Sec. Kerry is Just as Much of a Warmongering Liar as Clinton Was – What’s the Difference Between Them and the Myth of bin Laden?

by Scott Creighton

Sec. of State John Kerry is out to prove to the global financial elites that the days of plenty for them are still in vogue in his state department just as they were under Sec. Killary.

Recently, John Kerry stated that Syria’s leader, President Assad, “must go”. Cynically, Kerry stated that the people of Syria deserve to live without fear of death or bombings and so he and his UK counterpart were continuing to call for forced regime change in that country. He has also said that we must now openly support the terrorists with arms and munitions in the effort to oust or murder a leader of a sovereign state.

How is that any different than what Bush accused bin Laden of doing? Did the Seals not “execute” bin Laden in Pakistan for his involvement in organizing and funding 9/11? Isn’t that the official story? So how is it that we are training, supporting and now calling to openly arm terrorists using terrorism in Syria and it isn’t the exact same thing bin Laden was accused of doing?

Well, here’s one difference: bin Laden didn’t do it. But we sure are.

It’s not President Assad who is targeting and killing the people of Syria but the terrorist mercenaries paid by complicit Middle Eastern nations who are friendly to U.S. and NATO interests who are killing the Syrian people. Nearly every week there is a new car bombing in Damascus or some other city in Syria which targets and kills civilians. These vicious and cowardly attacks are being carried out as part of a destabilization campaign run by the Jordanian, Saudi, Iraqi, Libyan terrorists whom our country is actively supporting with logistical and even military aid.

These are literally terrorists being directed and supported by U.S. politicians in an effort to neo-liberalize the country in favor of the financial interests running NATO linked nations including ours.

Kerry recently jumped on the John McCain bandwagon, calling for direct military support of the Syrian terrorists and murderers.

“With his European tour continuing, Secretary of State John Kerry told students in Berlin that Syria’s rebels terrorists are entitled to the formal backing of the US government, insisting they are determined to impose a regime change.

Kerry defended this by insisting that Assad “refuses to negotiate a political solution,” going on to say that he “isn’t going to come and negotiate and he’s just going to kill his people.” He suggested more US support would be offered at tomorrow’s Syrian rebel conference in Rome.

The admonishments of Assad are particularly oddly timed because the Assad government offered talks only yesterday, with the rebels angrily rejecting the offer, as they have several other offers in the past.” Anti War

This guy is a flat out liar and war-monger just like Clinton was. He delivers his lies with the same air of conviction and unquestionable disgust that Clinton did as if to say to anyone listening “this is the official truth and no one can challenge it”

Calling for forced regime change in a sovereign state is one thing especially when the rationalization for that change is based on complete lies and disinformation. But to do that and openly call to support a faction of terrorists at the same time is so far beyond morally bankrupt, I don’t even know if there is a name for it other than evil.

When someone like Clinton or Rice or now, Kerry, come out and openly call for supporting terrorist acts in other countries, how is that any different than what we accused bin Laden of doing? These people aren’t interested in protecting Syrian lives, if they were they would agree to the talks that Assad has offered several times in the past and they certainly wouldn’t support the terrorists who are killing people indiscriminately in the country.

What these people want is to use acts of violence directed toward innocent civilians in order to force a political, social and economic change on the country of Syria just like they did in Libya.

That, by definition is called terrorism.

John Kerry is now nothing more than the monster our leaders made bin Laden out to be.

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  1. ¨This guy is a flat out liar and war-monger just like Clinton was.¨
    Did we expect anything else?
    I wonder how morally astute and intelectually consciuos this Berlin body of students is – did they buy in to all of this crap? What kind of students were they anyway?

    • Yale is opening up a class in torture. I think certain schools actually teach this shit, this neoliberal tyranny to some of their students

      • You know, Scott, I thought a bit about what you wrote above. And then it just hit me:

        The Syrian people are in the exact same position we are in, at least according to the (bullshit) official narrative. Except in their case, it’s MUCH WORSE because 1) the terrorist attacks are much more numerous and infinitely more destructive in many ways, 2) it is absolutely clear and obvious who the perpetrators are and who is behind them, and 3) the people behind the terrorists are high-placed members of foreign governments.

        And yet, the Syrians (as far as I can tell) are not calling for American blood, or anyone’s blood for that matter. In fact, Assad has tried MULTIPLE times to peacefully negotiate with the “rebels”.

        If the Syrian people are not an admirable example of an incredible amount of patience, restraint, and willingness to forgive, I don’t know who or what is!

  2. Graham Greene wrote a fiction? he called The Quiet American. My copy came out in 1956. It’s a story about our State Department sending a kid fresh out of college to the war in French Indo-China on a secret mission.

    Toward the end of the story there’s a bomb blast in a marketplace that kills only civilians–lots of them. The quiet American kid had a hand in it. He was told it was supposed to blow apart a military parade, and he was innocent enough to believe it. Even afterward, he tried to excuse it with, “They were only war casualties.” And, “Anyway, they died in the right cause.”

    John Kerry is not that innocent, and neither is Hillary, or Condi, or any of the rest of them. They know what they’re about.

    Lots more innocent blood has run under the world’s bridges since 1956, and we’ve had our hands in most of it.

    r ap

  3. Not at all suprising.As I have stated before,America is a war state,with the rotten-to-the-core U.S. establishment exemplified by men like John Kerry,the Bushes,Clintons,etc.It seems that we are continually careening from one disaster to another,never learing anything from past. The lies that have been used to start wars, like the sinking of the Maine,the Lusitania,Pearl Harbor,Gulf of Tonkin, Saddam’s WMD,mean nothing to the American sheeple,who just get dumber and dumber.I am just sick to death of the bullshit sanctimony constantly spewed by the authorities and population at large.I realize that I am a cinic,but if anyone out there has hope for a better future,please tell me,on what is this based?Devine intervention?

    • Sorry. Cynic. I should know how to spell that,I have a CD by them.

    • I feel you all the way Stan. Any hope I had before has been eroding every day. I don’t think I have any left. All of the people who could make a difference are outside the US (Pakistan, India, Africa, etc.). But I don’t know how long they will last; they have a lot of stuff to face against…

      Absolutely pathetic and unforgivable. Humanity promoting its own end by devoting itself to an inherently destructive ideology.

      I hate to admit it, but sometimes the misanthropes don’t seem so wrong after all…

  4. in general, it would be a mistake to try to understand, or even judge these people using our common concepts of good and evil, right and wrong… Just like they operate outside of the laws which bind us, the commoners, they also operate totally outside any religious, ethical, moral and even historical concepts and values that define our society, or anything we would even be familiar with…

    I highly doubt that Kerry and his ilk had any concern for morality, ethics and all that garbage we hold dear when he was being initiated in to the skull and bones as they laid naked in a coffin, or whatever the hell they do in there. In all secret societies, the initiation involves the erasure of any such values that they may still carry with them. Shedding all the values dumped on us by society and culture (and propaganda and brainwashing), besides being usually used for sinister reasons, also has a very liberating effect on the mind… Especially the conscience…

    • Lilaleo, to answer your question, I give you the analysis of Professor John McMurtry:

      Leo Strauss made it crystal clear: “limitless capital accumulation” is “the highest right and moral duty.”

      To quote McMurtry directly:

      “This is the ethical absolute of the covert U.S. state and its strategic decision structure. And there is no internal limit within this moral universe to life means seizure from poorer societies and resource looting for the supreme goal. It is the natural and absolute Good.”

      The free market, and the free market alone, is the religion of these scumbags.

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