Boston Bombing: The “No Real Victims” “Crisis Actors” Disinfo Has Started Early

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by Scott Creighton

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You don’t need conspiracy theorists. Just take the Feds at their word and you’ll see it.

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UPDATE: As I have stated, the young man in the wheelchair who lost both of his legs is not a “Crisis Actor” and it is not disabled vet Nick Vogt. His name is Jeff Bauman. His father found out about his injuries by seeing a picture of his son on the news.

UPDATE: check out Angelo’s photo comparison looking at the location of the man in the wheelchair and some of the other victims. “Wheelchair guy” seems to be gone and the black woman victim shifts over and lies in his blood for some reason. it is odd to say the least.

UPDATE: please read –

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UPDATE: There are reports that the explosives were place in pressure cookers with nails and ball bearings as shrapnel.

“We started grabbing tourniquets and started tying legs. A lot of people amputated. … At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing.” Roupen Bastajian, a state trooper from Smithfield, R.I.

UPDATE: Two brothers each lost one leg in the attack.


Years ago a guy by the name of Phil Jayhan contacted me about his 9/11 “research”. I was somewhat known in the Truth movement and he wanted to see if he could get me to bite on his theory that there were actually no victims in the attack on 9/11; that it was all just a rouse and the Twin Towers were actually hollow. His “evidence” consisted of some pics of various victims who slightly resemble other living human beings. Needless to say, I didn’t bite.

“About a week ago I was googling FDNY/9/11 and came across a forum called LetsRoll. Its run by Phil Jayhan.

Thinking this was a pro FDNY site I began to read posts by Phil and several others and soon became disgusted. Me being a retired NYC Firefighter was taken aback that not just one but many people believe that Firefighters were not killed on 9/11 at the World Trade Center and are in fact fraudulently collecting death benefits while in hiding.” GLP 2011

But his particularly insulting spin on disinformation has taken hold, probably because it is so offensive.

Yes, there are such things as Crisis Actors and yes, it looks like one or two of the mass casualty events in the current American Gladio operation were theatrically staged… a “Wag the Dog” production if you will.

But that is not to say that they ALL have been or that every event that takes place must be filtered through that lens right off the bat.

You will see some graphic photos in this article and clear evidence to suggest that unless the planners of these “Wag the Dog” events have gotten much better at their craft, it appears this was a real event with real explosives (though it would seem that low explosives were used as Blues points out) and real victims.

And oh yes, please stop saying that the guy in the wheelchair is Nick Vogt… it isn’t. The photo comparison I did proves that. [graphic images follow so be warned]

Here we are though with “alternative” sites posting multiple threads about “Crisis Actors” and fake wounds in Boston. The following is posted on Godlike Productions.  It’s doubly insulting to the average person because it claims the victim is faking his horrific wounds and is actually a veteran to boot.

The following photos can be found on the Huffington Post’s article, here. There are 200 or so rarely seen images, some worse than the ones I reproduced here. I neglected to post this link before. Sorry about that.

The photo this person chose to use is not the best one out there to use to compare him to the wounded vet. This one is…

boston 5

This is a recent picture of wounded vet Nick Vogt:

boston 6

boston 10

As you can clearly see, they are not the same guy.

If you wish to continue with the disinfo campaign of denying victims in this mass casualty event, just take a look at a couple of these photos. That one girl has her leg blown off and laying beside her. In another image, the victim from the wheelchair is lying on the ground and you can see his leg, the supposedly fake wound, all the way up to his ass. In one photo you can see what appears to be his shoe and foot lying next to another victim.

You will notice a pattern in these wounds: they are lower extremity wounds and the victims are in close proximity to one another. This is extremely consistent with bombing victims. The closer they are to one another, the more similar their wounds are in location on their bodies. This is not the kind of detail “Crisis Actors” planning teams would be capable of scripting. They would go for the more dramatic as opposed to sticking with physics.

boston 7

boston 8

boston 9

As I have stated, there are cases where certain events seem to have been staged… this is not one of them. Anyone (like this ass) (and this ass) suggesting that Nick Vogt, wounded veteran, is involved in faking this event, should immediately retract that statement and apologize for it.

Disinfo agent Phil Jayhan would be pleased, but no one else will.


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UPDATE: As an answer to one of the reader’s question, the photo below is posted…

boston 13


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  1. Good post. I agree — the imagery certainly suggests this event was all too real.

    In fact, I think this is kind of an indication as to the amount of theater employed in some of these American Gladio attacks. Where was the blood at Sandy Hook? This is what a real mass casualty event looks like.

    • Lower extremity wounds tend to bleed a lot from what I understand. Large veins and the wounds don’t typically kill immediately which leaves the heart pumping and blood flowing. There is actually another young man in the photos above who had one of his legs blown completely off just above the calf as well laying right above the “wheelchair guy”. The poor young lady lying there near him as well seems to have lost one of her legs at the same point, just below the knee. There is a pic of a guy running away with both his pant’s legs ripped open… this is clearly real.

      • Some very heart-breaking photos. I’m praying for the protection of everyone there even if I don’t know who I’m praying to.

        One of the dead victims was eight years old.

      • It seems the guy running away may be a suspect. Just saw photos and info on London’s Daily Mail. Also has images of what may be the bomb just seconds before explosion.

      • Yo I’m pretty sure that one picture is a fake where it only shows half the person…I’m not doubting that there weren’t any victims like that, but I am a retired Combat Medic and I can tell you that blast wound, an the position of the victim, just don’t look right…maybe I’m wrong but did anyone else think the same thing when they saw it?

        – Aaron

        • @Aaron if you are suggesting the man in the wheelchair is an actor or this was fake and in the same breath claim to be a Combat Medic, I worry. His name is Jeff Brauman from Chelmsford, MA. He is 27 years old and the boyfriend of my friend. He’s lost both legs below the knee and doesn’t even realize it yet! Seriously, he’s been in an out of surgery and sedated heavily since Monday. We are all heartbroken. Check his facebook page or better yet, That is a site raising money for what is soon to be a long arduous life. You don’t have to donate, but please at least educate yourself on the matter. That there is a real human being who is suffering.

          • Sorry about your friend. I included his name and a link to an article about his father this morning to the top of this article. Again, sorry for your loss.

            • This was no ¨loss¨ by the full meaning of it, but it is certainly a loss. This mans life is taking an extremely unexpected turn, and his tragedy bears the potential to affect many life’s.
              This was and keeps on being a devastatingly mad affair – murder and mayhem from the blitz of boston to the backstage of the middle east.
              I hope your friend will recover Katrice and I hope also that you have’nt to defend him against against trolls and hysterics for long – thank you for sharing your voice here for us to see.

          • Thank you for sharing the donation links. I’m amazed that this guy survived considering his injuries. It seems in the photos he was aware his legs were gone so to hear that he still doesn’t know is saddening…

          • excuse me but his recent photos after 6 days of loss of no legs looks really happy all smiling even the people around him looks all happy whats wrong with this picture?

            • he’s happy because the charity set up for him already collected $600k and you know the city is picking up his tab for his hospital and rehab. $600k and that is too say nothing of whatever Bloomberg is paying him for going along with the story that it was him who fingered those boys in the first place. After the remainder of the money comes in and he gets the book deal (ghost written of course) and after that the made for TV movie deal, he will never have to work another day in his life.

            • I agree – people can say whatever they want to – doesn’t make it true. The way things are now, one HAS to use one’s own eyes and powers of observation and discriminaiton, NOT simply believe what people say . Tis is a truth sandwich – some actual some fake – why is the wheelchair guy – who never anywhere in any film spurts arterial blood – the only limb-loser who has achieved mass photo-coverage? – The black woman on the gurney has NO blood on her whatsoever when sh’e on the ground leaning up against wheelchair guy, but on the burney, she’s got loads over her face, neck etc.Why is wheelchair guy still conscious ? Why no trail of blood as he gets pushed along BTW with no saline drip – he would be in massive shock.
              These are simply reasonable questions and are in no way meant to detract from the suffering of folk on the day. If such questions are not adequately answered, whoever did it will more likely do it again.

              • When you suffer trauma as Jeff did, your body slows the blood to your extremities; parasympathetic response. You have probably felt this happen to your body after any close call. The body keeps the blood going to your vital organs. His saving grace is that the wounds were below his knees, unlike the young woman that died. Her wounds were to her thighs and probably severed her femural artery. Plus, the rescuer is holding his exposed artery closed. Having worked EMS for 15 years, my impression is that he was in shock. The ashen color of his skin is a tall tale sign. Perhaps reading up on how the human body responds to trauma will help you understand more clearly.

                • The other thing to take into consideration is heat. As we all saw in the blast, the orange flames reached up pretty high. Whatever the explosive, it was rather hot, as one can tell from the charring on his upper legs seen in some of the images. My guess is that some of the wounds were cauterized. But that is just a guess.

          • And yet we are supposed that despite the loss of his limbs and his state of shock that he could positively ID the alleged bombers/patsies? Maybe in the movies, but not real life.

            The photos clearly show a man with a gray hoodie and sunglasses removing a prothesis from Jeff, which can be seen in multiple photos draped between his shoulder and a black woman who is trying to shield them. There is no blood in these photos. These actors disappear (removing the prosthetic) and return moments later where they can be seen laying on the ground, the black woman covered in fake blood. (I am a woman who know whats blood on fabric looks like after it has been exposed to air a few minutes.) She appears to be in shock.

            There were private military contractors on site, men who stood by and did nothing while the victims writhed in pain. The University of Mobile Track Coach said he heard “It’s only a drill!” before and after the bomb went off. There was a bomb drill scheduled for that very day and an explosive device went off in front of the library.

            You can claim to be anyone you want to be, but how do we know that you are not a crisis actor? Or maybe you have been blackmailed into providing a cover? Or maybe you do not exist as a person at this moment, just a PR creation. Reality is a questionable thing these days. Claims to be a friend just don’t cut it, especially when Jeff is getting paid a nice amount of money for ratting out two men who most likely had nothing to do with the bombing. He doesn’t sound like a very honorable person to me.

