Boston Bombing: Updates

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by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: It’s a “new war” with al Qaeda… the same guys we are using to destabilize Syria. Warmongering Rep Peter King says “Many al-Qaida groups are using Americans with clean records.”

There are new photos released by CNN from someone in a vantage point just above where the first bomb detonated. He was taking pictures out his window of the finish line. One thing that is clear, had that bomb gone off 2 hours earlier at the end of the race, the casualty numbers would have been dramatically higher. So why would a terrorist wait til the crowd thinned out? Also, more pics of the guy in the cowboy hat but I can’t see the “wheelchair guy”

“Experts” are claiming this has all the hallmarks of a “lone wolf” attack.

Photos of the pressure cooker bomb have been released. Yesterday I addressed the issue of the pressure cooker bomb and the coincidental MSM report just last month about the Inspire magazine booklet detailing how to make them. What a coincidence, huh?

President Obama has declared this an “act of terror” even though the FBI has no idea who did it… or why. “Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is an act of terror,” . What does that make the fire bombing of Japan or Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Dresden? How about drone warfare? Does that make Barack Obama a terrorist?

The spin is already out there that this act “brings the war to the American homeland” which I am sure will certainly be followed up by the complete rejection of Posse Comitatus which just happened to be authorized by Obama signing the NDAA 2012.

The “homegrown terrorist” angle is at play already in Billionaire Bloomberg’s propaganda rag: “Someone’s “friend, neighbor or coworker” concealed bombs in two heavy, dark bags and dropped them near the Boston Marathon finish line, authorities said, as an investigation still in its early stages turned to the possibility of a homegrown terrorist.” That’s right. Get ready for midnight raids on your neighbor’s house.

Just like the Aurora Massacre and the Clackamas Town Center Shooting and the Sandy Hook Shooting, there appears to be no motive. Unless of course you consider justifying a police-state crack-down to be a motive.


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6 Responses

  1. Cui bono

    • Purely from a social and political science perspective, acts of violence such as this one, which is void of any real support from even the most ardent support of the politics or ideology that act pretends to represent, only and only benefits those who hold power.

      Most of us usually take an intellectual shortcut when defining the benefactor (and very likely also the perpetrator) of the destabilization act and call it “the government”, or this party or that… But the groups that wield power are rarely in the government. They just buy themselves one.

      • I try to avoid “the government” response. Government is after all just people, and even a family or the local church or corporation is a government, and say that the government is evil, is saying we all are, as even I alone in the wilderness is a government, called an anarchy (in its purest form). But yes, I agree some faction in or around power, seeking more power and riches. Terrorist too, usually have some agenda that they make a statement about for reason to do the deed to begin with, and yet we have none, which seem rather SOP for the last greater decade..

  2. If in fact the bombs where placed in bags and set down somewhere among the crowd of onlookers, the perp. knew he/she would probably be photographed at some point. The bags would not be able to just sit there before the crowd gathered for the marathon, as they would probably have been removed as suspicious items.
    Very likely the bomber has already been published in some amateur photograph floating around the net and most likely in this case, that could have been intentional.

    • The man with the bag has allegedly been spotted by officials combing through CCTV footage.
      ¨they have the face but not the name of someone seen on video leaving a black bag near the scene of the blasts.¨
      If we read this carefully, the ¨someone¨ mentioned here, left a bag near the scene of the blasts not on the scene of the blasts¨
      I think the media is starting to get prepared to release the front page photograph soon.
      Meantime, the pressure cooker bomb device is still being mentioned.
      ¨Investigators have said the two bombs were housed in metal containers — at least one a kitchen pressure cooker — and studded with metal, including fine nails or brads, to make the devices more lethal. Burke said that doctors are making the fragments available to police.¨ – from nbcnews.

  3. As the official narrative shapes up and their wording becomes clearer, it is looking like the main objective of this false flag is to fill up the streets and public spaces of the country with surveillance cameras.

    In a way, what the underwear bomber did for body-scanners, the Boston bombing shall do for cameras. Smart ones that can tell who you are, if you are acting suspicious, and if you harbor un-American, thoughts or if your underwear is clean…

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