Boston Bombing: MSM Creates New Official Story – Video of Dzhokhar Planting Bomb is Forgotten

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE April 24: Boston Bombing: Who Says it Had to be Two Men? Who Says they Had to be Young?

UPDATE April 23rd: Boston Bombing: Newly “Enhanced” Photos of the “Shootout” bring the influence peddlers out on Reddit

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You don’t need conspiracy theorists. Just take the Feds at their word and you’ll see it.

UPDATE: Uh oh! Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick hasn’t been updated on the new narrative and repeats the old “there are videos but I haven’t seen them” story on NBC.

Surveillance video from the Boston Marathon attack shows one suspect dropping his backpack and calmly walking away from it before the bomb inside it exploded, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said Sunday.

The video clearly puts 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the scene of the attack, Patrick said on NBC.

“It does seem to be pretty clear that this suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion,” Patrick said. “It’s pretty clear about his involvement and pretty chilling, frankly.”

He added, however, that he hasn’t viewed all the tapes but had been briefed by law enforcement about them.” AP April 21st

 ಠ_ಠ   According to the Gov. they’re “pretty chilling videos”… that he hasn’t seen.   ಠ_ಠ

So, now when these videos don’t show up, can the good Gov. be impeached?


Yesterday I wrote about how it was that the FBI came to produce the fuzzy images of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev which they produced to the public with great fanfare on Thursday at 5pm. I wrote that it was certainly odd that they claimed not to know who the boys were since they had already had extensive ONGOING contact with them over the past two years and they must certainly be in their databases which would be searched first after an incident like this. Hell, they live in the area for Christ’s sake. They would have been FIRST on their “to checkout” list. The local FBI agents would have been the ones who handled their case and they would have also been the agents in charge of this investigation.

So why did they have to ask us to identify the Tsarnaev brothers? And what’s more… what put them on the FBI’s radar in the first place?

Today the Washington Post has cobbled together the new official story which focuses nearly entirely on that specific problem because it’s a big, big problem. The FBI has been caught in a lie. And when you lie about the investigation of a deadly terrorist plot after 10 years of CREATING terrorists plots, people get a little upset. And rightly so.

What follows is my evaluation of their new “official story”. It’s a story that whitewashes the FBI’s failure to identify their own suspects. It’s a story that admits they put out the call for help in order to distract the unofficial investigation that was turning up remarkable leads. It’s a story that completely forgets the most crucial parts of their original lie and that is:

  1. the video they claimed they had of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev planting the bomb which they say is what brought them to their attention in the first place.
  2. the video of the two brothers standing around watching the carnage and then slowly walking away.

The new narrative erases these all important videos from the history of the FBI investigation. Without these two videos, the FBI has no reason to suspect those two young men any more than the other 1,000 people in the pictures with backpacks.

Then factor in they lied about not knowing who these two were and how much contact they had with them prior to the bombing and what your left with is a damning indictment of the FBI.

For several days an unofficial manhunt was underway with thousands on online sleuths pouring over every available image of the race looking for suspicious characters. The feds themselves fed deliberate misinfo to various MSM outlets, implicating the wrong people like the two high school runners who were called “The Bag Men” by a New York paper and of course the now infamous Saudi national.

Investigators probing the deadly Boston Marathon bombings are circulating photos of two men spotted chatting near the packed finish line, The Post has learned.

In the photos being distributed by law-enforcement officials among themselves, one of the men is carrying a blue duffel bag. The other is wearing a black backpack in the first photo, taken at 10:53 a.m., but it is not visible in the second, taken at 12:30 p.m.” New York Post

Contrary to what a new Washington Post article claims, these false leads didn’t come from the unofficial investigation but rather from “law enforcement insiders” tipping off the major publications like the Times and CNN. They were deliberately given false leads which left the papers with egg on their faces and the netizen investigators chasing down ghosts in blind allies.

But suddenly on Thursday the FBI announced they needed our help to find two guys who came to their attention via two unreleased videos which not only put them on the scene before and after the attacks, but also showed one of them, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, actually planting the bomb.

Other footage, still unreleased, shows that the two suspects stayed at the scene to watch the carnage unfold, a federal law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation told CNN’s Susan Candiotti.”

“When the bombs blow up, when most people are running away and victims were lying on the ground, the two suspects walk away pretty casually,” said the official, who has seen the unreleased video. “They acted differently than everyone else.”

“While video of at least one suspect planting the bomb exists, the FBI had chosen not to release it, according to the official. One reason, according to the official, is that were the media to repeatedly show the suspects leaving the bomb, it might cause some people to overreact if they came into contact with them.” CNN

These two videos are crucial because they are supposedly what put the Tsarnaev brothers on the FBI’s radar in the first place.

Many people, myself included, immediately wondered about why the FBI would claim to have these videos and then not release them to aid the public in identifying the suspects. It made no sense and the claim above from CNN is insultingly stupid.

Turns out there was a reason they didn’t release the videos, they didn’t exist.