            • Agree Kelly – see my above post before I saw yours. As for “witnesses” – look at Sandy Hook and all the “grieving parents” who spent most of their very un-tearful interviews smiling a lot.

        • hi aaron, as a retired combat medic maybe you can answer a question i’m asking myself while viewing these pictures : shouldn’t there be blood gushing from all those severed limbs ? As i understand it the heart would still be pumping blood to the legs until pressure is applied on the extremity.

          • It’s not some conspiracy that some guy who almost immediately (maybe after 2 minutes after the blast) had people trying to help get him medical care would survive the amount of blood he lost in a country with some of the best medical care in the world.

            Here are more examples of people experiencing severe harm to their legs and many of them go on to not die because of it, even though the receive worse medical care:

            [VERY NSFW]:

            • Agree, I always remind myself of the time I read about the trenchwars from WW1, many died and many went back home crippled and severly disfigured. Hard to believe that the survivors in those trenches always got the medical attention in a matter of seconds, or that they had the good luck of finding themselves on a gurney.

          • I’m not Aaron, but it’s because of the parasymphathetic response. When you are involved in a trauma, your body protects your vital organs by reducing blood flow to your extremities. The veins and arteries can constrict as well where they have been severed.

        • This is so staged. It is a joke. People are not that stupid. Unfortunately the USA is no longer the powerful place they pretended to be and the rest of the world knows that. It is a shame governments will go to such lengths for greed and power.

    • [removed for being purposefully offensive to injured parties]

      • [removed for being purposefully offensive to injured parties. I do not tolerate that brand of disinfo. go to Phil Jayhan’s bullshit site for that crap]


    • Have you seen the picture of JB jr with Brad Cooper at the hospital? Looks like a totally different guy.

    • Except there is a couple fatal flaws in these pictures one the girl disappears in some of the pictures. Like she isn’t laying in between him and the red cup and 2 he doesn’t have facial hair on the ground but does in the chair. And if you watch the video black girl is in stretcher that comes soon as second bomb goes off. So you say bs they picked up the black chick before they picked up no legged guy? Call me crazy. But you need to re think this. Go watch the videos girl doesn’t move before him

    • You don’t explain or show anything about the grey hooded guy putting on a strap on to Jeff’s stump seconds after the blast.

  2. Thanks Scott, I didn’t bother turning anywhere else for info on this event.

  3. What I’m wondering is where is their patsy. They have a 20 year old Saudi who claims no responsibility. Unless he is going to be killed by Jack Ruby, I doubt he is the one they will pin this on.

    • It seems as if they set up all kinds of “alternative routes” that they could take this plot-line.

      It happened on Patriots’ Day and very close to Tax Day. A few days from Waco and OKC, and only five days from Hitler’s birthday. I was thinking they’d blame it on some far-right group and use that as a pretext for a wave of NDAA-style repression.

      The usage of a “dark-skinned” patsy and the early report of a Saudi national being arrested suggests that they might go with the Muslim thing. Would definitely help to give the defense budget the boost that the military-industrial goblins are starving for.

      Then again they could can both plotlines and go with the trusty old “lone nut” shit. Maybe this endless parade of “lone nuts” has as much to do with “reform of the psychiatric system” as it has to do with gun control.

      • Great points, Simon. I completely agree that this one could go any number of ways and perhaps serve several purposes and agendas at once, just like many of the other most recent false flags

        What’s odd to me is that no person or group has yet stepped forward to “lay claim” to the bombings. I wonder whether that’s because the decision has not yet been made as to whom to pin this on. The bombings alone, while horrific, do not go very far to inflict lasting terror on the public without an associated “bogeyman” (or “bogeygroup” as it were) that could strike again at any time.

    • The patsy will be a gun rights “nut” maybe even a truther who blogs or vlogs about Sandy Hook being a hoax. Mark my words.

      • I agree. They will use this to clamp down on internet freedom (CISPA II is up in a couple of days) and I also believe they will use this to attempt to show that people who openly disagree with the conventional wisdom of whatever given propaganda is out there are “mentally deficient” and therefore a danger to society at large (i.e. “terrorists”)

  4. It’s now being reported that the FBI is going over cell phone tower records in search of clues.

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  6. Good post.

    In fact this attack can be juxtaposed against the Sandy Hook ‘shooting’ to illustrate the difference between a staged attack and a real one.

    Keep pushing the truth.

    Carol A. Valentine

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  8. Nice job, nice post, I had try to clarify this one this morning, at first I try to compare the face and I try to found other pics and I found your post. I don’t expected to find truly truthful pictures here.
    It’s clearly not the same guy and clearly the real life…
    All my respect to all families and you have doing a great job for fight for the truth !!

  9. Remember Gabby Giffords? That paint is too red. The runner with the bionic lowerleg is splattered convincingly with the red paint. All the pictures look staged. The bomb blast was too weak to account for much of everything.

    I must disagree – this seems to be a fake false-flag with actors.

    That dead six year-old – who says except the lying zioMSM.

    They will pin it on the Oathkeepers and any other 2nd Amendment supporters.

    • Arguing that the victims are not real is a waste of time and a distraction. Feels like trolls / shills.

      • I totally agree!

      • Of course this is madness. Paranoia by the bushel.

        But that is what drives every Far Right organization from the Birch Society & Clones to NRA to Leadership Institute to Heritage to whatever is left of the Klan.

        What they are really up to is defending the 12% effective tax rate on corporations and the effective 15% tax rate on those billionaires who can’t get out of paying taxes altogether.

        Boston is almost certainly a domestic crime. Black powder is for amateurs.

    • I seem to be having some issues posting so I apologize if this is repeated but people who are saying that this is all actors and no one was hurt are obviously trying to derail / distract / make fun of etc….trolls/shills etc…

      • sorry. almost everyone is. I am trying to stay on top of getting comments out of the spam folder as fast as I can. Sorry for the mix-up but it’s with WordPress..

    • [removed for being purposefully offensive to injured parties. I do not tolerate that brand of disinfo. go to Phil Jayhan’s bullshit site for that crap]

    • I agree. Why are there only still photos of these people? Where are the photos of the actual killed? Photos can be photo shopped and even film can be modified with greenscreen technology. The impact point in some pictures is not where the Jeff B. person was standing, yet he claims that the bomber placed the bag at his feet. There was nails and ball bearings yet no one has these types of injuries in any of the videos *(the runners didnt get hit and they ran right past it) or pictures. The blood is really fake-looking. They put Jeff on a wheelchair not a stretcher. People are standing around taking pictures and giving attn to people with lesser wounds while Jeff is just lying there. There was a drill going on at the same time as the race. There were bomb sniffing dogs yet they didnt sniff out these bombs. People were being told to stay calm, its only a drill. No flags were ripped off or even much bothered by the so-called massive explosion. Im sorry I mean no disrespect but this just sounds too fishy to me. Things dont add up if you look at the reports.

      • I, too, have been puzzling over the lack of attention in all the pics to the person who was the most seriously wounded and keeps struggling on his own on the ground.

        This doesn’t make any sense to me.

        And yes, if both legs of a person are blown off, what could suddenly stop the bleeding by itself? The bleeding would continue massively until blocked by someone with something, yet no one is treating this guy on the ground.


        • May I quote the following, which sounds highly credible:

          “I’ve studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. I’ve been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal bleeding, fatalities, doa’s. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma. […]

          If you loose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, youre dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see what’s called arterial spurtting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the “tourniquet”…

          Its not even tied off, its suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There’s no pressure applied. There’s no knott with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts) His hands have no blood on them. There’s no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.”

          • These are all good points. I am not even attempting to argue them. And I admit, I first saw that collection of images of him being ignored by the first responders and thought that seemed very odd indeed. In fact, they moved the bodies around so much, I wondered if he wasn’t Photoshopped into the scene. But since, I have seen his hair in one image, his leg in another, so I came to at least believe he was there. What was actually going on, is a mystery to me. But I don’t think our success in exposing this hinges on his injuries. I don’t. There are definitive points out there that cannot be argued and whether or not this man was pre-planted for effect is not the crux of our unofficial investigation into this. It just isn’t. He’s one part. Is it odd? Hell yes. Do I qualify as an emergency medical expert who can explain all of this? No. And honestly, I take every “expert” who comes out starting off with an appeal to authority with a grain of salt.

            • Thanks Willy!

              I’m no medical expert either, but my common sense just dictates that having one’s legs cut causes immense bleeding that just cannot stop by itself right after the injury. Connect that with every other strange aspect of this (such as the lack of attention to the person initially) and the fact that a drill was going on at the same time, the case of this sequence being staged becomes very strong.

              You’re right that getting to the bottom of this does not hinge on this, but I suggest not downplaying it either. These are important questions, and they should be asked in the context of the anti-terror drill that there is strong evidence of.

              • go to the link that User20 left… don’t read the asshole’s article, just look at the series of pictures. Watch that beautiful young woman’s last tortured moments in this life… then come back and tell me it was staged. I don’t mean to be rude but he was there from the beginning, it is clear in those images, and while the a-hole writes that his leg isn’t bleeding, his bone goes from white to red in a matter of a few frames. and that young woman dies.

                Mass casualty events do happen and they are brutal and merciless and cruel. But they do happen. There are some questions about other acts in this ongoing campaign, Sandy Hook for example, but you go look at those images. look at that woman. think about what you are seeing.

                • Why are you obviously appealing to people’s emtions to present evidence? There is nothing in the “frames” of the link you refer to that suggests anyone died or that it was an actual event. There are however a lot of items in the frames that contradict with what we know about trauma scenes and the human body. These should be addressed and debated. Investigation is about facts, not emotions and certainly not about pushing ones agenda as you so obviously are doing.

                • Hi Willy,

                  I understand what you mean. You’re referring to Krystle Campbell. You are right.

                  This analysis argued against staging, and I now find it quite convincing, especially in light of what happened to Krystle, who was close to Bauman.


