Code Pink “Hero” John Kiriakou Key CIA Figure When Death Squads Created in Iraq

by Scott Creighton

This is a simple update to an article I wrote this morning about how Code Pink and other “liberal” “anti-war” groups were backing former CIA spook and ABC “News” Mockingbird John Kiriakou.

When Kiriakou was stationed in Pakistan, he worked under a guy who would kind of mentor him along the way, Robert Grenier. It was Grenier who Kiriakou was working directly under when they helped set up the leaking of Valerie Plame as a covert CIA agent in retaliation for her husband exposing the fake “Yellow Cake in Niger” story.

You see, Grenier ended up leading the CIA’s contribution to the Global Free Market Wars till he was fired in late 2006. He then went to head up Kroll Inc. As many of you know, Kroll had a rather interesting roll to play in 9/11 while Grenier was station chief in Pakistan who also had a roll to play via the ISI.

As all of this unwinds I will try to show how involved was Grenier and Kiriakou were in helping to bring the Salvadorian Option of institutionalized death squads to Iraq and what does that say about him now being hailed as a “truth teller” and hero by the American Left?

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Aurora Massacre: James Holmes a Muslim on “Personal Jihad” Baseless Propaganda Pushed by Above Top Secret no less

by Scott Creighton

The fact that they have no motive for the Aurora Massacre must be driving it’s creators mad. A new meme is being floated out there which appears to have started with a Daily Mail article citing a non-existent National Inquirer interview which claims that James Holmes has converted to Islam and says he was carrying out his “jihad” at the Century 16 theater.

‘He has brainwashed himself into believing he was on his own personal jihad and that his victims were infidels,’ a prison source told the National Enquirer.

He now prays five times a day, sticks to a strict Muslim diet and spends hours each day studying the Qur’an, the source said. But his new routine has upset Muslim inmates.” Daily Mail March 20th, 2013

The Daily Mail article link to the National Enquirer goes to the Enquirer’s front page and after searching for an article on the subject, this writer found none. There is no such article that I could find.

As ridiculous as this story is and as obvious as it is, the former “truth” site Above Top Secret took up this bullshit propaganda and ran with it, pushing the propaganda as far as they could:

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Globalist Servant John Kiriakou: Torture, Lies and 9/11 and Is the Left Stupid or Corrupt?

by Scott Creighton


Foreign Policy magazine commentator Annie Lowery says: “It all seems a bit strange to me, and leads to one obvious possibility: John Kiriakou—telegenic and well-spoken John Kiriakou, who never went to jail for blasting state secrets on television—was told the story to tell and released onto an unsuspecting public. It’s an impression the CIA will have difficulty dulling now.” Foreign Policy, April 2009

Strange indeed. Why didn’t the CIA arrest him, cancel his pension, lock him up right then and there? Because they told him to say it and he did to aid the CIA’s cause. Now he’s being hailed as a hero by the progressive left and the like of Code Pink and Ralph Nader? Are you kidding?

UPDATE: As Ralph Nader writes letters to Obama begging to let Kiriakou off the hook because at least Kiriakou didn’t do something as bad as leak Valerie Plame’s name to the Times, turns out, it was Kiriakou and his boss who sat in the meeting with Cheney and Libby when the leak was actually planned. And Libby says it was Kiriakou who inadvertently told him about Plame.

“Kiriakou said it was clear to him that when Libby “entered the room” on June 10, 2003, he had already known that Plame was an undercover operative. However, Libby claimed that he first learned about Plame’s status and the fact that she was married to Ambassador Wilson after Kiriakou sent his email.” Truthout

Whatever happened in that room in June 2003, whomever told whomever, the plan was set in motion to make Amb. Wilson pay for sticking his nose in their “Yellow Cake from Niger” story. And the “heoric” John Kiriakou was there right in the middle of it when the decision was made. In fact, he is on record sending out a memo to the agency to get information on Joe Wilson and his trip to Niger. So without Kiriakou, Plame would not have been outed.


ROSS: So in your view, the waterboarding broke him?

KIRIAKOU: I think it did, yes.

ROSS:  And did it make a difference in terms of…

KIRIAKOU: It did. The threat information that he provided disrupted a number of attacks, maybe dozens of attacks.

ROSS: And bottom line, as you sit here now, do you think that was worth it?


And then there is this:

Many high-level figures were elated to see the telegenic Kiriakou vigorously defend the agency on a subject on which it is already taking a lot of flak.”

Since the leaders of the intelligence community are under constant attack these days both from Democrats and Republicans, this can’t really be surprising. Kiriakou was, simply put, far more credible and appealing as a media figure.” Scott Horton, Harpers Mag. Dec. 2007


“His ABC interview came at an especially delicate juncture in the debate over the use of torture. Weeks earlier, the nomination of Michael Mukasey as attorney general was nearly derailed by his refusal to comment on the legality of waterboarding, and one day later, the C.I.A. director testified about the destruction of interrogation videotapes. Mr. Kiriakou told MSNBC that he was willing to talk in part because he thought the C.I.A. had “gotten a bum rap on waterboarding.”” New York Times, April 27, 2009

He lied on ABC “News” because he knew the CIA was taking a beating on torture. Then he got a job at ABC “News”. What a hero.

His portrait has been added to the collection titled “Americans Who Tell the Truth” along side Eugene Debs, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Noam Chomsky to name just a few.

