UCF Psyop: SSgt Arabo Babakhani – “Campus Hero” or……

by Scott Creighton

“Psyop’ as defined by JP 1-02, DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, and quoted in Air Force Doctrine Document 2-5.3 pages 1 and 2:

Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator’s objectives.”
“The Air Force may attain United States (US) national and military objectives through PSYOP designed to convey selected information to targeted audiences.”  Air Force Doctrine Document 2-5.3


“Also on Tuesday, students took a stand against gun violence in light of Monday’s events, signing a banner they’ll put on display in the student union. The UCF chapter of College Democrats also passed out information asking peers to support the cause, aiming to make students feel better about what could have been a campus tragedy.” Channel 6

Court Finds Homeland Battlefield Act of NDAA to be Unconstitutional 

Air Force Staff Sergeant Arabo Avetick Babakhani ( BABAKHANI ARABO AV. 2A3X1. 8196  page 8 PDF)  is being billed as “the campus hero” across the MSM opinion based “news” outlets for seeing his roommate with a gun and calling 911 though when asked to let the cops in the suite, he refused to come out of hiding.

Perhaps not surprisingly these days, he’s not the prime suspect in a murder case even though it seems likely that someone would at least consider the possibility when they look at the evidence and the strangely contradictory statements being made by Arabo.

Babakhani was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant in July of 2012. Remember, he had special training during Basic Training in “human relations”

When asked by the 911 dispatcher to let the cops in the dorm suite, he refused saying he “didn’t know” his roommate’s condition, even though he had left his room apparently and was in the bathroom across the little hall from his dead roommate’s door.  This was AFTER he supposedly heard “one or two pops” come from inside the roommate’s room. (previously he gave an interview to ABC News and said there were “pops”, plural)

Babakhani said he retreated further into a bathroom and waited when he heard, “one or two pops at the time I didn’t know they were gunshots because it was so quiet.”

The dispatcher on the phone then asked Babakhani to let in the authorities but he told the operator he couldn’t because he didn’t know his roommate’s status. Channel 6

If any of you have seen the rather staged looking video of the UCF Police entry into the dorm suite shared by SSgt Arabo Babakhani and the dead James Oliver Seevakumaran, you will recall that the bathroom in the suite is clearly OUTSIDE the individual rooms each student occupied meaning, if he says he ended up in the bathroom after being in his room with the door locked, that means he LEFT HIS BEDROOM AND VENTURED OUT INTO THE SUITE. That is NOT “retreating further” into the bathroom but rather going forward into the area where he claims the shooter was last time he saw him.

If in fact James Oliver Seevakumaran was shot twice in the head (“one or two pops”) with a large caliber 45, that would imply that perhaps he didn’t actually take his own life.

Pulling the fire alarm would be a way for a murderer to cover the sound of gunshots and to get witnesses out of the way.

The fire alarm was pulled AND THEN the shot (s?) were fired.

SSgt Arabo Babakhani was alone in the suite with the guy who ended up dead and apparently wasn’t all that worried about “retreating” outside his locked door to the bathroom right across the hall from the dead guy.

In the video of the UCF Police entering the suite, many problems exist with their tactical approach to clearing the various rooms and the bathroom door is clearly open and there is no sign of SSgt Babakhani which would imply that the police had already been in there, Babakhani had already been removed and the “room clearing” was done simply for the sake of the video they were making.

The various weapons lying in obviously planted areas so they could easily be seen and the editing of the video would imply that this entry was staged for effect rather than being a situation in which cops knew that an active shooter armed with an assault rifle was waiting on the other side of the door.

The day after the event, the democrats hit the ground running. Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?

“Also on Tuesday, students took a stand against gun violence in light of Monday’s events, signing a banner they’ll put on display in the student union. The UCF chapter of College Democrats also passed out information asking peers to support the cause, aiming to make students feel better about what could have been a campus tragedy.” Channel 6

Taken by itself, this collection of circumstantial evidence is not enough to convict anyone but it is rather telling when you factor in the last piece of circumstantial evidence:

In spite of all of his alleged careful planning, James Oliver Seevakumaran did not hurt a soul. He did not fire on his roommate when he “made eye contact” with him. He did not shoot the students who were already massing downstairs in the courtyard of the dorm building. He did not shoot at cops.

He didn’t do anything except die and then various people started running him down as the “loner nut gunman” as soon as they could. Including SSgt Arabo Babakhani.

Perhaps gun residue tests would have been appropriate when investigating this scene. Perhaps a toxicology report would have been nice.