As the Washington Post drops the story of the incriminating videos down the memory hole, their new effort published yesterday tries to fill the void as best it can. It is four pages of covering tracks and literally nothing else.

“How federal and local investigators sifted through that ocean of evidence and focused their search on two immigrant brothers is a story of advanced technology and old-fashioned citizen cooperation. It is an object lesson in how hard it is to separate the meaningful from the noise in a world awash with information.” Washington Post

Forget the first story from law enforcement officials that there were two videos which put the brothers there, watching the carnage and planting the bomb. That story is no more…

Now the official story is the guy in the wheel chair, as popular and sympathetic a character as he is, is the one who fingered the brothers while drugged to the gills in a hospital bed.

“While the analysts combed through videos frame by frame, a more traditional tip was developing two miles away at Boston Medical Center. Jeffrey Bauman, groggy from anesthesia, his legs just removed at the knee, managed to eke out a request for pen and paper.

In the intensive-care ward, Bauman, who had been near the finish line to see his girlfriend complete Monday’s race, wrote words that would help lead to quick resolution of the bombing that killed three and injured 176 others: “Bag. Saw the guy, looked right at me.”” Washington Post

And there you have it. “Bag. Saw guy. Looked right at me”. Of course, once the FBI got wind of this, it was clear the Tsarnaev brothers did it.

As I pointed out before, the claim that the brothers stood around and watched the carnage and then calmly strolled away is a direct lie. Not just the simple lie that the FBI has a video of it. That’s not the only lie. The OTHER lie is that there is a photo of at least one of the brothers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, running away like everyone else while there is still smoke in the air from the bomb going off. In fact, he’s kinda leading the pack if you want to be honest about it. But he’s definitely not lingering around enjoying the carnage like the federal law enforcement official “with knowledge of the investigation” told CNN’s Susan Candiotti. And the proof of that is right here:

running away

So there were no videos like the officials claimed and they had no images of the brothers either planting bombs or standing around watching the carnage. All of that was a lie. There is no way of understanding what really brought the brothers to the attention of the FBI.

So why did they hold the “presser” and release the images they magically got of the guys who ended up having been on their radar for years? According to the new narrative, they did it to subvert the unofficial investigation. Their own words…

In addition to being almost universally wrong, the theories developed via social media complicated the official investigation, according to law enforcement officials. Those officials said Saturday that the decision on Thursday to release photos of the two men in baseball caps was meant in part to limit the damage being done to people who were wrongly being targeted as suspects in the news media and on the Internet.” Washington Post

Uh… I thought we just addressed the fact that the two high school runners were wrongly identified by law enforcement officials. So why would this new narrative try to blame that on the unofficial investigators? And if the online investigation was so wildly inaccurate and out of control, why ask for our help?

“That decision, which appeared to be a straightforward request for the public’s help in identifying the two men, turns out to have been a tactic with several purposes.” Washington Post

You’re goddamned right it was a “tactic”… they already knew the names of the Tsarnaev brothers. There was no video of the guys doing jack shit except standing around in front of a restaurant waiting for the FBI’s confidential informant to show up.

It was a tactic to keep the online investigation from continuing to look for the real perps of this mass casualty event.

“At the news conference, FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers sternly asked the public to view only its pictures or risk creating “undue work for vital law enforcement resources.” Washington Post

It was a tactic to create a narrative as to why they were about to submit an entire city to martial law.

The Washington Post’s retooling of the official story then does deal a little bit with the absurd contention that the FBI was unable to identify two local guys who had been investigated and contacted by them not all that long ago. They claim that even though the brothers were in their data bases and the DMV, the facial recognition system they had failed to flag recognize them.

Uh, the local agents who had been in contact with them for a while didn’t either?

Davis said he was told that facial-recognition software did not identify the men in the ball caps. The technology came up empty even though both Tsarnaevs’ images exist in official databases: Dzhokhar had a Massachusetts driver’s license; the brothers had legally immigrated; and Tamerlan had been the subject of some FBI investigation.”

The brothers’ mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, told Russia Today television on Friday that Tamerlan “got involved in religious politics five years ago.” She said FBI agents had been watching her son for “three to five years. They knew what my son was doing. . . . They used to tell me that he was really a serious leader and they are afraid of him.” Washington Post

The FBI field office from the area had been in direct contact with the brothers for years. It’s confirmed by the FBI, the mother and the uncle who called them “losers”

Remarkably, as soon as the Washington Post writes this in the article, they just drop it completely as if it didn’t happen. It doesn’t even occur to the writer of the article that aside from what the facial recognition software does or doesn’t do, these kids were local and had a great deal of contact with the local field office of the FBI… how the hell did they not recognize them?

Especially after the feds admit they had an ulterior motive for releasing the images on Thursday, the MSM reporters and papers like the Washington Post should have immediately smelled a rat. They knew these kids, they probably had a CI working them. And how they show up as John Doe # 1 and 2 and the Feds pretend not to know who they are? They lie about how they noticed them in the first place and then pretend like that lie never happened? They deliberately fed misinformation to the MSM and then admittedly misdirected even the unofficial online sleuths?

