being attacked.”

        If a man walked *toward* me carrying those things I would not stick around to hear what he had to say. That’s one fearless group of bystanders in that video.

        • If a man walked up to me carrying those knives whom I had just seen “behead” someone, I would either restrain him til the cops got there or run away as fast as I could. I wouldn’t f*cking film him. You’re absolutely right about that David.

          You see, that is why this troll brought that up. We had not been talking about that aspect of this stupid story, but or his company have seen that weakness in the story developing since it started, so he tries to spin that aspect of it, even though no-one here was discussing it.

          That’s a sure sign of a troll.

        • Probably they seem fearless because you guys are a bunch of cowards.

          • Right… cuz unquestionably believing the “official” story, no matter how ridiculous makes one really brave Bill. Way to go. 🙂 Whenever fascism takes root in a country, there’s always a segment of the population who is more than happy to follow along. It’s because of these people authoritarianism is possible in the first place. I suspect that’s the role you’re playing here. Congrats Bill, you’re officially part of the problem.

        • Uh… Great point Billbadger… Check, and mate…

          Scott, you coward!!! You’re gonna need to shut this site down after this..

      • Yeah! Sign me up too. :o)

    • Yes , it was staged. My spiked boot on your dumb backside…. 😦

    • To the contrary, you would do well to spend more time on this blog because we deal in facts here. The few facts about this case don’t add up to much by themselves but when viewed in context with previous “terror attacks,” they fit very well into the staged, Operation Gladio type events.

  14. TV trying to have a word with this guy: https://twitter.com/AbuNusaybahUK/status/337307468113772544

    • so who is that guy? just some random Muslim in Britain they can lynch next week?

      • don’t think so, the same requests were made to friends of Dzhokar Tsarnaev and those guys are well – fine.

        • so who is he and why did you bring him up?

          • I think it is part of the destabilization – sorry I did not mention – I have brought this up during the Boston bombing too.
            They destabilize small and slowly greater communities like this, by having everybody involved – twitter has friends quickly standing trial in front of public opinion if media gets a hold of them – there would be no easy way to figure relationships but through twitter. As was seen during Boston, the media fingered around some and made everybody check on suspicious relations, it can break whole communities, make everybody your next suspect. But at the same time, there is no avoiding this I think, because to understand what is going on and who is pulling strings, networks need to be studied. There would be no value in a book about say the CIA, if connections were not exposed and so it is with perhaps fake connections. If the media is having an interest in this guy, I say the media is having an interest in this guy.
            A site like this is a research chamber imo and what might not look valuable today might be tomorrow and the net is no private affair so everybody using twitter and facebook should know that by now, ramble ramble – take the link off the site if you like.

            • all I am asking is.. who is he? Why does anyone want to interview him at a time like this? is he some kind of Islamist leader in the U.K.? Who is he? I don’t know who he is. that’s all I’m asking.

              • so far I have not a clue, according to his latest tweet, he is upset by peoples interest in him. Would not be surprised if he cancels his account.

              • above link is gone, but a new was created – it looks like ¨lawyers¨ have questioned this man and it looks like it was because he spoke out about the attacks. He recently tweeted: ¨Lawyers to me “Government looking for scape goat, Any Muslim who speaks out, even if they condemn the actions will be arrested” !¨
                that would tie in to the destabilization theory I was talking about above and for that reason only, I am reposting the link: https://twitter.com/AbuNusaybahUK

                • did not read all his tweets – media is suckering up to this guy and it may well be that he supplied them with name and nickname of one of the perps.

                • ¨The identity of the suspect pictured carrying bloodied knives in the aftermath of the murder of a British soldier is Michael Olumide Adebolajo, Guardian sources have confirmed.¨
                  And we know whom the Guardian was trying to question yesterday.

            • I think you make an excellent point, Brian. Great observation…Thank you.

              The formula they use in the aftermath of these events is becoming quite recognizable, perhaps because of their ever increasing frequency…

  15. Interesting, they’ve edited the video again to cut the part out when Cops were there. I was able to see it elsewhere, but considering the UK Police is one of the most heavily funded Police forces in the world, they would respond to a ‘Terrorist’ attack in an unarmoured SUV.

