Fuck Alex Jones, the Fascist Fat Pig of a Hasbara Megaphony

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Fuck Mike Adams as well. They might as well be working for the neo-con American Enterprise Institute.. hell, since they hire Stratfor agents and promote all the same agendas as the globalists they pretend to hate, they probably are.

“Hugo Chavez is dead, leaving one less control freak tyrant desecrating our planet, but one more empty seat of corruption and power to be filled. Chavez died of cancer, we are told, but the cancer of his left-leaning philosophies continues to disease our world, even rearing its head in the United States of America where government policies increasingly mirror those of Chavez.” Mike the fascist shill Adams

People like Alex Jones and Mike Adams are far-right wing zealots just like their brothers the globalists. They are just a different brand of the same poison. Tarpley was right on that one.


Alex Jones’ fascist roots are showing.. again. Yes, libertarians, it’s really neoliberal fascism. Get used to it.

In the wake of the passing of Hugo Chavez, fascist Jones comes out with the statement, “It’s official…another Communist strongman is dead.” he goes on to quote a literal Nazi who according to Jones wasn’t convicted at Nuremberg, there’s a ringing testimony, claiming that it’s comforting “when the devil puts his arms around you”. Jones says “just because Chavez is nice to you, just because Fidel is nice to you…”

Chavez and Fidel Castro as “the devil”? Fuck Alex Jones and his Stratfor employees. Fuck him and his love for all things Israel. Fuck his fake “truther” message and his Cracked Out With Charlie Sheen segments. Fuck him and his phony rants on national television making real activist look crazy by association. Fuck him and his Walmart pyramid scheme Tangy Tangerine deals. Fuck him and his conniving deceitful ways. And fuck him for selling out the truth all this time.

Chavez was not a communist folks. Social democracy and communism are different things. That is unless you happen to be a fascist living in America. Then it’s the same. Jones mentioned during his anti-Chavez screed that one of his workers he exploits on the show just happens to be from Venezuela. According to Jones, that guy’s family owned a for-profit school until it was shut down by the evil devil himself Chavez. Probably another Malala’s daddy story. Anyway, the guy’s family moved here once they couldn’t teach the wonders of Ayn Rand to the little kids in Venezuela anymore and that just goes to prove that Hugo Chavez is Satan and Lenin all rolled into one.

So as soon as the fascist Obama starts showing his true face, saying he can drone any American he wants, our “brave” AJ the Charlatan turns tail and starts demonizing the left as quickly as he can. What a shock. I wonder how long it will be before he drops his pants for Bibi like the congress critters do?

I’m turning a bit bitter, don’t ya think?

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  1. HAHA, I love it when you get angry like me! Great article.

  2. When it comes to these COINTELPRO types and those who fall for them… I will never forgive and I will never forget.

  3. Communism has many faults both in its Marxian theory and in its Leninist/ Maoist implementations. One could lump all sorts of negative adjectives on Communism and they would stick just fine.
    But what folks seem to miss is that not every self-professed “socialist” is a communist.
    And in particular, patriotism != communism… For example many feel that (God forbid!) nationalizing (*gasp*) oil industries is somehow communist. Now, I’m against the nationalization of dildo factories, iPod manufactures, and mom&pop oil drilling establishments. But oil is an ultra-profitable essential strategic resource. Too much power in the hands of the big bad guvment? At least you get to elect that government. When did Rockefeller last ask you about your opinion on Exxon’s policies? Besides, it doesn’t all have to go to the Fed. One can give oil companies to the states.
    Or if people are dead-set against nationalization, let the government just make its own oil company. If it could conquer Germany and Japan, it can make an oil company. China made one. Let the Fed print money so that every state gets its own oil company. We’d be swimming in oil in 3 years flat… How do I know? Because America went from energy “dependent” to energy “independent” in the last 3-4 years. We’d be drowning in oil, the profits would pay the fictitious “debt,” everything would be fine and dandy.

    And the banks? If you can bailout, you can nationalize. Let the yuppie quants pay the national debt. And you can break up. In between the old Great Depression and the current Great Depression, the banks were only state-wide.

    This stuff with the communism is ridiculous. Didn’t all the constitution-fetishists read about the government’s right to provide for the welfare of its citizenry? If it can have nukes, it can have banks & oil companies.

    The notion is hardly new. Huey Long had a massive following based on such a platform 80 years ago. He got shot… By a lone gunman… You know the drill.