What you are looking at here is not shotty work or the “fog of war” as they like to put it when stories like these are exposed for what they are. This isn’t some bureaucrat covering his ass to protect his pension…

… this is systemic dishonesty and manipulation coming from the leading law enforcement agency in the country.

Ask yourself this: why hasn’t someone been held accountable for the failure to protect those citizens?

The FBI, by their own account, let “terrorists” slip from between their fingers and kill 4 people including a child and a cop, maiming many many others in the process.

Then they had to go on television and ask 4Chan and Reddit for help with figuring out who the two guys who were known to the FBI were?

And they lied about videos they didn’t have?

And now the Washington Post has to step in and try to make it all seem kosher?

Holy shit! You wanna talk about embarrassing to the Justice Department? Do you think you would lose your job if you screwed up like that? Do you think charges of CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE might be in order?

I mean that’s going on the “as if” theory that their suspects did it. And that’s the BEST CASE SCENARIO for them.

I know this sounds like a rant at this point…. AND IT SHOULD. They put an entire city under martial law for a kid, a19 year old KID they KNEW IN THE FIRST PLACE and LIED ABOUT.

Yes, it is a rant. The Washington Post should be ranting along with me. EVERYONE should be ranting along with me. This is unacceptable. The fact that no one looses their job over this is unacceptable. The fact that we sit back and let them get away with this is unacceptable.

But as predicted, the videos are down the memory hole. No reason to suspect those guys except for the now painfully obivious fact that they were there to be suspected in the first place and the liars at the FBI can suck up to the complicit media all they want but until they buy enough congressmen and get CISPA passed thru our own Vichy capital, we unofficial investigators are going to continue pointing out their lies, their crimes and their complicity.

So thank you Washington Post. Thank you for proving my point. Thank you for showing us all that the official story of the Boston bombing has always been a lie and will always continue to be a lie.


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  1. Amazing post – they are pulling out the pictures – The FBI had at least 2 days before announcing their suspects to sift through and create a backlog of pics.

    ¨Uh… I thought we just addressed the fact that the two high school runners were wrongly identified by law enforcement officials. So why would this new narrative try to blame that on the unofficial investigators? And if the online investigation was so wildly inaccurate and out of control, why ask for our help?¨


    It is interesting also, that somewhere you pointed out a woman, pointing a finger at a photographer catching her on camera – were insiders present holding cameras?

    The last post you did showing the brothers waiting around, one of them eventually grabbing his phone – was that snapped by such a photographer to? Were those cropped, do you have un-cropped ones?

    • But wait there is more.. there were are whole slew of folks either looking directly at cameras smiling, some of them up in the air.. And I know one of those smiling people was one of the “Injured”.

  2. Suspect now being treated by two Israeli doctors with experience of terror attacks. Of course, its only natural to put the Muslim terrorist suspect into the care of probably the only people who are likely to have an even higher level of prejudice against him than the average American. Forget Russian-speaking doctors, forget the Muslim ones and no need for Chechen’s either….a pair of Israelis…..its like they’re not even trying for subtlety any more.

    Oh, and apparently the suspect may never talk again due to wounds to his throat. No problem there….we all know we can rely on the FBI to provide accurate details of any written testimony he offers.

    • Yes, and they took the first one to an Jewish hospital too, which was my point about him having an accident..

    • You’re an idiot. Do you know how many arabs including arab terrorists have been treated in Israeli hospitals by doctors who treat them the same as they treat any other patient? You make very stupid assumptions but have no idea what Israelis are like.

  3. ¨its like they’re not even trying for subtlety any more.¨ exactly and that is rather suspect and I think intentional.

  4. Excellent “rant”. I’m also very curious about the truth behind the car chase. Since they didn’t have video of the suspects planting the bombs, they needed something else cement their guilt in the public’s mind. Tha car chase, complete with explosives and a shoot out, fit the bill perfectly and further terrorized the city (and was the pretext for instituting martial law).

    • that’s what I think as well

    • Good point.

      I think it’s more the hijacking and not the chase itself that incriminates them, since there is now a witness account involved. Outrageously similar script to the Dorner case.

      Similarly, I have a feeling that the dead MIT cop also serves that purpose. It puts the brothers in an “armed and dangerous category, and provides something they can blame them with if the bombing also flag story would not play out as planned.

      After all, if they don’t have video r stills of the kids placing bomb, they don’t really have a story, except that hese two were present near ground zero.

      • And that is exactly what happened on Friday in the RT interview with the mother. As soon as she talked about the FBI following her kids for some time, the guy came back with “but doesn’t today’s events prove their guilt?” or something to that effect. He complete blew off the revelation that the FBI knew who these kids were long before asking the public to identify them. And no, this car chase thing proves absolutely nothing like I said before, unless you believe everything cops say or better still, unless you believe everything police SPOKESMEN say.

      • True – he serves a similar purpose as Officer Tippit.