    I also question why the person with camera had filmed everything but the police shotting, or had edited it out.

    I am aware for the last few years many Tourists visiting London, have been told by the Police to stop taking pictures and videos in public places, or face arrest under terrorism laws. So you would think they would be well prepared to collect people’s cameras very quickly at sites of terrorist attacks; this person was making it very obvious they were filming. So I shall also be interested to see if the media will come out with other people’s videos.

    The 7/7 bombing were so badly botched by the British authorities, we have every right to be suspicious about this.

    Oh, one last thing. If they know it’s a terrorist attack, why the hell wouldn’t they evacuate the area and get the military to determine if there’s a bomb in that car? They could have shot the ‘Terrorists’ from a distance.

    • The “shot from a distance” comment is very worth while mentioning.
      Could someone with police event protocol knowledge comment on this aspect of procedure?

  16. How do you hack someone to death and only get blood on your hands? That dude should have blood splatter all over him.

    • From the last part of that video you can see the victims body on the road, and you can’t see any big amounts of blood, which is inconsistent with a beheading.

      • you can also see his head still attached to his body and I’m no expert on the subject, but that seems to be inconsistent with beheadings as well.

        • Very true. Regarding your 3rd update, the resolution of video is not great to see the area of the car in detail. But the liquid there looks quite a lot darker than blood, it would make sense if it was oil, as they would likely damage the oil pan traveling up a Kerb at speed, and impacting the light post, you can see tire tracks through it. But of course there could be blood around the car, but there would also be a trail of blood to where he dragged the body in the road as reports suggest, which there isn’t. The same would be true if the knife attack happened on the side walk. So it remains unclear how and where this knife incident occurred.

          • I’ve only heard one version of the witness reports that the victim was on the sidewalk and struck by the car. One said they saw the two dragging him toward the wall after the crash and I’m wondering if they didn’t bring this guy in the back of the car and pull him out after the crash. There is no way they would have known he was military just by seeing him on the side of the road and from the look of the crash, they were going pretty fast, hard to guess how the soldier (if he is one) would have reacted to being targeted by a moving car on the sidewalk. So they may have had him in the back of the car and then crashed, dragged him out of the backseat, did what they did near the wall, then dragged him out to the road for the big show.

    • Because the producers of this event realize that the average person only cuts up meat from the grocery… and only your hands get messy….most people don’t remember that the active heart is furiously pumping blood throughout a body and when one or two main arteries are disrupted by a ‘cut’, then the blood escapes in powerful spurts…..
      yes, his jacket would have been dripping with blood… but, that would have cost production dry cleaning bills…
      so, they kept it ‘neat’….. 🙂

      • Apologies for the graphic nature of this post but if the man was already dead, there would be no blood pumping and depending on the time of death, possibly little bleeding from any wounds. Just saying.

      • I try my best not to get too hung up on the blood thing… Or, even the psyop thing for that matter, because the real psyop starts after the fact… In any case, it is almost impossible to do any research or reading about Woolwich without having to see the dude’s bloody hands again and again.

        I don’t have much first hand experience with large quantities of blood other than your average real life incidents, and a couple of visits to the hospital.Even then, I feel I have a very good idea how blood behaves, feels and looks.

        This dude’s hands are so uniformly and monochromatically red that I can’t help thinking the whole thing is produced for camera, and therefore the blood on the hands is fake, even if the dead body is victim. Blood certainly does not dye the skin, but more like adheres to it. (would love to hear opinion on this from any doctors, ER or ambulance, police or military personnel or vampires who might be reading this blog)

        In that sense, I’m with johndjasper on this one. For this psyop to go smoothly (so to speak) the victim would have had to be already dead or incapacitated enough not to cause any complications.

        There seems to be absolutely no witness accounts of the actual act. I remember reading that the assumed hacking took place between the car and the wall, which is the bast spot for some pretend hacking activity.

