Boston Bombing: New Breathtakingly Stupid Propaganda from CBS This Morning and Former FBI Director

by Scott Creighton


When you watch this “news” segment from CBS This Morning, your IQ will drop by at least 40 points. That’s not hyperbole, that’s not an exaggeration for effect… that’s a Goddamned fact. You will be dumber for the rest of your life because it’s so completely absurd it will destroy braincells, they will become so depressed that they live in you they will kill themselves inside your skull for having been exposed to it.

It’s … just…. that… stupid.

It’s just so stupid.. it’s just so fucking stupid.

The segment starts with Charlie Rose making his “this is serious news” face which is supposed to set the tone. He claims this “new evidence” is “only” going to be reported by CBS This Morning (meaning it’s their product and theirs alone) and personally I wonder if that is reason enough to arrest everyone involved in the making of that idiotic show on charges of being accessories after the fact. They should arrest the robotic cameras while they’re at it. They should arrest the people that made the TVs you watch it on and the guys on the docks who unloaded them off the freighters. It’s just that stupid.

Charley and his co-anchor Norah O’Donnell break this “new evidence” with their CBS News senior correspondent John Miller. Who is also wearing his “this is serious news” face.

In reality, John Miller is a former director of the FBI who is now embedded in the CBS Mockingbird Operation. That will OBVIOUSLY come into play in a few minutes. Bear with me… a few of my brain cells just offed themselves and I forgot wha… oh yeah…

Anyway, former FBI man John Miller says “sources” have told him that it has suddenly been discovered that Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev conveniently scribbled a confession on the inside of the boat he was found hiding in prior to getting out of the boat and having his throat cut so he couldn’t talk.

Miller claims, without supplying ONE FUCKING SHRED OF EVIDENCE OR EVEN THE NAME OF THE “SOURCE” OF THIS NEW DEVELOPMENT that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev just happened to “FIND A PEN” while hiding in the boat bleeding and then began to write the exact same things he supposedly said in the interview with the feds prior to being read his Miranda rights after his arrest. You know, the confession that will be inadmissible in court because it came prior to  him being read his rights?

Oh wait, he couldn’t have “said” those things because his throat had been cut on the scene after his arrest. I forgot that part… see? Those braincells did themselves in I suppose.

Sources tell Miller that Tsarnaev wrote the note in the boat he was hiding in as police pursued him, and as he bled from gunshot wounds sustained in an earlier shootout between police and his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The note, scrawled with a pen on the interior wall of the cabin, said the bombings were retribution for U.S. military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, and called the Boston victims collateral damage in the same way Muslims have been in the American-led wars. “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims,” the note added.

Dzhokar said he didn’t mourn older brother Tamerlan, the other suspect in the bombings, writing that by that point, Tamerlan was a martyr in paradise — and that he expected to join him there.” CBS “News”

Then Miller goes on to say that yes, this is exactly what Tsarnaev supposedly told them in their interview PRIOR TO HIM BEING READ HIS RIGHTS.

“According to Miller, the note will be a significant piece of evidence in any Dzhokar trialit is “certainly admissible,” and paints a clear picture of the brothers’ motive, “consistent with what he told investigators while he was in custody,” Miller said Thursday on “CBS This Morning.”

Miller explained that while Dzhokar admitted many of the same details to authorities, those admissions came “during the time he was interrogated but before he was given his Miranda warning. The note gives prosecutors supporting, clearly admissible evidence even if there is an fight over whether things he said before he was given his Miranda rights are admissible as evidence.” CBS “News”

In other words, the former director of the FBI claims the 19 year old kid confessed in another way the same things he supposedly confessed to during the illegal interrogation which will be tossed out of court because it is inadmissible and a direct violation of his civil rights.

The note gives prosecutors supporting, clearly admissible evidence even if there is an fight over whether things he said before he was given his Miranda rights are admissible as evidence.”

