Aurora Massacre: Stupid Stays Stupid – “essohkay” Email and My Reply

by Scott Creighton

Reader banned in Aug. of 2012 for using multiple personas writes to gloat about new James Holmes propaganda. (lighten up dude, you’re wrong yet again)

Today we learned that it’s being reported that James Holmes “wants” to plead guilty. As I have said many times, this is not a surprise. They always plead guilty before going to trial. Not shocking. In fact, I thought they would drag it out a bit like the Jared case, make him do the evaluation before LETTING him plead, but it may end sooner than later or this may just be more disinfo coming from the prosecution to convict him in the court of public opinion like all the other bullshit that was released in this case.

Either way, it’s not that telling one way or another except for the fact that Holmes is admittedly being drugged and according to another story (probably bullshit) he has “brainwashed himself” into thinking he is a Muslim. That means he’s in no condition to enter any kind of plea deal. By their own admission. But put that aside.

So today someone named “essohkay” sent me an email gloating about this turn of events as if that proves his case. Apparently I banned the guy a while back for posting as multiple people. Actually, this is really what got him on our radar back then… third hand hearsay propaganda presented to try Holmes in the court of public opinion after an “appeal to authority” on the matter (I live right down the street, know one of the victims, etc. etc. etc):

“My wife works with someone whose husband is one of the five other students in the program JH was in at the university. According to the woman my wife works with her husband said absolutely no one was surprised JH turned out to be a mass murdered. In fact, he said, if he had to pick a single person he’d come into contact with in his entire life who might end up in this situation it would be James Holmes.” “essohkay”

But I thought it would make for an interesting point: we sometimes don’t realize how their little propaganda tricks effect people and apparently all they had to do in this case is SAY he wanted to plead guilty…. not even “confess”… just “plead guilty” (there is a difference you know) and people who have apparently been waiting for redemption in this matter like “essohkay” latch onto that like a starving dog on a steak.

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Disinfo from Israel News Agency Exposed

by Scott Creighton

Leave it to Israel News Agency to run a fake story of the death of Moammar Gadhafi on the same day as al-Bouti’s funeral. Insult to injury I suppose. Or just plain destabilization terror tactics. Take your pick.

The claim was that he was shot by an Iranian security guard. This is typical disinformation warfare being waged on the people of Syria. The idea is to demoralize them and cause them extreme grief. In this case, by tossing in the Iranian security guard as the assailant, they were hoping to make the Syrian people feel even more hopeless in that they had no allies left in the world. That’s the idea anyway. Even the New York Daily News picked up the story.

But it was all bullshit. Assad has made contact with the BRICS nations looking for help working out the crisis of the terrorist destabilization campaign being waged against his people and his country just today. But the story was picked up all over the place.

It’s just more Shock and Awe disinformation coming from the country that brought you Operation Cast Lead and the attack on the Peace Flotilla.


There was a photo of Gadhafi when he was dead that was Photoshopped with Assad’s head on it. I found it at Before It’s News. When I checked the INA site, they had another pic up that made no sense with the fake story they had, so I figured they switched them out as soon as people in the web-o-sphere exposed their trickery.

Now B.I.N. has taken down their article on the subject rather than just fixing the pic if they can’t confirm where it came from so I am removing the reference to the pic as being from INA though I don’t know it didn’t actually originate there. But since I can’t confirm it and my source seems to have responded this way from a threatening email from the ISA, I have removed the photo and the suggestions it came from that bullshit “news” agency INA that would run a fake story about the leader of the Syrian people’s death on the day they buried their spiritual leader.

Ok? Got it?

Sorry for the confusion. I will continue to look for the origin of that Photoshop.

Follow up to the Information Clearinghouse Dark Side Article – Tom Feeley Wants You to Understand The Terrorists are Suffering as Well

by Scott Creighton

Tom Feeley isn’t posting all of those pieces of propaganda in order to expose it as propaganda… he’s posting them to humanize the terrorists and legitimize the destabilization campaign… and he says so himself.

Yesterday I pointed out the Information Clearinghouse posted a Channel 4 piece of pure propaganda on the Syrian destabilization campaign. It was a horrendous piece of trash video trying to milk the ever popular “Won’t somebody think of the children!?” meme. As I pointed out, the story itself was completely ridiculous using little kids dressed like doctors running around wiping terrorist’s hands and faces while they glared at them. They even brought out their old piece of a Soviet Era cluster bomb and stuck it in the street outside. So far I’ve seen their Crisis Actors troops use that prop a total of 3 times now.