But don’t expect too much after all, the head of the UCF Police force has a brother closely related to FBI Counterterrorism and Homeland Security.

p.s. – Let me say this much; if his story is 100% accurate Air Force Staff Sergeant Arabo Avetick Babakhani is not a hero. He called 911 after seeing his roomie with a gun and hearing gunshots through a locked door. He wouldn’t open the door to the bathroom to go let the cops in while he thought there was a good chance his friend was dying in his room. That’s not a hero.

He also was distasteful enough to run this guy down, talking about him like he was some kind of loser after his “suicide”. Think about that for a second. His roomie takes his life and this guy goes public talking about him having no friends and not using a cell phone and having to eat Thanksgiving dinner by himself? What kind of shithead does that less than 24 hours after someone he lived with dies?

You have to ask yourself 2 questions: why did he never look this guy in the eye before his death and what was Staff Sergeant Arabo Avetick Babakhani doing in the bathroom after the shooting?

p.p.s.On a lighter note: I have no intention of killing myself. My life sucks, but not that bad. I also own no guns, have bought none on the interwebs and don’t have any “special friends” with military backgrounds suggesting various actions to me. I am not a drug dealer or a bank robber or scribbling plans in a notebook like the stick figure drawing confessions which seem so popular these days. I do not have cancer or enjoy sniffing depleted uranium in my spare time. Though I am single, I am not a “loner”. I am sociable and pleasant to neighbors and friends. I do not yell at little kids or little old ladies. I do not have a “manifesto” and have no plans to write one.  I don’t even know what a “manifesto’ is. I do not believe in unsigned typed suicide notes. In short, for those interested readers… it ain’t gonna be that easy.

22 Responses

  1. Look at this Babakhani character’s photo…


    He is a pumped up military man with all sorts of training in his history. And we are asked to believe that, when faced with an armed roommate, and after “slamming the door shut” on him, he chooses to go in to a nearby room and crouch and wait like a sitting duck worrying about bullets coming through the walls, instead of just dashing out and getting out of the residence and run for his life, or taking some other sort of defensive approach…

  2. Intriguing questions, Scott…….. a very strange event….
    I feel sorry for James’ parents.

  3. You would think with all these shootings that there would be at least one letter left behind, like a suicide note. Even if the police/media want to describe all these gunmen as “loners”, none of them have any words for their family, for their school, for their community, for the world? Or, you know, a motive for their actions?

    It just seems odd — even for a “loner”.

    • Several did do some stick figure drawings…… made plans….. or so it is claimed…..
      guess it is hard to get a drugged patsy write a farewell note…

  4. I can’t believe you guys would try to pick this guy apart. He is a hero. You all sound so ridiculous its incredible how stupid people are. None of you know him….

    • Why is he the hero?

    • he’s a hero for calling 911 and hiding in the room? that’s what the definition of “hero” has slipped to these days?

    • apparently he is a frat brother of yours.

      (here is a link to the photo below. You can see the whole thing)


      Arabo [BK] ‏@shamelessliar

      and is that him firing a AR-15 in his profile pic?

      You see, when you come on a site like this claiming we are all stupid because this story sounds like bullshit, you are supposed to disclose that the guy we are talking about is your FRAT BROTHER and you are sworn to stand by him for life.

      AEKDB means the Greek words “Adelphoi En Kardia Dia Biou” (Greek: Ἀδελφοὶ ἐν καρδίᾳ διὰ βίου), which roughly translates in English to “Brothers in Heart throughout Life” or “Brothers in the Heart Forever.”

      For those of you who don’t know, this frat has been the subject of quite a bit of speculation over the years. Here is a pic of their logo (badge) which you can find on their website. An old ATS article on these guys from 2006 had this too say about it: “As for one of their other symbols, an upside down black pentagram (found in Masonry), a Crescent moon (also found in masonry) and the infamous Skull and Cross Bones (Also found in masonry among other places)”

      So “Joe”, when you stop by and offer up opinions like these on multiple threads, you might want to tell us that you are sworn to defend your frat brother for life, ok? That’s called “full disclosure”. See how that works?

      Here’s a bit of history taken directly from your very own website. See if it’s applicable to today’s discussion:

      “Kappa Sigma Fraternity was originally founded as a secret society of students at the University of Bologna in the year 1400. The group was founded by Manuel Chrysoloras, a Greek Scholar, who taught at the University. In that day of city-states, the group’s initial purpose was mutual protection of its members against physical attack and robbery by the unscrupulous governor of the city, Baldassare Cossa. In 1400, Chrysoloras and his five disciples formed a society for mutual protection which inspired the Ritual and beliefs of modern day Kappa Sigma.” Kappa Sig website

      Rituals and beliefs and membership in an organization of brothers SWORN to mutual protection. Hmmmm….

