Sec. Kerry Tries Bribing Morsi into Accepting I.M.F. Loan – What Does That Mean?

by Scott Creighton

“The Brotherhood is a disciplined organization,” he said. “They’re going to play ball with neo-liberal economics. They’re going to play ball with Israel. Their actions don’t match the rhetoric.” Washington Times May 2012

It is well understood that an I.M.F. loan is the best way to allow the Global Free Market Wars into your front door. The stipulations they mandate are pure neoliberalism and they fully expect you to punish your people in exchange for the money that will lock the entire country into a cycle of debt servitude in perpetuity.

It is also well understood that I have gone on record with regard to the Egyptian revolution that took place starting in Tahrir Square, saying that it was not a “color revolution” created by our state department and CIA as many others in the past.

That fact was pretty obvious I thought as the administration stood by our puppet dictator for way too long, trying their best to keep him in power, until the military finally sided with the protesters and even Hillary Clinton couldn’t lie her way clear enough to continue that farce.

The new anti-neoliberal constitution of Egypt should have put that to rest as well, but many “alternative” journalists like their counterparts in the complicit MSM said just the opposite leaving me out on the limb by myself.

I wonder why it is that so many “truth telling” alternative news sources would be so ready to demonize Morsi when he had things like this to say over the years:

The U.S. administration has never presented any evidences on the identity of those who committed (9/11)

We have officially demanded a fair trial for 9/11 suspects and the issuance of a detailed scientific report about the attacks, but the U.S. administration did not respond till now,”

This requires a huge scientific conference that is devoted to analyzing what caused the attack against a massive structure like the two WTC towers,” he said, referring to the World Trade Center. “Should this happen, we will stand firmly against whoever committed this horrific crime against innocent civilians.” Washington Times

“When you come and tell me that the plane hit the tower like a knife in butter, then you are insulting us,” Hamid reported Morsi as saying. “How did the plane cut through the steel like this? Something must have happened from the inside. It’s impossible.” Washington Post

You rarely hear or read that aspect of President Morsi anymore from the so-called “truth” sites. They ignore that like they ignore Clinton’s tireless efforts to keep Mubarak in power as the battle for Tahrir Sq. raged on. But it’s there. It’s true. Morsi was a devoted anti-neoliberal “truther” and it was well understood long before he was elected to office.

So what does this new deal Kerry is offering mean? What does it foretell? Was the Washington Times right back in May of 2012? Will Morsi sell out to the I.M.F. and neoliberalize his country even more in-spite of the revolution that ousted Hillary’s last puppet? Or is Morsi just biding his time to set something else in place?

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Verizon Turns in Former Ordained Catholic Deacon for Storing Kiddie Porn in his “Cloud”

You can’t make this up folks. You just can’t. What’s also important to note is 1. this stupid pedophile was storing child porn on his “cloud” and 2. Verizon is obviously trolling through their customer’s “clouds”. Should be a lesson there somewhere.

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As Expected, Sequestration Cuts Are Neoliberal Blueprint, Not “Dumb Mistakes”

by Scott Creighton

When you look at the specific cuts being implemented in this second round of austerity measure cuts being slammed on us thanks to the Obama administration’s efforts, you notice something very telling: they are in fact the implementation of the neoliberal agenda. Almost point for point. Surprised that a “progressive” is doing it? Don’t be.

As I pointed out earlier this morning, Obama now has a new neoliberal globalist to put the finer points on the neoliberal plan of attack. Here I found a list of some of the “dumber” cuts. Remember, whenever someone wants to cover-up a deliberate plan, they always seem to try to imply that it’s “dumb” or a “mistake” like the illegal invasion of Iraq they tried to pass off as a “mistake”. It isn’t. It’s exactly what they want.

Check out this list of “dumb” cuts which were created by Obama’s austerity commission and then pushed as a sequestration plan by Obama’s staff onto the leadership of the House and Senate.  Notice at the bottom of the list what they say about the “republican’s” reaction to these items: they “need to happen”, it’s a “homerun” to get the “economy going again”. That’s the language of the neoliberals. Also notice “libertarian” sites are busy running around saying these neoliberal objectives are “no big deal”. That should tell you something about the fake alternative sites like Prison Planet and WRH.

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Globalists Hate C-Span

The Reality in This Country is Not What You Think it Is

Walmart’s Sylvia Mathews Burwell, another globalist Clinton retread, to Head White House Office of Management and Budget

by Scott Creighton

Barack Obama apparently isn’t allowed to hire anyone himself, instead he seems to be forced to load the White House with Clinton era re-treads, globalist neoliberal “democrats” who serve the corporate structure as well as Slick Willy himself.

The latest Clintonite to grace the Obama cabinet is going to be Sylvia Mathews Burwell. She was  Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton from 1997 to 1998, and was Chief of Staff to Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin from 1995 to 1997.

When she got out of politics, briefly, she jumped right into the Globalization field, signing on with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation first in 2001 and then ultimately with the Walmart Foundation which she has been president of since Oct. 2011. She’s also on the board of directors of Metropolitan Insurance company. Remember Obamacare?

Now she will be Obama’s head the White House Office of Management and Budget. She’ll be working along side another Clintonite retread, Jack Lew, who did his best to help demo the economy as well.

Her task in that office, among other things, will be to implement the harsh austerity budget, ultimately deciding which of our poorest citizens are hit the hardest by this second round of austerity measures.

“Burwell would take over the office that carries out the administration’s spending policies. The budget office will inevitably get caught up in the ongoing budget battle between Democrats and Republicans.” Huffington Post

Imagine that. Robert Rubin in one of the folks most responsible for the demolition of the economy and the neoliberal shift taking place in this country right now and his Chief of Staff is being made into Obama’s budget guru.