In Wake of Possitive P5+1 Talks with Iran, Subservient Bitches in Senate Drop to their Knees for AIPAC

by Scott Creighton

ARGO was pushed through the Oscar race to normalize fear-mongering of Iran and the new Mockingbird system of CIA influence in Hollywood. But while the civilized world understands what propaganda like ARGO represents and see possitive steps being taken by world leaders at such negotiations like those which recently concluded between the P5+1 countries and Iran in Kazakhstan, the AIPAC serving bitches in the U.S. senate are still doing everything they can to appease their masters through their tried and true “turd in the punchbowl” sophomoric little tricks.

It’s not just that they live by the adage of never letting a good crisis go to waste (as Israeli-firster Rahm Emanuel, son of an Irgun terrorist, said) but they also figure never to let a crisis stop being a crisis.

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Another Massacre Reported in Syria by “Activists” as Friends of Syria Conference Pushes for More Violence from Terrorists

by Scott Creighton

It always seems these massacres happen just at the right time for the “opposition” to use them to garner public support for their regime change agenda. What a coincidence, huh?

Vichy “news’ organizations like the Huffington Post and the AFP are claiming there has been yet another massacre carried out by the Assad government just outside Allepo. Of course, all of the reported “facts” in this story come straight from “activists” and others directly involved in a terrorist campaign to unseat the legitimate government of Syria so they can replace them with U.S. sponsored technocrats and dictators.

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Sequestration: The Obama Created Miracle of America Planned Genocidal Austerity Begins

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T Jan) Obama apparently has to officially enact the cuts by the end of the day meaning he has to literally sign the documentation to start the Miracle of America process.

“For one thing, Obama must sign an order formally starting the “sequester” or spending reductions, which according to a new estimate from the Congressional Budget Office, would amount to $42 billion in the current fiscal year.” NBC News

President Obama will officially enact the cuts by the end of the day Friday – but there will be cuts.” Fox “News”

It’s curious that people like Glenn Greenwald have already been making excuses for Obama by claiming he has “no choice” in enacting this process because “it’s the law”. In fact, as you will see below, it’s “the law” that Obama and his team created. But aside from that, it’s also “the law” that he doesn’t kill U.S. citizens without due process, but he does. It’s also “the law” that he doesn’t wage wars without congressional approval, but he does. It’s also “the law” that he doesn’t wage an all out campaign against whistle-blowers, but he does. And it’s the law that he provides congress with the documentation that he claims gives him authority to rain hell-fire missiles down on anyone anywhere in the world… but he doesn’t.

Fact is, President Obama, just like Bush before him, ignores “the law” when it suits him and people like Glenn Greenwald know that all too well. Don’t expect him to ignore it this time. He will sign it or his robo-signing machine will while he starts his three-day weekend on the links somewhere.

UPDATE: For more background on this process please read:

UPDATE: It is also important to note that aside from Obama’s culpability in the creation of the sequestration budget via the suggestion of his National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, it was his White House Budget Director Jack Lew (now Sec. of Treasury) and his White House Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors who met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in July of 2011 to push for the inclusion of the sequestration plan not as a budget tool, but rather a looming deadline to force a deal.


This is the Miracle of America as it was the Miracle of Chile and the Asian Miracle and the Russian Miracle before it. This is neoliberalism or the IMF structural adjustments program:

IMF structural adjustments (how many have we already seen set in motion in America?):

As the deadline hits and the poor and working classes are about to be slammed with the second round of the American Austerity Plan a.k.a.The Miracle of America (especially here in my home state of Florida), our Vichy politicians are busy pointing their fingers and pretending its somebody else’s fault while they sit in their mahogany lined studies in their overstuffed leather chairs sipping 16-year-old scotch and snickering back and forth to one another… far away from the peering eyes of any TV cameras.

The president is doing what he does best; going on a PR tour to sell the idea that he wanted a kinder/gentler austerity. He went to a shipyard yesterday, he was so concerned about the pending cuts that took effect today. The shipyard is in my former home state, Virginia. People are going to be out of some work because of this “sequester” plan. The fact that he COULD have stayed in DC during that time working on a deal is lost on the apologist dems but not the hypocritical conservatives. What they seem to forget is there was 2 years they had to cut a deal to avoid these brutal cuts to the poorest and weakest in our society, but they never did jack shit to work out an alternative plan. And there was good reason for that. There was never any intention to work out a plan.

In stark contrast to “mostly false” statements by Obama (“The sequester isn’t something I proposed, it’s something congress proposed“) the “sequestration order” comes from the Budget Control Act of 2011, specifically from a proposal put forth by Obama’s National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling and then forced on the senate leadership by White House Budget Director Jack Lew (now Sec. of Treasury) and White House Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors… but let’s not forget it is just one small part of an neoliberal genocidal austerity process that they have been pushing for years looking to get the United States on par with the other countries we wrecked in the crash of the derivatives markets that we created. This is economic and social reform not unlike the Miracle of Chile the Chicago Boys technocrats dumped on the people of that nation after staging a coup in ’73.

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