Our Own Private Pinochet: Emergency Financial Manager takes over Detroit

from WSWS

Kevyn Orr began the first day of his eighteen-month tenure as the state-appointed Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) of Detroit Monday, three days before the new emergency manager law goes into effect. Detroit is now the largest US city to be under the control of an unelected official with sweeping powers to gut public services and the wages and pensions of city workers.

Orr was approved by the Emergency Loan Board, a division of the state treasury department headed by Democrat Andy Dillon on March 14. The Washington, DC attorney was awarded a salary of $275,000 for his time in the city.

Orr’s primary task is to oversee a sweeping assault on the working class. Under the guise of balancing Detroit’s $347 million deficit and paying off some of its $14 billion in long-term liabilities, he is authorized to cut schools, parks, recreation centers, city services, even to sell off assets of the Detroit Institute of Art, all in the name of “revitalizing” Detroit.

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3 Responses

  1. hate to say i told you … 😦

  2. Does Detroit allow large corporations to take ownership of state taxes from workers? Darn it…. take money from the banks…. put that man in a car and point him toward the Great Lakes!

  3. Detroit Demonstration Shuts Down City Hall for Two Hours in Protest Over Racist-Dictatorial Rule

    Federal Suit Filed to Halt Emergency Management In Michigan

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