    • Yes, and it also covers up how the older brother got so messed up, after they had him on the ground and i n custody. That the other ran him over, despite reports that the other brother got away on foot. On foot or in car, him getting away from all that firepower sound like BS, as does the whole script.

  5. 9/11 proved the bulk of the american populace will believe anything authority tells them. It’s like an epidemic of battered wife syndrome.

  6. Boston false flag.

    Two young innocent patsies.

    “Show me the evidence.” Aunt of the accused

    What total zionist bullshit from A to Z.

  7. Hi willy, great “rant”.

    One part of the narrative you forgot to mention was the 7/11 robbery that was and then wasn’t.
    Originally we were told they knocked over a 7/11 and whacked the cop who responded. But this story also changed,

    “The shooting began when Officer Collier responded to a report of a robbery at a 7-11 convenience store on campus. By sheer chance, the two bombing suspects were in the store when the robbery was taking place. They were not involved in the robbery, the police said last night.”

    “By sheer chance”

    • This is when the guy who’s car they jacked, to whom they confessed even though he spoke no English and the brothers spoke in Russian, except of course when they confessed, just got out of the car while they BOTH went into the store, where there just happened to be a robbery going down.

      So the police, unwittingly then started chasing these guys WHY? Maybe the owner of the Benz, who spoke no English, told the cops who responded to the robbery that just happened to be taking place not to bother with the guys robbing the store and instead go after the Russian speaking brothers who just confessed to him about the BM bombing…

  8. I have to say, you are explaining everything so well here. I’m going to quote and link you (I know you won’t mind) on my next blog post later this evening.

    It’s understandable that you have become so passionate about this, I have too, and I think it is because the blatant lies have become too much to stomach any longer.

    Something else, if there was this huge shoot-out with the cops, what and where are the weapons that Dzhokhar was carrying? Were they found in the boat perhaps, because we haven’t seen them yet? 😉

    Also, how naive are they, really…If you shoot someone in the ‘neck’, it’s highly likely you’ll be waiting a long while to chat, if ever.

  9. “Boston mayor says authorities may never question bomb suspect”

    Of course NOT.

  10. Great ‘rant’ Scott,

    I know how you feel…it’s those honey glazed minds of those thousands of people in Boston who came out to cheer the cops for the martial law that had them locked down for days. It is shocking despite how typical a reaction from the TVZombie Amerikans.

    I think the cops had Jahar since grabbing him from his dorm, which is actually where he went after the marathon. He stayed there for two nights, spoke with friends in the dorm. He was totally calm and his normal self as described by a few of them.

    So he and his brother were certainly not “on the run” leading the cops on a Mr Toad’s Wild Ride throughout greater Boston as the media and the cops try to pretend.

    I doubt if Jahar was actually ‘shot’ in the throat, I think he was worked over up close and personal by his “handlers”, then pumped with drugs and dumped in that boat by the cops ops themselves. High coordination by special teams and covered by the top echelons of law enforcement/terrorism.

    The whole thing has been theater from start to finish.

    Welcome to the Amerikan Maximum Security State.

    Enjoy Your Stay…


    • I had heard that too, from his roommates for Christ’s sake. I doubt your theory however, because there are now pictures out there showing them both in front of the car during the “shootout”. The one where they had the one pistol, and over 250 rounds were spent…

  11. Sorry if this has been discussed already but I just want to point out & ask other people what they think about the comment the mom made during a facial. You know, the one that her son KNEW 9/11 was an inside job. Yes Im aware she told the woman to look it up online but I would think the FBI would have thought that was “terroristic” online activity. Especially during their investigation into a potential terrorist! That odd comment has just been stuck in my mind ever since. At least “all hell” won’t break loose because his other son lived. Although he may never speak again. How tragically convienent he won’t be able to do as daddy says & “tell them everything”. & again I haven’t had time to read everything that’s been posted on here but whats the real deal about that 4chan post from the guy that “predicted” (he couldnt just TELL us ya know.) what was going to go down the rest of the week. He went so far as to give details what “evidence” would be found & WHERE. He even gave a description of suspects ( a pretty damn accurate description of the brothers if u too)So yeah… When u put all of these random little comments made by the family & the all officials & independent sources involved everything about this just screams “inside job”!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of local cops and federal agents searched that neighborhood all day long, barging into houses, terrorizing families, yet nobody looked in the boat?? None of those “trained observers” saw the blood the untrained homeowner noticed immediately upon going outside after lockdown was lifted?
    All that overtime pay burned up, and an amateur found him.

