Kokesh’s D.C. Psyop: Assets Cover for Assets

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: This is the wrong action, taken at the wrong, time led by the wrong guy.

Let's follow this idiot over the bridge to D.C.!

Let’s follow this idiot who says “you can shoot government agents or be slaves” over the bridge to D.C. with a bunch of angry armed Tea Partiers on the 4th of July with fireworks going off?
What could go wrong?

This effort is tailor made to play right into the hands of the administration who are desperate for an excuse to use an executive order to get what they failed to get in congress: Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing laws.  It is said that the best way to put-down a revolution is to lead it and that is a fact. Kokesh is a phony. He is a fraud. Recognized as such by every well-intentioned, well-informed, real activist out here. It is also said that we are far beyond the point where we can fix this system from within but not so far as to start shooting people and that too is a fact. Forcing this moment does not serve our interests and it is not a real armed revolt, as may be needed in the end, when run by a guy who promises to get on his knees at the first sign of trouble. As Blues points out, the hippies didn’t do that back in the 60s, the Panthers damn sure didn’t do that, neither did the Occupiers or the Egyptians or the Sandinistas for that matter. But that’s “Adam Pearlman Kokesh’s” plan.

This march needs to be stopped before we are all forced to pay the externalities for this Sunstein agent’s psyop.We can stop it online by exposing what it is or we can stop it in person, but it needs to be stopped.


Over at Natural News and Prison Planet, Mike Adams is doing his best to put a passable face on Astro-Turf Adam Kokesh’s blatant D.C. psyop. He claims that Adam has a “monstrous set of cajones” for planning and announcing such an event and then goes into the several ways the whole thing could backfire on us, “through no fault of” Adam’s of course.

How could it not be Astro-Turf Adam’s fault?

Where is the logic in that?

The logic is simple: assets cover for assets.

If Kokesh wasn’t smart enough to see that this march (which he now openly claims “… is an armed revolt against the American government. Make no mistake about it.”) could be used as a perfect staged event in the ongoing American Gladio operation, he certainly has heard enough negative feedback from thinking activists and writers to expose him to that fact.

Adams claims that Kokesh is brave yet Astro-Turf himself says as soon as they see a little tyranny, he will submit to authority and hand over his guns. Brave? right.

Mike Adams says there is “no way” to keep armed agent provocateurs from infiltrating the march when in fact it’s as simple as Kokesh telling people to leave their guns at home and march peacefully to D.C. to make their point legally. Turnout would be much higher, people would not be arrested and the chance for a potentially lethal false flag event would drop to about zero.

Astro-Turf Adam could also stop making inflammatory statements about the march which will surely be used in the future when things go bad to show how the perpetrators were “radicalized” by the internet.

““This is an armed revolt against the American government. Make no mistake about it.”

We are truly saying in the SUBTLEST way possible that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.”  IBT

When the government comes to take your guns, you can shoot government agents, or submit to slavery.

7:30 AM – 3 May 2013

For that matter, Kokesh himself is already being called “radicalized” by the MSM.

The writing is on the wall and Astro-Turf Adam is playing right into their hands. He’s even taking steps to make it worse.

That’s to say nothing of the fact that this genius planned the armed march for the 4th of July. I got one word for you: fireworks. What could go wrong with that?

Therefore if he continues with this march, this “armed revolt” against the American government, his words, and it goes wrong for us and right for the Obama administration which are currently looking for an excuse to use executive orders to take guns from citizens, then it’s OBVIOUSLY Kokesh’s fault. There’s no other way to look at it.

But of course, at Prison Planet, “libertarian” Mike Adams doesn’t seem capable of simple logic like that. Why is that?

Well, there’s a clue in Mike’s white-washing article. See if you can find it:

Voila! The perfect government false flag operation to destroy the Second Amendment. And Adam Kokesh is practically handing it to them on a silver platter, through no fault of his own. There’s no way to really have security for participating in this event… anyone can join up by just showing up with a rifle. How hard will it be for the government to place a few Adam Lanzas orJames Holmes in the marching crowd, complete with brainwashing instructions to open fire when a particular trigger event is set off?” Mike Adams

James Holmes and Adam Lanza are guilty of the Aurora Massacre and the Sandy Hook shooting? This from Prison Planet?

