University of Central Florida “Suicide” – A Botched American Gladio Mass Casualty Event or Another Umar Fizzlepants?

by Scott Creighton

There is a breaking story out of the University of Central Flordia, just about 90 miles from where I live. According to reports at 12:20 am last night someone pulled a fire alarm in dorm Tower 1 at the school. While emergency services were responding to the scene, 911 calls came in about a man with a gun on campus. It’s not clear if those calls described the man as being in that building or on the same floor.

When emergency services arrived, they found a man, unknown at this point if he is a resident in the dorms or even a student at the school, was found in a dorm room, dead by apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police claim they found a semi-automatic handgun, an assault rifle and improvised explosive devices in a bag in the room with the body.

The dorms were sealed briefly as was a parking garage insinuating that the location of the “man with a gun” report centered around the garage.

These are clearly the same ingredients found in many of the other mass casualty events being staged in order to justify taking guns out of the hands of U.S. citizens.

In some ways there are a lot of problems with this story but in others it kind of reminds me of the Umar Fizzlepants psyop. Let me explain.

The official story is developing this way: the guy plans his attack on students, gets his bag full of IEDs and his assault weapon, pulls the fire-alarm for some reason, walks around with his gun in full view, goes all the way to a parking garage without shooting at anyone… then goes back to his room and takes his own life.

That make sense to you guys?

Let’s look at the facts:

The bag of IEDs and the two guns could easily have been brought in by one guy with two bags. Not something that would be out of place on a college campus when students are returning from Spring Break.

Pulling the fire-alarm did one crucial thing, it got the students out of the dorm and off the floor when if it hadn’t been pulled, a gun-shot ringing out in one of the room would have brought lots of witnesses to the scene. It also provided cover for someone to slip out of the room and the dorm unnoticed in the confusion.

The reports of the man with the gun created a general sense of panic on the entire campus, perhaps even taking police away from that dorm building. It caused generalize panic and increased the terror aspect of the event.

In every case of the mass casualty events in the American Gladio operation, there is always a way out for the real asset, the real shooter. If you go back and look at my writing on these events, you will notice that there is always a way out, a back door so to speak. Even in the case of Kurt Myers. Someone wrote on an ATS websites that those buildings, like many North Eastern downtown blocks, were all inner connected with alleys and basements, like a “labyrinth” the commenter said.

In this case, stuck in the upper floors of a dorm building, that escape opportunity would shut down very quickly had the shooter started picking off students from the window with the AR-15 type weapon. They may have decided not to risk ending up with both a patsy and a Sinaloa cartel hitman lying on the floor when the cops cornered him trying to get out, so they planned this.

It’s also possible that the people running these ops are getting sick of killing civilians and they figured they didn’t really need to in order to get their point across.

Think back to the Umar Fizzlepants case. What happened there was President Obama authorized a cruise missile strike in Yemen on people fighting against our puppet dictator Saleh but they actually killed a bunch of civilians instead including 21 children. Suddenly Obama needed “terrorists” in Yemen but real quick so the next week on Christmas Eve, they staged what would turn out to be a “kinder gentler” false flag operation.

The state department got a semi-literate drugged out kid onto a plane and set him down in a predesignated seat. They also staged a “hero’ in the seat right across the isle from him so when the Diaper of Doom went off, he could rush into action and save the day before the plane actually caught fire.

This event did two things: it created a retro-active justification for Obama killing 21 children and it made a bunch of money for the Homeland Security cottage industry with scanners being stuck in every airport.

But it did these things without blowing up a jet-liner over Detroit. You see, they didn’t need a body count.

Is this the same thing? That student or victim (i.e. “patsy”) could have been befriended by the asset during spring break. Could have been meeting him / her for whatever reason last night. The asset could EASILY have carried all of those IEDs and guns into that room and set this entire thing in motion from there. All he/she would need is someone to place the 911 call fingering someone in the parking garage a few minutes after the fire alarm goes off and there you have it. Chaos and terror on a campus while people in New York are in a fight over Bloomberg’s NY Safe Act.

And no need for a massive body count.

Nifty, huh?

Certainly more info on this will become available in the next few hours including the identity of the body they found in that dorm room.

Of course the official story could be the truth but frankly it makes less sense than little 120 pound autistic guy shooting up an elementary school he had no connection with and his mother.

We will have to wait and see.

2 Responses

  1. You think parents will be pulling there kids out of colleges now?

  2. Well, read it the other day that Senator Lindsay Graham told his constituents he understands that innocent children are being killed in our drone strikes, that he hates that, but wants them to remember that this is war.

    So, maybe it’s that they sense it’s The People who are getting sick of seeing children killed in the armed robbery, cold-blooded murders, and power-serving intrigues these leaders try to pass off as war, or Homeland Security, or whatever else they think will float

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