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“The grotesque act of invading other countries claiming them as your territory and stealing their resources to keep your emperor, crown or corporate owners in power used to be called “empire building”. The latest propaganda for “empire building” is “Globalization”, a vague word with warm connotations of unification. But what it really means is the acquisition of other people’s resources at any cost and unlimited slave labor. Slave labor is needed to produce the unnecessary goods sold to these slaves. Slaves to persuasion and influence. The “debt slaves” who can’t actually afford the things they buy”

This film was reportedly given to a U.S. citizen in Seoul by North Korean defectors. Even the person who translated that has a hard time believing that story. But the fact is, it is an accurate depiction of the state of propaganda in our country, the many types of propaganda. You can go here and read the full story of how it was “leaked” out of the DPRK via South Korea. It’s had around half a million views since being posted in June of last year despite being age restricted for some reason.

It does have captioning in multiple languages for those of you who will have a hard time making out the two narrator’s voices (one Korean, the other in English)



0:00 Introduction
6:54 Creating Ideas & Illusions
16:48 Fear
19:35 Religion
25:00 Beware the 1%
28:10 Emulating Psychosis
31:21 Rewriting History
41:15 The Birth of Propaganda
45:49 Cover Ups and Omissions
54:10 Complicity
58:05 Censorship
1:01:50 International Diplomacy
1:06:14 Television
1:08:11 Advertising
1:14:36 The Cult of Celebrity
1:22:34 Distraction
1:28:01 Terrorism
1:35:00 The Revolution Starts Now

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  1. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 what do you guys think?

  2. Seems this film shows only the worst of the US…. in a sort of reverse propaganda attempt…..
    N. Korea is mostly atheist yet there Supreme Leader claims to have been born a Deity….. You are supposed to worship the Supreme Leader….
    and read this:

    and this:

    so like any propaganda ….. this film needs to be taken with a grain of salt……also

    • What exactly would be the “best” of the U.S. in your opinion?

      Of course this film is propaganda in itself. But that is to be expected when you consider this is an information war, a war of ideologies.

      You don’t have to imagine the propaganda they endure in North Korea, it’s right there in one or two of the segments of this film. You wonder why they put that in there?

      You want to talk about worshipping the “supreme leader”? Remember that magazine cover (the Nation I think) that referenced Obama as the “second coming” of Christ? How about all the not-so-subtle connections they tried to make between him and Lincoln and JFK and King prior to his first election?

      It’s the same thing, Jan.

      One thing is different, their “glorious leader” hasn’t told his people that God told him to attack other nations and he did. They haven’t dropped atomic weapons on two cities just to test out the differences between plutonium and uranium weapons.

      This film doesn’t say that God doesn’t exist. It simply says that since the beginning, the idea of God and heaven have been manipulated by powerful interests in order to keep the masses from their throats, and they are right about that. They also RIGHTLY show that the old testament God was a vengeful, wrathful, war-monger… at least that is how it was portrayed to the people. They also rightly talk about how religion is being used now to demonize people of the Middle East so we will turn a blind eye to their suffering. All that is completely accurate.

      North and South Korea were actually on the path to reunification not too long ago. I think it was called the Sunshine project or something like that, but of course, the God Fearing Christians of the U.S. put an end to that idea real quick (sarcasm). We don’t want them back together on their own terms, we want their markets open to our hot money speculators and all that potential slave labor working for our WalMart sweatshops for pennies a week.

      Remember the Cheonan?

      Truth is, when you start talking about the atheists and communists together it rings of another PR campaign ran not all that long ago demonizing the Soviet people.

      Funny how that keeps popping up, isn’t it? “Godless commies”

      Those Godless commies stopped the Germans in WWII, we didn’t. In fact, after we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and burned 60 of their wooden cities with firebombs and napalm killing a million Japanese, even though they HAD been ready to surrender before all of that, they seemed resolved afterward to fight on, and wouldn’t you after all that? It was the Soviets poised on the edge of China ready to sweep in and wipe the Japanese off the map forever that made them surrender. So we didn’t even really win that one either.

      All that, and the Soviets lost 26 million people to the Germans. And who do we lionize? The Jews for their 6 million. Not a word is said about the Soviet people and what they sacrificed to stop Hitler.

      But I guess that is partly because they’re “godless commies” and the Jews are “God’s chosen People”

      Point is, this film is a good depiction of the PR industry and how it has been used to shape the world view and dumb down the people of this country for a hundred years. Look around you. How else do you explain how complacent the people of this country are?

      The film is good for that reason. It is obvious what we have become to every other nation on the planet and here we are still lying to ourselves. It’s like we are a nation of Barney Fifes. Everyone else gets it except us…

      … including people in the most secluded and sanctioned nation on earth.

      Kinda makes you wonder who is really the secluded one, doesn’t it?

      • I wasn’t arguing that N.Korea was mostly Atheist…I was just stating the fact….
        also Russia is not Godless.

        “Russia Fast Facts – Population, Flag, Visa, Religion
        Russia is a multi-ethnic and multi-faith nation. Orthodox Christianity is Russia’s largest religion with 75% of the population belonging to the Orthodox Christian”

        Russia has a varied religious population….. …
        I think the film gave some interesting facts….
        just that America does have some good in it…. You live here! 🙂

        • as a general rule of thumb I hold that the people of all nations are basically good. So that doesn’t hold up. Saying that America is “good” because of it’s people tends to forget the fact that we have done some rather “not-so-good” things in the past and currently the debate seems to be centered around a “all for me fuck everyone else” mentality that is being instilled in the average U.S. citizen. That ain’t good. Our policies toward other nations have been vile for many many years. We have, as the film points out, invaded and overthrown real democracies for the past 60 years while turning a blind eye to the political elites who killed our own president and presidential candidate.

