Wayne Madsen Misses the Point Big-Time on Phillip Marshall Mystery

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A reader, Mike, links us to another interview given by Madsen on this issue over at Kevin Barrett’s podcast. It reads like an infomercial because that’s exactly what it is. And here is the jist of it:

“BARRETT: Hmm. Wow. What an interesting history.So somebody who’s been this involved with, well, CIA, DEA, the drug smuggling, the dark side or overworld of the government, maybe is not supposed to be doing 9/11 truth books. Is that the message that was sent by this killing?” Barrett

You see, the MSM was ignoring this story in spite of the fact that it could be used to help push their gun control agenda. A former DEA and CIA agent and respected pilot “goes off” killing his family with the household firearm? How could they miss it? But they did. But the truth advocacy crowd (or what’s left of it) didn’t miss it, and suddenly Wayne comes out of hiding behind his pay-wall (H/T Blues) and does the “truther” circuit pushing this drivel which clearly misses the point of the Turkey – Iran/Contra connection?

Also of note, I noticed this: the interview seems to be following a script. At one point, Madsen starts talking about Philip’s personal life and it’s almost word for word the same thing he said in the Prison Planet interview. See if this sounds familiar.

MADSEN. …On two occasions that the cleaners were there, there were SUVs spotted in the driveway, people combing the house inside and outside. One night was with five or six guys with flashlights looking around the grounds behind the house, they were in the house. One vehicle with State of California tags, even though the Sheriff said it was a county matter and it had no state involvement in the investigation. And there was another SUV, license undetermined, with an array of communication antennas bristling from the roof of the vehicle, so there was a lot of attention after the yellow tape was removed and it was no declared as no longer as a crime scene. There was also an attempted break-in. I was there on the 13th of February, and looked around the house, spoke to a bunch of the people who lived in the neighborhood, and that evening the home was broken in to, somebody got through a sliding door in the back of the house and was after something. Also members of his estranged family showed up the next day and rifled through various drawers and boxes in the garage looking for something. It seems like Phillip Marshall had something somebody wanted, and something that somebody was willing to kill for, and he told a friend of his, after his last book he wrote that came out, I believe in November, and he was actually on a interview on AM Coast-to-Coast with Susan Lindauer, who many people may be familiar with also…

BARRETT: Yeah, she’s been on my show many times.

MADSEN: Yeah, so he was on Coast-to-Coast with Susan Lindauer, and y’know, his book The Big Bamboozle, about how, y’know, the Bush family, Cheney, the Saudi Government, they were all complicit in 9/11; he also added the Neo-Cons in that.

BARRETT: Let’s not forget the Neo-Cons…

MADSEN: Yeah, right. And more importantly, he told a friend of his that he was working on a fourth book, and he said “you’re really going to be shocked to see what I have in this fourth book.” Now what that book was nobody seems to know what the subject was, nobody seems to know, but…”  source

It reads almost like the exact conversation Wayne had with the interviewer on Prison Planet. Hit’s the same points, comes to the same “Bush and Neo-cons did it” point. here’s the big sales pitch to the “truther” investigators out there…

MADSEN:… but I believe the murder of Marshall and his family had something to do with his next book.

BARRETT: Wow, yeah, I would think so too, although the Kennedy assassination did happen fifty years ago, and Iran-Contra was, what, thirty some years or so ago, and 9/11 was just a little over a decade ago, and since he’s worked on that issue, and it’s, y’know, the people who did 9/11 are all still in power. I think are lot of the JFK criminals have probably retired, or passed to their eternal punishment, but…so I wouldn’t wonder if it wasn’t something 9/11 related.

Also of note is Wayne talking about this “new book” as the motive behind the killing. He has no information on a new book. He tells you so. It’s gossip at best and God knows where that gossip came from. Could have come from some of Wayne’s old co-workers at the NSA for all we know.