This is the definition of a Cass Sunstein agent’s cognitive infiltration. Bring the disenfranchised back around to the official way of thinking through cognitive infiltration. In the Truth Movement they used people like Sibel Edmonds and Jon Gold in an attempt to get us all thinking LIHOP (the angry Muslims did it, no controlled demolition, not planned by a small segment of well placed people in the administration) and here we are with Mike Adams telling us Lanza and Holmes are guilty of the two biggest mass casualty events in the American Gladio campaign.

In Mike’s white-washing article, he asks if Kokesh is “crazy or courageous” and it never occurs to him that there is a third choice that is so obvious it’s almost impossible to miss.

When serving in the Marines, Kokesh was with the civil affairs group. By his own accounting, he was a propaganda officer, handing out wads of cash to Iraqis in order to keep them on our side.

He said his unit spent more time handing out cash than winning the hearts and minds of Iraqi civilians. “A large part of what we were doing was managing contracts and literally passing out money to contractors,” he said. The battle-trained Marines also handled Iraqi civilians’ claims for battle damages.” ABQ Journal, 2010

You wonder how a young marine got such a cushy job in the battlefield?

His father was a vulture capitalist who reported stole $45 million from his own clients. The SEC was after him in 2009-2011 or so. I don’t know how that worked out, but Adam was living in Sante Fe in 2010 when the article above was written and so was his father, Charles. You can Google Charles Kokesh’s mugshot from 2010.

So here you have a guy who’s father is part of the crooked financial elite, with a military PR background and apparently a legal motivation (at least through his father) to aid the current administration. Kokesh is currently using inflammatory statements about the march, setting up a lot of desperate gun owners with an event that is almost sure to be infiltrated and used by that same administration as the final nail in our 2nd amendment’s coffin.

And Mike Adams misses all of that? I’ve read some of his work. He’s too smart for that. He’s a damn sight smarter than Kokesh, but that’s not saying much. So how does he miss it?

Back in the glory days of the Truth Movement, when an asset went too far out on a limb (like when Jon Gold started attacking David Ray Griffin) they had to get other assets to spend some of their credibility capital covering for them. This is what you see here.

There is no excuse for what Adam Kokesh is doing.

When he went on Prison Planet yesterday and acted like an untalented infomercial snake-oil salesman. He contradicted himself multiple times while trying to come across as a heroic, angry leader of men. It was laughable.

The guy knows exactly what he is doing, how terribly stupid it is and yet he is going to continue  with it regardless. There’s a reason for that. And there is a reason people like Mike Adams spends the credibility capital trying to cover for him.

27 Responses

  1. Great article. Mike Adams is a lazy hack though, always blaming “the left” for everything.

    • I agree. He never misses an opportunity to demonize “big government” or “welfare” (conveniently always seems to point only to poor people and not, say, banks).
      He also takes some of the “anti-establishment” arguments (particularly with regards to science) way too far, to the point where they become outright ridiculous.

      • Considering who his father is I’m not surprised he doesnt touch the bankers. It also puts his constant stream of OWS hit job videos in perspective.

  2. “….if anyone involved in this event is approached respectfully by agents of the state, they will submit to arrest without resisting,” — Adam Pearlman Kokesh.

    Um, when we hitchhiked from Connecticut to D.C. to protest Vietnam, nobody would have begun to think to just “submit to arrest without resisting.” We were hippies. These are woosies. Adam Pearlman Kokesh is King of the Cowards.