          But I have to admit, that was a clever way to steer the conversation to a more pleasant place.

          • He He…. 🙂

            • Hey lighten up you two! Think carefully about the putative story “told” by the person who ostensibly released the video to the west.

              It…is…ridiculous…when you think about it realistically.

              And yay! They saved me the trouble of arguing it, because this film has apparently already been debunked by it’s maker him(her?)self. If I recall correctly it was made in New Zealand and I believe that the confession is on their official Facebook page. There is a blog somewhere – I’ll see if I can find it again – where they also tell the whole story. The story said something like: their friend is Korean so he played the professor, etc. I’d call it comical if it wasn’t much more importantly a scam…the film industry gets what it deserves.

              They apparently made the film to take advantage of the standard viral “fame-by-doing-a-fake-xxx”, to get their foot in the door of the MSM and get some buzz on the festival circuit, EXACTLY like the ridonkulous KONY nonsense. Step back from this fake film and notice that it is utterly banal, something some sharp high school kids could do with Final Cut Pro, and very well may have done. It is a simple list of ‘American problems’ with no insight or new information – just a list of facile well-known things – super easy to write and string together for any conspiracy hobbyist – though there is decent montage editing…which is their actual calling card.

              Their confession that it is fake completely changes the meaning of the film from our perspective. It is merely a sensational prevarication to get it’s authors noticed. It merely showcases that they are good at what they hope someone will employ them to do. They’re E industry climbers just doing something sensational to gain notoriety, only using geopolitics for its sensational quality, not its meaning. In terms of meaning, the geopolitics is just filler.

              Da da, da da, da da da Hol-ly-wood!!

              • Here you go – it’s not the blog I read before but it’s a fine one:


                “Mr Chang and his family have been exiled from a society that is quick to ostracise those who fail to toe the invisible line…”

                Uh oh. Look out for Mr. Chang to be found running naked in the street babbling incoherently pretty soon…just like that KONY dude.

                • Doesn’t sound like a parody to me…

                  “Slavko admits he ‘doesn’t expect to get any money back from this film’ and goes on to say jokingly ‘this makes me the worst producer in the world. The first two letters of Propaganda are P.R. My intention for the film was for it to be an antidote to the giant doses of bullshit we’re fed by PR’. It certainly does that.”

              • Their story does not ring true, the people who claimed to have been given this in South Korea. If the North Korean government made this, they would not need to run around finding “tourists” in the South to translate it for them. That’s just stupid.

                Seems more likely to me that it was put together by some U.S. military intel officers from South Korea after watching Psy-Op, the film or Manufacturing Consent.

                No, it isn’t ground breaking and it covers a lot of “conspiracy theories” in order to make it seem like conspiracy theorists are aligned with North Korea maybe. Either that or it’s obvious to most people in the world that these conspiracies did in fact happen.

                The whole section about their “glorious leader” seems like it was deliberately tossed in for effect. That’s the point I was trying to get across to Jan earlier.

                However, all that said, I will take a look at your links and see if there is any truth to those claims as well. My guess is still some subtle psyop from South Korea, but I will take a look.

  3. I can agree with the possibility of it being reverse propaganda but I like to believe America is a bad place. I think it makes sense but there is no point in arguing because there is no known definitive answer. Just makes you think.

  4. I was always warned against Godless communists. Never the Satanist capitalists. Skull and Bones? Marx’s book was stupid. The Floundering Fathers were stupid.

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  5. Here’s where the actual confession WAS:
    go to the film’s FB page
    and scroll down to December 14, 2012 – it’s the post beginning “This is both an explanation and a formal apology…” For some reason the whole story is no longer displayed, but you can see it’s been confessed by the other the posts on Dec 14th and 15th.

    The whole confession is copied here – it’s the big block of text just above the bottom by RedskullSS:

    • ah, he didn’t apologize for the film as you imply.

      ” This is both an explanation and a formal apology to those of you who have liked this page, supported the film, understood the importance of the messages within it, and encouraged Sabine. This is not an apology for the film, but for what most of you have been led to believe about the back-story and Sabine, although I suspect most of you already figured out that Sabine was a nom de plume. I’ll continue this explanation using my real name: Slavko Martinov…”

      • I did not imply he was apologizing for the film – of course he doesn’t apologize for the film, it’s (supposedly) his baby and he’s seeking notoriety. He was apologizing for being a lying sack of s#it. Great for his cred, eh what?

        Naturally it’s also very possibly a western psy-op…a honey-trap for people who uncritically hit some “like” button and thereby get their name on some watch list…to tag anyone who agrees with the film’s assertions as an enemy/kommie sympathizer.

        Like the KONY op, this op is as phony as a $3 bill, but dang if the viral technique doesn’t work great; scores of gullible people are sharing the darned thing wild all over social media. He claims he’s getting calls from festivals and distributors. Really? WTF are they going to distribute it as? Comedy? Who on Earth would show it now, and who on Earth would pay to see it now that it’s debunked and universally available for free? And why would anyone smart enough to put together a film like this just do it at a total loss? The whole story is absolutely ridiculous in all dimensions.

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