    As for Alex, Bill Cooper nailed it 15 years ago. Alex is a fear-mongerer with froth on his mouth. And I still have some respect for the guy, he has a number of redeeming features… But his negative aspects tend to be overwhelming. Now he has broken with Tarpley, following the latter’s invective against Ron Paul and the “Libertarian” disease… Libertarianism is a sickness… America is split between liberal nuts and libertarian fruitcakes… The former want to sacrifice mankind to Mother Nature, the latter to the Market. Talk about false dichotomy :(.

    Take it easy, willyloman, don’t go crazy on us lol. We know where you come from…

    • P.S. Here’s a toast to Chavez and to Scott:
      To Chavez because he was popularly elected, because he gave a damn, and because he died with his chin held high – may he rest in peace!
      And to Scott for his work.


    • Hi there Jimbo. Good to see you again. You are a good example of how there’s a few better roads to take to fix this and it is certainly more obvious than people think. It really isn’t that hard if people in this country would get over the decades of propaganda that tells them the ONLY way to the precious democracy they don’t really have, is private enterprise. Letting the market decide hasn’t been the case in this country for a very long time. But then again, we have never REALLY been a democracy. The “people’s House” has representatives who last for 2 years while in the oligarchs senate, they last for 6. Go figure. The revolution, like Chavez pointed out, was the struggle to make the constitution REALLY represent all of us, not just the monied class. The counter-revolution which is what we are seeing and what was laid out by the Lewis Powell Memo in ’71, is the restoration of the neofeudal state. It’s not hard to see for those on the left and those on the right. all they have to do is forget the propaganda for a little while. And I think most have done that to some extent. That’s why the constantly shifting propaganda of people like Jones is so important to the oligarchs. Libertarianism is a prime example but it’s just like “progressivism’ or modern New Dem progressivism in that regard. It is ideological poison. That’s your “liberal nuts and libertarian fruitcakes”

      It’s called the Washington Consensus for a reason.

      Just for the record, the “Lone Gunman” who shot Long (supposedly) was also killed and contrary to the popular film, it didn’t take place in a crowded entryway for all too see. It took place in a hallway if I am not mistaken and his own security fired a ton of shots, supposedly at his assailant. hmmmm.

      Jones is pretty much defunct as far as I can tell. He gets a lot of new viewers and fans who are younger, but I don’t think it takes them long to see through his shit. I wonder how long it will take Amy Goodman to start supporting the new destabilization campaign in Venezuela like she did in Libya and Syria. Disgusting that I can mention her and Jones in the same context but that’s the Washington Consensus for you.

      Yeah, where’s Ross Perot when we need him? A little nationalization goes a long way. And he was never afraid to mention the “P” word (protectionism) when he needed too.

      Yeah if they nationalized the Federal reserve and the oil industry in this country, that would pretty much solve our problems overnight. The problem then would be that other corporations would seek to destabilize the country as much as possible in order to “prove” that the dreaded SOCIAL DEMOCRACIES didn’t work so you would have to nationalize several others, probably starting with Goldman Sachs and Bank of America and eventually even Walmart in order to keep all those workers employed. Of course you would have to nationalize the entire healthcare industry, turning all those insurance workers into federal employees. Costs would go down overnight. Some employees could be rolled into a new regulatory agency overseeing hospitals and doctors which is desperately needed. Same could be done for the extra Fed employees. They could be brought into a strengthened SEC in order to watch over Wall Street as they plot and plan their new counter revolution.

      The only way to fix the problem is to take the country decidedly to the left a bit. That’s obvious. And that’s why people like Jones are paid to continually demonize it. Chris Hedges (and you all know I have my problems with him) has recently said, and it’s been what I have been saying for years now, that the American Democratic party would be a far-right political party in Europe. And that is absolutely true. Unfortunately even the so-called left in this country demonizes the left. But the people don’t. And that is the only hope left.

      I’m not going crazy… yet. Just being realistic. With all the talk from Holder and Obama recently, and considering his mommy and step-daddy worked for Suharto during what is arguably the worst and most prolific ideological cleansing of the 20th century, I have great concerns about what is happening here these days. It also hit me pretty hard when I was reading about what is going to happen to Venezuela. breaks my heart like it did when I was covering what they did to Libya. not my spirit though.

      But I’m alright. Thanks. and good to see you again.

      • “Yeah if they nationalized the Federal reserve and the oil industry in this country, that would pretty much solve our problems overnight. ”

        If they could do these things, we wouldn’t have a problem in the first place. You’d have to light a serious fire under every member of congress and the entire executive branch to make this happen. If you could do that, you’d be better off shitcanning the lot and do away with the whole idea of a government. No matter how well you might reform the government, the rot will start setting in the very next day and before long, you’ll be fighting the same battles.