At his sentencing hearing, he lied some more:

Kiriakou said he would head to prison “accepting responsibility for my actions and hoping that maybe the country is better and more informed and more transparent for the debate I helped to initiate.” He said he never gained anything personally for what he’s said publicly.

“I believe I was prosecuted not for what I did but for who I am: a CIA officer who said torture was wrong and ineffective and went against the grain,” Kiriakou said.” Huffington Post

Need I remind you he got a job at ABC News for his efforts as a paid CIA Mockingbird and had this to say years ago about his statement that helped the CIA and the torture supporters back when it mattered: “Mr. Kiriakou told MSNBC that he was willing to talk in part because he thought the C.I.A. had “gotten a bum rap on waterboarding.”

Sure, he contributed to the debate on torture, but not in the way he pretends.

His wife Heather is a former National Intelligence Fellow from the Council on Foreign Relations who likes to give talks to the Strategic Intelligence Society at Liberty University about the great jobs those guys can get at the CIA. That’s the same place Ollie North likes to give speeches. There’s a long list of great fascists who also speak at Liberty U. “Presidential candidate John McCain, President Ronald Reagan, President George H. W. Bush,  Rev. Billy Graham, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Lt. Col. Oliver North” just to name a few.

Oh yeah, her fascist husband like to give speeches there as well...

UPDATE: They are making a movie about him. Good thing the government gave him plenty of time for the filming before he was sent “down the river” (and by “down the river” I mean, “sent to Saudi Arabia for another assignment for a couple of months”). You can watch the trailer. It’s filled with touching images of him standing in the Jefferson Memorial looking longingly up at the statue and him stocking shelves at Walmart while he claims he can’t get a job (then why is he pictured stocking shelves?).


Code Pink’s song to Global Free Market Wars advocate and admitted CIA liar and Mockingbird with ABC News John Kiriakou. The song is called “Have You Been to Jail for Justice?”

Do you know John Kiriakou?

Well, he’s a friend of mine.

Blew the whistle on the CIA

And now he’s doin’ time.

Ah, no. He’s no friend of mine and he shouldn’t be yours.

stupidWhy are so-called “anti-war” and “anti-torture” activists dancing around a CIA spook and Mockingbird for ABC News (he worked there on several stints as an expert on “terrorism’ while his wife still worked for the CIA as an analyst. Think there’s an obvious connection there?) who is a known liar and proved to be a major contributor to the mythology that torture works? Why are they celebrating a man who by all accounts is knee deep in the Global Free Market Wars being waged for his mergers and acquisitions clients (again, this “hero” was running that business helping the mergers and acquisitions sharks loot other countries while his wife was a leading analyst for the CIA. Do you think maybe that helped him sell a few contracts?)?

Is Code Pink just that stupid or is it something else?

First I have to tell you a story. A story about torture, lies and 9/11 and how a CIA corporatist shill hoodwinked the left into turning him into a hero.

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AE Donation Drive: Still Need a Little Help

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Sheik Muhammad Bouti, his Grandson and 40 Others Killed by NATO Backed Terrorists in Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: His website appears to be blocked here in the United States or at least my Verizon service is blocking it.  You can go here to view more images of the freedom fighter’s handiwork.


support the terroristsSheik Muhammad Bouti was by all accounts a peaceful, educated man. The retired dean and a professor at the College of Islamic Law at Damascus University hated what foreign powers like the U.S., France, Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others are attempting to do to his country through this ongoing terrorist destabilization campaign. He hated what these mercenaries are doing to the image of his religion which is in it’s purest form and expression of peace, forgiveness and submission. He spoke out about these things he hated and he and his grandson and 40 others who gathered to hear him speak inside al-Iman Mosque in Damascus on Thursday died for it. Died a most gruesome and horrific death at the hands of a coward in the employ of monsters.

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U.S. Military Official Calls Khan al-Asal Attack a “creative use of a caustic agent” “but not a chemical weapon”. History Disagrees

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: See the definition of “Choking Agent’ chemical weapons from the Chemical Weapons: A Summary Report of Characteristics and Effects Dec. 13, 2012 Congressional Research Services at the end of this article. There is no question that chlorine gas is considered a chemical weapon by the United States.


Israeli minister: It’s clear that chemical weapons were used in Syria

Game-changer: Syria’s ‘probability’ of using chemical warfare

Obama warns Syrians on use of chemical weapons

chemsThe UN has announced they are going to be investigating the chemical weapons attack in Syria while NATO forces backing the terrorist mercenaries did their level best to delay the investigation.

Russia has accused Britain, France, and the United States of trying to torpedo an urgent investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons by armed insurgents in Syria.” Press TV

Britain has been supplying the terrorists with chemical weapons protection kits for a while now.

Protective equipment in the MoD [Ministry of Defence] stores is very effective for activists engaged against the regime on the ground…” an official involved in the planning.

In the wake of the chemical weapon attack in Khan al-Asal in the northern province of Aleppo which killed 25 people and injured another 110, many of the victims being children, ( all being civilians) an unnamed U.S. military official has declared that the United States no longer considers it to have been a chemical weapons attack but instead they classify it as a “creative use of a caustic agent”

As I will show, history disagrees with the unnamed official. Funny isn’t it that as soon as they can’t blame Assad for the use of chemical weapons in Syria, they decide it wasn’t actually a chemical weapon that was used.

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