He actually fucking says it. He says it right there. He might as well have said

“Hey. You know that bullshit “confession” we claim he made? Well, the constitution and his damn lawyers say it’s bullshit. So it’s going to get tossed out of court and makes us look like we just made it all up. So you know what happened? You know what happened? It just so happens he took the time and did us the favor of writing the EXACT SAME confession out on the wall of the boat while he was HIDING FROM US trying to not get caught…” “How lucky is that, huh?”

Do I really need to write that again? Let it sink in for a while. Let that just kind of jell there for a minute and let the shear stupidity of it all kinda eat away at what remains of your tattered self-respect.

The whole time watching that CBS segment, I was waiting for the punchline. I was waiting for the techies in the studio to bust out laughing. I was waiting for at least a giggle from Charlie Rose or his insipid co-host.


Absofuckinglutely nothing. They somehow managed to keep a straight face after not only telling us of the new super secret evidence as discovered by undisclosed super secret sources, but then to make it even funnier, they actually told us the motivation behind creating it.

OH DEAR FUCKING GOD are you kidding me?

Here’s my thing. Maybe the people at CBS have been doing this for so long, all their braincells got together and pulled off a Jonestown kinda thing. Maybe they get fed a daily dose of chrystal meth when they walk in the door or some date-rape drug or something.

Whatever the case may be, people need to be arrested. If not as accessories after the fact, then at least for the involuntary manslaughter of the general welfare of the nation because this crap is so horrendously stupid it’s literally going to drive people to off themselves.

We live in that movie Idiocracy and CBS “News” and all the rest are vying for the position of official Ministry of Truthiness Stuff. I simply can’t believe it. It’s beyond words how dumb this shit is. The guy who is linked to the agency that is desperate for a confession that is admissible actually comes right out and tells the audience and those two insipid talking heads why they are making up this new evidence and they just sit there and play along AS IF it all makes perfect sense.

He never explains how come they failed to find this CONFESSION written in the tiny little boat as they were pouring over it looking for the guns he never had. Not a word about that. And he dances over the fact that they didn’t start shooting the boat until AFTER the 19 year-old kid got out of it. That was the big “gun fight” they reported. The cops sitting there shooting holes in the boat with neighbor’s back yards right behind it. Not a word.

The two morons doing the interview played along like infomercial actors. And that’s EXACTLY what they are.

Sorry about the rant but the few braincells I have left are livid and honestly so am I. This state sponsored infomercial is what passes for legitimate journalism these days and I don’t know if they do it just to see how stupid people are or if they do it because this is how stupid the people are who are creating these psyops. One way or the other, there are some very stupid people in this country. And it is infuriating. So, sorry about the rant.

“UNSCANABLE!” “Ah!” “AH!!”



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55 Responses

  1. LOL! I love your style, Scott. But it *is* seriously depressing how stupid they think we are.

    • thanks Jody but I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to think maybe we are that stupid. Somebody is that stupid. They guys creating this shit or the people they are selling it too… somebody out there is dumb as a f*cking rock. And maybe that’s the whole thing. Maybe we are called “conspiracy theorists” (unscannable) because we are just to naive to realize that the vast majority of the population really is that stupid. God knows we try and try with logic and reason and physics and facts and all they have to do to come back at us is say “conspiracy theorists!” and we loose. People’s minds just shut off while their eyes glaze over. I don’t know what it is. I keep pecking away at it but maybe I should just come up with some holistic micro-particle Tangy Tangerine shit and tell people aliens did 9/11 and make a mint and retire to some gated community somewhere and laugh with all the rest of the “smart people”… it’s just fucking depressing. and it gets worse everyday as if the people running the show are trying to tell US something that we just refuse to hear.

      • Actually I just saw a poll where it said 25% of the respondents believe the government is lying about Sandy Hook to further their agenda. That is a huge number.

        I have a feeling there could be some correlation to the weakness of our economy to the idiocy of the public who comprises that economy. The government tried to turn us all into mindless consumers, but they went too far because we actually have to produce in order to consume. Debt can only take us so far.

        Another KEY point is the revelation (duh) that successful business people are scared to speak out in fear of retaliation from the IRS on their companies that they own or run. Which is a perfectly logical fear. Everybody has something to hide that can probably get their life ruined.

        • Thinking will catch on once its a common realization that thinking is directly related to survival.