  3. So… It’s being panned because you don’t trust a large group of people to show government that gunowners have a strong set of beliefs, on the grounds that you SUSPECT they’re mentally unstable (or, to see what the liberal spastic fit has said on the facebook event: inbred, morons, loons, etc. ad nausaeum) But nobody is looking at the history of doomsday prophecy about citizens having guns. Whenever gun restrictions are eased, or people are permitted to carry in a new location, there’s a bunch of disbelief It’s as though the firearms rights advocates are the new Cassandra, and nobody will listen, despite prediction after prediction coming true. Weeks after the Aurora shooting (in a gun-free theater) a copycat happened. Or attempted to happen. An off-duty deputy with her personal carry-gun ended the spree before it began. There were injuries, no fatalities. what had the naysayers declared? That adding another gun to the darkened theater would increase the carnage?
    This is another in a long list. If there is shooting, it would be started by one of two possibilities: a nervous cop (and let’s be honest, if your nerves are that frayed, you should be retired on disability. I don’t want THAT guy carrying, daily.) or a suicidal agent provocateur who apparently believes SO much that this movement is wrong that they’re willing to get in the middle of it, fire a shot (possibly at a cop?!?) and likely lose their own life for it.

    These don’t seem overly likely to me. All I can point out for evidence is that there IS no evidence of bloodbaths at highly armed events. I can point out plenty for DISarmed events though. From Kent State to various Occupy mass-arrests including brutality. Occupy Phoenix reported NO police overreach, and it’s been directly attributed to the no-permit-required “constitutional carry” laws Arizona maintains. Police are well aware that they should approach disorderly personnel in a more respectful manner. Their cameras were supposed to cause this interaction, when they were implemented, but were far less successful since laws can nullify our ability to use the police footage in our defense, but not our defense guns, the same way.
    Adam’s inflammatory statements about shooting government officials are designed to make you think about WHY government officials are any different than day-to-day citizens. They have no more rights: powers perhaps, but not rights. I’ve even seen another freedom advocate passing around a video entitled “when should you shoot a cop”, and the answer, in short, was “anytime you’d shoot anyone else: When they violate your rights they become criminals.”

    • You are evading the entire point of this article…… the so called organizer or leader of this gun bearing march is “Kokesh “…… he throws a very dark shadow across the ‘armed march’….
      you have to wonder why he is involved…..
      and your argument about disarmed events… is totally un-stable…and inaccurate.

      • Yeah I’m not aware of any of those armed protests being in gun free zones. They are really provoking the government with this. Marching in formation? Is he serious with that? The point of this is to what? Play act like we’re doing a revolution? This is such a douchey idea I could write a whole book about how stupid, destructive, and counterproductive this in every way.

        There’s no logical conclusion really other than that this is a set up, staged event. A false flag.

      • He’s involved for a principle, and those who show up will be those who believe in his vision of that principle (despite the peanut gallery, who declare that they’ll be nearby with popcorn). side from a personal opinion of the organizer, is there any evidence you can point to that gives you a based reason why this will fail or end in tragedy, and what sort of probability do you attribute to it?

        As for the disarmed events, what do you think “un-stable” means? And please, post whatever correction you think is due.

        • Kokesh has no principle. The guy was spouting one lie after another in support of the administration’s regime change plans in Syria not 6 months ago. He’s a clown.

  4. you make a valid point. There will be blood, and the premise is fundamentally flawed.

  5. Does anybody here really believe that government would allow such a formation, let alone an armed march?
    Does anybody think that Kokesh does not know there will be no march?
    At this time he is probably praying on officials (he says he is in contact with) to allow his band of the free to be left to meet at the cemetery and then please, to not just arrest, disperse and send them off on their way, but to actually take away their guns, at which instance he will surround himself with cameras and throw a hissy fit.
    The guns could then be returned to their owners at some later date perhaps msnbc will be left reporting that detail.
    To grant Kokesh Gladio status at this time is a bit much and I think government is going to handle this the most gentleman like they can muster up – they want to be in control and I don’t think Kokesh figures in.
    Kokesh will get his 5 min. but I would not be surprised if his PR is already fighting hard to make sure he does not go down in complete humiliation if his freedom fighters are allowed to keep their tools.

  6. Scott, this is a brilliant article and very intelligent and reasonable assessment of the phenomenon this “March on DC” event amounts to. Personally, this article has convinced me to revisit my short list of “Heroes” and reassess the inclusion of both Alex Jones and Sibel Edmonds. This is no small issue for me, as my list of heroes is only 11 persons long.

