The Vile Vultures of the Washington Consensus Can’t Wait to Pick Hugo’s Bones Clean – President Chavez is Dead.

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The comments being left on some of the articles dealing with this are vile to say the least. See some I have copied at the end of the article.


As the civilized world grieves, the American Ghoul Class kicks into high gear frothing at the mouth and chomping at the bit to get into a thriving social democracy and  chop it up for the bankers, Bechtel and Walmart. An entire nation of potential new slaves just waiting for the harvest.

Hugo Chavez is dead.

Used to be when a beloved world leader died, regardless of whether or not we enjoyed civil relations with him or his country, the papers and the politicians in this country would at least act like they had some empathy for the grieving citizens of the racked nation.

They don’t even pretend anymore. Takes too much time, time that could be used flying to the nearest neoliberal country with your Milton Friedman “brick” of economic reforms that you hope to slam on the mourners before they know what hit them.

If you’re the New York Times, you run headlines creating the illusion of a divided nation as if now JUST MIGHT BE THE TIME for our own oligarchs to link up with theirs and ransack the country like we did in countless others over the decades.

Chávez Dies, Leaving a Bitterly Divided VenezuelaNew York Times

Venezuela was not “bitterly divided” that’s why the CIA, try as they might, couldn’t get him out of office. That’s why the coup we staged FAILED. Because the people of Venezuela LOVED Hugo Chavez.

Those oligarchs who hated him understood the better world Venezuela could be for them were another U.S. puppet at the helm. They called him a “strong man”, mainly because he was strong, strong enough to survive when the CIA had killed or run out so many other decent leaders in Latin America in the past. That’s why they hated him… he was a leftist with a backbone and a conscience. He delivered a knockout punch to the “counter revolution” as he liked to call it; the “revolution” of oligarchs and fascists who are currently dictating policy in the U.S. from such honored thrones as those in the board room of Goldman Sachs and sitting around the big table at the Chamber of Commerce.

To the Ghoul Class, that’s a monster.

Now he’s gone and another U.S. “statesman” has been expelled from the country for trying to create a fascist coup in the wake of his death.

My heart goes out to the people of Venezuela and the family and friends of Hugo Chavez. I would hope that my country can be a little sympathetic at this your time of sorrow. But I doubt our leaders are capable of that anymore.

UPDATE: comments from other sites:


Simple: liberals are Anti American. Conservatives are for America and love God and country. That’s why we need to outlaw any party that leans left. They are a threat and a danger.


When you kill one person…you are a murderer…when you kill are a serial killer..when you kill Thousands…you become a leader of Venezuala

Comment author avatarjim-1455434

Boomp ! Booomp !! Boooomp !!! Another one bites the dust ……

The real question is whether Venezuela will return to “normalcy” or whether they will remain a socialist country run by exteme leftist idealogues ?

Who’s next ? Fidel ??

UPDATE: Oh here’s a good one from that Shining City on the Hill…

House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers: Chavez was a destabilizing force in Latin America and an obstacle to progress.

Yes, Hugo Chavez kept our for-profit central banking model out of Venezuela and kept all those Goldman Sachs guys from selling them worthless derivatives to crash their economy. And yes, Chavez kept the oil profits to benefit the people of their country, because after all, that “evil guy” figured the country belonged to the people and therefore the oil did as well. And he also kept Bechtel and GE out as well so they couldn’t privatize everything that wasn’t nailed down. Yes, Mike Rogers is correct: Chavez was an obstacle to all that “progress” we see happening in the Euro-Zone and the Middle East and the United States right now. Good point.

And for the record, we were the destabilizing force in Latin America. Hell, we had an entire branch of the military dedicated to it. It’s actually an MOS. Look it up.

UPDATE: Check out this writeup of the White House statement. It tells you all you need to know:

“The US described the death as a “challenging time”, reaffirming what it described as its support for the Venezuelan people and its interest in developing a constructive relationship with Caracas.

“As Venezuela begins a new chapter in its history, the United States remains committed to policies that promote democratic principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights,” said a statement from the White House.” BBC

In 0ther words: “hey. We still want in. Now this “new chapter” is just the right time. It can be very “constructive” for the right oligarchs“.

Meanwhile, civilized human beings still exist in the world in spite of the fact that only Ayn Randian sociopaths rule in America…

“In Argentina, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner suspended all activities after the death was announced.

Both she and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner, were close friends of the firebrand Venezuelan leader.

In Peru, Congress held a minute of silence in his honour.

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales said he was leaving immediately for Caracas.

The governments of Chile and Ecuador also released official notes of condolence to Venezuela.

The Ecuadorian government said it felt the loss as its own, and hoped its neighbours could carry on Mr Chavez’s revolution.” BBC


A statement by the military said it would protect the sovereignty, integrity and security of the country. It would remain loyal to the vice-president and to parliament, it added, urging people to remain calm.” BBC

12 Responses

  1. I fear most for what will happen to his country. The gates of power are now open and the rats will begin to pour in. It’s embarrassing to see the way people here are talking about this. So disrespectful and so heartless.

    • I don’t think the visible comments are from the average person… they mostly are from paid trolls…… a link of comments I read had many comments deleted… and only vile remarks left to view…. I find that very ‘suspect’
      Chavez…… you will be long remembered.

    • Always refreshing to see the sociopaths reveal themselves…

  2. I doubt these oligarchs and their servants even understand the concept of empathy… because the system they enforce doesn’t.

    How much longer until Venezuela becomes another modern day equivalent of Nicaragua in the 1980s?

    How much longer until the “freedom fighters” start their campaign?

