Sandy Hook Shooting: Why all the Affected Phony Emotion from People Talking about Sandy Hook Massacre?

by Scott Creighton

Watch these two examples of really, really BAD ACTING. The first is from VP Joe Biden. The second is the father of a Sandy Hook shooting victim, Neil Heslin. Heslin, you will recall, is the guy who asked the audience a question in the first of these gun-grabbing meetings he attended and when they answered him, the media wrongly claimed he was being “heckled”.  Heslin is seemingly making a living these days running around on behalf of billionaires like Michael Bloomberg waving a picture of his dead son around telling everyone they have to give up their second amendment rights because his kid is dead.

If you want to have a look at the state of the union in this country, look no further than these disgusting displays of phony emotional context. Jenifer Lopez is a better actor than these two hams, but you can’t find anyone anywhere talking about that fact. You also can’t find people willing to stand up and wonder aloud why the hell it is that they HAVE to affect phony emotions while talking about this case.



8 Responses

  1. It seems Heslin has had problems with the law and writing bad checks,+2011

  2. why would the kid tell his dad….everything is gonna be ok?….before he even went into the school…?

    • You know, the more I see bad actors and their PR specialist written scripts being forced out onto the public, the more I think it gives credibility to those people out there who say the whole thing was staged.

      Yeah, that kid didn’t say that to him. He just made it up, like his tears. Some PR expert fresh out of college working for Billionaire Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing campaign figured it polled well in their latest focus group, so they included it in this fraud’s testimony, which they are clearly scripting for him.

      This guy is pathetic. He’s literally selling the memory of his kid to Bloomberg by running from one hearing to the next, reading his lines, doing his same little performance, waving the picture of his dead kid in everyone’s faces. Hell, it even sounds like his accent is fake, like something out of an early Steven King movie (Pet Cemetery… Graveyard Shift… take your pick)

  3. Here’s an analysis that claims Jesse Lewis is still alive. I’m just presenting this FYI, even though I’m not 100% convinced by it — but given how many other brazen lies exist with the Sandy Hook Show, I think it’s quite possibly true that the little boy in the Obama photo op is Jesse Lewis. There are certainly bigger fish to fry, but I thought it was interesting:

  4. Fake grief and the arrogant contempt that people will be fooled are psychopathic traits.

  5. Just as an fyi, it seems to you forgot to categorize this post.

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