Fuck Alex Jones, the Fascist Fat Pig of a Hasbara Megaphony

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Fuck Mike Adams as well. They might as well be working for the neo-con American Enterprise Institute.. hell, since they hire Stratfor agents and promote all the same agendas as the globalists they pretend to hate, they probably are.

“Hugo Chavez is dead, leaving one less control freak tyrant desecrating our planet, but one more empty seat of corruption and power to be filled. Chavez died of cancer, we are told, but the cancer of his left-leaning philosophies continues to disease our world, even rearing its head in the United States of America where government policies increasingly mirror those of Chavez.” Mike the fascist shill Adams

People like Alex Jones and Mike Adams are far-right wing zealots just like their brothers the globalists. They are just a different brand of the same poison. Tarpley was right on that one.


Alex Jones’ fascist roots are showing.. again. Yes, libertarians, it’s really neoliberal fascism. Get used to it.

In the wake of the passing of Hugo Chavez, fascist Jones comes out with the statement, “It’s official…another Communist strongman is dead.” he goes on to quote a literal Nazi who according to Jones wasn’t convicted at Nuremberg, there’s a ringing testimony, claiming that it’s comforting “when the devil puts his arms around you”. Jones says “just because Chavez is nice to you, just because Fidel is nice to you…”

Chavez and Fidel Castro as “the devil”? Fuck Alex Jones and his Stratfor employees. Fuck him and his love for all things Israel. Fuck his fake “truther” message and his Cracked Out With Charlie Sheen segments. Fuck him and his phony rants on national television making real activist look crazy by association. Fuck him and his Walmart pyramid scheme Tangy Tangerine deals. Fuck him and his conniving deceitful ways. And fuck him for selling out the truth all this time.

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Eric Holder: Obama Can Kill Citizens in the U.S. with Military Drones

by Scott Creighton

Indefinite detention via the military, endless drone strikes across the world, the economic “Brick” being dropped on the people of the U.S. while Wall Street and corporate profits soar…  and now Eric Holder claims he thinks President Peace Prize can order a MILITARY drone strike against any U.S. citizen here in the continental United States.

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The Vile Vultures of the Washington Consensus Can’t Wait to Pick Hugo’s Bones Clean – President Chavez is Dead.

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The comments being left on some of the articles dealing with this are vile to say the least. See some I have copied at the end of the article.


As the civilized world grieves, the American Ghoul Class kicks into high gear frothing at the mouth and chomping at the bit to get into a thriving social democracy and  chop it up for the bankers, Bechtel and Walmart. An entire nation of potential new slaves just waiting for the harvest.

Hugo Chavez is dead.

Used to be when a beloved world leader died, regardless of whether or not we enjoyed civil relations with him or his country, the papers and the politicians in this country would at least act like they had some empathy for the grieving citizens of the racked nation.

They don’t even pretend anymore. Takes too much time, time that could be used flying to the nearest neoliberal country with your Milton Friedman “brick” of economic reforms that you hope to slam on the mourners before they know what hit them.

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Stuart Leibowitz… eh… I Mean Jon Stewart, to Direct Anti-Iran Film Propaganda About Green Revolution Provocateur

by Scott Creighton

While the phony “Green Revolution” was being spun across the MSM, I was here, long ago, telling you the truth. That it was yet another “color revolution” staged by the U.S. State Department.

It was. It’s perfectly clear. Everyone knows it now.

But leave it too Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) to announce today that he is taking off some time from propagandizing his left-wing audience in order to make a serious movie about one of Newsweek’s agent provocateurs who got caught up in the sideshow of a color revolution and detained for 118 days, Maziar Bahari.

I guess someone thought that if the idiot Ben Affleck could win an Oscar for pretending to direct that latest CIA produced anti-Iran film, Jon Stewart would be a shoe-in with the next one. So, here he goes, shillin for the warmongers again.

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CIA Torture Program Center of an “international conspiracy of crime” (Globalization? GWOT? Are the “Conspiracy Theorists” Right Afterall?)

from Wired

As his inquiry into U.S. drone strikes gets underway, the United Nations special rapporteur for counterterrorism and human rights has stepped up his rhetoric against the agency he’ll inevitably investigate. The CIA’s torture program was at the center of an “international conspiracy of crime,” he told a U.N. panel on Tuesday.

The CIA’s torture in the last decade is unrelated from its current drone campaign. But Ben Emmerson, the U.N. rapporteur, will still need access to the drones from a CIA he portrayed on Tuesday morning as something similar to a Bond villain. In an interview with Danger Room last month, Emmerson said he was confident the Obama administration would grant him access to one of its most secretive counterterrorism programs.

The extent of international cooperation with the CIA’s torture, detention and rendition regime during the past decade was the focus of a recent Open Society Institute report. The Open Society Institute found last month that over 50 nations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa aided the CIA in holding suspected al-Qaida members, including people ultimately found to be innocent, in brutal conditions. A former Bush administration State Department official, Philip Zelikow, told his then-colleagues in 2006 that the CIA torture amounted to a “felony war crime.”

Emmerson, speaking to the U.N. Human Rights Council, called on the Senate intelligence committee to promptly declassify an extensive inquiry of its own into CIA torture. He said he was “concerned” that the Obama administration has declined to prosecute anyone for authorizing or inflicting torture, warning that such “impunity” undermined western calls for entrenching democratic norms in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Destabilization Campaign Underway in Venezuela? Air Force Attache David Delmonaco Expelled for Plotting Coup

by Scott Creighton

There is a breaking story out of Venezuela right now. Venezuela’s vice president, Nicolas Maduro, is reportedly expelling a U.S. Embassy official Air Force Attache David Delmonaco “for meeting with military officers and planning to destabilize the country”.

In spite of the fact that this kind of thing has happened COUNTLESS times in South and Central America, propaganda outlets like the Huffington Post are reporting it as “an absurd claim“. What else would you expect from the mainstream media?

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Civil Rights Champ Joe Biden? “Reduce Violent Crime by Giving Black Guys a Basketball”

by Scott Creighton

The Huffington Post has gone completely crazy. They actually wrote that Joe Biden is a great guy for suggesting the way to reduce violent crime is to toss young black men a basketball while padding the potential profit margins of the for-profit prison industrial complex. I wish I were kidding.

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