Laughable Mini-Op: Astroturf Adam “Disappeared” by Feds (psst. check the local hotels,idiots)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE 4: I KNOW I PROMISED….  Turns out Astroturf Adam was kinda on stage (it seems to have been a rock of some sort) and he did have the event’s wired microphone briefly while sharing the stage with another guy. A reader left me a lovely comment and a link to Adam holding a corded mic. So there you have it. There’s a cord, so Adam is innocent. yeah.

UPDATE 3: (OK.. but this is the last one, I promise)… according to a woman on the street (next to a guy screaming at a building with a bullhorn) our prefabricated hero Astroturf Adam is being charged with a felony or two (resisting arrest, assaulting an officer) and being detained without bail til at least Thursday. So much for Adam carrying his gun to D.C. on July 4th.

Maybe now Astroturf Adam will listen to his thousands for former supporters and fellow libertarian gun owners of America who have been telling him what a bad idea it is to go to DC with semi-automatic weapons strapped to your backs. Maybe now that he is facing two felonies, he will tell his peeps that they should show up sans bangsticks and protest peacefully to get their message across (and a good message it is, by the way) without committing a slew of felonies and having their guns confiscated and potentially their rights to own firearms permanently removed. Maybe he’ll do that. But I’m not holding my breath.

UPDATE 2: I promise… no more updates… someone at the Daily Paul asks:

Why do you think Adam is a

Why do you think Adam is a government insider?

Ok, I’ll bite:

1. Adam’s father is a criminal vulture capitalist who stole $45 million from his own clients (sound familiar)

2. Adam served in Fallujah as a “hearts and minds” propagandist for the marines trying to buy off various Iraqis.

3. Adam served up a dish of Syrian REGIME CHANGE DISINFO recently.   Count the Pro-Regime Change Lies from Adam Kokesh

4. “We are truly saying in the SUBTLEST way possible that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.” Kokesh later posted an update saying that there will be “coordination with DC law enforcement prior to the event.” IBT


Adam Kokesh @adamkokesh

When the government comes to take your guns, you can shoot government agents, or submit to slavery.

7:30 AM – 3 May 2013


“If you’re so afraid of freedom, why don’t you just move to North Korea?” Adam Kokesh

(pssst… comments like these are the DEFINITION of Cass Sunstein agent Limited Hangout)

6. And on top of all of that, he put on a suit, pretended Israel did nothing wrong during Operation Cast Lead, and did his level best to win a seat in congress… so he could become… wait for it… wait for it…. “a government insider”!

and you ask why I think he’s a government insider?

I could go on if you like, limelemon. But I think you get the picture. 🙂

UPDATE 1:  I wonder if this recent federal charge will prevent our hero Astroturf Adam from taking his own gun to the big “revolution” on the 4th? can he still carry firearms around Virginia with a federal charge pending? If he is out on bail?

But, not to worry… YOU can still bring YOURS and hand them over to the authorities like Adam was going to do. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!


My goodness. This is BREAKING NEWS” Di$info Jone$

Displaying once again why Di$info Jone$ is the worst actor in the ongoing cointelpro campaign, he hosts two of Adam Astroturf Kokesh’s partners in crime to talk about how Astroturf was arrested at some pot-smoking rally in Philly.

One of the brain trust of Adam’s colleagues, Darryl Young, explains how the other guy arrested (Libertarian candidate Don something) was in fact another colleague of his and that the whole thing was staged including the cops waiting around for Adam specifically and even the fact that they put up a gate prior to the event to keep the general public out of the way of the made for TV reality show.

Unlike what some have been saying about the arrest, the guy with Kokesh wasn’t putting something in his pocket, but rather it looks to me like he was trying to turn off his wireless microphone’s pick-up that fed the signal to the speaker this group brought with them.

Adam wasn’t speaking on stage, there was another guy talking when Adam rushed in using his wireless mic, something like this wireless mic to be exact.

Once the phony “arrest” starts, the Libertarian candidate, obviously working with Kokesh, wormed his way close to Astroturf and kept doing something with his hand on the small of Adam’s back. That is where the pick-up for the wireless mic is usually mounted to the person using it. He was trying to turn his mic off not plant drugs on him.

