Amid tangle of lies (Cheonan, Cyber Attacks, Photoshopped War Plans) the New York Times is Warmongering Again

by Scott Creighton

History is a funny thing. It can teach or it can kill. The trick is remembering and by doing so exposing the motivation lurking ever so darkly behind the facade of all the news that’s fit to print.

The lessons of the lies that took us into Iraq are forgotten while loved ones still grieve, soldiers still die and veterans still take their lives at a record pace.

The lessons of the lies that destabilized and bombed Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria and Nicaragua are forgotten while death squads still roam the streets and the tortured and mangled bodies pile up in the gutters and streams.

The lies that took us into war with Vietnam and Korea are forgotten while the tragic deaths of millions of Laotians and Cambodians and Vietnamese haunt our troubled vets every night in their dreams.

Choe Sang-Hun and David E. Sanger of the New York Times are spinning again and the blood of Koreans and our troops alike hang in the balance when the liberal mask comes off and the paper-tiger warmongers steel themselves to betray the truth in service of the ruling class.

When money and status is at stake, the “journalists” of the Times will toss anyone’s children into the fire but their own. No externality is too great for us to pay for their privilege. And all you have to do to pay it is forget history and swallow their lies.

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