      • Hey, is that the same AR-15 that was found in James’ room?
        Wow… and look at Arabo’s ‘address’…. “shamelessliar”.

      • College secret societies are recruiting grounds for intelligence agencies. The membership already have the mentality and sense of sacred association that get you places as an agent of one of the federal government’s tax-funded secret orders.

        From its symbolism, ritual, and enduring history, Kappa Sigma more closely resembles an occult secret society, much like Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, and Wolf’s Head at Yale. These groups usually cater to the children of the elite, who are, as it happens, involved in similar secret orders to which they hope their children will graduate.

        Babakhani was trained in “human relations” (propaganda) by the U.S. Air Force and served with them for almost five years before moving into an occult secret order at a military-industrial-intelligence university, where he is now at the heart of the latest Gladio operation. Individuals like this move from one suit of skin to the next.

  5. This information about Kappa Sigma is incredible. I believe that at the highest level of power in America and elsewhere are occult elements. So, in Arabo Babakhani, we have the military and occult secret orders, as well as a strangely contradictory account as to how all of this occurred.

    Freemasonry is a major part of this, and it has historically been connected to Gladio operations. Look into the P2 Lodge, and look at their extensive connections to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

    Did you see the latest incident? Three dead, including the gunman (of course) at the elite Officer Candidates School at Marine Corps Base Quantico. No names have yet been released. Of course, he was only discovered dead with the victims after it was reported for hours that he was “holed up” in the barracks, so there were no witnesses to his “suicide.”

    The base is called “the Crossroads of the Marines.” The Crossroads is universally recognized as a place of immense occult power, and where one is vulnerable to spirits (good or bad). The attack happened the day after the Vernal Equniox (a major occult holiday), and three were killed. Three is a number of great importance to every stripe of the occult (and particularly to Masons).

    I think in some of these events, certain individuals are targeted. It stands to reason that in orchestrating these psychological operations, the dark forces of the national security state would target its enemies. How much might any of these three staff at the Officer Candidates School have known about the Marines? Could Seevakumaran gleaned any inconvenient knowledge while studying at a military-indusrtrial-intelligence playground like UCF?

    • Things are getting too strange….
      can’t believe the Marines rely on the occult….
      or are you saying the organizers of the base set it up with the occult in mind?

      • I’d suggest that it was most likely the organizers who called it “the Crossroads of the Marines,” and that this was very possibly because of the occult connotations of “crossroads.” Even if it was not, that could, perhaps, why it would later be selected as the stage for some kind of bloody occult charade.

        I believe in the spiritual, but am agnostic as far as religion is concerned. I also know that there are many occultists whose practice is positive. There are also, however, satanic groups whose interest in the occult is motivated by power, or worse, even a desire to worship some form of evil (perhaps to provide a religious context for their psychopathic urges). I believe that while Wall Street and the Pentagon represent the blade of the ruling elite.

        Groups like the Order of Skull & Bones and the Bohemian Club are clear indications that there exists a keen interest in the occult at the highest levels of power. The CIA even set up an entire program that involved studying witchcraft and black magic (MKOFTEN) at the University of South Carolina. They brought in Sybil Leek, a prominent witch, as an Agency consultant.

        The monotonous claims of “mass hysteria” and “satanic panic” are without merit. There have been various scandals in which we were given glimpses of solid evidence that the satanic underground exists. Dutroux in Belgium, Presidio in San Francisco, McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, the Finders in Washington, Franklin in Omaha and on.

        There’s more than one can count, and all of them eventually implicate an unbelievably wide network of individuals with real wealth and power. That’s why we’re told to believe that “satanic cults” are in the same domain as Elvis Presley on Mars, and that the hundreds of ritual abuse victims are suffering from “false memory syndrome,” a concept promoted by the CIA (through the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation”) that is essentially “Me or your Lyin’ Eyes” as a scientific theory.

        “The Pedophocracy” by Dave McGowan is a pretty good introduction to these occult networks. Get your barf bag ready, though, because it don’t get much more evil than this:

  6. Amazing stuff. Kappa Sigma, huh?

    Did you hear about the shooting at Quantico? Three dead, including the shooter (of course). No names yet.

    It happened the day after the Vernal Equinox (a major occult holiday). It happened in a base known as “the Crossroads of the Marines,” the “crossroads” being a place of great occult power. The death toll is three, a number of great significance to occult groups of every stripe (particularly the Masons).