One of his partners “Brother Lucas” claims that Adam was the “keynote speaker” at the rally, but if he was, why was he using a mic and a pick-up remote attached to his own body and talking over the guy on the stage who actually had a microphone which was being used for the rally? Seems like they might have refuse Adam’s involvement in the event and like Di$info famously did a while back, Kokesh showed up with his own “Mr. Microphone” set-up.

The whole thing was staged from beginning to end as a way to try to garner some street cred for a guy who has taken a massive hit in that department with his recent “Let’s Go to DC and Hand Over our Guns!” Rally.

The guy “arrested” with Kokesh is also looking for credibility in that he is running for office on the Libertarian ticket. What a surprise.

Again, Astroturf was on Federal property and detained by Federal authorities. He wasn’t arrested as they note in this ridiculous interview, but rather he was “disappeared”. What does that mean? It means the feds are doing their part to help him re-build credibility among his constituents, his target market, by staging this phony event and arrest.

“They come over and grab him and throw him on the ground (that didn’t happen by the way). That’s like RUSSIA or something!” Di$info Jone$

Russia? hahahahaha. He never misses a trick to prop-up the neoliberal agenda, does he?

The two idiots say at one time their whole thing is about “non-violence” and then two minutes later one of them says “if you’re a person calling for an armed revolt in DC you get special treatment”… what a fucking idiot. Can’t even keep his bullshit propaganda line straight from one minute to the next. When Young says anything, the guy is looking back and forth all shifty-eyed like he’s on trial or something. It is laughable.

Those two are also funny because you can watch them watch each other as if they making sure they got their lines right. Like Laurel and Hardy. hahaha.

Anyway, here it is, in all it’s glory. Bad high-school level acting passing itself off as a revolution.

(ps. if you want to really find Adam Astroturf Kokesh, I would suggest looking at all the 3 diamond and above hotels in the area. He’s bound to be holed up in one of them with his “oppressors” probably downstairs at the bar trying to pick up chicks with his “big muscles” tank tops and a copy of his father’s latest bank statements.)

22 Responses

  1. You realize that you can look up people that have been ‘arrested’ and locked up…

    Nope.. apparently you don’t.

    • wow. the feds who staged the op with Astroturf actually put a listing on their website about him. that MUST mean it’s legit…


      • hey man, great job speculating that was a mic being turned off. That is a really bombshell speculation. I hope you watch that video I shared, below, because Kokesh is guilty of some other things back during the Paul campaign. I think they are staging an uprising.

        • I’m watching your video. The whole “stream of conscientiousness” thing is a bit disconcerting, but it is interesting… though I am not sure where you are going with it. Since I don’t have an hour and a half to figure it out, do you care to sum it up for us? thanks.

          • It basically tells the whole Aurota story start to finish. You gotta watch the whole thing when u get time. Highly reccomended.

  2. I don’t know about real life, but when the movie comes out I hope Charlie Sheen , Matt Damon , Woody Harrelson and Nicholas Cage are able to be in the show and don’t ad lib too much…

    Randy Quaid could probably do a cameo..with some F-5 tornado’s as a backdrop…you know for…subtle dramatic effects…

    back to induced fantasies…

  3. totally suspected the same thing. Hey, I mentioned you a few times in my aurora testimony video. It’s long, but I guarantee it is worth the watch. Got some traction, and was pinned at glp: starts at 8 minutes

  4. lol Your initial report was wrong. Adam WAS in fact speaking on stage with a WIRED mic – – and he was in fact detained.

    Government insider? Suuure. For such a critic of Jonestown, you sure spit some bologna that sounds pretty reminiscent.

    And lastly, unless he is CONVICTED of a felony, his gun rights remain recognized.

    Must suck for you to see someone dedicated to exercising their freedom peacefully, without infringing upon that of anyone else, boldly in the face of any unlawful attempt of oppression. How it must wrench that cowardly heart of yours. Or perhaps it’s jealousy? Who knows? You do, but I don’t think anyone else cares for the answer.

    • Ok, I’ll give you that. He was on a platform of some kind with the other guy on a wired mic which apparently he was tripping over as the feds came in and arrested him.