                  • thank you for posting that. his argument is sound. But there is another aspect that many people seem to forget and that is, not all wounds are exactly alike. In this case, notice his leg just above the knee. What you see in all the photos is charring. Even low explosives like the one used (or supposedly used) create extremely high temperatures. High enough to cauterize some of the wounds. Not all and certainly not his femoral arteries, but much of the tissue would be cauterized in that fashion I think. Hard to say. The writer of the article you linked to certainly knows more about it all than I do. My first problems with the story about the guy centered on the fact that you couldn’t see him in some of the shots. Those new photos out there make it clear why that was… he was literally up against the injured woman and that other guy. again, this one guy does not or should not be the focus of anyone’s argument one way or the other. Based on what I see, his injuries are real enough. I wish his brother hadn’t helped the Feds by making that ridiculous statement about seeing the older brother, but in his position, I don’t know how I would react so I can’t be too harsh on him. I think sometimes people would rather believe it’s all staged. Seeing that young woman’s last few moments is troubling. At least it was for me which is why I did not post those pics here. But you know what I think of when I look at those? I think of all the other nations we ran operations like this in over the past 6 decades. all for the same reason they are being run now, here. I thank you for the link and the comment.

                    • Yes. I just wanted to clarify that, although real bombs exploded and the injuries are real (they were not staged), I feel that there are several reasons to doubt the official story, such as the bomb drill that was initially reported to have taken place simultaneously, the Craft Security personnel that was in high numbers in the location of at least the first blast, and the inconsistencies in what happened to the two suspects. And the one in custody is unable to speak? Now that’s convenient.

            • A quick Google search will provide you many examples of people who have survived their legs blown off by bombs and the “dead in two minutes” theory is not correct. Also, it has been reported that Jeff as the first casualty of the entire bombing to be treated at the hospital – within minutes.

              • I know that, but thank you. Yes, many people have survived such horrific injuries as the ones Jeff survived. They were wheeling him to the medical tent which was only 1 block away from the finish line. Then from there he went to the hospital.


      amputee actors exposed

      Length: 4:12

      • War as a commodity and amputees as enablers.

        • If you lose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, you’re dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue.

          • yes, flesh looked torn! so what are you saying? That they should have died more quickly? I would guess checking through stories out of WW1 could be helpful as of now.

        • These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone.

      • ad a second, make it 4.13

    • Do you even know how an explosion works? There doesn’t necessarily have to be fire and flame in order for it to be an explosion – and in fact, the most damaging part of the blast would have been the concussive shockwave, which would have ripped any soft targets apart (For example, human bodies?), This is to say nothing of the shrapnel, as well as what fire and flame there was.

  10. Unfortunately, things have gotten so ‘sick’ in this ‘movement’ that we have to show horrific imagines in order for people to realise the difference between a staged event and the real thing. Thanks for showing the images here…It had to be done. I am sick and tired of reading the ridiculous theories about ‘crisis actors’. Although I have no proof, this event appeared to be all too real. The fact that no one has yet to claim responsibility also seems to indicate something. What a sad day it is when terrorists resort to killing innocents instead of those …dare I say it…more deserving of a terrible fate such as that witnessed yesterday.
    Peace and best wishes to all in Boston tonight.

    • Thank you. There are CCTV images of whoever planted these weapons. There has to be. You know they made sure to have that system up and running for the marathon. So you know they exist. Why they haven’t released them as of yet is anyone’s guess.

      They were sure quick to release images of the wrong guy in the Times Square psyop.

      Usually, anti-government terrorists attack institutions. Gladio operations and destabilization campaigns (unconventional warfare) attack civilians.

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  12. pelo que entendi que as imagens ñ são verdadeiras ou nem todas sõ verdadeiras ?

    agradeço a resposta fk com DEUS !

  13. Someone at the press conference demanded to know why people were told to stay calm before the bombs went off (!) and asks if it was yet another false flag operation designed to remove civil liberties:

    Helps bolster my optimistic view that people aren’t buying this bullshit anymore. The Gladio operations are unraveling faster and faster each time.

  14. In all three photos that guy is not receiving any attention with that kind of wound. While in the wheelchair, how can’t he passed out after loosing so much blood?

    • he’s in shock and often wounds like his are sealed by the searing heat from the explosion. But then again, I am not a doctor so I don’t know what to expect from a scene like this one.

      • Why would anyone have a patient sit upright in a wheel chair when his lower leg is blown off? Very simply, the only way to transport these patients would be LEG ELEVATED to slow the bleeding by using gravity…so would someone who believes this is not moulage please enlighten me?

        • Do you think in a chaotic crisis like this, people have time to think about the best way to transport 30 people whose legs have just been blown off? No. They’re trying to get the hell out of dodge ASAP and to a facility where they can receive better care. I don’t think you would be yelling “conspiracy” if you had your legs blown off…

          • I agree with you Jon!

          • The woman in the white lab coat wheeling Jeff to an ambulance was wearing a “Physician” vest over her coat. I wonder why she took it off? Why would a physician transport someone with leg injuries in a wheelchair? There were plenty of stretchers at that point, as people with no injuries (like the black woman and hooded man with sunglasses) had stretchers. There were plenty of medics around (like 4 personnel to a victim) by the time Jeff had help.

            Just look at the photos of the hooded man, black woman, and Jeff’s prosthetic.

            Perhaps some of the injuries were real, but not this one.

        • Something about this entire thing smells to high heaven. When have you ever heard of someone with a blown off leg not bleeding? Some make the claim that it was cauterized, but obviously, the picture of them wheeling the guy out on the wheelchair shows ‘blood and gore’ (a cauterization is a burn that seals the wound). Something changed between these images and when they wheeled him out in front of the cameras.

      • well I was a nurse=========In a real medical scenario the amputee would receive immediate treatment or die from bleed out. The fact this actor woman is removed from the scene via stretcher while the double amputee is left on the ground is ludicrous. He would be dead from blood loss before they could even begin spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a stretched. Not to mention his blood loss would be over five litres, enough to cover the entire scene around these people in a thick puddle.

  15. Oh, and yesterday, while the networks were interviewing the doctors at ER, they all said that everything they found in the victims bodies was street stuff fragments. Today, suddenly, one doctor said they found lots of pellets on the victims bodies!!

    • Many of yesterday’s reports mentioned ball bearings, nails and metal shards long before any word of street debris. At least three hospitals involved so it is possible the doctor’s report you mention had not seen the other types of injuries.

      • These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston.

  16. Well meaning people, who are willing to entertain the idea that all this is fake (as opposed to disinfo agents, shills and trolls actively propagating the idea) seem to fail to open their minds fully.

    They seem to be willing to accept that governments do engage in false flag events to herd the sheeple in some direction or another, but fail to accept the fact that the same governments would not shy away form actually killing and/or hurting a few of its own people to advance their agenda. In fact , they do it everyday in many different shapes and forms… Therefore, all this blood and gore, all the sticking bones must be fake…

    I’ve also had just about enough with people who seem to find anyone and everyone who might remotely resemble any of the victims or witnesses and claim that they are not who they are… As Scott simply points out in this instance, most of the people they claim are actors bare no resemblance at all.

    At best, they are idiots… But more likely scenario would be that there are indeed actors who engage in pyops and false flag events, but by pushing it to the outrageously ridiculous level with the most obvious mismatches, they are poisoning the well and marginalizing the issue of crisis actors.

    It might be too soon to say, but judging by Obama’s speech right after the event, and the spin machine following that, it seems like this will be pinned on groups who identify themselves as patriots, truthers, preppers, militia… And I am afraid this is just the beginning of the domestic offensive to further destabilize the nation in preparation for all the outrageous acts in governing they are (and have been) engaging in.

    As most people are beginning to notice, a good portion of the citizens are not buying it anymore. But the flip side of that is, the more people who wake up and become aware, the more intense and frequent these “terrorist” acts will become.

    On a side note… I imagine like most of you who are familiar with the MO of these events, I spent last night scanning for any news of a drill happening at the same time. And right away, I hit the link at infowars reporting on an obscure tweet as if it’s a fact… I have seen too many times AJ making a total ass of himself like this, but it could still turn out to be true (and he will take full credit for breaking the news) and I am very interested in watching this unfold .

    On another side note:
    I hate to say it like this, but… Scott… as soon as I heard of the incident, you were literally my first thought… No exaggeration… So, I’m glad you chose to take a break from your break and write and report on this.

  17. […] If you wish to continue with the disinfo campaign of denying victims in this mass casualty event, just take a look at a couple of these photos. That one girl has her leg blown off and laying beside her. In another image, the victim from the wheelchair is lying on the ground and you can see his leg, the supposedly fake wound, all the way up to his ass. In one photo you can see what appears to be his shoe and foot lying next to another victim.  […]

    • That is great and all that you see some limbs placed about, either by a real explosion or by staging, unless you were there you really just don’t know. It is fine for people to debate the authenticity of the event. If there are inconsistencies then they should be debated so that the public can make an educated understanding of what actually happened. You are no better than those that question the actual facts if you are going to result to emotion as a means to present your evidence.

    • There are a number of men carrying large backpacks in the crowd before the explosion. It would be easy to toss out a prop or two to enhance the scene. There was a drill, after all. It was announced and even tweeted beforehand.

      The US staged 9-11, killed Kennedy, faked WMD, faked the Gulf of Tonkin, set up Pearl Harbor, and drops bombs around the world day and night, every day. Do you honestly think they wouldn’t fake this? Look what they got – a bunch of extremely liberal people to open their homes for illegal, unconstitutional, warrantless searches. Go Martial Law! Go USA!

  18. Everyone is so sick of your hate mongering conspiracy theories…why not get a life….or donate blood…

  19. OMG I’m terribly sorry about this whole accident Im……..speechless

  20. OMG – what a bad fake. This forum seems to be a training camp for paid actors. If you do your disinfo job here good, maybe you get a high paid job on the street like Vogt you think? But when you do such jobs, you dont just receive payment, you have to pay your soul first. Remember Kids.

  21. Loved your words but couldn’t help but notice you picked the worse picture of him for a comparison. There are 12 other photos of Mr. Vogt easily found on the internet that DO look like the guy in the wheelchair – the only one that doesn’t (clean shaven, clean cut) is the one you used.

