Gun Grabber’s Remarkable WTF Spin: Blames Nazi Violence on Jews Who Fought Back

by Scott Creighton

In the end, their logic isn’t all that remarkable. We’ve seen it before since the days of Christ and the days of the house slaves of Rome and Georgia.

It’s the virtue of appeasement and the code of the coward.

Do you live on your knees or do you die on your feet.

The cowards always would rather blame their own brothers who chose differently than they did, than blame the monsters whom they learn to serve so they can breathe another day albeit the stale stench of the air of servitude.

Let’s ’em sleep at night.

The gun-grabbing debate is heating up on the ideological side with gun-grabber propagandists finally having to attempt to address the correlation many gun rights advocates have been making between what is happening right here in this country and the gun confiscation laws targeting Jews (and others they rounded up) passed by NAZI Germany in 1938.

But in their zeal to defend all things Obama, it sounds to me like they are actually trying to say the Nazis wouldn’t have killed as many Jews if they didn’t resist being loading into cattle cars and shipped off to the work camps. I mean you can’t actually support the gun-rights advocate’s claims that this is Nazi Germany all over again more than by blaming the Jews for the Holocaust and that seems to be EXACTLY what they are doing. Oh wait.. I’m sorry, the Jews who resisted made it worse. That’s what they are saying.

The whole time they are busy saying that, they seem to forget that yes, Hitler did let “good Germans” have and keep guns, but he took them away from people THAT HE EVENTUALLY WANTED TO KILL. Get the picture? Take away guns, load them up in cattle cars. GET IT?

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Neoliberal News of the Day: March 23, 2013

by Scott Creighton

1. Without much fanfare, the psyop of the South Korean hack-attack is no longer being laid at the feet of the Chinese or the North Koreans for that matter. Turns out they traced the source back to… wait for it… wait for it… South Korea. Yes indeedie. It came not from the “ebil commies” but rather from some contractor working for the U.S. defense department probably in an effort to gin up support for a new CISPA. The creed, as always, was greed. And that’s a capitalist mantra, sure as sh*t

“Yesterday’s reports that the attacks originated in China have been retracted now, with officials conceding that the first attacks actually came from South Korea-based IP addresses.” AntiWar

They claim they can track the type of worm used back to the ebil commies though but they can only “hope” that we don’t remember that the “Chinese cyber-criminals” are actually our National Endowment for Democracy stooges that we pay inside China to help us destabilize the nation. They also just happen to be… wait for it… wait for it…. the SAME Chinese hackers who started a little thing called “Wikileaks” with Julian the soon to be elected “renegade” millionaire “outsider”

(meanwhile, “alternative” Alex Jones has an article up demonizing China again. Go figure)

2. The Huffington Post is going hardcore news with the focus on neoliberalizing / privatizing America. They recently did an interview with actor John Ratzenberger who played Cliff, the hapless know-it-all mailman on Cheers and had him talk about the Post Office since he is such an expert on the subject. It’s good to see he was typecast all those years ago. Hell, I had thought he was a passable actor. He said the problem with the post office is that they have no “common sense” and they can’t make a table like our farmer forefathers could. Of course what he forgets is our country was started and run not by peasant land workers but by their slave owning masters who could do shit back then either. But rather than calling a handyman for help like the post office does now (I guess that’s the asshole’s point) they just called up their local slave trader and got a new one. What a fucking moron. Maybe dickhead Cliff should STFU and read a little about how they deliberately forced the postal service to put up 5 billion in extra payments to cover retirement for employees they didn’t have so they could undercut it’s bottom line AND FUCKING PRIVATIZE IT.This allows complicit “liberal” sites to host washed up talentless hacks to sit around and posit how brilliant they are in pointing out flaws with a system that has run perfectly for a century without costing tax-payer a fucking nickel in their efforts to help Walmart and Oprah Winfrey buy it up, chop it up, and rip off the asset owned by the people for their own profit.

God, I HATE actors. Every single one of them. Every single fucking one of them.

3. In a continuing sign that the NATO imperialist agenda is on the complete opposite side of the human condition from the civilized world, France, Britain and the U.S. failed to get the European Union to lift the arms embargo placed on the conflict in Syria. And by conflict I mean the mercenary terrorism campaign being run out of the State Department and the Mossad. I could go into that further, but I won’t. Even the globalist EU rejected their pathetic drivel about arming terrorists. That tells you all you need to know.

4. The U.S. is sticking by their story that no chemical weapons were used by the mercenary terrorists they hired and shipped into Syria to destabilize the country. That’s because they can’t blame Assad for it (since the Russians have satellite images of the area at the time) and they can’t get Hillary Clinton’s little “investigation team” to run the UN investigation. So they are fucked. All they can do is say “nothing to see here” to the little Obamaite audience they have left.

5. In a related story…. “Some Syrian rebel groups get training and intelligence straight from CIA officers, US officials told media. The helping hand is meant to bolster the secular opposition against both governmental troops and Islamist forces.” RT

6. In a related story, the rest of the world mourns the brutal murder of Sunni cleric Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti who was blown up along with his grandson and 48 other people in Damascus the other day by the NATO backed “freedom fighters” Obama and John Kerry want to give 60 million of your taxpayer dollars too. I can’t wait for the “liberal” Huffington Post to get John Ratzenberger back on to give us his special needs insight into what happened there.

God, I really fucking hate actors. It makes me so ashamed that I once pursued that career.

7. 200 students were arrested last night in Montreal as they protested against massive tuition hikes in the ongoing process of neoliberalizing Canada. Too bad they didn’t have Cliff Claven there to tell them how the founding fathers used slaves to fix the barn door in the middle of a storm… ah shit, I gotta stop with Ratzenberger……

8. Remember back when the Aurora Massacre first took place and someone came out claiming that there had been a “stick figure confession” in a notebook that Holmes sent to his doctor? Remember that shit? Turns out the insipid Fox News bubble head that ran with that story was from… wait for it… wait for it… NEW YORK! the same place Billionaire Mayor for Life is from. The judge has ordered her to come testify in the trial but she says she is protecting the source that gave her the bullshit lead. Of course the source is the same “law enforcement official” who claimed Holmes said “I AM THE JOKER” and that story turned out to be complete bullshit as well. That “official” happens to be the chief of police for the Billionaire Mayor for Life. The things stupid people won’t do to appease their fascist owners. It’s just amazing.


Micro-penis Timmy and his Compensation Carbine Shoots Horse, Kills Local Economy

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: OMG! He’s Joe Buck from Midnight Cowboy! “Well sir, I ain’t a for-real cowboy, but I can shoot me some ponies!” Hell, he ain’t hungry, he’s lonesome. Or maybe he’s from Brokeback Roswell.

Got a new title:

“Joe Buck” Offs My Little Pony for a Snack! Human Children Horrified. Randian Reptilians Feel Nothing … as usual. Film at 11

UPDATE: Well I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised. It took less than 5 minutes of this rant being posted when Steve McFarland graciously provided me a link to a rather heartwarming new article about what is happening in New Mexico as a result of this little prick’s (see what I did there?) video.

Attorney General Gary King has offered his assistance to the local district attorney regarding the prosecution of a man seen in a video shooting a horse in the head.

The needless killing of a horse is abhorrent behavior and the AG is saddened that such a repulsive depiction would be used to make a personal statement. AG King comes from a ranching family and is unaware of anyone he grew up with that would think this was appropriate behavior,” Channel 4 News

Not only that but according to the report, the New Mexico Livestock Board is going to be investigating this act and to do so, they are getting a search warrant to search the guy’s entire property. So I guess he’s running around trying to get rid of his methlab and child porn collection steadily cursing the animal rights activists as if it’s their fault. Hahahahahahaha….

“The New Mexico Livestock Board takes allegations of animal cruelty very seriously.  After becoming aware of the video yesterday, NMLB immediately began to investigate and sought a warrant to search the premises where the shooting is alleged to have occurred.  NMLB and the Chavez County Sherriff’s Office executed the warrant as soon as it was granted.  The NMLB is treating this case as it does any other and will not be releasing further details until the investigation is complete.”

Ah, maybe I ranted too soon. Looks like the real spirit of John Wayne is alive and well after all in sunny New Mexico. I guess old Will Rodgers can sleep a bit easier tonight.

Thanks for the tip, Steve.


Will Rodgers is turning in his grave. What the fuck happened to this country? he askes

Tim Sappington felt the need to make his micro-penis feel a little bigger so he put on his official Howdy-Doodie cowboy hat and boots that he holds up in the air when tiny little country music stars tell him too, and he walked into the frame of his home made snuff film and shot a horse dead. He made some genius statement to the horrible/evil animal rights people and popped Trigger in the head so he could eat him. Yes, that’s right, eat him.

Tim Sappington, a fitting name, thought he was making a statement about all that “big guberment” regulation and the whacko animal rights people who were keeping him from eating his meat. Fact is, Obama’s man on the scene is actually looking to help clear the way for the meat industry to slaughter all the horses they can sell to Indonesia or Thailand or whatever bumfuck backwoods hickville 3rd world shithole that actually eats horses. As it stands, there are only two congress critters who are pushing legislation to make the slaughtering of horses for human consumption both here and abroad illegal and up until now their efforts have been lost in the tangle of corporate cash.

Not anymore. They are going to get tons of support now. All thanks to ignorant white trash Tim Sappington and his tiny little rage filled micro-penis sized brain.

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