        Also, there is absolutely no reporting or witness accounts about how and when the car crashed in to the pole, how the victim was hit or if these two assailants had anything to do with the crash, or how and from which direction these guys approached the car… No one seems to have seen all this, which is really peculiar because when a crash like this happens on a relatively busy city street, i imagine most people running towards the car either out of curiosity or with the intention to help, call the police, etc.

        It’d make more sense for these guys crashing in to the post with a guy who is either dead or almost dead, take him out, do some hacking (real or fake.. doesn’t matter), drag the body to the middle of the street and start their show…

        And… Isn’t London (and UK in general) meant to be the big surveillance state with cameras on every corner and up everyone’s butts??? I know most of you here will laugh at the mere suggestion of this question, BUT WHERE IS THE VIDEO FOOTAGE??? If nothing on that exact spot, then how about the guys entering the block in the car, or the victim approaching his death, etc. etc. etc.

        If they were so keen on putting on a show for the cameras and waiting for police to come and get them, they could have done the same thing in Piccadilly square for F’s sake…

        Good F’n grief…

        • you are right about the blood being a little like – let’s say paint.
          Blood coagulates quickly, in open air it becomes brittle very fast, it forms a crust that cracks by every movement and the sweat of the hands start to make it fall off – everybody knows that, but a hundred years of cinema and a parallel logic forms I guess.

        • Four million surveillance cameras in London, but none at this location?

    • thank goodness someone else noticed this……thought I was going nuts!……2 men hack someone to death, one has so much blood on his hands you couldn’t see the colour of his skin and the guy filmed talking to a woman had no blood on him…….impossible if the had just hacked someone and beheading him……………………..doesn’t figure!!!!

  17. Get this…

    I went searching for eyewitness accents and videos.

    There is one phone-cam video, which essentially shows pretty much just the backs of the crowd… And then there is an edit in the video (with a transition effect and all) where he/she gets closer and closer to ground zero, revealing some police action after the situation is under control, where we see body on street and police dealing with downed hackers…

    As for witness accounts, I managed to find 4-5 only so far. The one that comes closest to describing the scene only talks of a body laying on the ground and the attackers walking around and shouting things. And no mention of any interaction between attackers and victim.

    The others, without exception, are all after the fact accounts…. Like “I heard gunshots, and then I saw a body on the ground and police apprehending the attackers…” Or one of them talking about the white tent we all saw in the helicopter footage… Which is much later.

    Anyway, if anyone comes across any real sounding ones about the actual incident, i’d love to know.

    I also had a chance to catch up a little on tv coverage and Cameron’s statement, etc. The language they are using, and how they injecting the allhuakbars and the gory details that so far nobody claims to have seen or heard really reeks of something big…

    Just like how Aurora started the tsunami of psyops we have had here since last summer, I suspect this gory and graphic psyop might serve as a kick starter for the British, and perhaps for all of Europe.

    After all, the only time the slaves don’t mind tightening their belts, is when their shackles are even tighter.

  18. Correction: … Eyewitness accounts…. Not accents

  19. First of all let me just set something straight, I am a normal (compared to most) man who lives in the centre of England, not using some kind of computer system that finds sites like this and I am of course like you all on here entitled to my opinion as to what goes on. It says something when you even have conspiracy theories about people who make comments that do not entirely agree with your own on here.

    So 2 men, one who appears to be of African heritage and another that could have been Asian (British definition – not oriental) or indeed could have been black crash a car into a man in Woolwich then attack him with knives and a meat clever for hat appears to be no apparent reason. Eyewitness reports, none confirmed of course state that they were shouting out some kind of religious phrases and then there is a statement recorded on camera phone (that can indeed have HD quality cameras like the Iphone) that this is something to do with British soldiers killing “his people every day”

    My opinion of this is simple, these two people of probably lower than average intelligence are indeed Muslims but because they are probably unemployed have scoured the internet and convinced themselves that their religion states that thy must carry out jihadists acts against any one who is not Muslim. There are many many sites out there that “preach” about such things. They have then taken it upon themselves to carry out this atrocity and probably believe that it is the right thing for them to do to get their opinion heard and to get the british government to bring home theit (or as he referred to them “our”) troops. This is the reason that I think they have been self radicalised, I just meant that there has probably been no direct outside influence in what they have done, they have probably never even been to any of the countries such as Afghanistan or Pakistan or even Somalia.