Disinformation specialist deal in leading people in the wrong direction. They often toss out a bunch of bullshit hoping to get independent researchers to look anywhere, everywhere, but at the real evidence or the real motive. For example Judy Wood or the Sorcha Faal link between LIBOR and the Aurora Massacre. It might seem tasty, but it will eventually go nowhere except round and round.

Thanks to the readers here who have left all the comments on this thread, I am more convinced than before that this is simply disinformation being deliberately peddled by a former NSA agent about a former CIA agent and his reported death.

UPDATE: Wow. There is almost nothing in the MSM about this guy’s death. At this time you would think that would be crazy with the way they are pushing the “mental illness” and gun control issue, but when you Google his name and click on “NEWS” there is almost NOTHING. What does that tell you? Seems like the ONLY article about it is the one cited in the InfoWars article from the Daily Mail. How is it that at a time when the MSM and the politicians are using ANY incident involving a gun to ramp up for gun control legislation, they missed a case where a father with “mental health issues” slaughtered his two beautiful kids and killed himself?  Very odd indeed.


I have to admit, I missed this one altogether. Not a lot of press out there on the “truther gone crazy” story of Phillip Marshall supposedly killing his two beautiful kids and their dog before turning the gun on himself back in late January.

A reader alerted me to this just recently and another posted a video from none other than InfoWars featuring Wayne Madsen talking about this case. And while I watched it, so many red flags popped up it was silly. But the most amazing thing, and maybe it shouldn’t have been considering it’s on DisInfoWars, was the fact that Wayne seems to hit all around the obvious motive if this was a hit, and completely misses the point.

The story is a “truther”, Phillip Marshall, killed his two kids with single gunshots to the head on Jan. 31st of this year, then killed himself in the hallway. The investigation was quick, they brought in a clean team, and it was done in two or three days. Open and shut case. But there is no suicide note, no indication of problems in the home. The family was well off. The guy’s kids seemed well adjusted. Just suddenly, bang bang bang.

The “truther” aspect has been harped on by the MSM in the surprisingly little coverage they gave this case. You would THINK they would be all over it considering what is going on with gun control. But no. Why?

Phillip was admittedly a former CIA operative. Now, when ever I hear of a “former” CIA or MI6 or Mossad agent posing as a “truther” I immediately tune out. There is no such thing as “former” CIA especially when they retire from their other job (in his case, as an airline pilot) and then “turn” into a truth teller. That tells me he was approached by his old clan for a new occupation post retirement.

In this case, Phillip wrote a few books about 9/11 and I haven’t read them so I can’t tell you if they expose anything new or if they simply rehash otherwise already understood information. Big difference when considering a former CIA guy trying to earn credibility in the movement.

In Wayne’s interview, he acknowledges Phillip’s former life and he also talks about something else, what Phillip DID for the CIA.

Turns out, Phillip flew guns and drugs for the CIA during Iran-Contra.

Then Wayne talks briefly about a business Phillip was setting up through his ex-wife. A “import/export” business out of Turkey.

Hmmm….. let’s see. Former CIA guy, Iran-Contra, running drugs and weapons to “freedom fighters”, now he’s setting up a business in Turkey where the FSA (freedom fighters) are getting shipments of guns flown into Turkey as a staging area for the destabilization campaign in Syria. The guy gets whacked round about the same time Benghazigate looks to turn into the next Iran-Contra scandal.


And Wayne completely misses all of that instead wondering if Brennan, Cheney the Bush family had Phillip killed?

let me say again… hmmmmmm…….

Is it more likely that this guy was ALWAYS still working with his old crew after leaving United and that he using his connections to profit from importing weapons via a business shelled under his wife’s name and it was for THAT reason he was killed while Benghazigate was gearing up?

That seems a hell of a lot more current and relevant than his rehashing of otherwise well known info on the old 9/11 case.

That’s what he did during Iran/Contra after all, ran guns via an “import” business for the CIA to a country where there was a destabilization campaign underway. Same thing is happening today in Syria. Turkey is the staging area. And there he is, setting up an import business under his EX-wife’s name.

