Google Wipes Palestine Off the Map? How Long Has That Been?

by Scott Creighton

Israel and her apologists are forever misquoting the president of Iran saying he claims to want to wipe Israel off the map. He never said that.

But as is often the case with Israel, they love to accuse people of wanting to do to them what they are openly doing to others.

It would appear that according to Google Maps, Palestine doesn’t exist anymore. Jan called me up and mentioned this and I have to say, I didn’t know they were doing this. How long has it been that Google has wiped Palestine off the map? (map minus Palestine after the break)

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Bashar Al Jaafari Shows How Israel is seeking Security Zone in Syria (video)

by Scott Creighton (H/T carinaragno)

Dr. Bashar Al Jaafai,Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations,  has given an important press conference in which he states unequivocally as fact, the same conclusion I came to the other day when researching the 21 Pakistani UN Peacekeepers taken hostage in the Golan Heights area of Syria this past week, and that is that the operation was staged by Israeli interests or the Mossad directly, with help from the United States, in order to facilitate an official take over of the region for their own express purposes (Israel says it “fears’ the UN Peacekeepers will leave their occupied territory in the Golan Heights as a response to the NATO and U.S. backed terrorists snatching 21 peacekeepers.), which I concluded to be the start of the oil exploration project they just gave a contract to a Dick Cheney linked American company to run (Israel licensed a Rothschild/Cheney linked firm (Genie Energy), a U.S. company, to explore for oil in the Golan Heights.).

Dr. Al Jaafai claims that it is obvious that Israel is trying to set the pretext to call for an all out “Security Zone” across the Golan Heights which would in effect give Israel free reign to have Cheney’s drilling company start looking for oil in someone else’s country illegally.

(video and map of the area after the break)

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The Sequestration Tango: Obama and GOP Dance Through the Graveyard of the New Deal

by Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report (go to the link to listen to Glen give this talk)

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Austerity is the order of the day, and no one is more responsible for that catastrophe than Obama.”

Barack Obama’s mission has always been to destroy the left wing of the Democrats in order to consummate a grand bargain – a melding – of the corporatists in both major parties. He entered national politics as a newly-minted member of the Democratic Leadership Council, which dispensed corporate campaign money to business-friendly candidates and incumbents. Ten years later, President Obama has succeeded beyond our worst fears. Black politics is in utter ruin, and the collapse of the Democratic Party’s left wing is all but complete. Austerity is the order of the day, and no one is more responsible for that catastrophe than Obama, who has waged war on so-called entitlement programs since the polls closed in 2008.

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Link to Live Funeral Ceremony for Hugo Chavez

Hundreds of world leaders, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans.


Rand’s Grandstanding Filibuster All for Naught – The Lord of the Nazgûl of the Takes His Seat

… and Little Entitled Randie prepares to take his Ring

by Scott Creighton


“But McCain’s call for a hundred year occupation does capture some truth: that the West is in for a long, irregular confrontation not with terrorism, which is simply a tactic, but with Radical Islam.” Rand Paul

You should also check out the transcript of Little Entitled Randie recently talking to Glenn Beck about how evil President Morsi of Egypt is and how he’s planning to wipe out Israel.

“As he and Beck sat there exchanging data points about the rising Anti-Christ – did you know the capital of the Caliphate is going to be in Jerusalem? Well, of course I do – the message went out to all the tithe-paying, Israel-loving, gay-hating born-agin’ers: Rand Paul is one of us.” Raimondo

Not unexpectedly, Justin Raimondo is singing Randie’s praises after Weds. little show. He actually claimed he was tearing up while watching it. Yeah right. This is what Raimondo wrote just a few days ago, Feb. 17th or so I think. Doesn’t take much of a sideshow to make Justin BELIEVE in the Rainmaker again, does it?

His (Rand Paul’s) new allies are the folks he recently traveled with to Israel, a gaggle of born-again fundamentalists active in the American Family Association: the Mississippi-based AFA is one of the more extreme Christian Right groups, whose spokesmen have said “the jihadists on 9/11 were the agents of God’s wrath in order to get our attention as a people,” and likened gays to Nazis.

While in Israel, Sen. Paul gave his blessing to the government’s aggressive “settlement” program, and attacked his own government for trying to interfere with this thinly disguised ethnic cleansing campaign.

One would think a supposed “libertarian” would be standing there right by the Palestinian olive groves as the IDF bulldozes them, along with privately owned Palestinian homes, defending the property rights of the dispossessed, and speaking out against this brazen exercise of eminent domain – as he would if it happened in this country.

But no – because that doesn’t fit in with the theology of those who paid for the good Senator’s trip. They believe Israel must be unconditionally supported on the grounds that it’s God’s Will. Israel has a special place in their hearts because the ingathering of the Jews to their historic homeland is seen as one more sign that we are truly living in the End Times – and war between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness is imminent.” Raimondo

Talk about taking the f*cking “Ring”, huh? Guess I nailed that one. Pity Justin forgot it.


The “historic” Rand Paul filibuster which has been “tearfully’ described as “all that and a bag of chips” really wasn’t when you look at it. And upon closer inspection, it follows suit with much of his storied career, meaning it seems to have been an “all hat and no horse” sideshow in service to the “Greater Good” in spite of Justin Raimondo’s breathless rant “oh. oh. oh. Libertarianism really IS about liberty! (weep weep)”.

In Lord of the Rings, Tolken created a mythology of a class of 9 kings of men who accepted rings of power in exchange for their service to the Dark Lord Sauron. These were called the Ringwraiths or the Nazgûl. They were the undeniable champions of the dark side (as Cheney calls it) completely impervious to the mere mortal men who challenged them. Untouchable. Once given these rings, they were immortal and eventually their heinous treachery and vile deeds made them invisible to decent Shire folk like you and me so they wore robes, helmets and armor to give them form for no other reason than to strike terror in the hearts of good men.

nazgul brennan

In spite of Rand’s proclamation that he would do what it took to keep John Brennan from being confirmed as head of Obama’s monstrous CIA machine, the Witch King of Angmar was confirmed yesterday without so much as a peep from Little Entitled Randie. Brennan is the personification of the worst aspects of the Dark Side that Dick Cheney promised we would travel upon after the false flag event of 9/11 “changed everything”

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