  13. The FBI knew who they were.Why didn’t they ambush the two brothers instead of involving the public.

    • Because they wanted them on the loose on Friday so they could implement martial law. Societies rarely go from open to closed in a day. Military coups can do it when dictators are installed. But most of the time, it’s step by step. The have to acclimate the people to it. Like the old saying about boiling a frog. You toss them into a pot of boiling water, they hop out. But if you put them in cool water and turn up the heat slowly, they’ll just sit there til they die. What happened here is happening in other nations. Take Iraq for example. A bomb goes off and people just expect midnight raids. The military comes into neighborhoods and takes out the people they think will cause problems. Typically in fascist states, those who are targeted are left-wing activists, writers, politicians, union leaders etc. But it can be pretty much anyone: a rival politician or a police chief who isn’t going along with the system or a whistle-blower. And of course, it’s all done under the guise of “terrorism” and keeping you safe. That is why it was so important to stage those little scenes with people applauding the cops for kicking in their doors and taking them out in the streets to be treated like terrorists. It’s all done through stages. a “slow boil” if you will. This is just the start. They are already talking about wishing they could use drones here in the states. That won’t be long now.

    • This provided an opportunity to practice placing a town on lockdown. It reminds me a bit of what was done after Katrina, with all those people corralled in the superdome for no valid cause. But it was a great exercise in mass detention.

  14. Now the news is reporting that Dzhokhar is awake and responsive, although still unable to speak. The new story is that the brothers likely had a suicide pact, which is why the younger drove over the elder:

  15. why did the younger brother never mention that he was so close to the bomb in his twitter comments or to his friends

  16. why did the younger brother never mention that he was so close to the bomb in his twitter comments or to his friends
    that supports that he was hiding the fact and his guilt

  17. Government cover up. I have software on my computer that I can put ANY person doing the same thing as these supposed bombers. Not guilty.

  18. You are absolutely right in fact I am able to prove that the AP photo they are using has clearly been photo shopped to hide something…like maybe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s back pack – You really need to see this as it backs up your article 1000% –

    • Really good vid actually – earlier on I tried to figure out if one of the pics of the ¨Saudi¨ was PS’d and I enlarged it in PS to study the individual pixels – as I have not much experience, the enlarging left me feeling unsure, but now with seeing this enlarged it seems to me that the pixelation is not such a good measure to objectify the question if a pic was shopped or not…
      Anyway, this vid is good.

    • thank you. I will look at it.

  19. Really believe what you’re saying? You said it yourself 1,000s of people in photographs to mull over. Baumann gave them the info they needed on who to clue in on and they found the evidence with his lead. Just because the FBI has database on these brothers doesn’t mean they are immediate suspects and are to be searched within the photos right off the bat. That whole face recognition is going to find faces but just how many photos are there with the two bombers?
    You say he’s running from the scene in the one shown. I see him walking away and looks to be putting an item in his pocket. Detonator?
    And that whole video not being released as it doesn’t exist? Who says it doesn’t exist? You’re basing it doesn’t exist because the Gov. says he hasn’t seen it. Nevermind that the officials say they seen it and seen the brothers doing what they say they were doing in them. Ignore that part.
    This was 5days of work to come to a completion. You’re not giving them the credit to sift through all of the info coming in within the first 48hours and then reporting their suspects. You’re caught up in all the mass misinformation that is thrown about in this post news, ask questions/confirm it later era we’re in.
    Amazing coincidences to also ignore that night of robbing the convenience store, using someone’s atm to attain $800 and that being caught on tape. Doctored that one up to huh?

    How about the fact in thinking this is a terrorist attack that it involves muslims of a darker skin? Use that Facial recognition on that vs. two brothers from Chezyna who appear mostly white.

    I am like you in that the curiousity in me wants to see the video of the bombers placing the bag at the scene. That whole bag by mailbox picture to me isn’t the bomb. I’m guessing his bag was dropped off around their feet though shortly after, which explains the questions on why that mailbox shows no damage.

    And again, innocents don’t run from the law. They sure don’t “Gear Up for a gun fight with the police” These two clearly thought they were going to get away with setting off bombs due a massive crowd and just go on with their everyday lives. Then the photos come out correctly identifying them as the bombers and all hell breaks loose as a result from their doing. Suspect 2 went back to his campus helped out a roommate/classmate rather than flat out leave the city. Photos show up of them and boom, brother comes along and they probably set out at that point to leave the city. Rob a store, car jack with atm card to make their purchases for next day keeping off grid. Maybe theres a plan in place to get them out of the US only that MIT officer foiled it with his life.
    It’s just sickening to read all this conspiracy crap of setting up two individuals when like I said if they are innocent they aren’t running away. It’s like the “BagMan” in blue who came forward scared of his wrongly accused. He was innocent came forward. didn’t run/shoot up with police and then go hide in a boat for likely over 12hours.
    People listened to the Police scanner live you could hear everything go down. Suspect in a grey hooded sweatshirt. This wasn’t a suspect in blue tshirt and then found in grey sweatshirt..wait wha? I listened for 4hours that night and people have listened to that scanner probably from hour 1.
    Think it’s about time you hop of the hallucination train of all gov’t doings is corrupt with their own agenda behind every wrong thing that happens around the world.
    I’m sure even if that video is shown with the bombers placing the bags all these conspiracists will turn their heads, on that being faked, even though the truth stares back at them.