  3. Hugo Chavez, may you rest in peace, and may the inspiration you gave live on!

  4. America is a lost cause. It will keep behaving like the monster it is until a sword is shoved in it’s gut.

  5. […] Scott Creighton – The Vile Vultures of the Washington Consensus Can’t Wait to Pick Hugo’s Bones Clean – Presiden… […]

  6. Chavez was so great huh? Does his greatness include high inflation, widespread power outages, shortages of basic goods, and a tripling murder rate. Chavez was far from a great man. I will not celebrate his death, but I will not mourn it either. Ever think he brought this hatred on himself for his comments about America and its leaders throughout the years? For those who think Chavez was so great why didn’t you move to Venezuela during his years of leadership?

    • Perhaps because moving some place is not as simple as people like you snidely insinuate it is. Furthermore, any good examples set by people Chavez by default are going to be under attack by the empire and its allies; the globalists can’t be having people getting ideas that threaten their power after all.

      And Chavez would have been despised no matter what he did or said. If you are not 100% devoted to neoliberalism and its top enforcers, you will be hated. End of story. Don’t believe me? Look at Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh admired the US. So did Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala; he was inspired by FDR and the New Deal. There are too many others to list…

      And if you’re going to make claims like how bad certain things in Venezuela are, provide some evidence. Don’t just rehash MSM crap.

    • We in the West have to do what we can to allow other examples to survive in the face of neoliberalism. That’s a just one reason out of many why we can’t just “move” to another country…

      • Good examples set by a socialist? Socialism does not work and never will work. The only Americans that would think socialism is so great are the ones who are too lazy to work to better themselves but instead want the government to take care of them. The problem with that is whether it is capitalism or socialism eventually those members of a society who are working to better themselves will stop working when it gets to a point that those who don’t care to work are living just as well as they are. We are approaching that point in this country under the current administration. What are all you idealistic socialists going to do when the “evil capitalists” decide to stop working because we are sick of our tax dollars being used to support those who refuse to work?

        • oh, and I suppose only the capitalists are the ones working? What you are talking about is the flight of all those “decent hard working people” who ran from Venezuela and Cuba to Florida simply because a different political system came to power. The system they LOVED was a brutal dictatorship. They were the privileged oligarchs. They ran away expecting the nations to fall apart, and yet, both nations thrived (CIA factbook even admits that) in spite of sanctions. In fact, all of these “evil socialist” regimes would thrive even more were it NOT for the sanctions imposed on them.

          Why do you think they do that? They do that so people who drink the koolaid can say “see? look at how the country fell apart”

          As I wrote in an email recently, Chavez was NOT a socialist. FAR from it.

          What Venezuela became was a SOCIAL DEMOCRACY. That term is kinda important because it’s what THIS country became after decades of social pressure on various issues. It’s what EUROPE became after we set the standard creating the world’s first THRIVING MIDDLE CLASS and the world’s standard in PUBLIC EDUCATION while also growing to become the WORLDS LEADING ECONOMIC SUPERPOWER.

          You see, all of that happened by mixing control mechanisms of socialism with a version of free market capitalism. Yes, there were regulations which kept the banks from being “too big too fail” and we had a regime of protectionist laws which guarded our industry and workers. Yes, we created child labor laws and the federal minimum wage act (both of which have recently been suggested for removal by some of those wonderous capitalists, by the way) and the unemployment insurance program and social security which keep people who have worked their entire lives from eating out of garbage cans while not costing the deficit one red cent.

          I could go on and on, but the point is, you are completely wrong. YES… there are good examples set by socialists in the past. I’m not even talking about Eugene Debs which would do you some good to read his stuff (the stuff he wrote which got him put in prison for a number of years back in the days of the FIRST Red Scare)

          Socialism does work in this context I believe and I’m not wrong because even those lovely capitalists you seem to like so much agree with me every time they defund a working successful program in order to stand back a couple years later and say “see? it doesn’t work! privatize it!” (in case you didn’t make the connection, the sanctions program and the defunding trick are part and parcel of the same system)

          There are MANY “socialist” ideas that worked great until the greedy decided they could defund and destroy them so they could later turn a profit off them by crippling their effectiveness. A few examples – prison system, public education, food stamp program, US postal service, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, the defense department (yes, that is being completely privatized as we speak), local police departments, the probation departments in your local states, etc. etc.

          During the hey-day of this country unemployment was WAY down as opposed to what it is now, so that throws out your observation that people will chose not to work if there is a decent social safety net in place.

          You have LOTS of people in the free market capitalist system who choose not to work. Not the unemployed mind you. they want to work, they want to better themselves. I’m talking about the affluent who have figured out ways to game the system while making millions off it. For example, congress. They just released their calender for this coming year and they will “work” 126 days for $174,000. That’s how free market unregulated capitalism works. Billions lost and stole in the Iraq fiasco which was a PURE neoliberal free market once we murdered Saddam in order to set it up.

          Tell you what… take a look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Chile under Pinochet, Indonesia under Suharto, Russia under Yeltsin, Greece under the Trioka, the EU now under the EC… take a look. Be my guest. Then tell me how Europe and the Middle East are so much better under unfettered capitalism. Be my guest.

          This really isn’t an argument anymore. It’s obvious. Hopefully you will come to understand it before your grandchildren are forced to leave school after the 4th grade to go to work in a shoe factory for .38 cents an hour like my grandmother had to.

          Hopefully you will come to understand what a social democracy really is as opposed to the cartoonish version of what you THINK I am talking about when it comes to socialism. And just for the record, Hugo Chavez was NOT a communist or a socialist.

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