Bangladeshi police attack garment workers’ protest

from WSWS

Police fired rubber bullets on tens of thousands of protesting Bangladeshi garment workers in the Ashulia industrial belt near Dhaka yesterday, injuring at least fifty.

Workers were protesting to demand higher wages and safe working conditions. They were also demanding the death penalty for the owner of the Rana Plaza clothing factory that collapsed on April 24, killing 1,127 garment workers, according to official figures.

Police sources said 20,000 workers joined the protest yesterday, blocking the main highway in Ashulia. Ashulia is the hub of Bangladesh’s garment industry, where 300 factories are located, producing thirty percent of the country’s garment exports.

Workers are demanding a $US100 monthly basic wage. They now receive a paltry monthly wage of $37, the world’s lowest pay for garment workers.

[American companies, led by Walmart and Gap, lag on Bangladesh safety plan]

[read the rest, here]

3 Responses

  1. No real surprise here. Vulture capitalism backed by government police/military.

  2. Thinking about going around naked in support of the garment workers, hoping I won’t get gunned down during questioning for pulling a knife

    • hmmm, not a good idea, Roy! You still have a nice long beard? They could claim you hid a weapon in it……..:)

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