          The system created an entire population of workers suited for servile factory work and paper pushing. The problem is that you can easily have the paper pushing done by ppl in other countries now. And robots are gonna replace mindless work such as factories etc. No amount of Rand Paul nationalism is gonna fix that.

          Basically the outdated old system is now letting down everyone who believed in it and followed it. There are so many opportunities to better yourself right now its ridiculous. The ones who take advantage will have the advantage. All the stupid ones will be able to do is beg, then when that doesn’t work, throw a tantrum (aka riot) Thats why we have all those FEMA camps maybe.

          The margin of excess resources is getting slim so we are gonna have to make some fundamental changes to the system right now or we’re gonna have unrest before we get transitioned over to the new economy. It’s a systemic problem and an individual problem.

          At some point, logically, the idiocy has to affect our economic production. Since the government mostly only makes everything worse, people who follow the governments advice are gonna get screwed. If you don’t believe me, go back to 2005 and buy a house like George Bush told you to. That’s after you went out and spent money instead of saved to be patriotic after 911. That money you saved could have been a lot more useful once you lost your job in a few years, but the government never told you that was a possibility.

          • Oh and don’t forget this government gem. Let me know how that student loan debt is working out for you in a few years. That debt you can never default on now tied to your leg with a chain.

            Then look at the people who got a free doctorate watching kahn academy youtube videos in their spare time. Eventually here soon you will be able to get your free education certified by testing, so the ppl who thought the corrupt schools monopoly was the only way to get a legit education will be proven wrong.

            I hate how ppl think that some overpriced physical college is the only way to prove to the world that you’re smart. How you prove you’re smart is by getting money, and you’re already money ahead by not going into crippling debt to have some overpriced communist indoctrination you bought to prove to ppl that you’re “smart”

        • I really don’t mean to constantly b the doomsayer. But, I used to think if only enough people would wake up, if only we could hit the tipping point in numbers… Now, I am realizing that the moment we hit that tipping point, when, for example, 51% believes government is lying about sandy hook and everything else, it is not going to be our moment of salvation, but the grand finale of a process that has been set in motion, and carefully steered for decades, and probably centuries.

          Our imaginations have failed us. If you go back to your state of mind, to your thought process, and your interpretation of the world and politics a decade ago, I would argue that none of us could imagine things ever getting to the point that they have.. We couldn’t imagine that masses were so easily fooled and controlled… Just like we are failing to imagine how far things can go, and where we will be as a planet and a civilization a decade from now.

    • It’s a joke to those in the other species who get paid to make fun of us and tell us we should make fun of ourselves.

    • Great rant, Scott… thank you… Dark humor suits you well 🙂

      Not only we are as stupid as they think we are, but we go even further by constantly playing in to their hands in our desperate attempt trying hard NOT be stupid, in our eclectic, unorganized ways, lacking any strategy or vision for how things should be, what needs to be done, how it can be done…

      Not only we are that stupid, but we are also blind… We constantly attack every little thing they do, like a blind man attacking every sound he hears and who is scared of every sound he hears.. And we always lose site of the actual endgame.

      We are not becoming aware of all their wrongdoings, lies and corruption because they are sloppy, or just because it has reached an extreme level. The exposure of how corrupt, how unfair, how crooked and cruel the governments in a scientifically planned and paced manner is to prepare the stage and our controlled consciousness for the colossal downfall of all of these governments… ALL of the nation states… ALL of the economy… ALL institutions and ALL societies… Until masses beg for justice, a new system, a new currency, new government.. A new world order.

      The situation is fast becoming one that, at some time in history that they feel is the right moment for it, they will expose select wrongdoings of the government to the already super-charged and angry masses, who will be eager to topple governments, churches and financial system, following the fake flame of freedom held by a fake leader… Following it all the way to the tunnel at the end of the light.

  2. I love the way this is written. You are really happy today!

    • Yes, it does make me happy to rant and rave at the mind-numbing stupidity of it all. It’s therapeutic in a way I suppose. An atheist exorcism of sorts.