    • unless he has had major facial reconstructive surgery, it’s NOT the same guy… obviously. why don’t you push the Family Guy disinfo for a while for a change?

    • Go the fuck away, disinfo agent.

    • There were literally hundreds of witnesses, and the explosions were filmed live and felt by tens of thousands of people within a mile of them. Were they all “crisis actors” too you dumb fuck?

      • Ha! you are dumbf$%^. It is obvious the bomb was real but the photos of the more severe injuries are obviously fake. Can’t you figure it out numbnuts? There is a blend of real and fake. The more severe ones and the ones with pools of blood are obviously fake. Where are the foot prints? Why is there no blood on the bottom of anyone’s shoes or clothes? They wouldn’t be moving that guy with a lost leg in a wheelchair!!! They would stabilize him, get him in a stretcher add an IV etc. It is likely he would have back injuries too and everyone knows not to move someone who might have back injury until you get a neck brace. Also, people tend to pass out when they go in to shock after losing a limb. This is a huge fake and you all have your heads so far up your asses you can’t get it.

    • Do you all end everything you say with dumb fuck? What I said is the same thing people said to me when I shared his article (that I already said I liked) on facebook.

      Seems to me the dumb fucks are the only ones responding and they aren’t saying anything of value other than to call me a dumb fuck. Oh the joy of trolls.

      Dumb fucks! LMAO!

  22. Who cares about the semantics. It was a false flag like 9/11

  23. Are you people really so slow that you think a staged event can’t have real victims AND some actors to help give interesting tear jerking stories to manipulate emotion? I mean, REALLY, what are the odds of the FACE of this tragedy being an 8 yr old girl who just so COINCIDENTALLY happened to be there in honor of the Sandy Hook victims (Play on your emotions AND tie in with another staged event designed to scare you into giving up your liberties)………Please don’t be fooled people.

    • you’re an idiot,…

    • Good point Harry I’m beginning to recognize those who use logic around here and those that don’t and blatantly use name calling for the most part

      • Harry really DOES NOT have a good point. Have you two even been watching/reading the same reports as the rest of the world?
        This entire statement of Harry’s in completely and utterly inaccurate; “what are the odds of the FACE of this tragedy being an 8 yr old girl who just so COINCIDENTALLY happened to be there in honor of the Sandy Hook victims”

        I saw the INCORRECT picture and story of that also, and it took VERY little research to know this was entirely untrue. A bunch of idiots put it out there and it was QUICKLY called out and stopped. That was never the “face of this tragedy” if you had half a brain and the ability to think.

  24. Perhaps there are some hidden messages here. As Scott alluded to, this pretty much proves Sandy Hook was a hoax. See how much blood there is? Where was all the blood in Sandy Hook? Yeah, guns aren’t bombs, yada yada yada, yet the fact remains; Sandy Hook looked positively sterile compared to this crime scene.

    If there are factions dueling among the shadow government, this is how it might play out to the public.

    • I think different types of ops serve different purposes. Another thing to consider are the intended victims. They wanted a slaughter at a school to be the final straw for the gun control measures, and therefore the kids had to be the victims. It may have been easier to work the Wag the Dog op than actually killing them. If it was staged. In this case, it was staged for minimal fatalities high numbers of casualties and lots of blood. Knew it would have visual impact. again, I am not convinced at this point that Sandy Hook was completely staged but more and more it seems to be looking like at least a good part of it was. This however is altogether too real. and unfortunately, it’s only the beginning of what looks like a bloody summer of American Gladio

  25. if you think this was a hoax then my god wow how stupid and you think he does not look in shock I was awake, with my eyes open I got told but was in a black out stage when I got my leg blown off

  26. lol america is really full of nuts, you have the ones who go on a killing rampage and the ones who believe the government hired 2000+ actors to stage this public massacres lolololol


    Et si des agents de l’ État US cherchaient à orienter le publique sur la piste d’ un attentat truqué avec des acteurs pour pouvoir mieux discréditer l’ opposition, alors qu’ il est si facile d’ organiser un vrai attentat à la bombe ?

    Pourquoi se compliquer la vie, juste pour épargner quelques citoyens américains ?


    And if agents of the US State tried to direct public on the track(runway) of an attack(attempt) forged with actors to be better able to compromise the opposition, while ‘ it is so easy to organize a real bomb attack?

    Why to do things the hard way, just to save(spare) some American citizens?

  28. two completely different noses you dolt..

  29. that looks nothing like the man in the photo. the nose is length of the face doesnt match at all. nothing looks similar, only that the legs are gone

  30. Hi, where did the black lady go?

    • In one of the photos, I saw her loaded up on a gurney pretty early in the process.

      • So they loaded the black lady on the gurney and left Jeff on the ground with his legs missing and then put him in a wheel chair? that’s messed up.

        • I’m looking at more photos. you might be onto something. What is missing in that photo is the guy with both legs blown off. He should be right where the black woman is. It’s a timeline issue. I have seen a pic with the black woman on a gurney about to be taken out of there with him on the ground behind her but that doesn’t make sense with this photo. If she was taken first, he should be in that photo with them, but clearly he is not. It’s very odd. I also find it odd that someone with horrific wounds like those is not being treated before others with what at least appear to be lesser wounds. It is odd, I will grant that much.

          [edit: found it. that pic is here ( ) and it looks like he is already gone at least he’s not in the photo]

          • Take a look at this.

            So if he went first, in a wheelchair, did the black lady walk past and slip on the blood???


            I think this is worthy of investigation, i can’t make sense out of this.

            • did you also notice who is standing there on the left? Yep, that’s “Tex”… the guy who wheeled him to the photo op. So he wheeled him somewhere and came back just to stand there holding his hat? it is odd, odd that she is there and he isn’t, but again, his wounds were more serious so it makes sense they would take him first. Why she ended up over there in the blood he was in, is very strange, but remember, they are all still in shock. So, by itself, not proof… but definitely odd.

              • Yeah, look at Cowboy hat man, he is still holding a “clean” US flag in the top pic. Later in other shots, it soiled with blood???
                I’m not really suggesting anything but it is very odd and i would like answers.

                • willy, you could update this post with the link i posted above.

                  • Here are more pics – Warning graphic


                    willyloman, look at pic 13, the black lady on the gurney. It’s difficult to orientate, use the coke bottle and running shoe for perspective.

                    • bumping to save.

                    • if you look at pic 6 in that group, you can barely see him, his curly hair and dark sleeves, behind the girl who died. That’s one of the earliest pictures of that scene. I don’t think there is any doubt that he was actually there from the start. thanks

                    • Just have to comment here – the black lady didn’t slip in the blood, she was standing near Jeff before the bomb. When it went off, she was in between Jeff and the guy with the hood on and sunglasses. If you’ll notice, she was taken away on a gurney with peach color sheets. You can see the gurney in several pictures with Jeff still on the ground, they took her long before. I would really like someone to explain why he was lying there with no legs while the woman behind him (she and her daughter were hurt) is being attended to with a lesser injury? I know we don’t know how many minutes went by but the black lady was there between him and hoodie/sunglasses but they took her first. Also, cowboy guy wasn’t the first to arrive, there were a lot of other people there first. He stood there for quite awhile (until after black woman was taken away) before assisting Jeff. Why did they take the black lady away on a gurney, with all of her body parts still attached (and her orange purse) and a giant pc. of gauze over her belly but take Jeff away on a wheelchair AFTER her, no bandages with a civilian attending him? Meanwhile, hoodie/sunglasses is just lying there like he’s sunbathing. What a strange bunch of photos.

                    • Good spot willy. Checkout the 2nd to last pic, you get and overhead look at the scene. Cowboy hat guy is still there, the blak lady is being attended to, but i can’t make out Jeff in that scene.

                    • I would love to know why they did not or could drive ambulances right to the scene of ground zero instead of having to wheel people on gurneys and wheel chairs down the street?

                    • Another view. Cowboy hat guy is just behind the lamp post and the black lady is on the gurney.
                      I can only guess Jeff must still be squirming around on the ground with his legs blown off but noone think he’s a priority???

            • get this… why is the guy in the sunglasses and hoodie being checked out by someone in blue medical gloves but Jeff is all alone? And where is the black lady in that pic?? I could be missing her but I swear I don’t see her at all… Any trained medical professional would have attended to the worst victim first as long as he wasn’t dead (triage)… damn damn damn. It’s confusing, but undeniably bad all the way around.

          • Your comments seem to coincide that the Boston Bomb photos were doctored by photo revisionists. Their art is to doctor a photo to conform with a doctored story of a crooked journalist. Congratulations to you. It appears that you caught some Boston Bombing media lies! Right on!
            Other bright inquiring thinking folks are beginning to doubt what the media has been told to say. Was this disaster actually planned and executed by our very own federal government? The British are suspect in this affair because their leaders have expressed their deep long-term intention that the rebellious United States of America will be recovered as a part of the British Commonwealth. Perhaps a sly joke that a “Second Boston Tea Party” has been sparked and terrorism, poverty and complete bankruptcy will (the betraying Brits hope and think) will defeat and sign the death warrant of America.
            I hope this content is just the railing empty opinions of some fool on the hill with a vivid imagination.and some old score against the British Empire, the lying world media and the psychopathic monster called the “Military-Industrial Complex” about which President Dwight Eisenhauer warned Americans on November 22, 1960.

  31. U are n Idiot.
    Can’t u see the injured Guy looks nothing like the other pictures.
    25 to 30 people lost at least a leg or an ankle and you are thinking this is all fake?
    Go to the Hospital and see for your self I can insure u the guy is fighting for his life right now.

  32. It’s amazing that people can actually believe the CIA grabbed Nick Vogt, made him up to look like a bomb victim, and then what? whisked him to the bomb site so the Texas dude who helped so many people could quickly run with him in front a handy reporter?

    The people who are making out it’s Nick Vogt are killing my faith in human nature faster than any terrorist could!

    To those saying it was fake, please just leave the internet. You are really too retarded to be here.

