Destabilizing North Korea: UPDATES – NATO On the Way, MSM Pushes Proven Disinfo, “Carpet of Gold” Meeting in March

by Scott Creighton

NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen, self-proclaimed neoliberal (till it wasn’t kosher to be neoliberal, then he became “3rd Way”) and destroyer of Libya, is headed to South Korea to assess the situation. He will be there at the same time Sec. of State John Kerry is there. Funny how they are sending these high value targets to Seoul, a mere 30 miles from the DMZ, while supposedly worried about a nuclear attack from the DPRK. Funny how that works out, ain’t it?

NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen has been dispatched to Seoul for high level consultations.

The official disclaimer is that this has nothing to do with the ongoing US-DPRK confrontation. “The trip was long-planned and not connected with North Korean threats of nuclear war”…

… It is worth noting that  Rasmussen’s presence in Seoul coincides with the visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry.” Global Research

It is said Rasmussen is going to South Korea and then Japan. The claim is that he is there to talk about those all important 350 troops South Korea has in Afghanistan. John Kerry on the other hand is more up front about why he is there. He will also be heading to Japan afterwards, the same time Rasmussen is going there.

Fox News and others are still running with the “The North is going to fire a rocket today” hype. They’ve been on that line for a couple of days now.

The missile is expected to be a medium-range Musudan missile with a range of 2,180 miles capable of flying over Japan, Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se told lawmakers in Seoul. Earlier a Defense Ministry official said preparations appeared to be complete, and that the launch could take place at any time.

North Korean officials have not announced plans to launch a missile…” Fox News Weds. April 10

Curiously everybody seems to forget the South Korean who made the initial claim about the North preparing to launch a missile, has taken that statement back two days ago.

A top South Korean official said Monday he misspoke earlier in the day when he told lawmakers there is an “indication” that North Korea is preparing for a nuclear test. But that doesn’t change what Seoul has been saying for months: that Pyongyang has already prepared a tunnel for a nuclear blast and can use it whenever it wants.” AP Mon. April 8th

“Misspoke” generally means “he lied” for those of you keeping score.

Japan has recently said they would shoot down any missile fired from the DPRK which makes the timing of these visits seem rather odd.

Also of note: back in March, North Korean officials met with Obama administration in a very secretive meeting in New York. Apparently it could have been another “carpet of gold or carpet of bombs” offer. Things didn’t go well and right afterwards, the propaganda against the DPRK started up.

U.S. and North Korean officials met secretly in New York in the days before North Korea’s latest round of threats and provocations, although nothing came of the meeting, according to a source familiar with the matter. CNN April 10

The “carpet of gold” reference tracks back to July of 2001 when Bush administration members met with the Taliban and they offered them up a deal; they could agree to their terms and let them put U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan to protect the Trans Afghan Pipeline, for which they would be paid a “carpet of gold”, or they could refuse and be buried under a “carpet of bombs”. We all know the outcome.

My guess would be, had they agreed and let the troops and the Chicago School of Economics technocrats into their country, Saddam would have been immediately blamed for 9/11 rather than bin Laden.

3 Responses

  1. So while they play around the Korea created problem, what are ‘they’ really up to?

    • They are busy

      • putting the squeeze on Syria
      • passing budgets that dips in to the working class entitlements, medicaid, medicare
      • passing obscene laws for background checks which they are using to tear down another holy wall (patient-doctor confidentiality) towards their future system of pre-crime
      • setting the stage for a massive incident of “internet terrorism”, perhaps using little kim as the patsy
      • setting the stage for another biological panic with some supposed or real pandemic

      These are just some quick guesses off the top of my head… But, it does not matter what exactly… Since what is really happening is definitely not reported on.

      and no Scott to dig in to it all either… dang!!

  2. […] Let’s not forget the “carpet of gold” meeting that took place in New York between our government and representatives of North Korea back in March of this year, just before all of this started. […]

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