Kokesh’s D.C. Psyop: Adam “AstroTurf” Kokesh to Lead Armed March on Washington on July 4th – Promises to Cower in Face of Tyranny

by Scott Creighton


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Hey Gun Owners!

Let's follow this idiot over the bridge to D.C.!

Let’s follow this idiot over the bridge to D.C.!
Does this image make anyone else think of Adam Pearlman a.k.a. Adam Gadhan or is it just me?

It’s the

Bring Your Guns to D.C. With AstroTurf Adam and Hand ‘Em Over to the Feds!” March

July 4th, 2013

In the category of “potential false flag event in the making” this little event is bound to get a few bloggers chatting.

No folks, it’s not “bad judgement”… judgement doesn’t get this bad… it’s a set-up from a fake opposition “leader” and nothing more.

Adam “Limited Hangout” Kokesh is flexing his tank-top muscles once again.

Adam Kokesh

If you’re so afraid of freedom, why don’t you just move to North Korea?

(pssst… comments like these are the DEFINITION of Cass Sunstein agent Limited Hangout)

If you need more proof of Adam’s status as an administration policy supporting Sunstein agent, just read this:

Count the Pro-Regime Change Lies from Adam Kokesh

And that’s too say nothing of the fact that his father is the very kind of thieving vulture capitalist that crushed our economy in the first place.

You don’t think he’s nothing more than AstroTurf? Wake up.

AstroTurf Adam has announced an armed march on Washington to let the big bad “guberment” know we can’t be pushed around.  He proposes they will start their march from Arlington National Cemetery (using those poor dead soldiers just one more time) and march across the bridge into D.C. itself. He claims they will have loaded rifles on their backs and they are doing it to prove to “Big Guberment” that they won’t be intimidated by tyranny. Of course, then he promises if they run into some of that tyranny, they will turn and run or throw up their hands and surrender immediately.

I’m not making that up.

While Virginia permits open carry, Washington, D.C. does not issue any permit/licenses to carry a firearm.

The Facebook page states:

“This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny.”

The event is said to be non-violent and states that if the group is met with physical resistance, they will turn back.

“There’s a remote chance that there will be violence as there has been from government before, and I think it should be clear that if anyone involved in this event is approached respectfully by agents of the state, they will submit to arrest without resisting,” the event’s page reads.” From the Trenches

Adam is looking for around a thousand or so marchers who will walk with him across the bridge into D.C.

There, they will be violating D.C. law, without even so much as a permit for their march, they will be walking a thousand of their personal weapons into a district that does not allow open carry. The penalty for that action will probably be the seizure of their firearms at least and potentially jail-time.

Our corrupt congress doesn’t like looking outside and seeing armed constituents don’t ya know.

There are several funny parts to all of this.

The most glaring is the notion that it’s all being done to send a message to our tyrannical government that we will not be intimidated and will not submit to their intrusions yet the first thing they say is that is exactly what they will do if they meet any tyranny along the way: lay down their arms, throw up their hands and / or run away.

It’s the

Stand With Adam Against Tyranny Until There’s Some Tyranny, then Give Up like a little bitch!” March

Basically what he’s saying is these guns will be nothing more than props and if the D.C. police decide to sweep them all up and toss them into a truck to be shipped over to Syria, well, nobody’s gonna do so much as file a complaint because they can’t… they will be breaking the law.

That’s beyond funny. That’s about as farcical as it gets really.

But on a more somber note, seems like this little action may in fact be a set-up for something more.

Imagine all the agent provocateurs who have shown up in the past at peaceful marches. Now they are going to have guns. Right out in the open. How many off-duty cops were found to be dressed up like Black Bloc assets running around hopping up and down on police cars left in the middle of the street, tossing bricks through bank windows, trying to throw stones at fellow cops? How many cops have been found destabilizing and demonizing peaceful protest movements in the past decade or so?

And what does Adam “The Plant” Kokesh say about cops?

“The event is open to unarmed supporters, journalists and welcomes law enforcement officers to join.”

Think about that for a second. How much damage could agent provocateurs do to our efforts at this point? Armed agent provocateurs no less.

On their Facebook page they supposedly already have 1,300 promising to show up while another 30,000 have been invited. Can you say “getting out of hand rather quickly”?

A couple people on the page seem to get it:

I’m concerned that this would play right into the hands of Obama and his agenda. What is to stop the fedgov from sending a couple of “patriots” in there to start a confrontation with the police? If there was an armed confrontation there is the possibility that things could get WAY out of control and before you know it we’ll have blood in the streets. Think about how the media will spin this for most of the nation: “Revolution Averted.” Then, with a renewed sense of vigor, Obama will whip up public opinion to make Congress act and the momentum will be behind him. Right now the momentum is in OUR favor. WE defeated him and it was not along party lines. If we allow him to paint us as radical, “home-grown” terrorists then we are going to lose this fight. This is great initiative…but bad judgment.

And then as soon as they post rational arguments like the one above, Adam leaps into action by updating the event photo to this:

Adam Kokesh updated the event photo.

Does that mean Adam “Sunstein Agent” Kokesh sees himself as George Washington?

Do you think George Washington told the Brits that if they told them too the revolutionaries would lay down their arms and slink away into the shadows? Do you think he told his soldiers to give up peacefully if the Red Coats told them too?

Adam’s use of that image is nothing more than cheap, artificial sentimentality and it was probably picked for him by a marketing guy at the NSA. For that matter, Adam didn’t post that, the State Department intern posing as Adam on his Facebook page did. Adam’s probably recovering from a hangover in Tahiti.

This is ridiculous. As I said before, it’s a farce.