    • I agree….I enjoyed reading this. Great piece. Thank you!! I am Living in Italy now so I dont get the “privilege” to watch these gems but I have witnessed this dim witted news presentation! many have died!!

  3. Glllglllgll ahh, no wait, yahoo has this story too!
    They claim it comes from Reuters, but I searched with all my remaining braincells fixed on Reuters Home Page and just could not find the story…
    here’s yahoo:
    Look at this, wink: (Reporting by Susan Heavey; Additional reporting by Richard Valdmanis in Boston; Editing by Scott Malone and Grant McCool)

    • “The CBS News report, citing anonymous sources, said that Tsarnaev used a pen to write the message on an interior wall of the boat, where police found him bleeding from gunshot wounds four days after the April 15 bombing.”

      More brain cells just jumped out of my ear to their tragic deaths on my dusty cat-hair covered floor. Film at 11

    • See I just wrapped myself with a non issue, everyone agrees! Everyone in full conscience parrots the stupidest story – Reuters picked up this story and I believed they did not! how stupid of me!

  4. Are they claiming he found a sharpie? He certainly could not have written on a fiberglass boat with a simple ballpoint pen easily. And he must have written quite large for it to be legible with all the bullet holes they say are through his “note.” How people hear this and believe it makes perfect sense (and thus he is guilty), I don’t understand.

    Does anyone know the background of his lawyer? Any chance she might put up a decent defense for him?

    • I think it might have been a plume and an inkwell he filled up with his brother’s blood… Cuz these darn Chechen terrrists are just crazy…

      • Lol, thanks for the laugh. I’m so glad I found this website. I was going crazy at how easily people were just eating this crap up! I can’t believe how dumb everyone is. Dzhokhar- “I was gonna write my manifesto before the marathon, but then I got high. Thank Allah I found a marker in this boat. Hey officer, can you throw another flash bomb in? It’s dark and I can’t see what I’m writing!”
        I saw somewhere else where they said he wrote something like “death to infidels” Who talks like that?! He’s a typical teenage boy, not Achmed the dead terrorist!

    • yes. yes. yes. the official story is he “found a pen” on the boat. He was hiding, hoping to not get caught, but then he looked around for a pen so he could confess just in case he got shot in the throat and couldn’t confess later. yes. yes. yes. that is the story and I am watching braincells leap from my eyelids as I type this. I don’t blame them. I would do the same thing if I had eyelids big enough to leap from.

      Here is a video of his lawyer explaining her motivation for taking the case…

    • This story is for you and me man. They are throwing us a bone – wiggle your tail : )

      read this on the question of lawyer:

  5. Scott, everybody, you have to watch this brief segment from a video I did last September specifically about John Miller’s trickery…

    Bw…bwhhhaaa..hahhh.haaaa! So, here is another example of Miller delivering some news that was, “totally invented in his mind.” The first comment on the video on YT is a sheeple asking what the point of the video is since he, “never ever said or implied that they used this technology on the case, only that they would like to…” I still can’t tell if that was a joke comment or not.

    On a serious note, you’re right to identify this crap as crime IMO. But, they’re reaching so far lately that they must be feeling some heat. I can smell Miller meat roasting on the spit. As a primitive robot, Miller doesn’t yet know he’s cooking but he is.

    I just watched a clip from an old episode of Charlie Rose’s show where Christopher Hitchens debates the value of a book by David Irving. I noticed that, both Rose and the other guy were using words and phrases from the same script, literally. So, to see that Rose is still shilling for whomever allows him to stay alive is no surprise.

    You know, I think I prefer your rant posts on specific absurdities over your more thorough analysis. But, I’d keep writing those to safeguard your integrity with the academic journalists crowd. You know, like John Miller, Larry King and Katie Couric. What shining examples they are of quality journalism. 😉

  6. I read about this earlier this morning and was waiting on pins and needles to read your take on it. You did not disappoint.
    And yes, I’m sorry to say, most people really are that stupid. If you need verification, read the comments about this at YahooNews.

