UCF Psyop: UCF Police Release Completely Staged Looking Police Entry Video

by Scott Creighton

The campus police involved in the UCF James Oliver Seevakumaran shooting have released what they claim to be the video made by police as they entered his dorm suite looking for an armed gunman. The video appears to be almost like a training video though some of the techniques are clearly flawed. An interesting little side note about the University of Central Florida:

“It is the headquarters for the National Center for Simulation (NCS), consortium of military-industrial corporations, government officials, and members of the academic elite. Their mission is to create an enviroment of “prepearedness” (conditioning, in other words) and their main focus is “training/simulation” activities. Mock terror/shooting drills.” Simon

UCF is completely in bed with the DoD. There is no telling what they have their hands into over there. Is it possible this is a drill of some kind? Watch the video and you tell me.

You will notice several things seem rather odd about this video. First of all, they are after a guy reported by the witness roommate to be in possession of an assault rifle yet they seem rather calm and the one big guy doesn’t even have his sidearm drawn as he walks through the majority of the suite. He only ends up pulling it out as he prepares to open the door where James is found.

The cops aren’t tactical team members. They seem to be wearing shirts, perhaps with vests underneath.

The guns are conveniently in range of the video camera, lying on the floor so everyone can see them.

There is no blood on the walls, ceiling or floor. It appears they show the body of James Oliver Seevakumaran lying near the handgun suggesting it was the 45 cal weapon that did him in. Again, no blood is seen.

The whole thing looks very staged from the reaction of the cop who enters the room to the way he was standing in a “ready position” right in front of a paper thin door expecting a live shooter on the other side.

Turn the volume down. The fire alarm sound effects are obnoxious.



Notice when they make entry into the first room at the beginning of the video. Remember, they are looking for a guy armed with an assault rifle at least… the guy with the gun-cam goes in “acting” as if he is clearing the room, but he NEVER checks the corner by the door as he comes in and in fact his partner who opened the door, comes in behind him without even drawing his gun.

The same cop who enters the first room without drawing his gun, finally gets ready to open the door to James’ room and sets himself and the third cop to get ready for entry. But he tells the other cop, the one with the camera, to get directly in front of the door as it would open, directly in the line of fire if someone inside were to open up as the door came open. Seems a little odd doesn’t it? But the camera man/ cop does what he is told and stands across the little hall, directly in front of the door. It certainly gives him a good angle to film from but it seems a little dangerous when confronting a potentially armed gunman.

The almost casual approach the cops took to this entry and the way they recklessly handled themselves makes me wonder about the authenticity of the video. Seems rather staged to me. It almost has a training film quality to it.

7 Responses

  1. Wow… They are getting sloppier and sloppier… And more and more blatantly staged… They don’t even seem to be trying anymore…

    Notice how neatly and conveniently both weapons are placed, clearly visibly and recognizably angled in the linear sight of the camera, and how nicely straight the body on the floor is…

    A drill at best, outright fakery at worst…

    And you’ve gotta just love these cops in their “marina security” outfits with shorts and polo shirts and no bulletproof vests or any other kind of protection, raiding a room… (I am not sure if they are meant to have known about and armed person at his point… Theoretically they would have at least heard one gunshot… But, regardless…)

    While we can’t get more than five frames of the pentagon, and absolutely no frames from aurora, Sikh temple or sandy hook, we are provided with a full video, from a first-person-shooter-game angle, so shortly after the “incident”….

    This is so sad… Pathetically sad…

  2. This is completely staged. It has to be drill footage.

    And there’s a blatant edit at 0:42, when they break in. Someone needed to cut out what was really inside, I suppose.

  3. I really like how clean the kitchen is… in a dorm suite of men…. LOL…
    not even a coffee cup in the sink.

    Maybe this is a training session…and to see how the public responds…

  4. http://www.cfnews13.com/content/news/cfnews13/news/article.html/content/news/articles/cfn/2013/3/19/ucf_gunman_s_family_.html

    His family states that he had no history of violence, which places him at the bottom of the long list of “mass shooters” whose alleged crimes are wildly out of character.

    Besides that, however, they do not want to make any commentary in the media and are remaining very much behind the curtain. I have to wonder whether, like most other “mass” shooters, Seevakumaran has a military-industrial-intelligence connection to his family. That reminds me – did you read that Lanza’s maternal uncle was a police officer who served in the Special Forces? It’s in Nancy Lanza’s 1999 e-mails to Marvin LaFontaine.

    These quotes from the article are interesting:

    “Seevakumaran’s family used to live in Seminole. When asked about the family Tuesday, a neighbor said he remembers the, living there about 15 years ago, but does not remember seeing a boy.”

    “A search through Bay area court records turned up a slew of traffic violations for Natasha but there are no records for James.”

    “Another dorm mate said he recalled friendly but distant interactions with Seevakumaran, while several others said they didn’t recall seeing or interacting with him.”

    Lanza maintained a similarly phantom-like low profile.

  5. This is one of those “reminder” psyops… Based on the spinning plates technique…. You have to give it a good go to make the plate spin at the beginning… Takes skill… When left alone too long, plate starts wobbling… But a tiny, effortless little spin brings it back to normal…

    With Aurora and Sandy Hook, they gave the public a real good spin, now all they have to do is to invoke the memories, fear and anger with relatively small and crude, and possibly victimless psyops in regular intervals… Just like we were periodically remindd of 9/11 through countless uncovered bogus plots, shoe bomber, underwear bomber, Times Square bomber, etc.

    It’s a mini spin…. I doubt this thing would make it to a third day in the msm news cycle… One guy, loner, semiautomatic, bought on internet, killed himself, but could have killed dozens…be scared… look, there’s the video… roommate said so… That’s all you need to know… End of story…

    By the way, how come the so called roommate, who was at the crime scene, is not a suspect??? Instead, he is already talking to press, or his statements to the police are being made public??? Is it just because the door was locked???

    It is so badly written and produced that this must be done by young, in-training student psyop team… With all those agencies at that college, not too hard to imagine what those students are majoring in…

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