    I love this story and your handling of it. Other events and larger conspiracies are multi-layered and are too complex to size up and walk away from, feeling that you’ve accomplished anything.

    This storyline has unfolded like the back of a paper, child’s menu at DimWillies where Fred Flintstone must navigate the perilous straight-line between the left side to the right. It’s text-book and the players have simply phoned-in their scripted performances.

    One gets the sense that some of the group had hoped to and continue to hope to “really herd us lemmings nearer to the cliff,” but their tactics haven’t been effective.

    I’m curious why Kokesh was given this important role. Why, when Alex Jones himself would have been great…or even Beck? Hell, Stuart from oath-keepers or even Rand Paul could have “brainstormed” this action and Americans would have eaten it without chewing.

    Is this a sign that Kokesh is simply a rising star, or a more significant “tell” that TPTB are so uncomfortable they told their ops to “come back Monday with 5 fresh ideas?” In other words, they’re getting sloppy. If so, I’m glad there are people like you and others keeping a hawk-eye on their every move. It wouldn’t be a good time to lose focus or back off.

    This brings me to the strategy being proposed by Kokesh, regardless whether it is planned to succeed or fail. Let’s assume that the masses have good intentions and simply want to restore freedom and respect where it is now largely a network of abuses. Let’s also assume all participants of the armed-march plan only to march from point to point, intending only to break 1 serious law; that being possession of a weapon. Looking to how TPTB think and behave, the painfully obvious response from them will be to shut the march down, whatever it takes and escalating it to as extreme a situation as required.

    I think there are two reasons for this, the authority they’ve stolen deludes their thinking and is deeply imprinted on American minds. Secondly, the US power structure never admits to its mistakes, no matter how damaging or obvious. The modern government and corporate psychopaths haven’t experienced any humbling apologies and probably won’t even consider this possibility when choosing to destroy this march.

    If the decision was made to assign a drone to target and kill each of 1,000 marching activists, the news would later report how, “disappointed our leaders were that we forced their hand in such a way.”

    No, I don’t agree with carrying a gun for any purpose other than for use to kill someone who seeks to harm or kill me. Not that I would only employ that option if less-harmful means would work as well. We would likely achieve more if we simply declared that we would be taking up arms in our own homes in solidarity. This would spread out the target too wide for an effective countermeasure.

    The US government monsters enjoy complete situational awareness and battlefield dominance in almost every engagement, large or small. Remember, their two most relied-upon weapons are Authority and Secrecy. Doesn’t it make sense that, if things are so dire that weapons must be taken up we would only succeed by employing the same? How would David ever slay Goliath without leveling out the playing field in some way?

    I’m only beginning to see what might be motivating these forces in our societies. For most of my life, I thought you were either a creationist or evolutionist. Since I wasn’t religious, I was NOT a creationist and therefore WAS an evolutionist. Even learning about the nuances in between like how secular-humanists consider everything to be evolving and that man began as primitive and is improving over time didn’t wake me up.

    But, when I learned that some so-called “religious” people were merely open to the possibility that humans may be evolving in reverse things changed. I learned that these secular-humanists often couldn’t explain away natural law and that led to fudging the very meaning of truth to allow IT to evolve as well. I saw science had become a religion with cult-like aspects. It was repressing truth and closing ranks to lock out any truth that could be derived from religious teachings. The new purpose of scientific journals and “peer-review” then made sense.

    So, who is it with so much skin in the game they would seek to turn the world into a cybernetic plutocracy with the results of polls and the popularity of theories serving as their wise council before even considering that religious teachings might at least be allegorical representations of truth? Hmmmm.

    At this point, I still question most religious interpretation. But I have to ask why religious authorities tell the story that Moses came down from the mountain and when he saw the golden idol, he destroyed it. While, upon looking closer the story includes further details that he first broke the idol into smaller pieces, transmogrified it into a powder, baked that powder into wafers and finally fed them to his people? Is it shameful somehow to admit that Moses may have been a chef? If the truth itself can evolve, then wherever Kokesh takes this might be an example of this.

