Boston Bombing: Ray McGovern Props Up Boat-side Scribble Confession AND Umar Fizzlepants Story

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As Kenny (from kenny’s sideshow) points out, our boy Ray went on RT the other day and propped up the Benghazi psyop story as well. The guests on the show kept running away from questions about why Stevens was there (shipping arms and terrorists from Libya to Syria) and what was the CIA “compound” used for in the first place. It was the host who kept bringing up questions about Stevens’ role in the destabilization campaign from the start and ONLY the host called it a “regime change operation” while the guests, including Ray McGovern, kept making one excuse after another for our presence there.  Stevens does go on and on about us being the prime motivation behind the “terrorists” attacks.

Then Ray goes on after the break to distance himself from the 9/11 Truth movement claiming he never blamed Bush (or the other administration officials) for “Letting it Happen”(LIHOP) and goes even further to quote from the flawed 9/11 Commission Report as to WHY they say the “terrorists” did it. Not a word from Ray about that confession he committed to memory being from a guy who was tortured repeatedly until he “confessed” what Ray recited on RT. Not a word.

Ray’s position is the original CIA “blowback” narrative of 9/11… “the truth that no one wants to hear” according to Ray McGovern. Based of course on confessions garnered by torture.


Definition of cross agency co-operation: A former CIA agent helping a former FBI agent with his troubled propaganda, published on an NSA “alternative” website

Ray McGovern has penned an article that is beaming with support for the new propaganda told to us by John Miller of CBS “News” (formerly an FBI director). AntiWar then re-posted it uncritically.

“Quick, somebody tell CIA Director John Brennan about the handwriting on the inside wall of the boat in which Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was hiding before Boston-area police riddled it and him with bullets. Tell Brennan that Tsarnaev’s note is in plain English and that it needs neither translation nor interpretation in solving the mystery: “why do they hate us?”: Ray McGovern

Ray never even considers the odd timing of the outrageous claim made by the former FBI director and how convenient it is for the prosecution and the official narrative of this case. He never even addresses the fact that this new “evidence” come from secret unnamed sources or the fact that this new note seems to say the exact same thing they got in their “confession” garnered prior to reading the 19 year old kid his rights. All that eludes the former CIA agent making one wonder just how effective he was back in his glory days as a “Company” man.

But, that not being enough, Ray goes on to complete the Twofer and he props up the old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Umar Fizzlepants) story as well.

When this new “evidence” came out the other day, I wrote a rather scathing review of it.

Boston Bombing: New Breathtakingly Stupid Propaganda from CBS This Morning and Former FBI Director

Multiple readers have added to that article in the comment section below it asking questions like “How did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev just happen to find a pen in that little boat that would write on fiberglass… in the black of the night, when he was discovered and captured?”

The story is absolutely ridiculous. Dzhokhar just happens to have penned a confession and it just happened to be discovered at a time when the FBI is facing a serious problem of the confession they have now not being admissible in court.

The story is so obvious, so ridiculous, it defies belief. Anyone’s natural inclination in this case is to default to the “bullshit” conclusion.

But not “truth-teller” Ray McGovern. No, that FORMER CIA ASSET thinks it makes perfect sense and even goes so far in his article as to go on and prop up the bullshit Umar Fizzlepants story at the same time.

“If you didn’t understand much about such motives three years ago, after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to down an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, here’s a chance to learn. I actually felt embarrassed for you when you – then-White House counter-terrorism adviser – were asked on Jan. 7, 2010, two weeks after the almost-catastrophe over Detroit, to explain why people want to kill Americans. I’m sure you remember; it turned out to be Helen Thomas’s swan song.” Ray McGovern

As I have said before, assets support assets when the chips are down. And in this case, the chips are off the table, rolling under the chair and headed for the sewer grate, especially in the alternative news world where Ray McGovern has a measure of credibility.

8 Responses

  1. I happened to catch McGovern on RT’s CrossTalk yesterday where he brushed off the accusation that he was at one time a 9/11 official story doubter. He’s compromised. Ignore him and move on.

  2. Ray is sporting his own brown fizzlepants. I agree with Kenny above. But thanks for lighting up another “plant”.

  3. As I recall, Ray was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Cancer) and had a massive tumor removed. I remember seeing him hairless thereafter, which means chemo and radiation.

    Then, in the 2010 time-frame after being absent from the news, I see him again and he is looking well. His hair was back. I wondered if lymphoma was one of the cancers that a visit to a certain Greek island could cure? He being CIA and staying mostly vague on his miraculous recovery leads me to think he may have made a deal.

    I’ve been reading sources where Ray doesn’t appear, so I wasn’t aware of his recent comments. Seeing just the scant info you’ve provided nearly convinces me he’s telling fibs.

    So, was he rotten from the start? Maybe he saw the cancer event as a message from a secret admirer? But good guys don’t just switch sides and remain equally active. If his cancer was “cured” in exchange for a little help when needed, then I guess they called in a favor. Maybe.

    • There might be another answer, an easier one. I never spent much time back in the heyday of the movement writing about or posting stuff from Ray McGovern to be honest. I was always skeptical of former CIA or FBI assets turned “truthers”. I can tell you this though, right now there are a lot of people from the supposed alternative sides, jumping on board with the Washington Consensus. Raimondo, Rand Paul, Michael Moore, Bill Maher… a lot of them are going all out to make sure everyone knows they support what is happening in one way or another.

      Naomi Wolfe once gave a speech on her book about the 10 signs we are becoming a fascist state and she herself clearly said, when it gets down to the wire, you will not see her speaking against it in public anymore.

      I wonder, with the American Gladio operation in full tilt and the economy about to take another vicious nose dive, I wonder if that isn’t what we are seeing here.

      • Interesting comment from Naomi Wolfe. So, I guess we could keep our eye on her as one litmus test.

        I’m still excited to see how the people will handle a major event in America and the fallout. Something big has got to break soon. To watch the bad guys jockey for position and risk showing their true colors will also be interesting. Unlike some, I look forward to a showdown since our current state is almost unbearable.

        At least we’ll be rid of a huge chunk of scum politicians.

        Thanks for the insight.

  4. I apologize if this is redundant or inappropriate. I saw a link the other day to a flickr site that has really high res photo’s? Some of them were pretty interesting. I’m sure you’ve seen them, but if not I just wanted to link them to you:

    Before/After shots of Boston Marathon 2013
  5. Glad you wrote this Scott. I hear Ray McGovern lying on “progressive” radio that the CIAs role in Syria was limited to shipping “small arms” to the terrorists (aka “rebels”). But ever since the wars Libya and Syria commenced, Gatekeepers on talk radio are running rampant to cover up Obama and the CIA hand in starting them – Norman Goldman, Tom Hartman, Ed Schultz, Mike Papantonio, Sam Seder, Randi Rhodes, Amy Goodman, Pacifica Radio, Mike Malloy its a damned embarassment. The word “progressive” will never carry the same credibilty again!

  6. […] confession journal “lost” in the post office at his school and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s “boatside confession” which they “found” a week after they searched that tiny little boat from top to […]

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