        “Of course you would have to nationalize the entire healthcare industry, turning all those insurance workers into federal employees. Costs would go down overnight.”

        This is wishful thinking and the proof is the UK’s NHS. It’s incredibly expensive, 3-tiered and dwindling as the government tries to privatise it by stealth with no hint of reduced taxes. Almost all medical advancements come from the USA’s private system. If you really want lower cost, completely deregulate health care and let competition drive the prices down while improving the services.

        “They could be brought into a strengthened SEC in order to watch over Wall Street as they plot and plan their new counter revolution.”

        The problem has never been a lack of strength with the SEC, the CIA, the FBI, the DOD, etc. The problem has always been political control so until you can take the politics out of their management, you won’t fix anything.

        Call me a libertarian crackpot if you wish but I’ve come to realise that the real problem is government when government has a monopoly on the use of force. No government? No all-powerful entity to be manipulated by corporations, banks, or individuals who would abuse that power for their own profit. The state-less society is our future, our only real chance of surviving as a species. We must evolve or perish.

        • Unfortunately, you may not know it, but you would fit right in with a guy by the name of Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He’s the secretary general of NATO and a self-proclaimed neoliberal. At least he was until the people of Europe started to understand what neoliberal meant. Then he changed his self-identity to that of “third way” politician. Same thing. Different name.

          His big book back in 1993 was “From Social State to Minimal State” that’s the rallying cry of the neoliberals – government is inherently evil and gets in the way of pretty much everything.

          You might notice that’s what Obama is actually doing, reducing the size of government. Not actually in dollars spent, because of course all that money out there has to be spent in the private sector, so the idea is to privatize pretty much everything, locking in crony companies into what effectively becomes socialism for the rich and we pay the price.

          You will get your wish though. I have to remind you of that saying about being careful what you wish for. The deregulation of the healthcare industry is coming much sooner than you think. Check out the real effects of the austerity package. It cripples all of the “socialist” type things in Obamacare (that’s why they postponed it til 2014) and gets rid of many of the regulatory agencies or defunds them to the point they can’t actually do anything.

          You get back to me in 2018 or so after some people you like here in the states tells you about how their healthcare plan is working out. I can’t wait to hear that one.

          The “stateless society” is an interesting thing to bring up as well since that is the mantra of the neoliberal ideal. Never heard of the trilateral commission? Setting up three zones like the Euro-Zone, where state boundaries are a thing of the past and deregulating all commerce was supposed to free up all those lovely markets?

          How’s that working out you think?

          Point is, you have “evolved’ past what they want you to think… you’re evolved into it. You just don’t know it. There are MANY examples of how single payer healthcare works MUCH better than deregulated for-profit mandated coverage. It’s not hard to understand.

          As to the idea of stateless societies… you will get that as well. It’s called corptocracy and you don’t have a state, you have the Chamber of Commerce. As too the all powerful state forcing their will upon us, they don’t do that. They force their will upon other nations that have rejected their neoliberal agenda like Libya and Syria and Nicaragua and El Salvador and Chile…. etc etc.

          Here they do it by propaganda and one form of propaganda is getting people to buy into the very same thing they think they are standing against. We used to make fun of the republicans for doing that under the Bush regime. Now we make fun of the progressives for falling into the exact same trap under Obama. When will it be the libertarian’s turn? I figured it would be when Rand sucked up to the neo-cons and AIPAC to get elected or when Ron Paul was exposed for helping Mitt run his sham of a candidacy… but I guess I was wrong.

          In the evolutionary process, not all CHANGE is good. it may find a way to thrive, but it isn’t necessarily for the better. And certainly not necessarily better for the entire species. When you bring up a emotionally infused phrase like “evolve or perish” you have to figure the person you are addressing understands evolution and how it works for or against a species. Some have simply “evolved” themselves into extinction.

          Just for the record, the evolutionary process you are describing is not ours, but one for that other life form that actually runs the world today… the corporation. That higher life form that we are being programed to serve like feeder fish chasing after a Great White.

          • Great answer!!!

          • Scott, I value your opinions and insight which is why I’ve supported your work in one way or the other for several years now. I am annoyed that you chose to lump me in with the Libertarian Party just because I mentioned the word “libertarian.” I have no truck with the LP whatsoever. By my post, you might have noticed that I’m of the Anarchist school, not the Minarchist. Our problems will not be fixed by political solutions such as reforming government.

            As with all mighty empires of the past, the American Empire will eventually spiral into death of its own accord and then the survivors will be faced with building a new society out of it. It’s crucial that these people be instilled with the knowledge that they don’t need a government of any sort to rule them. Otherwise, they will fall into the same trap that befalls every government once the sociopaths get control of the reins. We can be part of this process by speaking the truth of the crimes committed by our current rulers which you do very well and by building a society that divorces itself from government control as much as possible to serve as an example of how society can manage itself without rulers.

            The corpocracy wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for their ability to control governments around the world who in turn control their “subjects” through laws, taxes, police and military, prisons. They might already be too powerful to defeat but I suspect that, left to their own devices, the various corporations would have to clean up their acts. Without bought and paid for legislators, executives and judges and the benefits of crony capitalism, they would be forced to either play fair or face the honest, unbridled threat of armed and angry populations. Sure Walmart might decide to form an army to protect/enforce their interests but that would seriously eat into their profit margin seeing as how they’d have to pay for it themselves. Without the protection of the corporation laws, the executives would be held responsible for their misdeeds.

            I don’t know how these sorts of crimes would be policed in a voluntary, stateless society but it can’t be any worse than the current method.

            Most humans live a mostly anarchical existence already. They choose when to go to bed and when to get up, what clothes to wear, where they work, what car they drive, who they socialise with, date or get married to, whether or not to have children and how many, diet, holidays, etc. With a little effort, they would realise that they really don’t need a government to rule the remaining parts of their lives.

            Evolving into extinction? You might have noticed that the human race is driving itself ever faster to extinction as we speak. We might not be able to pull back in time but continuing down the current road is not a holding position. Change is imperative.

            “As too the all powerful state forcing their will upon us, they don’t do that.” You said that and then went on to describe how they do it using propaganda. Of course they force their will upon us using every trick they can think of.

            Obama-care is not a free-market medical system. There’s no chance that they will completely deregulate health care because. Americans would be able to buy cheaper medicines from abroad and benefit from open competition for services from specialists clinics and independent doctors who wouldn’t necessarily be tied to pharmaceutical companies pushing their most expensive medications over cheaper, tried and tested ones.

            And finally, the Euro-Zone is as far away from stateless as you can get. It is nothing more than an extra layer of bureaucracy and taxation on top of the existing state governments which attempts to micromanage just about everything. When I say stateless, I don’t mean reducing the number of states but the elimination of them altogether.

            Forget the LP ramblings and talk to our old friend James Corbett about stateless society and anarchical solutions. There’s a whole different world out there just waiting to be set free from the chains of the current paradigm.

            (Apologies in advance for the length of the reply and it getting stuck in your spam filter!)

        • This is wishful thinking and the proof is the UK’s NHS.

          That is because the NHS is being deliberately sabotaged by the UK fascists in order to bring about a US style for-profit system. I live in Canada and we have universal care. It is very good, and much research is being done in many areas of medicine (cancer, various diseases, etc). Sure, the US has come up with many medical breakthroughs, but does not have a monopoly on scientific discovery. Canada is quite good at this. Unfortunately, with our own zio-fascist leader (Harper), our universal system is under attack. The US idea that everything needs to be “market driven” is a fallacy and in practice, does not work. True social democracy is the way to go.

  4. Liberal fascism?

    Like burning hot extremely cold snow?
    Get your shit correct!

    • neoliberal fascism! Even though by definition neo liberalism is an improvement to the old fashioned liberalism. But today, it stands for the opposite.
      But if you take a look at the old fashioned liberalism (19th century) the comparison to fascism isn’t that far fetched tbh.

    • NEOliberal Fascism. Neoliberalism is an ECONOMIC theory, not a political leaning. Two different things.

      Look up neoliberalism and the Washington Consensus. Read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine and Perkins’ book Confession of an Economic Hitman.

      Look at all the signs in the European countries at these protests against austerity. Many of them mention neoliberalism. Its well understood as the driving force behind these fascist steps being taken today and in the past.

    • and ‘you all know it,’ the line is “hot ice and wondrous strange snow” Midsummer Act V, scene 1, line 64. Get your own shit correct.

  5. I noticed a while back Webster Tarpley’s conspicuous absence on that fat fuck’s show. Jack Blood shows just what a tosser Alex Jones really is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev4pSuGzfQY

  6. I have a question to those of you who have sentiments like “fat fuck” about this guy (which I share)… Were you, at one point or another, under his influence like me? Is the intensity of disdain for this character that many of you express directly proportionate to how long you were initially fooled by him and his operation?

    On a side note, especially since the unstoppable rise of this “fat fuck” coincides with the murder of Bill Cooper, do you feel BC was eliminated to make room for AJ?

    • BC was killed because he predicted the Illuminati would kill all Christians, Jews, and Atheists.

      • Hmmmmmm…. So, “they” would spare the Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists???

        In any case, I really doubt that they would whack him for something so ambiguous.

        Did you listen to BC’s radio show back then? I only found out about him because of the people bashing AJ about taking credit for “predicting” 9/11.

        Since then, I have read his book and listened to every recording of his I could find online. But, I can’t seem to wrap my head around who, or rather what kind of people actually listened to his shows or followed him at the time.

        • What ‘kind of people’ are you? that might give you an answer.

          • Sorry jan, I did not really understand that comment. If your point was something like ‘they were people like me’ so I should just look in the mirror, maybe I was not clear with my question. I was just curious about where this kind of movement was back then as it was happening, and not years later when I discovered it and listened to BC’s shows…. Because I felt that someone who knew of him and listened to him before 2001 would have more insight in to what was happening back then.

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  9. Alex Jones IS an inside job, IS a false flag. Expose his Walmart and Stratfor connections and we have got him. I’m truly amazed that these chinks in his armor aren’t vigorously and relentlessly attacked.

    His ponzi is reaching tipping point, hence his pleas for “new callers only”. If, as he says, he doesn’t screen calls, why don’t you hear him criticized for these contradictions on his GLOBAL radio show? Because he DOES screen calls? Because he IS Stratfor?

    We could start a phone-in campaign to his radio show to discuss these two issues with him, soberly and clinically. It would force him into a defensive position and we all know how he responds when he’s on the defensive.

    At worst it would make for great radio; at best it would bring him and his house of cards well and truly down.

    In the meantime have a listen to this:


  10. “Jones is pretty much defunct as far as I can tell. He gets a lot of new viewers and fans who are younger, but I don’t think it takes them long to see through his shit.

    I wonder how long it will take Amy Goodman to start supporting the new destabilization campaign in Venezuela like she did in Libya and Syria.

    Disgusting that I can mention her and Jones in the same context but that’s the Washington Consensus for you.”

    I could not put it better.

    Lanna 😉

  11. On reflection, this is actually a bit scary.

    • I can easily see AJ rallying the libertarian troops to run around dragging the “evil leftists” out of their homes in the middle of the night. That’s what they did in India. Lovely when you think about it. Course, no one would really follow him and his fat ass. And he certainly hasn’t got the balls to do it himself. But, he will be a leading apologist for it when it happens.

  12. I see a lot of people exposing Jews on Infowars now, albeit in subtle ways. Has Alex Jones been reduced to a total joke now? I always thought that Infowars was the sewer of the Truth Movement, no?

    • He was never the “leader” that he professed himself to be. The truth movement for the most part thought of him as a joke, like you said. I never bought into his shit. He always seemed like a used car salesman to me. He came across as disingenuous and slimy.

      • I did dwell at Infowars for quite a while. Then some one on Infowars gave me a link to a Jew-wise site and everything just snowballed from there. From INCOGMAN I went to the Occidental Observer and some one from there gave me a link to David Duke’s book Jewish Supremacism. For the past year and a half I have been reading a wide range of literature on these subjects. Now I’ve opened my website about two months ago and I’m on the second page of the search result for “Alex Jones is a fraud”, and that’s how I was brought to this site. Good job guys you were #2 on that list.

  13. You guys are a joke. I’m guessing you are illiterate, inbred, and complete idiots. All you do is hate, what a great life. I pity you, your life is so horrible and lonely, you turn to the internet and make a hate website. This website is a complete ignorant garbage. And, I am just laughing while writing this because you are complete trash. The website has almost no traffic, very few views, and is a collection of inbred rants. Great Accomplishment, please continue to waste your life. As your website says often FUCK YOU. Enjoy!

  14. Thank you so much for this post.

  15. Alex Jones is going down.

  16. Sorry, but nobody is doing a better job of covering the Marathon case than Alex Jones, including you. Yes I too am sick of his right-wing rants but that is because he is the deluded product of Southern Confederate British anti-Communist propaganda and reactionary evangelism of some sort. Yes he’s wrong on Chavez, Castro, and others we know as anti-imperialist. But that does not justify calling him these sorts of names. This only hurts our truth movement, which is and must be non-partisan and draw from both the left and the right.

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  18. This article is fucking retarded, and so are you and the morons that approve of it. Go fuck yourself, dumbass!

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