    • Chris,

      I just saw the pic of Dzhokhar running with the rest of the crowd after the blast — he still has his backpack on. He certainly was NOT just meandering away casually as you are trying to frame this.
      He is clearly still wearing that backpack after the bomb went off…that is the clincher, he was not a bomber.

      What is sickening to me is someone like you who believes all of the bullshit coming from authority. Glad you enjoyed your lockdown time listening to the scanner though…


    • They never robbed a store according to officials. WHO was carjacked? Name, witness, anything? First it was a car, now it is a Mercedes SUV. MIT officer shot by two men; that’s all they reported. How we know they really RAN. Maybe they did try to clear their, buy YOU CAN’T CLEAR YOUR NAME WHEN YOU ARE BEING FRAMED. Eyewitness claims the older brother did NOT shoot. She only seen him being shot. Do your research.

      • Exactly, they now claim the two just happened to be there be bystanders when the 7-11 was being robbed. The story changes so much from minute to minute, you need a score card to keep track.

      • But that is the sign of an op, not only do the change the story to fit people’s response and question of the already released story, but they also release the programming that they want to stick in peoples’ minds, and don’t care in the end what is contradictory as long as most people are programmed with one of the memes they have put out. Remember to an endless analyzing the event is part of the op, as was said, we create reality and while you are analyzing it, we have moved on already to create another.

  20. BAuman was said to identify suspect #1. If you look at teh frameshot immediately after the bomb, there is a man with a gray hoodies, black jacket and sunglasses right in front of Bauman. It would lead to the same description of suspect #1, however tit’s not the same person. Suspect #1 wore tan pants and boots. The guys Bauman identifies wears jeans and sneakers.

  21. Another lie. The morning after the older brother was killed, a radio host interviewed the young lady who watched the scene unfold from her apt. She says a POLICE SUV hit the 26 yr old, and AFTER THAT HE WAS SHOT BY POLICE WHILE ON THE GROUND.

    I guess the police chief didn’t get the memo, because later that day he said that the YOUNGER BROTHER ran over his older brother dragging him down the street to his death.

    7-11 = LIE.

    Death of Older brother = LIE

    Oh, and what about how somehow after shooting bleeding for hours and then attempting suicide by “shooting himself in the neck”, the Younger brother was able to climb out of the boat on his own power, only to be Later photographed an immobile bloody mess fighting for his life during surgery?

    Wonder if anyone actually saw these guys shoot the MIT cop.

    Boston Ma. is easily among the most corrupt cities in the country, yet sheeple like Chris will follow their lies in lockstep, even with the FIBBIES involved!


  22. Hi Willy,

    Please check this out and make it public. I think it’s a gem of a theory. I got it from the comments section at infowars from the article titled Media Magic: Not One Angry Person in Boston by Jon Rappaport

    Comment by Anonymous:

    I figured out how they killed the older brother, review the arrest of the naked guy who the mother says is her son that they tossed in the back of the squad car, niave unaware cop believes narritive suspects may have bomb on body, captures suspect makes suspect strip down, puts suspect in back of car unaware cop begins to drive suspect to jail, bad guys covering up kill cop in squad car take suspect out, move to different location run suspect over then shoot him, review video 1000 to 1 the cop behind the wheel of the sqaud car that had the naked guy in it was the same cop that got killed and was said to be shot by the suspect who was in the back seat of the squad car.

    narritive suspects carjack black suv and kill cop behind the wheel while sitting in car that was presented to us, Truth unaware cop get call to release suspect to FBI , FbI pulls up to squad car with suspect in it unaware cop sits in car not aware of danger he is in FBI agent shoots cop behind the wheel and pulls suspect out drives away with suspect, bad guy then create narritive toss suspect from vehical run him over then shot him then present narritive to public case closed false flag caught red handed. review video of naked guy 1000 -1 the sqaud car he was tossed n was the same squad car that the cop got shot in and died behind the wheel.

    • It seems to me that they will need something to hold over the younger brother so that he plays along and confesses. What would be better than holding his brother’s life? If you look at the video of the dead older brother on the ground, besides from the fact you can’t see his face and the video is crap, the only things you can tell is 1) his ankles are unnaturally crossed, as if he were placed in that position, and 2) that he has brown hair – you know, like the other guy in the car with the naked guy? So what if they take the older brother (naked guy) and stage his death using Mr. brown hair. It would be a simple matter to stage the “leaked” hospital dead photo as well. Then they would have the leverage they need over younger bro.

  23. Reblogged this on Stuff Ain't Right.

  24. […] via Boston Bombing: MSM Creates New Official Story – Video of Dzhokhar Planting Bomb is Forgotten | Am…. […]

  25. […] Boston Bombing: MSM Creates New Official Story – Video of Dzhokhar Planting Bomb is Forgotten […]

  26. Of course innocents run from the police, when they have been set up, lured to the scene of a bombing so they can be blamed for it. And yes, it is absolutely unbelievable that an individual can engage in a shootout with police and leave, and not be found until prime time the following night. Not intercepted by police converging on the scene, not followed on the ground or by helicopter, and not contained by a perimeter after leaving the vehicle. Absolutely ridiculous.

