MapQuest Wipes Palestine off the Map as Well

by Scott Creighton

I was reading an article on the Israeli soldier who just killed a Palestinian protester, Mahmoud Titi, when I noticed the MapQuest map they used for the location (in the occupied West Bank) didn’t list Palestine, only Israel and the West Bank. No mention of Palestine at all. So I decided to look it up on their service. You can find Israel easy enough. Goes right to it. But you try to put Palestine in the search engine of MapQuest and guess what you get:

  1. Palestine, IL – Crawford
  2. Palestine, OH – Darke
  3. Palestine, TX – Anderson
  4. Palestine, WV – Wirt
  5. Palestine, AL – Cleburne
  6. Palestine, CT – Fairfield
  7. Palestine, IN – Franklin
  8. Palestine, IN – Kosciusko
  9. Palestine, MI – Menominee

Not a single glimpse of Middle East or the Mediterranean Sea. Nothing. Like it wasn’t even there.

When you zoom in on Israel, they’ve even given the Golan Heights to Israel already.

The World Atlas site still has Palestine listed on their map of the Middle East.

You can go to Maps of the World and find Palestine.

Palestine just recently won “non-member observer state” status at the United Nations. It’s the same status that the Vatican has. The Vatican is a sovereign city-state. But a state non-the-less. I typed in Vatican City into the MapQuest engine and there it was. Clear as day. With it’s own recognized borders… as a state.

Palestine as far as MapQuest goes?… nothing. Wiped them off the map.

Of course, the Huffington Post article made it seem like the protester deserved what he got for throwing “firebombs” at the IDF. Other sites reported it slightly differently.

I’m surprised Israel’s PR teams let HuffPuff use words like “Palestinian’ these days. How long til they erase the word Palestine from the vernacular altogether?

If Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, Why Should You?

(aaaand what is the definition of fascism?)

by Robert Sheer, Truthdig

Go offshore young man and avoid paying taxes. Plunder at will in those foreign lands, and if you get in trouble, Uncle Sam will come rushing to your assistance, diplomatically, financially and militarily, even if you have managed to avoid paying for those government services. Just pretend you’re a multinational corporation.

That’s the honest instruction for business success provided by 60 of the largest U.S. corporations that, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis, “parked a total of $166 billion offshore last year” shielding more than 40 percent of their profits from U.S. taxes. They all do it, including Microsoft, GE and pharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories. Many, like GE, are so good at it that they have avoided taxes altogether in some recent years.

But they all still expect Uncle Sam to come to their aid with military firepower in case the natives abroad get restless and nationalize their company’s assets. We still have a blockade against Cuba because Fidel Castro more than a half century ago dared seize an American-owned telephone company. During that same period, we have consistently intervened to maintain the lock of U.S. corporations on the world’s resources, continuing to the present task of making Iraq and Libya safe for our oil companies.

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Holmes to be Drugged Into Confession – Apparently Waterboarding is “Off the Table”

by Scott Creighton

In 1963 the Supreme Court ruled that a confession produced under the influence of truth serum was unconstitutionally coerced, and therefore inadmissible.” Alan Bellows 2005

Numerous decisions of this Court have established the standards governing the admissibility of confessions into evidence. If an individual’s “will was overborne” 2 or if his confession was not “the product of a rational intellect and a free will,” 3 his confession is inadmissible because coerced. These standards are applicable whether a confession is the product of physical intimidation or psychological pressure and, of course, are equally applicable to a drug-induced statement. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which a confession would be less the product of a free intellect, less voluntary, than when brought 372 U.S. 293, 308]   about by a drug having the effect of a “truth serum.” MR. CHIEF JUSTICE WARREN TOWNSEND v. SAIN, 372 U.S. 293 (1963)

Fox News is reporting that it’s A-OK to use a “truth serum” on James Holmes to get him to confess to his crimes in Aurora Co.

The defendant in the deadly Colorado theater shooting could be given “truth serum” under a court order issued Monday to help determine whether he is insane if he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity.

Suspect James Holmes could be required to submit to a “narcoanalytic interview” as part of an evaluation to determine if he was legally insane at the time of the July 20 shootings, Arpahoe County District Judge William Sylvester said.

A narcoanalylitic interview is a decades-old process in which patients are given drugs to lower their inhibition. Academic studies have shown that the technique has involved the use of sodium amytal and pentothal, sometimes called truth serum.” Fox News

The Fox story ends with some “legal expert” saying this is “clearly” legal under Colorado law.

Yeah, drugging up some patsy with a Date Rape Drug to the point they would confess to just about anything is apparently legal in Colorado, just not in the rest of the civilized world. How nice.