    Prayers to those injured.

  33. Well done. So called truther movement heavily infiltrated w/cdisinfo agents eg. GLP which I helped to expose yrs ago. Yes,this apears tp be a real false flag psyop. Onlu time and further scrutiny will confirm.

  34. […] yang digunakan sebagai titik sandiwara telah dimulai) walaupun korban-korban sebenarnya tetap ada… (foto foto Nick Vogh […]

  35. Question … Two HUGE fireballs. One for each blast. How come everyone still had hair?

  36. “Crisis Actors” are used for practice drills. We did that decades ago in the military for damage control drills.

    No one sane believes that disasters such as Sandy Hill Elementary and Boston Marathon are faked. No one.

    But you do see wack-job postings on the internet. Put it down to “noise.” To planned efforts to disrupt sensible conversation.

    Same for claims that the FBI or DHS are behind this bombing, So’s they can confiscate your guns. No one believes that.

    It’s nothing but an effort to feed paranoia. To pollute. To diminish the value of free speech.

  37. The injured man in the wheel chair is Jeff Bauman. He survived. He is at Boston Medical Center.

    Yes, his legs were amputated.

    God bless.

    • I appreciate the guy’s name. As you can see, I have been working to make sure this particular bit of disinfo was nipped in the bud.

      But do us all a favor… stick to what you know… keep shillin for the Volcker Rule as the “new Glass-Steagall” (which it is not) and keep shillin for Obama’s gun control measures. K?

      Don’t you have some more investigations to do on that all important Mitt Romney car accident? Big important stuff there helping make sure Obama is elected.

      You don’t understand unconventional warfare or the fact that this type of Gladio operation has been done many times in the past when nations are neoliberalized. I understand you are just a NSA OccSec op and that’s just dandy with me, but don’t come here with some straw man argument exposing something I have been exposing for days to grandstand. Got it? Good boy. Now go back to Facebook and your cubicle.

  38. surely in the very top pictures ( angelo’s ) where you are asking where Jeff has gone – he is simply obscured by the black lady at that point. You can see what is left of his leg with the long bone and torn trousers behind the right side of her head. when she was moved onto the stretcher he would have been visible, as in other photos.

    • Hi Pix Dust, that’s what really confuses me. I’m not certain if Jeff is blocked by the black lady, likely, so i can only assume that her injuries were much worse than Jeffs legs blown clean off.
      You can see the pictures provided that she was loaded onto a gurney by EMTs but no one is attending to Jeff.
      So i’ll state what isaid very early on, that’s messed up.

      • This pic gives a look of the scene. The black lady is on the gurney, cowboy hat guy is behind the lamp post, photographic evidence shows us Jeff must still be there, i can find no pic of them together on the ground (Jeff and Black lady) so i have to assume he is still on the ground with his legs blown off.

        • Oops sorry, linky

        • Ok, this is how i see it after examining the pics over and over.
          They, Jeff and BL are both down on the ground, medical help EMTs and bystanders on the scene, BL is loaded on to gurney, while this is going on Jeff is still on the ground, surely losing blood, now we have pics of jeff on the ground sans BL, the girl with the S on her Tshirt is still in the same position, others around Jeff are being attended to and some point later Jeff is wheeled away in the chair WTF is going on here?
          It’s a chaotic situation, but with those injuries Jeff should have been on that gurney. I’m perplexed.
          Let me know if i have the sequence in the somewhat correct order.

        • you can’t make that assumption. looking at the photos is all we can do and they do not tell us that.

          • If i go by the pics that have Jeff on the ground, then yes the only assumption i can make is no one is paying attention to him, if you have ones that show otherwise please link them, i would be glad to see that.

      • In the photo where she is on the gurney, Jeff is not seen on the ground. I have checked. I don’t know who was removed first, but it was a chaotic scene so who knows what happened.

  39. I recently been hearing a lot about crisis actors, but out of all the conspiracy’s that’s the most absurd. A while back a professor even went on to say the Newtown shooting was fake, done by actors. The most suspicious theory of that horrible day was about the mystery man which I wrote about because it had some merit. You can read if you like. Thanks for keeping us updated on the facts and fictions on the Boston tragedy.

  40. @willylowman – you sir are a conspiracy nut, and as such you are reality-challenged. There are effective treatments for this, I sincerely hope you’re getting them.

    • To suggest that terrorism campaigns are sometimes run by governments is “reality challenged”? You say this after Nicaragua? Libya? Syria? Afghanistan? What exactly do you think bin Laden and al Qaeda did for us in Afghanistan in the first place? Marketing? And I’m the one who is reality challenged?

      You should look up “unconventional warfare” and “low intensity conflicts” on Google one day. Just for giggles. You should also look up the old congressional hearing on the CIA’s covert actions. Illuminating to say the least.

      shit… you can’t can’t even talk to someone without referring to them with a Twitter hashtag…yeah… I’M the one who’s out of touch.

  41. First of all, he would be completely unconcious if he had just had his legs blown off(as Im assuming he was when he first lost them) . Ive passed out from cutting my hand on a beer bottle for Gods sake. Secondly, they would have his strapped down to a stretcher, instead he’s like “Sup” chillin…

  42. Its such a shame that some idiot decided to attack innocent people for no good reason! I pray for those victims and their families. I will be grateful when the person responsible is brought to justice

  43. is the girl in the blue the victim krystal campbell? on that other link that was posted in the comments it looks like her. so sad 😦

  44. Did you know the WTC still stands? It’s true! 9/11 was staged to distract us from economic and social problems. You might hear NY’ers say they saw the buildings come down, they were there, they lost loved ones, etc., but right now, someone is having drinks at the top of the world – laughing about the greatest hoax of all time. It’s true! I read it on the Internet. Also, I saw the skyline. They have this AWESOME smog machine which completely erases the buildings from your view. You think you’re looking at blue sky with some clouds. Technology is amazing. I can’t believe I thought this was real, just because my family and friends and everyone else in the world claimed to have seen proof.

    /end sarcasm

  45. You have my newpeh in these pix w his legs gone, no approval from him or my family members. Removed them at once

  46. […] gets weirder Boston Bombing: The “No Real Victims” “Crisis Actors” Disinfo Has Started Ea…Posted on April 16, 2013 by willyloman (Help keep independent journalism alive. Please […]

  47. Look, I have been supportive here to at least opening up the debate that Sandy Hook showed evidence of perhaps being a Hoax, but you guys are absolutely insane!
    You come here thinking you have a case just because you are able to show that silicon puppets can be made to look like severely wounded people?
    If Sandy Hook was a Hoax, then you are discrediting even that stance by your hysterics and slashing about with absolutely no evidence. You are bearers of an absurd and flawed logic. You do not even take the time and try to come to the understanding that there would be absolutely no reason here to even use actors and props and that history shows this to be an age old tested way of unconventional warfare carried out for decades in Europe and all over the world.
    Look instead into the ¨october fest¨ bombings in Munich Germany or the Bologna bombings in Italy – educate yourselfs you lazy bums.
    I hope you guys get banned here for lousy distraction and btw. turn of your caps. lock it ads to the hysteria of your babble.

    • meant as reply to EXTERTA and others here spouting ¨crisis actor¨ nonsense.

      • oh, has been removed already – well good.

        • I have no tolerance for that shit these days. they were being deliberately insulting to the victims, not just posting questions, but being crass and rude and I have no time for that

          • You made one post disspelling the absurd notion that this was a ¨crisis actors¨ hoax. In this case I think that is more than enough this is such a perverted logic, that I hope to hear nothing of it anymore – I think it does not serve AE to even try to address or disspell anything like that in the future as it makes research in to this site a lot less focused really – thanx for that one post and thanx for moving on.

  48. I am not sure I buy the actor/dummy theories. I feel people, while accepting that dal forces do things to scare people and advance their agenda, are falling victim to their own refusal to accept that these people do not give a rat’s ass about the people who might get hurt or get killed.

    Having said that, Just judging by the photos available to us, Jeff’s facial expression and his posture seem to remain peculiarly the same whether he is laying on the ground or on a wheelchair. But, like most of you, I have no knowledge f how people might behave in a situation like this, what one feels or doesn’t feel when one’s legs are blown to shreds, or whether or not they are even fully conscious of what was happening when the photos were taken.

    The only experience I can contribute to the discussion is that, when I had a relatively small motorcycle accident and the area around one of my shins got shredded exposing the bone, I spent a good 5-10 minutes absolutely unaware of the severity of my wound, walking around and talking to people…. It’s only when the effect of the trauma of having flown off the bike started fading, and i had a good look at my leg that I grasped the situation. So, unless you have experienced something similar personally or witnessed it first hand, or unless you are an experienced medical professional in the military, ER or trauma unit, there is no telling what people might be doing, feeling etc.

  49. Absolutely barbaric and cowardly, the pictures say it all really.

  50. Just saw this on youtube concerning Jeff Baumann.
    Whilst the quality is bad, at around 0:12-0:13 the camera zooms in to exactly where Jeff was and you can clearly see one of his legs (or rather just the bone) in the shot for a second or so as he raises it.

  51. […] Creighton non è d’accordo con John Kaminski La bomba di Boston: “niente vittime“, solo “attori […]

  52. I don’t believe Sandy Hook was a “hoax” because I know someone who died there.

  53. […] Creighton non è d’accordo con John Kaminski. La bomba di Boston: “niente vittime“, solo “attori dell’emergenza”, la […]

  54. I think the woman wearing a blue top lying on the ground next to another woman in one of the top photos may have been one of the two women killed on the day.So sad.Thanks for separating fact from fiction through your article.Too much dis info and false “false flag” info on the net.

  55. IMO and from what I could gather from the comments I did read, it seems like everyone is arguing about the wrong thing here. The real issue shouldn’t be whether or not this “attack” was all just an act but if: it was instigated, who instigated it, and why? Whether these people were actors or not wouldn’t change that aspect of event’s occurrence outside of making the event itself that much more despicable.
    IMO, it’s both (i.e. Despicable and potentially instigated…in case that statement confused anyone “>_>).