    I am not sure where the apparent fact that they were solmalian come from other than the fact that there is a somalain community in Woolwich.

    So my opinion is that this is no more of a terrorist act than the new York sniper was, these people are just delusional and psychotic and the fact that they have been able to attribute some of their utterings to the Religion of Islam has lead to this now being called a terrorist attack.

    As for the videos, it would seem that all of the videos that are out there on the net have been released by the press over here and therefore would have of course been heavily edited so that the disturbing footage is not shown in public.

    The beheading as it was reported is just wild over exaggeration of what happened, by the press from initial reports, but this does not take away from the fact that this is possibly one of the most gruesome attacks there has been in the UK.

    So to summarise to do this in broad daylight in a public place means that this could not possibly have been staged as all of you seem to believe as someone would have reported exactly what they saw, all of those people around the area could not have been part of this so called elaborate plan that everyone thinks has happened on here.

    So finally just because my opinion is different to yours there is no need to be personally abusive, I do have a good knowledge of history and consider myself to be an intelligent person with an opinion.

    Just because I do not think that our governments stage events like these or 9/11 does not mean that I am stupid.

    • Stokeingy,
      Leaving this incident aside for a moment, May I ask why you dont think that governments stage events like these or 9/11?

      Is that a faith based belief ? (Not religious but faith in the good intention of governments)or is it a refutation of the evidence you may/may not be aware of given by for example by AE911truth, a group of 2000 professional engineers and architects who use evidence based analysis to prove that the official explanation is impossible and that the only explanation is use of explosives?

      Living in the Uk I am not surprised you and many others think this having been exposed to the BBC’s Conspiracy files etc and never the real facts and implications of the unreported evidence.

      The question is highly relevant because it illuminates the ability of someone to see through the big lie psychology. Ie a lie so big that no one can believe it is a lie. Most people here are past that obstacle and therefore question everything. I agree you should not be abused for your opinion though, but the understanding of how you formed that opinion on 911 is relevant IMO.

    • Just because I do not think that our governments stage events like these or 9/11 does not mean that I am stupid.

      No. Stupid is not the correct term. Naive perhaps… I know it’s hard for the average law-abiding citizen to wrap your mind around the fact that governments have staged incidents like this in the past and will continue to do so whenever it suits their purposes. It’s hard to believe that the criminality of our “leaders” extends beyond simple political corruption into the realm of dark evil. SO if you are as you say you are friend, just a simple normal middle-class fellow, I strongly encourage you to dig deeper into the history of these things… follow the trail of clues. What you will find will shake the foundation of your world view. If you are not what you say you are, and are indeed a paid psyop sockpuppet, then you are part of the problem and f*ck you very much.

  20. ¨I am not sure where the apparent fact that they were solmalian come from other than the fact that there is a somalain community in Woolwich.¨
    The apparent fact huh – this just came in a minute or so ago stokingy:

    ¨The Guardian understands that one of the two suspects is known to have expressed an interest in travelling to Somalia to support the al-Qaida affiliate Al-Shabaab, but whether he was actually arrested and if so when is unclear.¨
    A minute ago! And you of course don’t know where this¨apparent fact¨ comes from?

  21. It is also beeing said by the Guardian that the attackers are Nigerian and it just so happens that ¨Boko Haram¨ in Nigeria has ties to Al Shabaab.
    Al Shabaab recruits Chechens – the Guardian further states:
    ¨Police and the intelligence services are also looking into possible links between the two men and the outlawed group Al-Muhajiroun, which was originally formed by Omar Bakri Mohammed¨
    And this is what wikipedia has on Bakri and Al- Muhajiroun: ¨Following the emergence of Al-Muhajiroun in early 1996, Bakri would later become the chief sponsor in Britain of the International Islamic Front, an organization that trained and sent British Citizens to fight in Chechnya and the Balkans.¨
    Is this why ¨Counter-terrorism expert Richard Barrett said it was possible the attackers may have been “copycats” of the Boston bombers.¨
    Here is a link detailing Nigeria and Somalian ties: http://www.criticalthreats.org/somalia/katherine-zimmerman-somalia-nigeria-jihad-june-18-2011

    • Another Nigerian working for the CIA… just saying.


