NSAnonymous “Hacks” Mossad: Will Release Info “gradually” – Better Hurry Up with New CISPA

Press TV

The Anonymous hacking group says it has hacked into the website of Israel‘s Mossad spy agency, gaining access to top-secret documents.

The Internet hacking group said on its twitter page that it gained access to the personal data of more than 30,000 Israeli officials, including military officials, politicians and Mossad agents, and that it will release the information gradually.

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Information Clearinghouse Posting Pro-Terrorist Propaganda Film about Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Follow up to the Information Clearinghouse Dark Side Article – Tom Feeley Wants You to Understand The Terrorists are Suffering as Well

Information Clearinghouse is now off my blog roll.

Used to be that Information Clearinghouse was a decent source of real news but today I just found they posted a piece of bullshit propaganda on the Syrian destabilization campaign. It’s a Channel 4 video of children in Aleppo and the jest of it is they are all running around hiding from the evil government forces of Assad. They even show that same piece of Russian cluster bomb I showed in a photo 9 months ago in the video, claiming kids are out in the street playing with it. Man that prop does get around Syria doesn’t it? In this new video, you can see where someone has tied some burlap to the tail of it, I guess to make it easier to carry from one shoot to the next.

The film is full of ridiculous claims about the kids running a hospital in Aleppo. The have them running around in clean hospital gowns, white of course like doctors, and doing things like wiping fake blood off the face of a NATO backed terrorist. Looks like the terrorist wants to kill the kid and he seems sick of their little “hearts and minds” PR piece. The kid doesn’t seem to happy about being there with the guy either.

You can tell it’s not a hospital but some kind of storage facility because the rooms all have roll-up metal doors, open for the shoot. There’s graffiti on the walls. It’s probably shot in Jordan or Turkey somewhere.

I guess the propagandists are pissed off that the terrorists hired by NATO to destabilize the country lost Aleppo some time ago and thus they put together this piece of shit video.

And there it is on Information Clearinghouse. Bye bye, I.C.  I guess it’s true; when you get to a certain amount of visibility, they come a knocking don’t they? Pity.

Gitmo Hunger Strike Continues –

Some have been there 11 and a half years with 90% facing no charges because there is no evidence to use against them. 45 million has been requested for another building so a crony company can make some more money. Some of these guys have been on hunger strike since Feb. 6th and the number is up to 26 officially reported by the administration but it is probably more. The military has shut down access to the black site prison so their lawyers can’t report their condition back to the world.


I could not stop laughing at this – The Ultimate DEREGULATION

He just seems so happy and I always wondered how it happened. Now it all makes sense to me.

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Cyprus Updates (videos)

Our Own Private Pinochet: Emergency Financial Manager takes over Detroit

from WSWS

Kevyn Orr began the first day of his eighteen-month tenure as the state-appointed Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) of Detroit Monday, three days before the new emergency manager law goes into effect. Detroit is now the largest US city to be under the control of an unelected official with sweeping powers to gut public services and the wages and pensions of city workers.

Orr was approved by the Emergency Loan Board, a division of the state treasury department headed by Democrat Andy Dillon on March 14. The Washington, DC attorney was awarded a salary of $275,000 for his time in the city.

Orr’s primary task is to oversee a sweeping assault on the working class. Under the guise of balancing Detroit’s $347 million deficit and paying off some of its $14 billion in long-term liabilities, he is authorized to cut schools, parks, recreation centers, city services, even to sell off assets of the Detroit Institute of Art, all in the name of “revitalizing” Detroit.

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Former IDF Chief of Staff Says U.S. Taxpayers Contribute More to Israel’s Defense Budget than Israeli Taxpayers

(Every year our congress critters fork over 3 billion at the beginning of the fiscal year to the Israelis. We have to borrow that money, at interest, from the privately owned central bank cartel. We pay interest on that money while it earns interest in Israel before they use it to terrorize Palestinian mothers and children.)

from Jerusalem Post

Preserving strong ties with the United States is a necessity for Israel’s security, former IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said at the Calcalist conference on Tuesday.

“We must preserve ties with the United States. I believe this is a security necessity,” he said.

In the past three years, he noted, US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers.