“Serbian Jew Double Bluff”? Avaaz Helps Run “anti-AIPAC” Spin Control Ads in D.C.

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Guess I was right about the fear of “Road Runner Bomb” Bibi saying something warmongerish…

“We have to stop Iran’s nuclear enrichment program before it’s too late. Words alone will not stop Iran. Sanctions alone will not stop Iran. Sanctions must be coupled with a clear and credible military threat if sanctions fail,” Bibi O the Bomb

Pretty easy bet actually.


In order to get this joke, you have to watch the South Park clip where Cartman accuses Stan of trying to run the “Serbian Jew Double Bluff

Over at Haaretz they are featuring an article about how Avaaz and the Jewish Voice for Peace are running an advertizing campaign in Washington D.C. basically telling everyone that the majority of American Jews aren’t responsible for or supportive of the AIPAC pro-warmongering summit taking place right now. These ads claim that the majority of American Jews don’t support the efforts of AIPAC in terms of their lobbying power and the tight control they seem to have over our congress.


There are thousands of these posters of all sizes spammed up all over D.C.  Every news agency seems to be mandated to cover the ad campaign for some reason. What does this tell you? What does it tell you when AVAAZ is associated with it?

This tells you something about how Israel’s propagandists seem to understand they’re losing the PR battle. Not because people don’t like Jews.. but because people don’t like Israel’s brutally repressive and warmongering policies and they sure don’t like the idea that AIPAC has their hands in the pockets of U.S. congressmen while threatening them to either serve their interests over ours or they won’t be re-elected.

They damn sure don’t like that.

And thus, we have the “Serbian Jew Double Bluff” ad campaign for lack of a better term.

You will notice that just before this year’s AIPAC summit, a new study came out saying that there were “thousands more” of those death camps under Nazi Germany than they originally thought. The study is completely baseless and clearly comes out at a time when everybody knew that the AIPAC summit was going to be dragged through the proverbial coals for rabid warmongering. Plus God only knows what ridiculous spectacle “Road Runner Bomb” Bibi will make of himself, so the study comes out 2 days before the summit begins in order to “subtly” remind Americans of the Holocaust… yet again.

Jewish Voice for Peace is one thing. Had they done this by themselves, I would have too look at it in a different light. They genuinely support a peaceful stance toward U.S. involvement in other nations and as far as I know, they don’t use their “progressive” and “antiwar” stance to covertly and overtly support the imperialist aggression of the U.S. and Israel.


AVAAZ is a fake antiwar movement designed to get the Obamaite type “leftists” geared up for whatever brutal, illegal, regime change program is running at the time. They are COMPLETELY fake, which in my humble opinion, makes this entire anti-AIPAC campaign extremely suspect.

The following are JUST A FEW of the warmongering efforts of the AVAAZ Megaphonies:

  1. AvaazLibya: Stop the Crackdown A campaign calling on the UN Security Council and the EU to take action to stop the violent government crackdown on civilians in Libya.

  2. AvaazLibya No-Fly Zone  A campaign calling on the UN Security Council to impose a no-fly zone on Libya’s air force to prevent further attacks on civilians.

  3. Avaaz – Protect Syria’s Children Now! May 28, 2012 – This photo shows the bloodied bodies of dozens of innocent children, murdered by the Syrian regime. These images are almost unbearable,

  4. AvaazSyria: stand with the protesters Peaceful activists in Syria need our support to back their advocacy and organizing efforts.

The list goes on and on.

Seems to me what we are looking at in this overly covered by the media campaign is a concerted effort by the Israeli PR folks to spin negative coverage of the AIPAC summit away from the Jewish people of the U.S. As if to say that AIPAC isn’t Jewish.

It’s an attempt to put distance between them and the wholly negative light AIPAC puts them in. That’s all it is.

It may be true that the majority of American Jews don’t support AIPAC or even Israel’s growing apartheid state and her brutal foreign policies but that doesn’t explain the rash of media coverage for this stupid ad campaign.

Who cares if a majority of Jews don’t support AIPAC?  It’s still run by Jews for the expressed interests of “The Jewish State”. If the majority of Jews in this country don’t support AIPAC, then maybe they should file lawsuits, get together and protest in mass, run ad campaigns during the REST of the year… I mean there are probably a thousand ways American Jews could get AIPAC shut down. This campaign of distance and spin control isn’t doing any of that.

It’s spin control for a religious sector of the population and it makes it seem AS IF that is the most important thing they have going right now rather than running ads saying they don’t support the terrorists in Syria or the new colonization campaign in Africa.

Let’s see AVAAZ run those ads and let’s see Haaretz cover them on their front page. Won’t happen. I can promise you that.

I know it’s a bit of a joke to quote Cartman from South Park in an article like this, but to me, a campaign like this run by a fake group like AVAAZ is pretty funny in itself in so much that the PR guys actually think we won’t “get it”.

Yes, it’s the old “Serbian Jew Double Bluff“… AIPAC supporters paying for anti-AIPAC ads. And it’s so obvious a child could see it.

The majority of American Jews are not responsible for the Likudnik warmongering of Israel’s hardliners nor are they responsible for the blackmailing of U.S. congressmen carried out by AIPAC to support those policies. We don’t need an ad campaign to tell us that. We aren’t stupid, Jewish PR guys. In case you didn’t know.

Frankly, when you think about it, the entire campaign is more than a little insulting.

But the majority of Americans aren’t responsible for Obama’s drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Sudan either and you don’t see us running around in those countries spending the money posting up signs saying “We didn’t do it. Don’t blame US!” in hopes that the anger backlash trends elsewhere. That would be stupid and insulting to the people who live there.

Get it?

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