Destabilization Campaign Underway in Venezuela? Air Force Attache David Delmonaco Expelled for Plotting Coup

by Scott Creighton

There is a breaking story out of Venezuela right now. Venezuela’s vice president, Nicolas Maduro, is reportedly expelling a U.S. Embassy official Air Force Attache David Delmonaco “for meeting with military officers and planning to destabilize the country”.

In spite of the fact that this kind of thing has happened COUNTLESS times in South and Central America, propaganda outlets like the Huffington Post are reporting it as “an absurd claim“. What else would you expect from the mainstream media?

“David Del Monaco, an Air Force attache for the U.S. Embassy, had been expelled Tuesday “for being implicated in conspiratorial plan, the information ministry said.

Some day, he told the press in a lengthy statement, there will be “scientific proof” that Chavez, fighting a battle with cancer, was poisoned. He also called Venezuela’s political right-wing an “oligarchy” and an “enemy of the nation.”CNN

Aside from the fact that the CIA has destabilized democratic nations time and time again in favor of establishing far right-wing dictatorships in Latin American countries, the fact is, the timing is well beyond optimal for them to try to ferment a reactionary shift in the political and economic structure of Venezuela right now. With Chavez getting worse and things heating up in the Global Free Market Wars, an opportunity like this in Venezuela doesn’t come around often for these globalists.

They’ve tried to remove Chavez numerous times to no avail. It would certainly not be “absurd” to see the economic hit-men and jackals circling the wagons with the wealthy oligarchs and the military at this time given the circumstances. In fact, it makes more sense than anything else. You would almost be disappointed if they didn’t take a shot at assimilating their economy while they had a chance.

Maduro seems to think the president was poisoned. That claim is certainly not “absurd” either considering the fact that we have tried to murder Castro over 600 times according to some reports. Many of the files of those attempts have been declassified by now and are readily available to check out yourself.

Plus, when you consider how Gadhafi died and how everyone in the White House seems set on killing Assad to get that country neoliberalized as well, you can’t make the claim that this kind of behavior is a relic of our past.

Does the name Saddam Hussain ring any bells?

Hell, this administration says they can kill you and me without due process if we interfere with the “national interests’… is it REALLY that much of a stretch to think they would poison Chavez?

Don’t know how this is going to pan out. Will keep an eye on it. Any info would be welcome.

5 Responses

  1. Just saw a story on RT that Chavez has passed away…not good…

  2. Poisoned? Not absurd in the least.

    • probable even, given the history

      • yes indeed. It if was adminsistered there should be trace elemets. Hopefully someone will inspect the body before it’s burried.

        • I think his point is at this time they have found nothing. But, that is not to say in the future there won’t be ways to detect undetectable poisons. He’s been sick for over a year. If there was something obvious like the plutonium in the milk trick, it would have turned up long ago… and he would have been dead almost immediately. They will be keeping tissue and other samples on file I am sure and I think that is the message he is sending to whomever he thinks did it. I don’t know if it was or it wasn’t an assassination. But I know we have done it in the past so it is not absurd to think it’s been done again. Especially when you consider a while ago congress investigated the CIA and leashed them for doing such things, now we make movies glorifying them for it.

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