    • well there you go two completely contradicting stories, Somali, Nigerian, there will be a story next saying they are from the Caribbean, this is all just pure speculation by the press as always that’s why it is an “apparent fact” similar to this being an apparent terrorist attack, I stand by the fact that these two are just mental evil people who have no thought for human life.

      • I concur, stokeingy. Whether they’re genuine terrorist or just participants in a false-flag attack, they are I certainly “mental evil people who have no thought for human life.” Of course, the truth will come out in the public enquiry – just like it did in the 7/7 bombing enquiry which never happened because Tony Blair announced on the same day that there would be no public enquiry.

    • surely you pointing out that there may be contacts between these men and extremists in these other countries completely contradicts your theories on here of the attack being staged

      • Sly of you stokeingy, but since you are a smart lad, I am sure you would understand my point from being a wicked conspiracy theorist, that the connections I am pointing out would not ¨contradict¨ this being staged… think about it man.
        But you know, you are probably right about this internet radicalization stuff, so do you think while they are searching the houses of the perps, that perhaps they will find an online copy of ¨inspire¨ magazine?

        • or a link to American Everyman?

        • That(inspire)was exactly specified and suggested on BBC news 24 meet the press last night in connection to motivation here.

          I get the strong smell that this is pointing towards the dangers of extremist/ radical web sites.

          Other observations from yesterday:

          at 6.pm on BBC’s 5 live program (I would argue a flagship operation in the BBC’s opinion formation service) A reporter drew the connection to the fact that the recent protests in Luton and Barking of returning UK soldiers from Afghanistan on parade were met with ‘extremists’ demonstrating.
          They were mainly Islamic anti war protesters from the pictures of the event but how are they extremist? The last I heard the majority of the country were anti the Iraq and Afganistan wars.

          A few minutes later an email read out that we should ALL wear Help The Heroes T shirts in sympathy with the victim.

          Theresa May home secretary: “the murder of this man is an attack on everyone in the UK”.

          Boris Mayor of London “Boris Attack carried out by people with warped minds”

          Talking head studio guest on BBC news 24 coverage these people were “probably radicalised by someone who should not be here”.

          The PR onslaught is definitely the fishiest thing to me.

          One query on the main article lack of blood argument though.
          There appears to be a lot of blood in between the wall and the car , better shown by other clips, but even the first images in the second clip above show the trail of blood marks towards the final position of the body.

          The beheading angle is important too. Whether or not this detail remains part of the evidence. it was firmly planted initially by an eyewitness and news reporters. More than anything this image (and its filming) promotes fear of radical Islam, and as said in another comment here – Brian ? fits with the exact same suggestion made by a similar “Failed ” plot in the judges remarks.

          As we know from other events, the validity of initial details are not important in the long run- the evidence!, but they sure do a great job in convincing people of what they are being shown in the most important first impressions.

  22. I have read and viewed a lot of the theories on 9/11 and other terrorist atrocities and have thought long about the facts that have been presented by both sides and to be honest my opinion is based 50/50 on the issues that I can’t see how it would be possible for explosives to be planted in the WTC without anybody noticing, and also the same in the pentagon, and also with flight 93. And yeah also the fact that I don’t believed that a government would instigate an event where three thousand plus people were killed and thousands more affected.

    I am not naïve to the fact that agencies around the world do indeed carry out killings and attacks that we will never even hear about or if we do it is covered up such as the Russian spy that was poisoned over here a few years back, but on such a scale I cannot and will not believe that such huge attacks were staged.

    Was bin laden a puppet for the CIA too? did they really control him and instruct him to carry out 9/11.

    If you said that these things happened in the mid 1900s then perhaps but with the digital and technological advances that we have now I cannot see how no matter how elaborate the plans were that concrete evidence would be there for all to see.

    but I guess like you all everyone sees what they want to see. I am sure that even some of you on here must concede that you may be totally convinced that everything is a conspiracy even before the facts emerge. This being a prime example, no one has mentioned the fact that a human being, a son, a brother, maybe a father and husband has been killed, all that you have done is immediately gone for the conspiracy theory

    • Well your answer is telling. Not only do you agree your problems with conspiracy theory are based on faith in the integrity of governments , you demonstrate the exact same logical fallacy used by the producer of the BBC’s Conspiracy files to discount evidence of controlled demolition from his 911 presentation merely because he cant believe how the explosives could be placed unnoticed or un leaked. In other words you are pre judging the outcome of your enquiry by making an unproven assumption and discarding hard evidence that does not fit your required outcome. In fact there are many explanations of how it could be done but that is not the point. Take the evidence and see where that leads without assumptions. For simplicity I would say only consider AE911truth arguments or DRG because most of the theories out there on 911 are deliberate misdirection.

      In fact I see people here asking questions, promoting hypotheses, I do not see us all believing this or any other story is fake. On this, I would agree that someone probably died, and that is a tragedy, but it might also have been a false flag (real event to be blamed on a someone else by design), I am undecided and in this sense I agree with you. Where I don’t agree with you, is your comments on 911, and the fact that you are not stupid. You are!

      • You bloody americans are all stupid. Do you ever get outside and witness how people act or what people do in different scenarios? Its no good just reading about events on the internet, go out, get some exercise and fresh air, and live your life.

      • “Take the evidence and see where that leads without assumptions”

        I agree 100% with one minor exception (or two)…

        That is how I came to the conclusion I did. I set out, nearly a decade ago, to disprove the “conspiracy theorists” and “truthers” once and for all. Someone had tried to have a discussion with me on the subject, but she wasn’t all that well informed and I chewed her up. I set out to debunk what I considered the bullshit charlatans and after 9 months of reading the official story’s advocates, I came to understand, with relatively little exposure to the real truth advocates out there, that the story they were selling was quite implausible. Then I started looking into what legitimate truth advocates were writing and it occurred to me that I had been wrong; and the conspiracy theorists had been right all along.

        So I agree when you say he should look into legitimate truth research, but I would also suggest he take a close look at the official story.

        Most people actually believe the official story in sort of a fog of war kinda way… they don’t know it, and they don’t want to know it, so they can believe it. But it’s quite laughable when you simply look at the official version of “the truth”

        Worked for me anyway. Kinda like coming to really understand the Single Bullet Theory and the players in the Warren Commission. Once you understand the official story, it’s hard to not become a “conspiracy theorist”

        I take a little exception to what you say about studying AE for 9/11 Truth. DRG I wholeheartedly agree with. But AE is run by Gregg Roberts these days and we all know he came straight from Jim Hoffman and his “believe the official story of the Pentagon” website. They also promote “nanothermite” out the ass, which as you well know from years and years ago on WTC Demolition (another good site by the way) I have ALWAYS been opposed to, long before it was generally accepted to do so (again, as you know)

        I kinda think my own research is rather good, especially when it comes to the demolition aspect of the event. I kinda think my article on what happened with Flight 93 and Building 7 was rather informative as well. And of course, my exposition of Jones, Hoffman, Dwain Deets, mininukes, nanothermite, raybeams from space… in short, I think it would good to include little old me in a list like that. God knows I don’t get paid to disinform people.

        Not a big deal, but it would still be nice. I don’t have books written or a not-for-profit status organization to fly me around the world to talk about nanothermite, but I do good enough work when I set my mind to it.

        just saying

        • Totally agree with everything. The point I made was for simplicity’s sake. Ie not that there are not problems and possible misdirection within AE 911truth. The fact that NIST free fall, pyroclastic flows, melting point of steel etc are all agreed upon by a large number of qualified people who have put their name to it, SEEMS more impressive as a starting point that one persons research, no matter how good that is. (Although there is also the pitfall agreed) .

          I meant it only as s starting point for those without so much time to research- like you (and me who took 4 months reading everything to be convinced) – God forbid that they end up reading John Golds arguments instead!

          Once you get past that initial big lie argument by evidence (agreed Not nanothermite but explosives) then you should/ could go in a LOT deeper to issues you raise, particularly when it becomes obvious that the truth movement is misled from within.

