Boston Bombing: NBC Created the Narrative of the Boston Attacks Before they Happened – Now they Threaten More

by Scott Creighton

In the early stages of my coverage of the Boston bombing, on April 16th, I wrote an article about how the MSM and specifically NBC and MSNBC were priming the pot for an impending terrorist act by drudging up the old “Inspire” magazine and Adam Pearlman (aka Adam Gadhan)

What was interesting is the fact that the “Inspire” magazine story talked specifically about how an online site told people how to create pressure cooker bombs and there was a video played on MSNBC’s Morning Joe just days before the attack showing a “scary Muslim” being played by the grandson of a former ADL board member, calling for lone gunman style small attacks in the U.S.

They set us up for a pending attack, making sure the “scary Muslims” were fresh in the public mind. And now they seem to be threatening even more.

During the coverage of the event, several news organizations like CNN and the New York Post were deliberately fed misleading information which later turned out to hurt their credibility and thus, their market share of the coverage of the story.

NBC came out smelling like roses.

NBC is owned by General Electric. GE is headed by Jeffrey Immelt. Immelt was (is?) in the Obama administration.

NBC is coming out with a wrap-up of their narrative while promising a “generation” of more killing.

And now Inspire, the recruitment magazine of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, probably has its next cover story: It allegedly helped inspire the two brothers accused of bombing the Boston Marathon.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the hospitalized suspect in the marathon attack, has told federal investigators that the brothers got information on building bombs from Inspire, law enforcement officials told NBC News.” NBC News

When you look at a psyop, you have to remember, the people involved always have the given outcome in mind, but they often will find a way to profit from it if they can. The insider trading and put options just before 9/11 are a good example. There are others.

What happened here seems to be NBC News had been faltering in the ratings game. So when they did their part to help set up the “Inspire” magazine plot-line and the “scary Muslim” video just before the attack, they worked out a deal to get paid back in ratings.  Seems simple enough. And it seems pretty obvious.

Their article suggests there is a whole “generation” of future bombers out there. Normally, one would look at such rhetoric from a news agency as fear-mongering to get more page views but in this case, with these guys and  what they seem to know in advance of terrorist acts, one has to take a moment and think about it.

It’s not because of Brian Williams’ hard investigative journalism or his dedication to the truth that NBC “won” the coverage wars of this terrorist attack… they were simply fed information from authorities that wasn’t deliberately misleading.

Williams is now the “go-to-guy” when it comes to feeding the bullshit about the bomber’s confessions to the general public. They are nothing more than the official propaganda arm of the current administration.

Suspect says motivated by U.S. wars overseas -(says) NBC

“Since recovering enough to communicate by nodding his head and writing, the younger Tsarnaev has told authorities he and his brother acted alone, learned to build the bombs over the Internet and were motivated by a desire to defend Islam because of “the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” NBC News reported.

NBC cited an unnamed U.S. counterterrorism source who has received multiple briefings on the investigation. Reuters could not confirm the information.” Reuters

NBC (GE) has become the Ministry of Truth in our newly developing Orwellian state.

With that in mind, I ask people to take a careful look at the warnings NBC was putting out there prior to the attacks in a different light.

9 Responses

  1. Not unlike 9/11 when neocons intentionally favored Fox News and made them the #1 mouthpiece during the Bush years.

  2. check out land destroyer’s story derived from…
    who is the naked man?

    • This dude should have recorded the phone conversation… At least his end of the exchange… The same camera he has strapped on him in this video would have done a wonderful job…

      So, not that I don’t trust his account necessarily, but I will say WTF??? How does a “I swear she told me all this…” report will do anything for anyone really?

  3. So the favored teevee network will be fed the “good” lies(disinfo in line with the official narrative),while the others will be fed the “bad” lies,(disinfo which will be discredited or abandoned).Does that about sum it up? This is what corporate journalism in America has become,an ass-kissing contest.

  4. NBC isn’t owned by GE anymore is it? Comcast is the new owner if I recall correctly.

  5. Scott, do u think that actors were used and that the bombing didn’t take place the way they said it did? I hate to put u on the spot but a guy losing two legs and the glass being blown away from the building just doesn’t add up on top of everything else said and done in this case. Is it at least plausible that no one was killed or hurt at the scene of the marathon?

  6. John G, small point. GE is like a 49% owner and Comcast 51%. Same folks for practical purposes.

  7. strategy of tension – remedy: WALL STREET SALES TAX

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