    • Kokesh is expendable and not as influential as the others right now. In short, he’s the cheapest chip they have to cash in. Nobody really buys what he says anyway. His failed run for congress and TV show on RT proved that. Might be his drug issues as well. Who knows. One thing is for sure though, he doesn’t have nearly the reach and the (pardon me for saying this” “credibility” of the others you mentioned. So, in that regard, Kokesh is the perfect choice.

      If I were Kokesh, I would worry about another event like that sniper guy who got shot in the back by a fellow military man at a shooting range. Adam could easily end up being the only fatality in this psyop. Or, they could neutralize him and set him up somehow. The comments he has been making would tend to make me think they are looking at that. But really, who knows with these guys. They could be looking for total chaos so they can justify using drones, maybe a group of them get dug in at one of the memorials or something (Jefferson’s would be poetic, wouldn’t it?) and the “only thing they can do” is launch hellfire missiles from a drone. Who knows.

      Hell, the psyop could turn out to be him coming to his senses and calling off the gun-toting march and instead calling for as many people as possible to go with him without guns and of course, his numbers would sky-rocket at that point. That would help his standing as an asset to them, but do nothing for their other agendas.

    • As too Rand Paul, my guess is he is being groomed to be VP to Jeb Bush in 2016.

    • If you have Alex jones, Moses, or Jesus on your list of heroes you are a moron, who else is on the list, the editorial staff of The Onion and Aquaman?

  7. I was just thinking…does anyone see the similarities between this and Mussolini’s march on Rome? Maybe AstroTurf Adam is out there looking for some camaraderie with some of his fellow blackshirts.

  8. Schills be schillin’

  9. […] Kokesh’s D.C. Psyop: Assets Cover for Assets (willyloman.wordpress.com) […]

  10. Great work on this series of articles btw. Youre right on point with this. My jaw dropped when I saw Jonestown is suppporting this too. Everybodys known forever that he may try to incite a civil war.

    • Yesterday morning I was researching this story and I saw a page on Prison Planet where Jones did his interview with Kokesh. It was getting a lot of hits and people were chatting and a couple hours later I checked back and there were about 620 comments on the article. I know specifically because someone put a link to one of my articles on this and it showed up on my tracker so I went over to see what the article was about. Anyway, last night I checked back and there were about 120 comments on the same article. They had erased hundreds of them. Why would they do that?

  11. […] that Kokesh is brave yet Astro-Turf himself says as soon as they see a little tyranny, he will submit to authority and hand over his guns. Brave? […]

  12. Ya know what I think is funny? How people throw out 200 retarded theories abut what might possibly go wrong and then when one of those thories comes 40% close they proclaim themselves chief prognosticator.

    What if I say that everyone who says someone else is psyops is psyops? Oooo, meta.

    • his “big plan”, his “start of the revolution” is to walk across the bridge and hand over his gun and get arrested. yeah… I guess we should be happy the halfwit isn’t marching down the streets of DC on Forth of July with a bunch of nervous guys with guns, but the “revolution” it ain’t.

  13. Looks like Astroturf just got arrested under dubious circumstances. Might be an attempt to give him “street cred” by making it seem as though he’s being oppressed, so that people think he’s the real deal.

    • I saw that. It’s so ridiculous. There was a guy on the stage trying to run the demonstration and Astro-Turf Adam shows up in a sports jacket with some kind of “Mr. Microphone” and pretends to be leading the charge. The cops were standing by watching Adam specifically, and then on cue, in they go to get him and some other guy who looked as authentic as he did. The guy kept messing with the back of his jacket.. I think he was trying to turn off he amp for the microphone. Who knows. It’s all so jaded these days. They’ll do anything to present their assets as heroes to the masses. It’s sickening.

    • LOL… I just ventured over to Di$info’s site and he said:

      “Whether you support Adam on his march or not, you HAVE to support him on this first amendment issue”

      uh. haha. pretty much makes it obvious, doesn’t it? His stupid little psyop was exposed by THOUSANDS of real dissidents as a flawed plan at best and a psyop at worse and so SUDDENLY there is this staged event and arrest in Phily to get his Nielson Ratings back up. What a fucking joke.

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