          • again, I agree 100%. Keeping new researchers away from the Jon Golds and the Morgan Reynolds and the Judy Woods and the Jim Hoffmans of the movement is an important thing to remember.

    • “I am not naïve to the fact that agencies around the world do indeed carry out killings and attacks that we will never even hear about or if we do it is covered up such as the Russian spy that was poisoned over here a few years back, but on such a scale I cannot and will not believe that such huge attacks were staged.”

      Let us not engage in straw-men arguments. You came here to discuss this attack in Woolwich. We will talk about THAT scale, k?

      THAT scale is very similar to a false flag event carried out by two British special forces in Iraq when they DROVE around in a car, dressed as Muslims, with bombs and AK-47s causing random acts of terror. They were arrested by the Iraqi police, held at an Iraqi jail, and the Brits used a tank to bust them out of jail.

      TWO GUYS

      A CAR


      That is the EXACT same scale we are talking about in Woolwich. In fact, it’s nearly the EXACT same op. That is the only scale you have to wrap your head around. Whether or not I have researched 9/11, the Cheonan incident, the Malala psyop, the London Bombings of 7/7, the U.S.S. Liberty, the Amerithrax Attacks, the Mumbai Attacks, the American Gladio Operations, the Gulf of Tonkin events, the destabilization campaigns of Libya and Syria… whether or not I have investigated all of that is purely meaningless to this discussion.

      I and the majority of the population who know these were staged events, false flags if you will, is completely beside the point.

      This event has been staged and that conclusion has been reached because of the facts OF THIS CASE and none other than this case.

    • “I can’t see how it would be possible for explosives to be planted in the WTC without anybody noticing,”

      People did notice. A security company had a contract to upgrade the fiber optics cables throughout the Twin Towers which started exactly one year prior to 9/11 and ended ON 9/11. They had crews all over both buildings, working up in the ceilings on every floor and in the elevator shafts.

      They didn’t hide it. They did it right out in the open. There were even reports from people who had worked at the buildings of construction dust being found on their desks every morning, as the contractors came in at night sometimes and drilled into concrete.

      (det cord looks exactly like CAT5 cable, by the way)

    • “And yeah also the fact that I don’t believed that a government would instigate an event where three thousand plus people were killed and thousands more affected.”

      Never heard of Nagasaki? Hiroshima? The bombing of Dresden? The fire bombing of Japan? How about the secretary of state telling our nation a decade and a half ago how killing half a million children with sanctions on Iran was “worth it”? Never heard about that stuff?

      How about Shock and Awe and lying to go to war with Iraq which killed thousands in the initial bombing campaign? A million ended up dying with tens of millions “affected” (effected)

      How about the fact that we have used terrorists to destabilize nations from Nicaragua to Yugoslavia to Libya to Syria… right out in the open. it is our policy. We did it in Afghanistan when they started courting the Soviets. It’s called “Charlie Wilson’s War” and it killed thousands and “affected” the lives of millions for decades. By the way, those same contractors we used then, were the same guys we fingered for 9/11 just minutes after the attacks without one shred of evidence.

      And they just happen to be the same contractors we are using in Syria right now.

      Starting to see a pattern developing?

    • It is difficult to harbor the possibility of a government committing such crimes against its ow people. Easier so, I think, to comprehend an act from a psychopath or from someone, a “terrorist”, who has become “radicalized” by religion or politics or even just by the horror of what he sees happen around the world, to innocent civilians, at the hands of the western world.

      Trying to comprehend that a government or rich elite would commit such crimes not because of radicalization,religion or distress – but instead in order to control us, in order to enslave, to become rich and powerful. These reasons to commit atrocities are beyond comprehension; they are distressing and thus difficult to accept.

      I think it is enough at the onset to say, like you have, that you have questioned things like 9/11 and that you go into things with your eyes somewhat open. At least, even if you don’t believe these things, you question them.

      I would like to leave with one last question. Who benefits from “terrorist” attacks?