  27. You can also see older brother running behind him next to a women on pink. Some could argue he still has his back pack on

  28. […] These two videos are crucial because they are supposedly what put the Tsarnaev brothers on the FBI’s radar in the first place.  […]

  29. Believe nothing from your TV, it’s all designed to manage your perspectives, usually in the favor of the expansion of government control over your life & the reduction of your liberty.

  30. Still no body dares to question–how these two acquired a expensive taste–clothes cars trips and who paid for their big bucks eduacations. Big brother was envolved in the drug trade. Why did the Boston police not follow when big brother’s buddy was found dead cover in marijuana
    and his neck pick axed? Whole thing stinks to high hell. Author is not ranting–good investigation Bravo!
    Good read “Monsters In Our Midst –
    The US, Britain, & Israel
    Commentary By John Kaminski
    and You Tube “Jura Lina – The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism/Communism Not Mentioned at School”
    Both show how evil America handlers are :^(

  31. Isn’t it ODD, that we invade Iraq and Afghanistan to “get” Terrorists …. but NOTHING was ever done about the Oklahoma City Baby Bomber Terrorists support network, right here within our own borders. Makes Ya wonder why ………..
    Sanilac county, Michigan, Sheriff Virgil Strickler was BFF and business partner with David Rydel, “commandant” of the “united States Theatre Command” militia which is named in the FBI “Project Megiddo” report for Y2K. LOUD explosions on the Nichols farm were repeatedly reported to Strickler, So what do you know! when the Feds raided the farm the evidence was cleaned up. The FIRST person James Nichols wanted to talk to was Strickler, which he did BEFORE talking to the FEDS. James was welcomed as a HERO when he was released from Federal custody.
    The Feds did a criminally irresponsible job of investigating Sanilac county, and the Militia Culture permeating it. They made a big show of grabbing two Perps, and deliberately ignored the entire support network. There were TWO militias up there. (1) The CITIZENS Militia, with 85 year old Hattie Farley, which OPPOSED the Sheriff and the “Good Old Boys” and (2) The violence prone, RACIST, PRO-sheriff “element”.
    The “support network” for the bomb extended to the very top of Sanilac County Society.
    Sanilac County Michigan “PROUD HOME of the OKC BOMBERS”

  32. what does this tell you, that zionist jews own or control what you see and hear on the MSM, every minute of everyday, the entire media, our government, the FBI, CIA, NSA are all zionist tools, of the rothschilds who created the israeli state, own the currency, reuters, the AP and a host of others through the federal reserve corporation, these people will stop at nothing..MURDER INCORPORATED !

  33. Hello and thank you for reading my post. Here is why I think this whole thing is a lie.
    First of all, I am in Cambridge. I KNOW the city well…I was listening to the scanner from the 7-11 robbery to
    the capture. Call came in at 10:30 pm Thurs night to respond to a robbery. Suspect hispanic /white male with a “cowboy hat”…The 7-11 is at 750 Mass ave/Pleasant st (my old street). Suspect fled on foot. Within 1 minute MBTA was shut down. Within 3 minutes the MIT shooting came in scanner. No way suspects could have gone from 750 mass ave-32 Vassar in that short time on foot (wearing the “cowboy hat”..duh.)…At this point they had ALL the streets off Mass ave blocked off AND trains shut prior from Robbery. I know they’re saying the robbery was not connected…and yes, I do not think it was the bro’s, but I am NOT buying it. First of all, if anyone is actually FROM here, they would know that you could never rob THIS 7-11 and get away with it. It’s always crawling with cops, and there’s a club right next door with big door guys….I don’t even think they found a suspect from the robbery. There is no way these two things could have happened without being connected in some way. ALSO, a little later in the scanner, a cop got called to respond to the Double Tree (they got an anonymous tip that cowboy robber might be staying there) Double tree is RIGHT across Mem/Storrow which is across street from the Mobile AND Shell (where pic of #2 was taken (yellow sign behind)….the carjack was called in about 2 or 3 minutes after the Double Tree call. On the scanner that I WAS listening to, if you listen to the BOSTON cop (accents give it away), the cop SAYS that it was a POLICE SUV that was carjacked. They gave chase saying there was a “lojack” NOT the cellphone of carjack guy…If these guys meant business, WHY wouldn’t they have killed the carjack victim and BLOWN up the gas station. They said they were throwing pipe bombs during the chase, so clearly, they could have? You mean to tell me these two guys were on FOOT (prior to car-jacking) running around Cambridge which was CRAWLING with cops .running hard with heavy backpacks full of bombs, guns, ammo, etc? I just CANNOT buy it. Then, the story switched to….the fact that they had “OTHER” cars full of ammo placed around the neighborhood in Watertown..?? This too makes no sense. Anyway, please forgive this ramble…..Here is what I WOULD DEMAND to see UNEDITED, and with MY OWN eyes….1.Survaellance from the 7-11 and what happened to the suspect….2. Surveillance from MIT (they have it. Boston University owns it for some reason)….3. Surveillance from both the Mobile and the Shell including interview with carjack victim. 4. Dashcams of chase. 5. A good reason WHY they didn’t let the dogs follow the blood trail to the boat (he was bleeding, right?)……I also just learned today, that #1 had a best friend and two other friends that were all professionally murdered on sept 12 of 2011 (which was the day after he got citizenship I think)…the friends were murdered and left with pot on them and 5 grand to make it look like a drug related. I don’t think the older bro had anything to do with the killing. I think it was a THREAT meaning “we mean business”….The FBI have had him under their thumbs for YEARS and killed his friends (I would imagine), and maybe they threatened him with killing his child and wife if he didn’t do the job, OR maybe told him to just take the hit on the “PIC” and they would protect him. Thursday night, they moved in, the bro’s either fled, or WERE NEVER IN THOSE CARS to begin with and were being HELD in WATERTOWN till the rest of the chase caught up after they were fucked up and released by FBI….The poor REAL cops did a great job…and prob still have no idea. This is just a small theory of mine which begins at THE 7-11 ROBBERY which I do NOT believe. The timeline is too tight, and it’s TOO coincidental. Whoever organized this surely was NOT from Boston….but shit, the CHief from Watertown must be in his pocket. LIES. They BETTER show the surveillance. ALL of it.