If you wish to go to Washington to protest what is happening, go. Get your 30,000 people to go there with you, march across the bridge with or without a permit (preferably without) and take up a position inside the Mall on Washington and keep it like they did in Tahrir Sq.

Do not back down, do not give up, do not run away… stand your ground. You DON’T need a gun for that. What? Are Egyptians and Yemenis and Jordanians and Saudis and Bahrainians that much braver than Americans?

And for God’s Sake…

Do not bring a bunch of armed agent provocateurs with you on July 4th in a mass of tense, armed gun owners to the capitol where they can be used in the final act in the American Gladio operation. That’s just stupid.

Hey EVERYBODY! It’s the

Let’s Crush the Resistance Before it Gets Started!

and the

Give Bloomberg a Reason to Take the Guns!” March

I honestly hope people are smart enough to see through this and not desperate enough to try it anyway. There is no good end to this. We have already beaten the gun-grabbers so even if nothing happens at the march, what is the objective anyway? There is none. Congress knows that the vast majority of Americans support keeping our second amendment rights. So what is the payoff? There is none.

The ONLY payoff in this case, and my argument is that it is the real reason why this march has been planned, is to prove to the American people once and for all that we should NOT have guns running around on the streets. That the people cannot have these assault type weapons because they can’t be trusted with them. If this goes bad, and that is probably the only way it can go, then morale in the resistance will go down, laws will be passed and guns will be taken. Images of bloody D.C. streets will incite the public to demand action against those who are resisting… the possibilities of the worst case scenario boggle the mind and I am sure the propagandists who think they run this country are busily writing them up as we speak.

I really hope that some of the people who are involved in this come to their senses and start pushing people to change the parameters of this action from the inside. I don’t think that will happen, but one can certainly hope.

For all my readers here, please take care in showing support for this tailor made mass casualty event in the making. If you are committed to attending it, stay on the outside of the crowd, wear Kevlar if possible, don’t carry a gun and spend the next couple of weeks practicing your serpentine running (see The In Laws for a reference)

It will be humorous though the first time a FIRECRACKER GOES OFF DURING THE JULY 4TH CELEBRATION and a thousand ARMED men drop to the ground while simultaneously soiling their shorts or they spring into action.

Let’s hope that’s the only highlight reel but honestly there’s not much chance of that.

21 Responses

  1. Isn’t this the same guy who said give them up if they come out to round them up?

  2. Go to District of Criminals, and SURRENDER your weapons, you Patriot scum! You are nothing but DOMESTIC TERRORISTS…and need to be disarmed. All your good ole boy guns didn’t stop the GLOBAL CORPORATE FASCIST takeover of Amerika. We are now the Land Mordor..home of the gun-toting siisies and wussies! More torture is good! Jawohl the the 4th Reich!

  3. Yeah, this is a set up…. made for ‘gun control’ purpose.

    Any real armed protest would not announce itself…..
    Any real gun owner would not give up his rights while helping to eliminate the rights of others….

    No American is that stupid.

    • There are plenty of stoopid Amerikans…they believed the Boston Bombing was real, instead of a staged Hollywood production…No one was killed at the BB/…it was all faked with actors…plenty of stoopid amerikans think 911 was carried out by Osama CIAduh…

  4. If the feds let this go down, we’ll know they’re the ones behind it.

    • He admitted on his Facebook page that he is already in communication with them. I’m sure he has been since long before the announcement. Obama is looking for any justification he can to use executive orders to start confiscating weapons. This is tailor made for that.

      • Some guy who lives there said its gonna be packed with families down there for the 4th, not the time or the place to be doing this. The consensus is pretty much a “strongly disagree” on this one all around.

        Somebody needs to put a stop to this nonsense. Another group needs to show up and physically block the way with their bodies if necessary.

  5. This is actually a really pathetic attempt by the feds if that’s what this is. I guess they figure all they need is a couple dozen morons to show up for them to be able to sell this story to the public. The more limited the showing, the better for them probably, then it has 0 chance of getting out of hand too much.

    • not if they import them from Libya or Syria or Jordan or the UK…. could have a whole bunch of people out there with Adam Pearlman Kokesh

      • this is bad. this is real bad.

        • Like I said, Obama needs something big to justify using executive orders to supersede congress’ failed gun grabbing legislation and this may well be it. Whether or not it is the plan from the start or just incredibly stupid on the part of Kokesh doesn’t matter. On July 4th there will be tons of families at the Mall on Washington. Think about that for a second. The press will eat this up. Photos of kids being sheltered by their terrified parents while roided out Kokesh and his merry band of Tea Partiers parades around with guns until the inevitable shots are fired and it’s utter chaos. All the red white and blue of the 4th, all the American flags… I wonder if someone will have a bloody American flag again?

      • Wong one of course, but it is interesting the similarity, and that if it is the one I’m thinking of that he did convert to Islam awhile back. Which is funny, as how most radical libertarians profess to be atheist.

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  7. They better have their feet in bags filled with Virginian soil, this way they will still be on Virginia’s land.

  8. […]  Kokesh’s D.C. Psyop: Adam “AstroTurf” Kokesh to Lead Armed March on Washington on July 4th –… […]

  9. “Does this image make anyone else think of Adam Pearlman a.k.a. Adam Gadhan or is it just me?”

    well yeah ,they are both jews
    adam kikesh

  10. […] Adam “AstroTurf” Kokesh to Lead Armed March on Washington on July 4th – Promises t… (willyloman.wordpress.com) […]

  11. Troll central here. Adam kokesh must be putting the fear into the establishment to provoke a response like this. You people have to be the disinformation patrol.

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