In the Wake Chavez’ Death, the Oligarchs and Traitors of Venezuela Want to “Go Home’ To “Their County”

by Scott Creighton

The New York Times is doing what the New York Times does: catering to the fascist financial aristocracy of the U.S., Tel Aviv and London.

“A few miles away at Arepa 1, a similar group gathered outside and inside, cheering the news on television while chomping on arepas, Venezuela’s staple corn meal patties, and sipped Frescolita. They spoke of rebuilding Venezuela, maybe not now but soon.” New World Order Times

They are running with an “emotional story” about how the Venezuelan ex-pats living in Doral, Fl. are dancing around and celebrating the death of one of Venezuela’s most courageous and admired leaders, Hugo Chavez. These are the same kinds of people as the Cuban oligarchs who fled to Miami after they decided to run from a more economically just Cuba was being created. From their little seat of power in Miami, these Cuban fascists sat back and plotted and planned the destabilization of Castro’s Cuba at all costs. They ran teams of terrorists out of the college down there, targeting infrastructure and civilians alike. Anything they could do to upset the nation and keep it from thriving.

What they did was basically run away like Ayn Rand suggests in Atlas Shrugged. The problem was, the country didn’t fall apart without them. Instead, it thrived. Same thing happened in Venezuela when their entrenched oligarchs ran for Florida. Now they are dancing around hoping it will all return to the good old days when they can zip back over to a real dictatorship run by a U.S. business interest and their CIA trained deathsquads. Oh, the Good Old Days! Profits abound for the John Gaults of this world.

All it will take is a year or so of yet another Latin American destabilization campaign.

Someone call John Negroponte! You could probably find him in Doral Florida last night dancing in the streets.

Someone call Jon Stewart’s personal friend Maziar Bahari the agent provocateur of the color revolutions! He can run down there and start pretending like it’s a Raspberry Revolution or something!

Someone call the Nazi’s son… what was his name?… oh yeah… George H. W. Bush. He can float down there and set up another Zapata Oil rig and pump weapons and munitions to the New Contras!

And don’t forget to call those All American Heroes John Poindexter and Ollie North! They can set up another ARMS FOR HEROIN deal through Israel so all that DEMOCRACY can be brought to the people of Venezuela!

Come on New York Times! Get to work. Who the f*ck do you think  you work for anyway?! The oligarchs and traitors of Venezuela are ready to rush back into “their” country and loot and pillage the fruits of the labor of all those who stayed and made their country a better place. All it will take is a little bit of propaganda from you and some of the terrorists from Syria. Let’s get too it!

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