That article was called Information Clearinghouse Posting Pro-Terrorist Propaganda Film about Syria

I got some feedback from people about it so I went to look at the comment section on the ICH site and what I saw was several readers over there pissed off because Tom Feeley was posting crap like that. There is no disclaimer, he just ran it, the video and the accompanying article, as if it were legit.

Several people have come here claiming that Tom runs these articles to show propaganda in it’s pure form as a means of exposing it.

“Perhaps you have not noticed but they often run stories that are obvious propaganda which I think is the point

“Yeah, but I think you miss the point. Tom Feeley regularly posts what is obviously blatant propaganda material in an effort to give ICH readers an idea what Channel 4, BBC, along with hordes of other ‘mockingbird’ media outlets, are dishing out to their viewers… There’s a good deal to be said for such an approach.

Well, that’s all well and good, but it’s wrong. Who says so? ICH and Tom Feeley says so…

While looking back for some follow-up comments from ICH and or Tom Feeley himself, I found them. And, you ICH fans aren’t going to like this.

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Yea, Deregulation! Yea, Union Busting! When workers die: “And nobody called 911″

from Salon

By the time Carlos Centeno arrived at the Loyola University Hospital Burn Center, more than 98 minutes had elapsed since his head, torso, arms and legs had been scalded by a 185-degree solution of water and citric acid inside a factory on this city’s southwestern edge.

The laborer, assigned to the plant that afternoon in November 2011 by a temporary staffing agency, was showered with the solution after it erupted from the open hatch of a 500-gallon chemical tank he was cleaning. Factory bosses, federal investigators would later contend, refused to call an ambulance as he awaited help, shirtless and screaming. He arrived at Loyola only after first being driven to a clinic by a co-worker.

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Abby Martin, Mark Dice, Bohemian Grove and “Guccifer” – Disinfo Extravaganza from RT

Abby Martin is useless disinfo and proves it once again featuring Mark “Sunstein Agent” Dice talking about the Bohemian Grove. Wow! He’s got a yearbook (you can purchase off the internet) that shows Poppy Bush and “W” “at a lakeside talk”! Holy shit! that breaks it all wide open! And look at that, the Project Censored guy was “allowed” into the secretive club “on several occasions”. Yeah, he’s certainly an alternative news guy we can trust. It’s not neoliberalism…nothing that simple… no need to talk about that… nah… it’s the super duper secret society with secret handshakes and Satan worship and baby sacrifice and all that stuff… yeah, that’s it.

Said it before, will say it again, Abby Martin is disinfo on toast. nuf said


Israeli forces kidnap 6 Palestinians in West Bank

 from Press TV
The military forces of the Israeli regime have abducted six Palestinians including five members of the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, in the occupied West Bank.

According to reports, the Palestinians were abducted from their homes in the West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) early Wednesday morning.

Hamas Member of Parliament Mohammed Jamal al-Natsheh is also among the abductees. Hamas has 74 members in the 132-seat Palestinian Legislative Council.

Palestinian human rights groups have condemned the abductions, saying the move is aimed at destabilizing the ongoing reconciliation efforts among Palestinian factions.

Russian oligarch resigns from parliament after National Post investigation reveals Israeli citizenship, Canadian assets

(A Russian oligarch who made his money under our neoliberalised puppet Yeltsin regime, had to leave office because it turned out he had dual citizenship with Russia and Israel and he held offshore accounts that he had stuffed all his loot in. Apparently it’s illegal to do that in Russia. What a concept.)

National Post

A Russian oligarch who has maintained high-level influence in Moscow since the close of the Cold War resigned his seat in Russian parliament Tuesday after the National Post revealed he held dual citizenship and had extensive assets in Canada.

Vitaly Malkin tried for almost 20 years to relocate to Canada, investing millions in Toronto, but had been turned away over alleged ties to organized crime. During his failed immigration process he told Canadian officials he had Israeli citizenship and extensive foreign investments.

The Post revealed his past on March 5 and the news ignited a storm of controversy in Moscow because Russian law bars lawmakers from holding dual citizenship and owning undeclared foreign investments.

Mr. Malkin, once listed as one of the world’s wealthiest men, held a seat in the Russian upper house since 2004.