      Civilians in Europe and America are constantly losing their freedoms because of terrorist laws etc.
      The “terrorists” themselves often end up dead or tortured, the countries they supposedly fought for, end up much worse off. Millions of people are killed in the west’s war against terror. Their countries are raped of natural resources like oil etc.

      Who wins? Who always wins in every terrorist situation? Who has the most to gain?

    • “but I guess like you all everyone sees what they want to see. I am sure that even some of you on here must concede that you may be totally convinced that everything is a conspiracy even before the facts emerge.”

      But see, wrong again. The facts have emerged and they are ridiculous and they do not support all the instant hype from your government. It’s not us that jumped to conclusions, it’s your government which did that. By the way, that is a good sign that it’s been staged. When people start to USE AN EVENT for an agenda, and the event seems rather odd with the perps acting in ways that defy logic, then YES, people tend to take an additional look at the facts of the case, and in this case, the facts stink.

      It’s a psyop. Not everything is. But this is. And you coming here trying to appeal to the emotional with talk of “won’t somebody think of the children” makes it even clearer… get it?

    • Further to other replies already posted, Scott’s 9/11 research is excellent but the real tell is the huge weight of solid evidence on top of a collossal mound of coincidence and circumstantial evidence. A few nights ago I watched the latest version of “Loose Change” and for the first time, “Zero Hour”. There’s plenty of duplication between the two documentaries but enough unique material to make watching both worthwhile. Unfortunately, at least one gets sidetracked on the nano-thermate distraction but most of the other evidence is self-supporting or supported by plenty of dependable evidence also available on line. Both videos give a good if incomplete overview of just how flawed the official story is and how much evidence/eye witness testimony was ignored by the authorities and the media.

      Loose Change:
      http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=YsRm8M-qOjQ

      Zero Hour:
      http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=QU961SGps8g

  23. Seems like another fake propaganda story for msm to parrot… This guy makes some good points.

  24. A lot of property has begun to be raided, sometimes it is not quite sure whos exactly it is – is the police relocating drugs and drug money in to their own coffers? – google ¨woolwich boys¨

  25. ¨The Met said it had deployed an extra 1200 officers to the streets of London.AC Mark Rowley today said: “We will provide increased visibilty and engagement.”He said extra patrols were being deployed to mosques and religios sites, as well at transport hubs.Police have a tool called community tension indicators which they are monitoring across the capital. They are also monitoring social media, Rowley said, for signs of people trying to explot the attack to ferment trouble.Rowley, asked about groups such as the EDL, who on Wednesday evening tried to exploit the tragedy, said: “Anybody seeing this as an opportunity to protest, cause mischief, or create tension, is unhelpful and unwelcome, and we’d rather it did not happen.¨
    full spectrum dominance ey? Police have a tool called community tension indicators – Orwell just bumped his head, go back to sleep!

  26. Frida Ghitis CNN
    ¨Terrorism is not the enemy.¨
    ¨The enemy is the radical Islamist ideology that justifies any atrocity committed for political motives.¨
    I would venture to read between the lines on this one…

  27. The ¨Mirror has obtained footage of the two attackers attempting to charge at first responding police.
    When I watched the Video, I noticed one of the officers holding a yellow Taser Stunt Gun, which he later drops to the ground.
    The Video is heavily edited and pixelated, one of the attackers clearly shows blood streaming from his head or mouth ( biting a fake blood pill?)
    The action could well be real, but the video is quite useless to the sceptic.

  28. Here comes European Spring…. Seems like this is going to be one long hot summer…


    (on a side note, notice the the machete meme being used repeatedly as a way of giving the act, as well as the weapon used an ethnic spin… What the Woolwich guy is holding is a standard Kitchen knife… Not even a huge one at that… But from the first reports on, it has been referred to as a machete… One of these days, these slef liberalized terrrists will develop a machete launching drone and…. )

  29. Now I hear that the soldier attacked in France was attacked by someone wearing “Arab” style clothing; and as he ran away, he was caught on camera taking it off. He had on western clothing underneath. If that’s true, that follow the M.O. of the Jewish terrorist gangs in the early days of Israel who used to plant bombs while wearing “Arab” clothing.

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