  56. I’m a paramedic, and you’re a goddamn liar. Stop panhandling for fake causes. You get paid plenty.

  57. Good to hear that law enforcement authorities’ have killed one of the cowards whom wreaked havoc in Boston. Hopefully, the other coward will be brought to face justice for these heinous crimes against normal law-abiding citizens.

    • don’t worry. A brave drone operator will put down his cup of latte and cream danish in a few minutes and take him out and they we can all proudly sing that “we’ll put a boot up your ass” song while swillin lite beer. give it a few minutes. they know your attention span is waning

  58. you are a complete moron.

  59. […] Creighton non è d’accordo con John Kaminski. La bomba di Boston: “niente vittime“, solo “attori dell’emergenza”, la […]

  60. This is in response to the photo comparison at

    It’s become apparent to me that the top photo is first chronologically. It’s not that the black woman in red jacket laid in a puddle of blood and the wheelchair guy is gone. Quite the opposite. The black woman moved out of the puddle of blood. That why we see the wheelchair guy in the second photo. From the vantage point of the first photo, the black woman is blocking our view of the wheelchair guy. Actually, upon closer inspection, you can actually see the wheelchair guy’s blown leg with shreds of his pant leg behind the black woman’s left shoulder. She kept both her legs, so at that point, she must have gotten up on her own power and left the vicinity.

    Furthermore, during a chaotic scene like this, things happen very quickly. Photos are merely a snapshot of one millisecond in time. We don’t know the chain of events that happen between photos taken or even how much time had elapsed between photos. Keep that in mind before calling anything out as “strange” or “suspicious”.

    • You must not have been paying attention Sherlock…There are pics on here of her getting loaded onto a gurney, if you even bothered to read anything on here you’d have known that as that was the crux of the discussion.
      Go away and let the grown ups talk.

  61. The amount of idiocy in these comments are unreal. Can’t say I’m surprised. This ‘is’ the internet, of course.

  62. Who are you addressing Mr. III?

    And, can you explain what you mean?


    • Looks like my comments were deleted, Author? Seems I hit a nerve disinfo agent author. Now that I have had time to review your post and comments my previous condemnation stands. This is not an actual event but a scripted drama. I have no idea where Nick Vogt fit’s in but I am not dismissing that factor at this time.”Jeff’s” images where he is pushed in the wheel chair(with cowboy) have anomalies. The photo with his left face prominent shows clearly his left leg bone quite longer than the image that has his right face more prominent..Remember that they diverted all the runners from the “scene”? Remember that what was transmitted was not in real time…well not what they transmitted. Where is all the other video from bystanders and witnesses? Remember that this was supposedly the end of the race, the finish line. I have been to several marathons AT the finish line and there are always more people than what the video showed at the time of the “explosion” waiting for and cheering on their loved ones and the others participants.Most news images are now either cropping or blurring the image so that one does not see the obvious set up.. These images can only have been taken separately indicating that several takes were done on either a different day or earlier.Was “Bauman” previously a double amputee.See how this fits in with the Vogt photo? That where you fucked up.You posted these images just having to misdirect people with the “fact” that this was an actual event and that poor ol “Jeff” had suffered.horribly.The old guy running who over acted by falling down? See the guys directly closer to the “explosion”? They don’t even move? Pyrotechnics .Movieland.and what about on ol”Jeff’s” FB money page were the lady lying next to him on the ground is also the lady standing next to him in an op photo holding the Team Stork sign and also wearing the same Teams Stork shirt in both images just like Jeff is wearing the same exact shirt in both images. Who’s Erin? Why no mention of this woman standing and lying next to him.Again, where is the flesh and blood on everyone? The image with Jeff in the wheel chair with the cop right up in front next to the wheelchair (image comes from huffington post) has been photoshopped…

      • Your comments were removed but you were not banned. they were removed because I do not allow people to post duplicate copies of the same comment. that’s called SPAM and I don’t allow it. if you have a point to make, make it once and be done with it. we can read you know. I don’t like having to read someone’s comments more than once and I make sure people get the message. as too you “hitting a nerve”… yeah right.

        • Oh, is that right? You removed my other posts too? They were not double posts.And the double post was not done by me…if you mean the exact same post that was posted twice. That was somehow done by the system you use.and I found nowhere to delete the second post.Yes, I noticed too. Now will you address the facts and stop trying to convince people that this was a real event? Another thing:I was not banned? Funny how I could not post under my other email and therefore the reason I am using this email. I think we both understand each other. I am at this time going to give you the benefit of the doubt…but not much.Was “Jeff Bauman” already a double amputee? Or was he photoshopped and he still has his legs?

          • the repeated comment was in reply to two separate comments by two separate users. WordPress would not replicate them in different locations. so that’s bullshit. also, as I stated in this article, I will not tolerate the “no victims” deliberate disinfo on this site. Bye bye

        • Hey Scott I live in niles Ohio I just wanted to let you know that today I protested Boston with a sign that on one side said April 19 2013 America lost and the other side read major city shut down over a boy and a pressure cooker farewell constitution. I was out for about two hours got beeps hoots and hollars then I was stopped by policeman and learned that you need a city permit to express your freedom of speech so I’ll be back out there on monday

  63. Hmmmmm, one question….why is the guy missing a leg getting the least attention from the people around? 4 people are looking at a women holding her head with no visible major injuries… yet there is a man missing half a leg beside them and they have their backs to him.

  64. […] Tampaknya ini semua adalah peristiwa nyata dengan bahan peledak nyata (meskipun akan terlihat bahwa low explosive yang digunakan sebagai titik sandiwara telah dimulai) walaupun diantara para aktor dan aktris itu, tetap ada korban-korban yang sebenarnya, yaitu orang-orang yang tak bersalah dan yang tak mengetahui apa-apa… […]

  65. The Army veteran has no legs. You can see in the photos, and the video, that the Boston victim clearly has a leg to below the knee and what is left of his thigh of the other leg… No way they could be the same person.

  66. It is interesting to see just how much attention and interest this particular article has generated. Willy is to be commended for this. Regarding the Boston Bombings I am currently undecided. It often pays to suspend judgment and await a fuller investigation of the facts.

    Carol A. Valentine

  67. […] Tampaknya ini semua adalah peristiwa nyata dengan bahan peledak nyata (meskipun akan terlihat bahwa low explosive yang digunakan sebagai titik sandiwara telah dimulai) walaupun diantara para aktor dan aktris itu, tetap ada korban-korban yang sebenarnya, yaitu orang-orang yang tak bersalah dan yang tak mengetahui apa-apa… […]

  68. […] Creighton non è d’accordo con John Kaminski. La bomba di Boston: “niente vittime“, solo “attori dell’emergenza”, la […]

  69. […] Strada, “Vicino la più antica taverna massonica“. 1° Unità WMD CST Scott Creighton non è d’accordo con John Kaminski. La bomba di Boston: “niente vittime“, solo “attori dell’emergenza”, […]

  70. i thought this video was good talking about the younger of the suspects leaving the scene with his backpack i didn’t check if this was already posted here so sorry if im looping i think its really worth checking out though

  71. I have been studying as many photos as I can find, since this happened. I think Jeff fell on top of the black lady and she ended up between what was left of his legs. These photos are over mainly just a few confused seconds. Jeff may have suffered some blood loss, but the black lady has an injury to her upper right abdomin, and right arm, as she may have greater injuries that we cannot see, but was covered with the blanket on the gurney and a lot of blood on it. While being pushed on the gurney it can be seen and they put her right hand under the strap to hold it. While sitting, her right side seems to be exposed around the breast and below. We cannot see her back. I have the impression Jeff may have said take her before him, Perhaps his bleeding had stopped enough, to let her go first, and then cowboy man made him get into a wheel chair and got him to an ambulance, as the story was reported by cowboyman. How many of our armed forces have had limbs blown off, and survived. One thing I have not been able to figure out, is where was the 8yr old who didn’t survive, and where’s his sister and mother? I have scanned over and over and don’t see any sign of them at any time. It appears folks were piled up by the fence, and that’s where they were supposed to be. I understand the respect issue, but there is no sign of them at all? In the photo that is circulating showing them earlier that day with the bomber behind them, the sister had a green jacket on, but the boy and his mother had dark jackets on, if it really was them in the photo. One man had reported he had checked him, and covered him up, but I have not seen any indication, except one pink cover on a gurney in a later photo, that might have been him. I believe this did happen, just am puzzled by this missing part. I know cameras can be set to make colors brighter, along with digital settings, and I think this is why the blood looks so red. I just don’t think this is fake. If this was a video, instead of stills, it would seem more real. God bless those poor souls.

    • Martin Richard was not at the same scene as Jeff Bauman and the others, which are the main pictures. The Richard family was at the scene of the second bomb, and Martin was killed at his parent attempted to get the family away from the danger right after the first bomb went off, sadly they ran right into the second one. I wish I remember where I read this, but I’ve read so much that I just don’t remember, but I’ve seen it at least twice. If I come across it, I’ll post the link here.

      • And the sad part is you believe it. And the sadder part is you don’t remember because their not reporting on it because no one died. This is as fake as Sandy Hook. Just look and you will see. It’s so obvious once you really open your mind.

        • Good lord… not everyone is your enemy, you know. I was answering someone else’s question as to WHY Martin was not visible in any of the pictures with Bauman in them. I didn’t say whether or not it was believed. I gave the medias story. What they feel is the explanation.

          • Pardon me, I also meant to say I didn’t say I couldn’t remember the story, I said I can’t remember where I SAW IT. Huge, huge difference. I’ve seen it twice. Even if it’s disinformation, it’s OUT there and THAT is why he’s not in pictures with Bauman.
            I do find it very strange that one bomb did so much, and hardly anything has been said about the second one.

