al CIAda’s Newest Rehash of Old Psyops – “Inspire” Magazine Publishes “Lone Gunman” Type How-To Booklet

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Check out the video I added at the end of the article which exposes more fake scary homegrown “alQaeda” terrorists Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab a.k.a. Adam Pearlman & Joseph Cohen.

The REAL publishers and creators of “Inspire” Magazine need to be exposed and arrested.

NBC “news” is running with a new publication from the old “Inspire” magazine where they supposedly give Western audiences the tools needed to run “Lone Gunman” type attacks on civilian targets in a booklet of old ridiculous ideas pasted together in a hip, glossy, Facebook English manner.  The booklet is called, laughably enough, the “Lone Mujahid Pocketbook” (careful clicking on that Scribd link. It will most assuredly be monitored)

“A new al-Qaida “guidebook” for extremists aims to incite homegrown “lone wolves” (lone gunman) into carrying out small-scale terrorist attacks inside the United States and other Western countries, using materials as easily obtainable as motor or cooking oil, sugar and matches to trigger massive traffic accidents, devastating fires and deadly explosions.” NBC “News”

That title itself should tell you that it was created by the CIA or some intelligence contractor. Clearly they are looking to create the “Lone Gunman” campaign here in the states in order to justify having their precious drones launching hellfire rockets in Montana or somewhere (Tampa? uh oh)

The al CIAda operation that published this psyop is the already exposed Inspire magazine, started and run by the CIA/FBI operative Samir Khan in Yemen after his honeypot operation in North Carolina was exposed by a local investigative blogger who tipped off the New York Times and the FBI and so he had to relocate.

“Just to clarify, I was specifically asked by more than one FBI agent, and on more than one occasion, not to publicly identify Inshallahshaheed as Samir Khan.” Jawa Report

Amazingly, this well known “al Qaeda” operative and recruiter was able to board international flights while he admits he was being monitored and tracked by the FBI. hmmm…. I wonder how that works.

“I proceeded to travel to Yemen, the land of faith and wisdom. After spending some time in Sana’a as an English teacher, I made my move quietly. I praise Allah and laugh at the intelligence agencies that were watching me for all those years. Back in North Carolina, the FBI dispatched a spy on me who pretended to convert to Islam; I took this man’s shahāda and kept him under my wing. At one point, he broke his cover, revealing his true identity. There were quite a few other incidents of regular surveillance and even one where they set me up to rain blows on an agent who pretended to be a jerk that hated me for my onlinework. I knew I had to rush out ofAmerica before the FBI got me in for a flimsy excuse as they have done to individuals like Tariq Mehanna. Even when in Sana’a, I caught one of their agents spying on me near my hotel. As I left Sana’a, I was surprised that they all easily fell for my cover. Throughout my experience of traveling from America to Yemen, I was expecting to be stopped and detained. But the most trouble I went through – if it’s even considered trouble – was that it took thirty minutes extra to get my boarding pass in North Carolina since, as the receptionist told me, I was being watched. It still surprises me when I reflect on it; I mean, I was quiet open about my beliefs online and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I was al Qaeda to the core. That proved to my soul that if Allah wants to protect you, no one has the power on earth to harm you. I was to learn that lesson continually in close encounters with death later on.” Samir Khan

For those of you who don’t remember Mr. Con Khan, he was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he lived for the first 7 years of his life. Then his family moved to Queens New York where he lived an average middle class life with his parents. But he was in fact a Saudi national. Remember that.

Samir Khan was also supposedly killed in the drone strike on Anwar al Awlaki which makes one wonder about the legitimacy of that incident. What was Anwar doing with a known CIA collaborator in the first place? Did they use Samir to set up Awlaki and take him out at the same time or did it serve their interests to “retire” both of these assets to a new project in Pakistan or something?

Khan’s father is a former Pakistani and some kind of information technology CEO. He may in fact be the same Zafar Khan now living in Pakistan heading up a huge technology company, but I can’t be sure of that.

Remember the Jose Pimentel story? That’s the foiled terrorist plot that the NYPD “Intelligence” Office put together that fell apart almost immediately and was staged so hastily and poorly that even the FEDS wanted nothing to do with it. It was an embarrassment.

They had taken some bullshit little blogger and tried to turn him into Public Enemy #1 then busted him for the plot conceived and set in motion by their confidential informant. It was pure entrapment for political purposes created and run by Bloomberg’s “mini-CIA” office, the NYPD “Intelligence” Division.

Here’s the funny thing: the “plot” that was written and created by Bloomberg’s “mini-CIA”, taking a elbow joint pipe and packing it with home-made explosives with a Christmas light detonator, was EXACTLY the same as one of the terrorist tricks depicted in this phony “Inspire” Magazine spread.

It’s as if the plot and the magazine article are written by the same people, ain’t it? What a coincidence.

The ideas published in the “Lone Gunman” spread range from just plain silly (the F150 of DOOM!) to disturbingly detailed directions for making various types of explosives.  One “plan’ involves pouring oil on a street and another involves putting some nails in a piece of plywood. Pretty silly. But, on the opposite side of the spectrum, it does go into detail on how to make a pipe-bomb from household stuff and even an explosive peroxide mixture.

The “Lone Gunman” booklet is nothing more than a collection of stuff they have published in their psyop magazine over the years.

None of it’s new. These directions can already be found on the internet I’m sure. All this attention will do nothing more than stir up more anti-Muslim sentiment in this country with this old, previously published psyop material.

It’s also important to remember that “al Qaeda’ as a brand of mercenary terrorists was created in a New York courtroom in January of 2001.. just after Bush “won” the election and right in time for 9/11.

The term simply means “the database” of terrorist mercenaries available for various destabilization campaigns like the one run in Afghanistan with bin Laden serving as the Human Resources director for people like Rumsfeld and Cheney.

Remember the secret caves with hydro-electric plants and vast spaces for al Qaeda to hide in Tora Bora? They didn’t exist. Most of the al Qaeda prisoners captured and turned over to the Americans were just peasants and farmers the Northern Alliance sold to the CIA for $5,000 a head. It was all bullshit. A show. A performance.

Al Qaeda is now supposedly aiding us in the destabilization campaign in Syria just as they did in Libya. They even run certain parts of Libya with their flag flying over various government buildings.



Al CIAda has always been a tool of Western imperialist intelligence agencies. This has not changed and thus this booklet, this “Lone Gunman” how-to magazine, is their work as well. Whether rehashing this is just being done for a scare tactic to remind people and distract them or whether it signifies a new destabilization campaign to kick off here in the states is anyone’s guess.

Considering the timing of it all with the economic collapse and the crushing austerity packages ready to be dropped on the heads of Americans, it can’t be good news. Also considering their penchant for setting up bloggers, one has to be careful I suppose.




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  1. thank you

  2. I just looked 10 seconds at the Inspire Magazine and knew it was a CIA scam, terrorist lure profile. These fools are getting dumber by the day.

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