Venezuela’s Real Division Over Who Benefits from Oil Wealth

They talk about aspects of this that I have already written about, namely the MSM playing up the “bitterly divided” storyline following Chavez’ death. Unfortunately they fail to see it as building the pretext for the pending Syrian style “revolution” that they KNOW they will NEED in order to remake Venezuela in the neoliberal model they so desperately crave. It’s overall a good interview in spite of that minor miss.

One aspect they do bring up is the fact that Venezuela is a lynchpin in the Latin American revolution taking place and I am sure that the Milton Friedman/ Kennedy School globalists cannot allow this “opportunity” to slip by without making a play for the brass ring. With Columbia in their pockets right next door it seems perfectly set up for another Contras or Free Syrian Army exercise if it comes down to that. And once you consider the think tanks like AEI are already making waves about doing it, it may be a foregone conclusion that Venezuela will become the next Syria project.


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