  7. Wow. Just wow. Thank you Scott for this article; it really is quite humorous even though the situation is not.

  8. Good grief,
    I can’t afford to read dumb stuff like this…. at 73,I don’t have excess brain cells to lose… like you younger ones…..
    uhhhhh…. feeling strange…..
    is it…..opps, forgot what I wanted to say……???

  9. This is about as believable as the phone call on Magic Tuesday: ‘Mom, this is Mark Bingham. I just want to tell you that I love you. I am on a flight from Newark to San Francisco. There are three guys on board who have taken over the plane and they say they have a bomb. You believe me don’t you, Mom? I’m calling you from the air phone.’

  10. I really hate it when you hold back…your less than enthusiastic aplomb

    so Miller is a FAG, isn’t that a JOB requirement at the ADL/FBI ?

    maybe those files from Fosters office had some minor detail that conflicted with the official narrative…

    but then lacking the necessary braincells how would the crack whores in Congress know to give a shit…or what.


    … you just can’t make this stuff up, wouldn’t it be better served with gratuitous doses of bosoms surrounding the lies…you know for like the visual attractive nuisance thingy …a minor distraction even

  11. I can see exactly how they came up with this. They were sitting around like

    How can we make this story believable at this point? We need a full confession in writing. But he wont give us one. Lets make a fake one on the boat. Handwriting analysis will be impossible because its written sloppily on a vertical surface.

  12. […] Scott Creighton writes in an insightful but rather foul-mouthed analysis of CBS's handling of its big breaking news […]

  13. They said part of the note said he didn’t mourn his brother because he was a martyr. There was no way he could’ve known for certain that his brother was even dead while hiding in the boat.

    • There you go, thats the coffin nails for this stupid note story. Great point. No way he wouldve known his brother was dead. The word mourn shouldnt have been in that fake letter if they wanted this to seem real.

    • Exactamundo! Proof positive that Jahar did not write that message.

      re: “There was no way he could’ve known for certain that his brother was even dead.”

  14. As I’ve asked before, why do they need a confession if they have the vid of them dropping the bombs? Worst part is is most the American public will believe it, if indeed that even notice or remember it to begin with. It wouldn’t surprise me though if the neocons run with it, and I get a whole bushel of email from neocons pointing it out and it is why he is guilty.

  15. From your friend at Bloomberg – Bloomberg !

    Cops will now check your shit while you’re about to take a shit . . .but we’ll all be SAFER

  16. Has anybody here mentioned that this is designer ware, a propaganda piece?
    Gladio anybody?
    The distraction is carefully planned, not some idiocracy – and I am sure most of the readers here are aware of that.
    Does anybody here claim to have a deep founded knowledge of what the Boston bombing was and is really about?
    Martial law, the police state, the merging of police and military in domestic issues – destabilization 2.1?
    Oh, but anybody could have guessed that and imo that is part of the whole shebang, but also, the above goal could have been reached by subtler means or by more violent ones – the Boston bombing is not designed to fade out quickly, you cannot have martial law one day and have people forget about it again – and people do forget and then you have to apply some of the same shock once more.
    Martial law in the US alone imo is a retrograde absurdity, pre WWII.
    Gladio has been established secretly within NATO, it is a globalized effort ultimately holding military capabilities.
    Let us say this ¨Gladio¨ establishment has made the rounds, is being evaluated and ultimately deemed profitable in certain high up circles.
    I have heard conspirologists of a different ilk theorizing about what they call ¨break away civilizations¨ and although I have not followed up on what they mean by this exactly, the term in itself is not that hard to grasp. The indoctrination of the word ¨Terrorism¨ has made us think of it as being related only to small factions, cells, even if we are conveniently taught to suspect a rogue government in some ¨backwards¨ country responsible for financing it, the terrorists should accordingly better be experienced as having a more ideological sometimes holistic and sometimes specific but always a slightly occult reasoning steering their actions. The fanatic ultimately holds the peoples interest, thus it is easier to go after Ahmadinejad than after Iran, easier to go after Saddam than after Iraq – the countries are collateral.
    Terrorism by diversity can be expanded on, very similar or equal to any creative financial product. Tsarnaevs bear a much lower cost than say Ahmadinejad but perhaps a very quick easy profit margin along with hypothetical future stakes. Nonetheless, profitability has to be agreed upon and thus tested and demonstrated to interest groups and future stake holders.
    It is a ¨drill¨ this Boston bombing, a parade for the illustrious to enjoy and for those specifically evaluating the most surprising expansion of NATO.