  34. 19 yar old brother did not go to Russia for 6 mos.. He don’t know jack crap anyway. He was just following big bro around. That is whyhe still breaths now. The need somone to go to the chair and looklike they did something.

    • My theory is they might not even be dead. That they are using them as leverage to get the dad to do something he likely didn’t want to do for them.

  35. In your first photo- 1/6th page down- you missed the two characters in the center- the white haired man smiling …at the carnage?
    and the man with the black cap is holding what looks like a backpack.
    They’re both standing and looking …not bothering to run.

    Also, you said the 19 yr old with the white cap, “is leading the pack.”

    No he’s notg, there are others in from of him…he’s in the middle.

  36. I wonder why @J_tsar twitter account is still up..I thought they usually would have swarmed in on that and shut it down especially on a big case like this? christ he now has 97,170 followers.

  37. Great summary of the inconsistencies in the case as we know it. I also think that the after-photo suggests Dzhokhar may have had his backpack still on, because the colors on the hardly visible right shoulder have a similar light-dark-light color pattern as his backpack strap in other photos. On prior photos, he had been wearing it on the right shoulder, and even in this photo he seems to be leaning slightly to the right.:

    Besides, an exact same backpack was found in his apartment during search:

  38. Two israeli doctors, a jewish hospital?….Could it be, far-fetched perhaps, that the “Chechen” terrorist is an israeli agent and is being debriefed at the hospital by the israeli doctors/agents? Me wonders.

  39. […] Boston Bombing: MSM Creates New Official Story – Video of Dzhokhar Planting Bomb is Forgotten […]

    • Yeah, I read that earlier today and was not suprised. All this pretense about wanting to bring these guys in alive to get intel and to find out what happened, all this talk about only using “flash-bangs” to stun Jahar, and all the stories planted that he had shot back at police from inside the boat (when he had no weapons and had probably just crawled in there to die), were lies. Today I also read headline saying that the brothers intended to go to NYC to “party” after hijacking that dude’s car. But when I read the article, no evidence was cited in support of the headline. It was just a speculative comment made by an official in NYC, if I recall correctly. Probably the same dude who fabricated the “I’m the Joker” story.

  40. So far, everything that has been reported in the immediate aftermath, when the shitizens were glued to TV sets for the big show, has been contradicted by reality that is trickling in.

    Since most of the claims have been spread by msm, in most cases the “officials” always have deniability. And the statements they made personally can be either buried and forgotten about, or can be declared a classified national security issue….

    While the big operation is going on, they just throw piles of lies at us as fast as they can make them up And, since the msm is not asking the questions many of us want answers to, there is only one thing that sticks to the public’s minds… GUILTY!!! And it is the only thing that matters…

    People just move on… The ending of the action movie they performed live for the public ended on a good note after all… Fugitives killed and captured… Police and FBI are applauded on the streets and across nation for their smooth operation, the victims are posing for cameras in hospital beds with big smiles… Dzokhar confessed and said they did it alone, so nothing to be scared of… Operation complete… Done and dusted!

    Now, they will start tying all the loose ends, make things, evidence, people, witnesses appear or disappear as needed, and with the help of msm smoke and mirrors will push this one through as well… And, if and when scrutiny from public gets a little too threatening, they can always put everyone in line with a copycat bomber here, a failed attempt there…. And then there will be the NEXT BIGGER THING… And even well meaning people who still challenge the official narrative will ultimately stop asking because they will be focusing on the psyop of the day. (Seen many comments or reporting about JJholmes or Lanza lately?)

  41. While most of us are busy with the microanalysis of the Boston events, I thought I would share a macroanalysis with you. One of the best I have read so far.

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