    • Hi smartwoman.
      I’ve been following this event and collecting as many photos i can and put them chronologically. Yesterday a friend post a link and it have pictures that will clear any doubt. Specially with the black lady and Jeff. Check some of the pictures here and be the judge :

      • Laura, I cannot acess “from the trenchesworldreport” on my home computer, for some reason, it says I do not have permission, don’t know why, which is your link. Can you elaborate more? Or show this evidence somewhere else? I also understand that the Richards family was at the finish line, when they were injured. I have never seen any info for what you are saying that they were at the second bomb blast. Anyone else know? It was reported the big brother put the bomb by the kids, which was the first blast, which children probably wouldn’t have thought anything about it being there. Just like junior set his down after the first blast as people were looking towards the first one.
        To those who think this is not real, nor was Sandy Hook, have your heads in the clouds, and think nothing bad ever happens. There’s NO WAY this could have been staged, nor was Sandy Hook.

        • Here is the link to one story that mentions the location of the Richard family being at the second bomb. Google it and you can probably find more. I know I’ve seen it more than once.–victim-2013-4

        • Smartwoman,
          I have no problem accesing the site, it shows very clear pictures seconds after the first explosion. I try other link someone posted here but the page was down (???) In this video, you can spotted Cowboy man 00:32 taking care of a flag while having Jeff in front of him.

          • Laura with the red tree…I got into the site finally and the photos are the same as the ones on this site, shown to dispute it being a setup. I also did find a video by someone in the street, which I lost the link to, and it shows how fast from the time of the blast till the fence was taken down, which was quickly. All of this happened very fast, including assistance to folks, as there was already emergency tents set up. The last video you posted does show the black woman, being ran rapidly thru the street on the gurney. Again she looked like she was in shock in other photos. Still photos that take so quickly make it looked like things are posed, where as videos show the real action. If I can locate the video again, I will post it. Thanks for the video, Laura with the puplish critter, I am still convinced this was real.

            • is the video that shows how quickly people moved. Look carefully, one the right of the image, you can see cowboy man helping pull the fence down, as he stated in his interview. I don’t believe all the windows broken out in the blast is fake, nor the huge red ball of fire shown in some of the other images. It was more than just a flash effect setup.

              • Hi Smartwoman;
                Of course the event was real, but in my opinion it was staged. Fear control masses. There are some things that doesn’t make sense as for example why Jeff had been ignored while they attended the black lady first and moved her out on a stretcher. This video shows you that, at 00:10 you can see the black lady on the stretcher then at 02:30 you will see Jeff coming on the wheelchair, very concious!
                I don’t know if you get to see the pictures from, you can see tha nobody is paying attention to Jeff and the guy with the hood and the glasses is kneeling helping the black lady while in other pictures you’ll find him laying on the ground (like posing)

                • You have the man in sunglasses shots out of order. He was laying down right after the explosion, then sat up…I have seen in other shots order. But denial is something folks who cannot deal with the truth use. Just like like mother of the bombers says “her sons wouldn’t do that”. Bad things DO happen, to good people, by bad people. The fear doesn’t have to be staged, there’s enough problems that create it already. Get real. I wish you could meet some of these folks.

                  • The pictures of the hooded man helping Jeff clearly show they the hooded man is imposition immediately after the bomb goes off. The first image that one can see as the smoke clears is of the hooded man helping Jeff. Seconds later, the black woman is blocking the view of Jeff’s torso for a few minutes, then she disappears and goes to another location. The hooded man with sunglasses was NOT laying down at first – hence the reason he is suspicious.

                    Jeff’s legs had no blood coming from them. A prosthetic for a leg can clearly be seen draped over the shoulder of the man with the hoodie and sunglasses. There was no blood in the initial scene with these there people. The red that you claim was blood was the woman’s jacket.

                    The man with the cowboy hat can be seen leaning in the fence for some time before he goes over and rips the flag off the fence (an odd response for a so-called peace activist – a peace activist without a peace activist’s resume). Wile the cowboy grabs the flag, he is standing on part of he broken fence and pinning a woman in a red coat that is trapped underneath the fence. It is obvious from the photo that Tex had to have seen the woman as he was making an effort to grab the flag.

                    Yes, bad things do happen to good people, but that rational has nothing to do with who was responsible for the bombing.

                    There was a bomb drill and the Boston Globe tweeted it one minute before the first bomb exploded. There were Craft contractors standing next to the spot where the foist bomb went off and this contractors can be seen standing around and not doing anything let alone assisting people after the bomb went off.

                    Why do you assume that the government is telling the truth? Why do you think the government is above reproach? Why do you think that the government must be good and anyone who would do something must be some evil terrorist?

                    The men accuse of doing this bombing clearly had nothing to do with it. One of the kids has a white backpack THAT HE IS STILL WEARING AFTER THE EXPLOSION! And the backpack he is wearing is not large enough to support carrying pressure cooker loaded with metal and explosives. But the Craft guys had BIG black backpacks and two of them do not have their backpacks immediately after the explosion.

                    The US government has created many false flags against the population. Obama got rid of habeas corpus. He openly brags that he can kill Americans anywhere, anytime, even on US soil. For decades US citizens have been falsely accused and arrested. People have been drugged and set up as mind control victims. te pupation has been stayed with chemicals, bacterias, and radiation for secret testing. Every day the US drops bombs on civilian populations in their fake war on terror. The US military protects the opium harvest for the drug lords in Afghanistan. This is all a matter of public record. So why do you suddenly think a a CORRUPT TO THE CORE government filled with “elected” people whom you would not trust alone with your child is telling you the truth about the bombing, especially when photographic evidence clearly shows that this was staged? Yes, of course some people died and were injured, but the reality is that there are fake victims (Jeff, the black woman, the man in the hoodies, the blond woman with the ripped jacket and no blood), too, and the only reason for a faked victim is for a staged bombing.

                  • Hi smartwoman;
                    I bet you haven’t see all the pictures. The guy with the sunglasses was kneeling while helping the black lady. He lay down after they move her out. And no, the pictures that i saw and had are not out of orders, they even show the girl who died seconds after the explosion screaming in pain (very graphic and sadly pictures). I’m not saying that this does not happened….. I wish you could take a look a those pictures, not the ones they want you to see. As i told you, those pictures shows a lot that the other pictures doesn’t show.

  72. […] Creighton non è d’accordo con John Kaminski. La bomba di Boston: “niente vittime“, solo “attori dell’emergenza”, la […]

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  74. I have to say this is some poor investigating by Mr Scott Creighton. Does your picture of Vogt look anything like Vogt in the pictures you are saying he looks nothing like?? Figure that one out dipstick. Then, find the picture of Jeff Bauman in the hospital with the actor and football player and play matchup with that you shill.

  75. […] Creighton non è d’accordo con John Kaminski. La bomba di Boston: “niente vittime“, solo “attori dell’emergenza”, la […]

  76. where are the boston bottles from lil dogs.??????

