UCF Psyop: Who is Airman Arabo Babakhani and How Many Times Did Patsy Shoot Himself?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Yes, Arabo Babakhani was (is?) in the Air Force until very recently and is enrolled in ab Air Force related program at UCF.

“”I’m not going to take any chances; I’m not going to wait to find out,” said Babakhani, 24, who began studying aerospace engineering at the University of Central Florida this year after 41/2 years in the U.S. Air Force, including a stint in Afghanistan.” Orlando Sentinel


A reader, Simon, gave me a head’s up about the release of the name of the as of yet unnamed roommate who supposedly saw James Oliver Seevakumaran with a gun the other night before allegedly taking his own life. The roommate gave an interview to the campus radio station about his ordeal. His name is Arabo (B.K.) Babakhani and I am wondering if it’s the same Arabo Babakhani who graduated from Granada Hills High School, Calif. in 2006 and went on to graduate Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. That Arabo Babakhani received “special training in human relations”.

“The partnership is unique because nowhere in the Department of Defense do the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps unite with academia and industry, said Rear Adm. Donald Gaddis, the assistant commander for Research and Engineering for the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division.” UCF Student Paper, 2009    (H/T Simon)


In an interview with ABC News, Arabo said something very interesting. Aside from contradicting himself several times, Arabo seems to suggest that after he closed the door on Seevakumaran’s face, he heard “shots’ fired meaning more than one.

How often does a man get off more than one shot from a 45 caliber weapon when shooting themselves in the head?

“As soon as the fire alarm happened, I open my door, I think something is burning on the stove. I open my door and I see my roommate with an assault rifle. I didn’t stop and look, I slam the door in his face so he couldn’t harm me. As soon as I open the door he just raised the rifle on me,” Babakhani told ABC News.

Babakhani said Seevakumaran was a loner.

“For the most part if you said anything to him he would ignore you, he would stare off in the distance and pretend like you didn’t exist. But he made eye contact with me when he pulled the gun on me. That was the best eye contact I ever had with him. He looked me dead in the eye and raised the gun,” Babakhani said.

“I thought he went after my roommate but I didn’t hear a struggle. Then I heard pops and then silence,” he said. ABC News

Another interesting aspect of this case is the fact that ABC is reporting that Seevakumaran, like James Holmes, purchased his guns online, going later to a gun dealer to pick them up. In reality, that could have been anyone with a decent fake ID.

Simon included some very interesting details in his comment.

They’ve now identified the roommate as Arabo Babakhani.

The chief of police at UCF is Richard Beary, a vice president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and a graduate of the FBI Academy.

Beary’s son, Gregory, attends UCF.

Beary’s brother, Kevin Beary, headed the Orange County Sheriff’s Office from 1993 to 2009. He was notoriously corrupt and eventually was convicted in a corruption case. He was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to co-chair the terrorism section of Region V of the Florida Domestic Security Task Force. He also served the FBI as a member of their Executive Advisory Committee on Homeland Security.

7 Responses

  1. Amazing work, Scott!

    They’ve released his photograph. CBS won’t let me copy it, but check it out for yourself. It is definitely the same guy.

    They executed this psychological operation at a center for military-industrial-intelligence activity, and were, as a result, able to control the police response and crime scene. It stands to reason that they considered the added benefit of being able to produce a specially trained military propagandist to play the patsy’s “roommate” in the clownish scenario, without resistance from an institution who may have never heard of the California resident before this event. Perhaps the reason why they initially did not release his name and or picture is because they were afraid UCF students and staff would start asking each other if they’ve ever seen him on campus before.

    Babakhani is making an effort to build the “lone nut” profile. He said that “he’s got no friends” and “didn’t invite anyone” for Thanksgiving. Worst of all, he’s “never heard him on a cell phone before.”

    You’ve got that everyone? If you don’t want to submit yourself to the surveillance network of the National Security Agency (NSA), fund the phone industry, and make yourself vulnerable to electromagnetic assaults (such as those being developed at the University of Central Florida), you’re a terrorist.

    Reminds me of the story that those without Facebook accounts are more likely to commit mass shootings. Possibly the most sickeningly genius marketing campaign ever, and a means of creating social pressure to leap into that government surveillance database. Maybe they’ll be the next Christopher Dorner, with a reeking, steaming “manifesto” shot directly into the hands of Anderson Cooper from Mark Zuckerberg’s ass.

  2. “”I’m not going to take any chances; I’m not going to wait to find out,” said Babakhani, 24, who began studying aerospace engineering at the University of Central Florida this year after 41/2 years in the U.S. Air Force, including a stint in Afghanistan.”


    Yep. Him.

    • So, who pulled the fire alarm? And why?
      Babakhani said the room mate gave him no trouble…. he took the garbage out and he did not have to tell him to take a shower….
      was Babakhani the den mother? Then how come he did not notice the incoming bombs and long guns?

  3. No offense but you wasted time on this article and you all sound like idiots…. None of you know him. There is no conspiracy

    • No offense, but I really don’t care about your opinion. By the way, are you a student at UCF? I see you have a “ucf.edu” email address. Are you a student or are you one of the myriad of defense contractors working there?

    • ah. It would appear you are a student at UCF. Glad to see you are a skins fan. Me too. In fact, I come from the area your frat originated in. Not that it matters. I also happened to notice the “hero” was wearing a shirt that seemed to have your frat’s logo on the shirt pocket. Since this is his first year (semester?) at UCF, I wonder… did he rush your frat or is he already a brother?

      Is he a frat brother of your’s? Is that why you see what he did as “heroic”? or was he just wearing the shirt?

    • apparently he is a frat brother of yours.

      (here is a link to the photo below. You can see the whole thing)


      Arabo [BK] ‏@shamelessliar

      and is that him firing a AR-15 in his profile pic?

      You see, when you come on a site like this claiming we are all stupid because this story sounds like bullshit, you are supposed to disclose that the guy we are talking about is your FRAT BROTHER and you are sworn to stand by him for life.

      AEKDB means the Greek words “Adelphoi En Kardia Dia Biou” (Greek: Ἀδελφοὶ ἐν καρδίᾳ διὰ βίου), which roughly translates in English to “Brothers in Heart throughout Life” or “Brothers in the Heart Forever.”

      For those of you who don’t know, this frat has been the subject of quite a bit of speculation over the years. Here is a pic of their logo (badge) which you can find on their website. An old ATS article on these guys from 2006 had this too say about it: “As for one of their other symbols, an upside down black pentagram (found in Masonry), a Crescent moon (also found in masonry) and the infamous Skull and Cross Bones (Also found in masonry among other places)”

      So “Joe”, when you stop by and offer up opinions like these on multiple threads, you might want to tell us that you are sworn to defend your frat brother for life, ok? That’s called “full disclosure”. See how that works?

      Here’s a bit of history taken directly from your very own website. See if it’s applicable to today’s discussion:

      “Kappa Sigma Fraternity was originally founded as a secret society of students at the University of Bologna in the year 1400. The group was founded by Manuel Chrysoloras, a Greek Scholar, who taught at the University. In that day of city-states, the group’s initial purpose was mutual protection of its members against physical attack and robbery by the unscrupulous governor of the city, Baldassare Cossa. In 1400, Chrysoloras and his five disciples formed a society for mutual protection which inspired the Ritual and beliefs of modern day Kappa Sigma.” Kappa Sig website

      Rituals and beliefs and membership in an organization of brothers SWORN to mutual protection. Hmmmm….

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