  17. Hey Scott, you made it on Lew Rockwell’s site. You officially now think like a libertarian:

  18. […] Foul language alert – Creighton gives full voice to his outrage and disbelief. This is a prime example of the contempt the propagandists have for us. Full text at… […]

  19. I’d like to have a pen that can write on fiberglass or painted wood.

    It would have been even more scandalous if he had used his own blood to pen his ‘confession’ and added “Allah Akbar” in the closing.

    • oh yeah. don’t give them any ideas though. they might claim it was an old inkwell pen and he used blood from Sandy Hook victims or something.

    • “I’d like to have a pen that can write on fiberglass or painted wood.”

      Buy a Sharpie…they come in colors too.

      It isn’t the impossibility of a pen writing on the material…it is the absurdity of the assertion that Jahar would confess to a crime he CLEARLY did not commit.


  20. Surely they’re not planning to present that stupid note as a piece of evidence in court?

    It makes me think they’re getting ready for the final act of this farce…the part where Dzhokhar makes his exit.

    This will be achieved in one of three ways:

    1) He dies, as a result of wounds incurred in shootout
    2) He escapes
    3) He is abducted by aliens.

    Judging by the pantomime we have witnessed so far, I think they are likely to opt for option no. 3.

    • I think he may be abducted by the KGB linked, baby-sacrificing alien hyper-dimentional reptilians. that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it. Either that or he’ll be killed by global warming.

  21. This might also be the reason why the note wasn’t mentioned in the affidavit, so they came up suddenly with this “note” in case they have trouble using his confession in court —– His lawyers are looking at the Public Safety Exception and they are trying to see whether they can prove that he wasn’t a risk to the public when it happened and the prosecution knows. They need another form of evidence in case the defense wins their case about the PSE so they have this note as backup. They might even be using the same information that he said in his alleged bedside confession! — So, the note exists, but is fake!… meaning that it was not written by Jahar. The FBI made this up! — The prosecution can lie, they can present a fake note on the side of the boat and say it was written by Jahar, when it really wasn’t! — Jahar is at a place where he’s guilty within the public’s eye and for them this piece of evidence is real and nothing will make them think otherwise. The government can get away with everything, no one questions them and those who do and who have enough power to influence a large number of people are silenced. We all know the government is corrupt. Even Jahar’s lawyers can only support him so much. Guilty or not, this kid has no chance to have a fair Justice! 😦

  22. That pen needs to be duplicated ASAP! I can’t find a pen on my desk on a good day – let alone floating around a boat. Let’s not mention the fact that it writes on fibreglass, at a sideways angle. Amazing. I must get one of those!

  23. […] What IS Propaganda you may be wondering? Scott Creighton provides an example and description for us all at —… […]

  24. That pen also must glow in the dark, unless Jahar found a magic penlight inside the boat while he was just lying around bleeding to death in the darkness beneath a tarp. At night. On his back, kind of like Michaelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling, but blindfolded. and sideways.

  25. Propaganda so far devolved we might call it ‘poopagranda’…


  26. Sorry I’m so late to this, Scott. Really chaotic week!

    I should not made the mistake of reading that stuff. I felt part of my brain die… permanently.

    • I warned you. And the latest with the shooting of the guy in Orlando will kill off whatever’s left.

      oh that’s right, you just got your degree didn’t you? congrats on that by the way

      • Thank you!

        I actually just finished reading about that guy in Orlando.

        Now I think my brain may be completely gone. Well… shit. So much for the degree :/

        • You don’t need it anymore.. oh wait… you didn’t actually think you were going to find a job did you? Silly boy. This is the new economy. Borrow way too much money for an education so you can cheer while the senate votes to bring in more cheap educated labor from overseas.

      • Oh, also, can either you or Jan give me her email. I have a picture to show her! 😀

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