  77. […] ” Crisis Actors” atau Aktor Krisis (pada peristiwa-peristiwa tragis) yang diperankan oleh para korban-korban sudah merajalela di setiap tragedi fatal dan mengerikan dalam semua agenda pemerintahan AS. Seperti disebutkan pada awal artikel, kami harapkan jika para pembaca memiliki foto-foto yang menyangkut pemakaman atau upacara penguburan atau foto peti jenazah yang otentik tentang mereka para ketiga korban tewas diatas, tolong kirimkan link gambar dan memberitahukan kepada kami. Karena pada suatu gambar dan video yang memilukan, ada seorang pria dengan kaki buntungnya akibat ledakan yang semula dinyatakan sebagai Second Lt. Nicholas Vogt, atau Letnan Dua Nicholas Vogt (panggilan: Nick) dan ternyata diklaim sebagai Jeff Bauman Jr. PERHATIAN, GAMBAR MEMILUKAN TAK PERLU DIPERBESAR JIKA TAK TEGA – korban ledakan “Boston Marathon 2013″. Peristiwa penyebaran aktor di tempat kejadian ini sangat mirip dengan Tragedi WTC September 9/11. Di sini kita mengumpulkan gambar pada posting di beberapa thread tentang “Krisis Aktor” dan luka palsu di Boston. Berikut ini yang diposting pada Godlike Productions, yang pada awalnya menebutkan keduanya sama padahal tidak, mereka orang yang berbeda. Ia sempat diisyukan sebagai salah satu “krisis aktor” pada bom berkekuatan rendah, bom Boston Marathon. Foto diatas dicari dan didapat oleh berbagai forum-forum di internet, lalu digabungkan. Setelah foto tersebut beredar luas, barulah dalam beberapa hari kedepannya (tepatnya sekitar 2 hari) sejak kejadian, foto orang tersebut ikut diunggah ke website berita. Tapi lepas dari semuanya, namun foto tersebut tetap memiliki beberapa keanehan, diantaranya: 1. Tidak terlihat darah berceceran, bahkan setetes pun darah tak keluar dari luka buntung tersebut. Hingga bekas jalan yang dilaluinya (track) kursi roda diaspal jalanan, tetap bersih dari darah. 2. Korban tetap sadarkan diri, karena dalam situasi dan kondisi yang sebenarnya, tak mungkin dengan buntungnya kaki, korban tetap sadar! Minimal ia akan pingsan. 3. Standar pertolongan pertama yang tak lazim, standar baku di AS apalagi dalam situasi seperti ini pertolongan pertama dari seorang korban seharusnya ia menggunakan tempat tidur yang ada di ambulans sebagai standar pertolongan orang yang sakit, bukan dengan kursi roda! Ini justru mengindikasikan bahwa mereka sedang melalukan “akting” agar semua tv dan orang dapat melihat kejadian tragis tersebut. Jadi walaupun foto perbandingan kedua orang itu bukan dari orang yang sama, dan apapun alasannya, foto tersebut tetap memperlihatkan banyak kejanggalan, bahkan sangat janggal. Sedangkan peledaknya dilaporankan terdiri dari paku dan bantalan bola sebagai pecahan peluru, lalu dimasukkan di dalam kompor bertekanan tinggi. Lalu, mengapa ledakan itu bisa membuntungkan kakinya saja, sementara korban lainnya tidak? “Kami mulai mengeluarkan torniket (sejenis tali darurat untuk mengikat luka amputasi) dan mulai mengikat kaki. Banyak orang teramputasi. … Setidaknya 25 sampai 30 orang telah kehilangan satu kaki hilang, atau pergelangan kaki hilang, atau dua kaki hilang. ” Roupen Bastajian, seorang polisi negara bagian dari Smithfield, RI Pada serangan itu dikabarkan ada dua bersaudara masing-masing kehilangan satu kaki dalam serangan tersebut, ternyata kabar bohong. Gambar ini sempat beredar luas di internet bahwa pria berkaki butung adalah seorang tentara AS bernama Nicholas, lalu kemudian disanggah bahwa yang ada di TKP adalah Jeff Bauman Jr. Mirip seperti beberapa tahun lalu seorang pria dengan nama Phil Jayhan menghubungi saya (Scott Creighton) tentang penelitian tragedi 9/11. Aku agak dikenal dalam “Gerakan Kebenaran” (the Truth movement) dan ia ingin melihat apakah dia bisa membuat saya untuk percaya pada teorinya bahwa sebenarnya tidak ada korban pembajakan dan korban lain yang diekspos dalam peristiwa serangan pada 9/11, itu semua hanya agar membangkitkan tragedi Menara Kembar WTC benar-benar nyata. “Aku tak percaya hingga bukti-buktinya dipaparkan yang terdiri dari beberapa gambar dari berbagai korban yang mirip dan menyerupai manusia yang masih hidup lainnya. Sayapun takjub, tak perlu dikatakan, saya sangat percaya.” ujar Scott Creighton. “Sekitar seminggu yang lalu saya googling “FDNY/9/11″ dan menemukan sebuah forum yang disebut LetsRoll. Dijalankan oleh Phil Jayhan. Berpikir ini adalah situs pro FDNY, maka saya mulai membaca posting oleh Phil dan beberapa orang lain dan segera sayapun menjadi “jijik”. Saya adalah seorang pensiunan NYC Firefighter terkejut, bahwa tidak hanya satu tapi banyak orang percaya bahwa pemadam kebakaran tidak ada yang terbunuh pada 9/11 di World Trade Center sebenarnya menipu dan mengumpulkan anggota yang tewas sebelumnya dan memanfaatkan kematian mereka untuk sementara ini disembunyikan.” GLP 2011 Jadi peristiwa Boston Marathon ada miripnya dengan peristiwa 9/11, adanya “penyebaran” banyak aktor untuk diwawancara oleh media-media “sekutunya”. (baca: [BAHAS TUNTAS] Dibalik Layar: Fakta Nyata Tragedi WTC 9/11 Telah di Rakayasa! ) Namun info ini sudah berjalan dan sangat menghina kepada kesalahan informasi yang telah mengakar, mungkin karena begitu sangat menyinggung. Ya, ada hal-hal seperti “Aktor Krisis” (Crisis Actors) dan ya, sepertinya satu atau dua peristiwa korban massal dalam operasi “Gladio Amerika” (American Gladio Operation) saat itu dipentaskan secara teatrikal … “the Wag Dog” production, jika Anda mau. Silahkan googling tentang “Crisis Actors.” Bukti adanya “Crisis Actors” lainnya adalah foto wanita dibawah ini, ia adalah seorang guru bernama Dawn dan telah tewas dalam tragedy penembakan 12/04 disebuah sekolah di AS. Tapi fotonya muncul lagi sebagai korban Bom Boston Marathon 15 April lalu, dan kini bernama Donna! Selain itu semua korban dari tragedi Boston tak diekspos, tidak ada kabar dari rumah sakit mana mereka dirawat, tidak ada berita mengenai satupu dari mereka yang diwawancara, tidak ada satupun korban tewas diberitakan kelanjutannya, tidak ada sama sekali. Setelah gambar wanita diatas sebagai Donna muncul di televisi, beberapa hari sesudahnya media mengangkat nama Donna Bruce, maksudnya Donna yang sebenarnya, yang sebelumnya adalah “Donna yang salah.” Bagaimana mungkin stasiun-stasiun televisi terkemuka di dunia bisa memberitakan dan memampang foto dari tragedi yang menurut mereka adalah “besar” ini dengan kesalahan yang sepele??? Menurut para pakar teori konspirasi, semua modus mirip atau persis Tragedi 9/11. Tapi itu tidak berarti bahwa mereka semua atau bahwa dari setiap peristiwa yang terjadi harus disaring dan melalui doktrin akan tidak dapat lolos informasinya ke publik. Lagipula hingga detik ini, Donna Bruce tak pernah sekalipun nonggol di televisi untuk mengkonfirmasikan kesalahan yang telah terjadi dari pemberitaan di stasiun-stasiun tv yang “ngetop di dunia” itu. Anda akan melihat beberapa foto grafis dalam artikel ini dan bukti yang jelas telah menunjukkan bahwa kecuali perencana dari peristiwa sinetron “the Wag Dog” telah menjadi jauh lebih baik daripada “tunggangan” mereka. Tampaknya ini semua adalah peristiwa nyata dengan bahan peledak nyata (meskipun akan terlihat bahwa low explosive yang digunakan sebagai titik sandiwara telah dimulai) walaupun diantara para aktor dan aktris itu, tetap ada korban-korban yang sebenarnya, yaitu orang-orang yang tak bersalah dan yang tak mengetahui apa-apa… […]

  78. I’m sorry to say, but after reviewing the narrative and photos (below) I have to believe this is definitely staged. These must be leaked photos as I have not seen these anywhere else.

    • DianeDi;
      Thanks for look out of the box! The evidence is out there.

      • Thank you Laura !
        It’s just sorting through the MSM — B.S. and disinformation that is just so time consuming. Of note, that website I posted is being censored. Facebook requires that I spell out the alpha image before it will post – then when the link is clicked, it warns of SPAM. I honestly believe those photos were leaked and that someone, somewhere, wants people to look into this deeper.
        We can’t expect the establishment to give us the truth, but we can raise awareness with the hopes of opening a few more eyes.
        One of these days we will hit a tipping point and the people of this nation will finally stand up and let them know we are not going to take this anymore……I just hope it’s sooner, rather than later.

    • It’s pretty easy to give a running narrative on those shots, saying what the people are doing. What no one seems to realize is that they are narrating things that would have taken a few moments. These shots are within milliseconds of each other. Run them forward like a movie, and you see that there was NO time for the sunglasses guy to pour out fake blood, give signals, etc. They were blown together, and were struggling to regain an upright, coherent position. My camera can be set to take TEN shots in a second of time.
      THAT is what you are seeing.

  79. Laura (with the red tree)
    Those pictures are part of a video, the one that shows a man running between the victims with ripped clothes.

    • EXACTLY my point. Part of a video, which is many pictures in QUICK succession. Meaning, all the silly “he’s doing this, he’s doing that” is wrong. There is less than a split second between these shots. They are stills from video. My exact point. I was simply stating that if my own cheap camera can be set to take pictures this quickly, I really don’t understand how intelligent people here are thinking the people in these shots were actually doing ANYTHING but being blown over and trying to recouperate.

  80. After Sandy Hook, with no victims and no evidence, you can see why people had to look at this incident closely. But what isn’t in the pictures are the nails and shrapnel of two clumsily made pressure cooker bombs!

  81. Looks like the same woman interviewed by cnn

  82. Of course people had to be hurt or die being near such an explosion, but also one must trust their own eyes and reasoning. There is a mix of real and fake injuries. In some pics one can see the clear reflection from a much deeper secondary pane of safety glass behind the busted out window. It just looks a lot more like Vogt than Bauman, disrespectfully or not. Certainly right after the boom there are people who come out to act. There are also a few dead and many injured as well.

  83. […] […]

  84. The woman in the red jacket that seems to have taken the place of another by laying in his blood may have been behind and walked forward and slipped in the blood and fell down. Blood is very slippery especially with that volume of it. Many people’s ears would have been ringing, making it difficult for them to hear instructions from the first responders attempting to help them.

  85. So, like what do the ‘bullshit’ conspiracy retards say about the people who died? That little boy who died, his sister lost a leg and his mother sustain severe head injuries. The chinese citizen who died and this was confirmed by the chinese government.

    Why are people so STUPID?

    • do you by any chance know, which one of the two bombs killed those three people? And where can the confirmation of the chinese government be found?

    • Ok never mind, found out quickly – The second bomb killed the three people, the bomb to my knowledge was only taped from far away and neither do many pictures exist from either before or after that blast (unlike the other one) – The Chinese officially confirmed that one Chinese citizen was unfortunately killed in the Boston Marathon Bombing. To this day no name or reason of death is officially stated.

      • Boston University confirmed that a statistics student, Lu Lingzi, 23, died when she was watching the race. There are several pictures of her released, I’m not sure about cause of death though.

  86. What I dont understand is that some ofthe people are actors for sure but does anyone actully know any victims Its all good and well family brought out for the news cameras but do we really know who they are?

    The question we should be asking is who gains from all this fear???

  87. They call me a ”conspiracy theorist” too, but I never said the Boston bombings ”weren’t real”. I just don’t believe a bunch of immigrants who do something as pointless as that. I think it’s the government hurting his own people, again. So that they can take away more of your liberties.

  88. Oh, God, here’s where I’m going to really be in the minority, Scott, but you are wrong, I believe, about the Boston Bombing, I think the alleged victims were crisis actors.
    Go to: “Center for an Informed America”—–Dave McGowan has written fourteen articles about it so far.

  89. I believe it was staged, not only me but so many people believe on Dzhokhar’s innocence. You are expresing your opinion with that post as well as iam with this comment. People need to realice that the media/gov are controling your mind. Open your eyes those two are the SAME EXACT person.!! #freejahar #justice4jahar

  90. […] Strada, “Vicino la più antica taverna massonica“. 1° Unità WMD CST   Scott Creighton non è d’accordo con John Kaminski. La bomba di Boston: “niente vittime“, solo “attori dell’emergenza”, la […]

  91. Fuck you

  92. […] list of victims: Debunking “fake actors” disinfo: Boston Bombing: The “No Real Victims” “Crisis Actors” Disinfo Has Started&nb… […]

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