    Since they were reporting for hours that the gunman was “holed up” in the barracks before “discovering” him dead, there’s (yet again) no witnesses or evidence to substantiate the suicide story.

    In cases like these, I suspect there might be targets. Seven of these Marines died in a “live-fire exercise” in Nevada this week. A mortar “accidentally” blew.

  7. Amazing.

    Intelligence agencies are secret societies in and of themselves, so they recruit heavily from secretive fraternities and sororities at colleges because these are children who already have the mentality.

    Kappa Sigma is among those college fraternities that, like the Order of Skull & Bones, appears to be a very serious occult order. These symbols are, indeed, reminiscent of Freemasonry, which has an actual history of involvement in Gladio operations (P2).

    Such secretive occult orders are at the highest level of commerce, politics, government, military, law enforcement, and intelligence. Simply look at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, where members of the American aristocracy congregate for sexual and sacrificial (sex and death) rites in a forest of redwood trees, heavily secured by the praetorian guard.

    Did you see the latest Gladio operation? Three dead, including (of course) the suspect, at the Officer Candidates School at the Marine installation at Quantico.

    It was reported for hours that he was “holed up” in the barracks, yet only his corpse was discovered there. This means that there is absolutely no eyewitness testimony or evidence supporting the suicide story.

    The base is called “the Crossroads of the Marines.” Crossroads are viewed by occultists as places of great spiritual power, where the lines between the physical realm and the supernatural are incredibly thin.
    This, as well as the fact that the attack occurred the day following the Vernal Equinox (a major occult holiday), suggests the possibility of an occult element. Three people were killed, and it is well-known that three is a sacred number to every stripe of the occult (particularly Freemasonry).

  8. Did you see the latest Gladio operation?

    Three, including (of course) the shooter, were shot and killed at the elite Officer Candidates School at the Marine Corps station in Quantico, Virginia. No names have been released.

    Of course, we heard for hours that the gunman was “holed up” in the barracks before they entered and discovered that he was dead. In other words, there is absolutely no evidence that he committed suicide. Furthermore, the lengthy “standoff” provided the perpetrators with all the time they needed to stage the crime scene.

    The base is called “the Crossroads of the Marines.” This is interesting, as “crossroads” has deep significance to occultists, and the event took place the day after the Vernal Equinox (a major occult holiday). The blood of three – a number significant to occultists of every stripe (particularly Masons) – was spilled.

  9. Did you see the latest Gladio operation?

    Three dead at the Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia. This, of course, includes the alleged ‘shooter’, who we were told had “holed himself up” in the barracks for hours. This means that there were no witnesses to the “suicide,” and no evidence at all that it happened.

    The ‘standoff’ provided the perpetrators with ample time to stage the crime scene.

    • They were all three staff members.. right?
      they are saying it was a possible ‘triangle’ problem…. the man shot a woman and another man.. then shot him self……

      • All three staff members, yes.

        Wasn’t aware they were offering romance as a motive. They’ve kept their cards very close to their vests in terms of coverage.

  10. Wow – sorry about that Scott. I made several posts saying essentially the same thing and was wondering why they weren’t posted. Now they’ve all come at the same time and I look like a big flooding clown!

    When you write a whole essay, I guess it has to be approved.

    As for the latest shooting at “the Crossroads of the Marines,” the names of the victim and the accused have been released:

    http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/marines-id-gunman-victims-va-base-shooting-18799591#.UU-YchyG3Ms ..

    They’re now openly saying (as usual) that they don’t know the motive, and those who knew the patsy seem rather (as usual) surprised:

    Tiffany Wood, an old friend from school, said:

    “I’m just so confused. Jacob had no enemies. He was such a sweetheart … He was real goofy, too, like he always wanted everybody to smile. If he could lighten a situation he would … You couldn’t stay mad at him. He would say something to make you laugh or make you grin … He just had a real big heart. He would help anybody that he could. He loved the Marines. I have friends that have joined and they hate it. But it was his passion to help people.”

    Jean Luker, his great aunt, said:

    “He was a very sweet young man,”

  11. A soldier would not be a coward, but be brave and come OUT of hiding to face the enemy (and save his fellow roommates)??? THEN TO SAY YOU ARE A COLLEGE STUDENT AND HAVE NO TIME to be called a hero???? The hours spent fixing his hair and makeup for the camera and driving to radio stations for interviews, I am surprised he had time to be a COLLEGE student!!! Nobody brags and goes on an ego trip in the wake of a massacre?

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