Why don’t they just waterboard him or hook car batteries to his nipples? They could get that bitch who made “Zero Truth CIAty” to come over and she and that hack actor from “24” can beat him with extension cords till he confesses or until their agents decide they need a bigger trailer and green room.

I mean WTF? If we are enshrining old CIA/death squad coercion tactics here in the old “Homeland”, why not go all out? Call up some old SAVOK and Ton Ton Macoute members and get them to interrogate Holmes. Oh wait… we got the original, the CIA. Nevermind

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Believe Nothing You See

On Reddit there is a thread started by a Photoshop expert who was asked to remove an ex-wife from a family photo. Just scrubbed her out of existence because they wanted to keep the memory, just without her. That won’t work of course because now every-time they look at the faked-up pic, they will ONLY remember the woman they attempted to scrub out of their collective memories.

I put this up as an example of what mid-level Photoshop experts can do. Imagine what the real talent at the propaganda mills can do. It’s nice work and basically harmless in this application. But just think of what they are capable of and what they will be in a year or so.

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Let’s Play: Guess That TERRORIST! (yippie)

by Scott Creighton

In keeping with the notion that Globalist Jesus is now pushing the global fascist education program and little tid-bits of knowledge like these will soon be lost forever, I thought I would play


I’m going to put up a few quotes about someone wanting to use illegal, indiscriminate and immoral chemical weapons of mass destruction against civilian populations, and you try to figure out who it is. K? K. The answer after the break.

And awaaaaay we go:

“I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes.”

“… gasses can be used which cause great inconvenience and would spread a lively terror

“A lively terror!” A “lively” terror folks. hmmmmm. What does that make this speaker? A “terrorist” perhaps?

"I want a cold-blooded calculation made as to how it would pay us to use poison gas..."

How WOULD it PAY? How would it “pay” to use poison gas on civilians to create that all important “lively terror”? hmmmm.

"It is absurd to consider morality on this topic..."

There’s no morality. Don’t be childish! Let go of the oldthink.

"One really must not be bound within silly conventions of the mind..."

“… in the last war bombing of open cities was regarded as forbidden. Now everybody does it as a matter of course."

Everybody’s doing it!

These should make it a bit easier.

"I quite agree that it may be several weeks or even months before I shall ask you to drench Germany with poison gas, and if we do it, let us do it one hundred per cent."

"We could drench the cities of the Ruhr and many other cities in Germany in such a way that most of the population would be requiring constant medical attention"

And this should make it a lot easier. Today’s terrorist is the SAME GUY who created this in Dresden in 1945. Yep, those are civilians folks. About 66 times more than the civilians killed on 9/11 to be exact. (H/T carinaragno from Piazza Della Carina)


And the answer is…

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Slick Willy Pushes Global For-Profit Education with War Criminal

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Read Chomsky’s The Corporate Assault on Public Education

Love Malala!!!!

The Neoliberal Era is upon us. For those here well informed enough to know a bit of the real history of the world, what we are witnessing is nothing less than the implementation of the Ministry of Truth being applied worldwide and for a profit. The history that too few of us know, the real history of the world is about to be unwritten and literally wiped from the collective conscience of the people of the globe and with it will go the ability of critical thought.

The global for-profit education industry is booming. Big bucks to be made giving poor kids a Walmart tutorial and the few kids of wealthy folks a real education. If you want to keep the world from revolting and stringing up the oligarchs, just figure out a way to teach them from childhood that it’s SUPPOSED to be that way. Call it “empowering kids” call it “girl power”, call it whatever you need. It’s about “stability” meaning keeping what you have and keeping those billions and billions of poor working people in their places.

And make a billion bucks in the process. Slick huh? That’s why “Slick Willy’ and “Bombs Away” Blair are front and center in the process. Anything to appease the fascists globalists, just call on Globalist Jesus and his Left Cover Apostles to get it done!

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Obvious “hacker” Psyop to Aid Passage of New CISPA Bill for TOMORROW’S DHS Cybersecurity Hearing

by Scott Creighton

With this year’s CISPA on the way, a new “hacker” psyop has just taken place involving, OH NO!, celebrities and Obama administration officials! OH NO! WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CELEBRITIES!

Tomorrow (what a coincidence!) there is going to be a hearing of the DHS Cybersecurity: Roles and Responsibilities to Protect the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure. Curiously, it was scheduled for LAST WEEK… but for SOME REASON.. it was postponed til tomorrow, a day after all this “news” gets round the cue, so to speak.

**This hearing, originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, 2013, which was postponed, has been RESCHEDULED for March 13, 2013 at 10am in 311 Cannon House Office Building**

REMEMBER that March 6th date. That becomes very important later….

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