      Great. He was either legitimately part of the little gathering, or he jumped up there and started talking.

      Still, doesn’t mean it isn’t staged to give him some credibility or to give him an out of this upcoming protest.

      As to your claim about his rights to carry a weapon in the DC event, actually no. You are wrong on that. while he is in the process of a felony trial, he is not going to be arrested in D.C. for a gun violation as a protest. It would effect his trial and his bail. If you are out on bail and you get arrested again while out on bail, you forfeit that bail and go straight to jail. So, in that regard, he MAY not partake of the gun protest. THAT is what I said.

      But again, I thank you for the video. I will post that as a link update on this article. And in that case, I have no idea why the candidate guy seemed so interested in fondling Adam’s backside while the arrest was taking place. But he certainly put forth a lot of effort to keep his hand back there in the small of his back. Why he did that is beyond me.

    • As soon as the guy starts the countdown to ¨light em up¨ Kokesh heads in to the crowd right to where we see smoke puffs at the count of 1. Who said Kokesh did not smoke, Laurel and Hardy? – that is the reason he chose that venue, to be arrested on some misdemeanor and while police screened him who knows what else came up or to what else he confessed…
      btw the camera just missed that two seconds of inhale, exhale – convenient.

      • they made sure to charge him with felonies even though everyone can see he didn’t resist arrest or assault an officer. Which means he will have to watch what he does while out on bail and then (presumably after the 4th) the charges will go away. but we’ll see.

    • Ummm…Im pretty sure they take away your gun rights the minute youre charged. My homie got denied to buy a gun because of a pending minor marijuana charge. What country are you living in?

      • of course, did not mean to say otherwise – so looking at the comments on prison planet, the hype for the march is on, while Mr. Kokesh here may stand at a safe distance – without the gun.
        But most likely there won’t be a march – some gun grabbing perhaps.
        Unbelieavable really, how easy people are fooled.
        I saw a Kokesh piece used by Corbett on his report, uploaded not long ago, just a while before the march thingy was announced – Corbett could have made his point without the use of Kokesh on that other Issue, but perhaps somebody supplied Corbett with the Kokesh snippet and Corbett unknowingly went for the bait and gave Koky some airtime and thus some credence…

      • You aren’t supposed to possess guns if you’re on bail, if that’s what you mean.

        • That is part of it, but you don’t lose civil rights when on bail. What he DEFINATELY doesn’t want is to get another charge. Which, according to the psyop, was the whole point of what he and the others were going to do… go across the bridge, with their guns, and get arrested and end up going to court.

          Well, conveniently he can’t do that now with federal felony charges pending. His bail would be revoked, which he would lose, and he would go straight to jail with no possibility of parole. Plus, it would factor into his ongoing case.

          So, this little trick is going to keep him from taking his guns across the bridge… but I wonder if it will make him tell others it’s over, no guns, or if he will walk the lemmings over the bridge while they carry THEIR firearms and he doesn’t.

          that will be interesting to see.

  5. Kokesh is just a dumbass. I don’t even think the Feds had much to do with it – Kokesh was holding a mic and as far as I know in some states you need a permit for public speaking with a mic and most likely he was not invited to speak etc.
    If the Feds were actually helping him to gain street cred, then anything is possible from here, aka Idiocracy.
    And I think AE won’t even get any Trolls around this story, Kokesh’s DNA voided him of anything remotely akin to charisma.

  6. Jones and his ‘windmill’ arms churning up attention is about all I could take of it……. LOL
    I did notice the ‘struggle’ and wondered how the police got so weak and meek all of a sudden… good stage acting?

  7. N.B. Before It’s News (BIN) engages in CENSORSHIP, and will NOT allow any comments on the Nazification of America, how we have become the Corporate Fascist Militarized Control Grid of the 4th Reich of the Rich. And if you comment that Amerikans LOVE Naziism, torture, murder, pedophilia,rape, and that we are more Nazi than the Nazis, Before Its News will CENSOR and REMOVE your comment! They are just another component of the Jack Booted Thug Nazi trash>

  8. Hope Kokesh is enjoying his drinks and jokes with his “captors”. Fucking piece of shit…

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