Clearly I’m not saying I believe this guy went off and killed his family. It’s very fishy indeed.

Also of note, one should consider the timing of it all. Weren’t they looking into the connections between Libya and Chris Stephens and shipping guns from that destabilization campaign into Syria via Turkey round about that time?

I wonder if that little business of Philip’s ex-wife had routes from Turkey to Syria and back.

Something to think about while looking into this case. Curious that Wayne would miss all of that, don’t ya think? (psst. that’s the point of “disinfo”. Get people looking in the wrong directions)


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  2. so, you are saying he was’nt killed as retaliation for the book(s) future and past, but instead for some present cause involving perhaps gun running? OK – and the books are conveniently used by the disinfo crowd to 1. give the guy’s writing some street cred and 2. make every conspirologist out there paranoid, every writer with some truth flowing from his pen looking over his/her shoulder…
    btw. Marshall was sure it was the Saudis behind 911 and that there where in fact 4 planes maneuvered by carefully trained (somewhere in Arizona) Saudis.

    • he said the Saudi’s flew the planes by remote? I rest my case

      • bad wording sorry – they, probably the original boxcutter guys actually did fly the planes while having been trained at some airport in AR.
        Marshall also believed Obama was sincerely trying to get the Guantanomo inmates a trial in front of a real jury and that would certianly prompt the real story of who was behind 911 to get out.

        • that’s even worse.

        • Ungh! I need to look at these stories more carefully before I bring them to AE…

          Every day gets harder, seeing all this sick crap…

        • Regardless of who the man himself might have been, his kids did not deserve to be dragged into this mess…

          It just comes to show that the globalists just love targeting children. They make their message clear: they will kill African children, Afghan children, Iraqi children, Libyan children, Syrian children, Mexican children American children… anyone who may have the slightest connection to anyone who may be somehow in their way.

          They will stop at nothing. Period.

          I have been haunted for a long time, but last night took the cake…

  3. Scott, I get your point; I think. You’re pointing out it’s far more likely this man and his kids were whacked under order of a current authority who may have been involved in Bengazi-gate, Syrian destabilization, etc.

    So, when Wayne Madsen directs us to former authorities like Bush and the gang it just doesn’t ring true. Your points didn’t make sense to me at first, probably because of what I’ve picked up from Wayne in the past couple years.

    You may have caught some of this or missed it, but Wayne has reported some scalding sh*t on Obama and other current personnel as well as openly targeted the whole Turkey spying deal.

    The way I see it, Wayne is a very good candidate for running cover since he’s been there and and back and still has the credentials to pass freely. I’ve always chalked that up to skill, to a degree.

    Remember that “retired” CIA guy (Tony or something?) who cops chased down and shot dead in Houston a few years back? Wayne was pretty straight up that he thought the guy was gunned down for keeping an eye on some nasty things Israelis were doing at one of Houston’s ports. Claims that he had put a couple remote cameras to view their activities nearby on his laptop.

    He didn’t have a problem reporting his belief that the guy had called both Bush Sr. and Tennant while being chased by cops in an effort to have the dogs called off. And, he fingered Israel as likely having some key involvement.

    When I think back to his heavy-hitting Obama reporting, exposing how we’ve recently had Turkish spies essentially on the security council and not shying away from Israel, I just can’t count his reporting on this recent assassination as a strike against him.

    Although I’m injecting balance on the issue of Madsen, I wouldn’t ever suggest trusting completely anyone claiming “independent” reporting. Everyone is at least self-censoring, and some do a 180 and report misleading junk. If Wayne winds up showing signs he’s intentionally reporting misinfo, I’ll be counting trusted reporters on 1 hand!

    • I think it’s possible that he just missed it or is hinting at it. He does mention after all the business that Phillip started up with his wife in Turkey, so maybe he has limits and is hinting at other things. Or maybe he just missed it. I don’t know, but I seriously doubt Cheney whacked him, which Madsen suggests as a possibility, or that Bush whacked him which is also mentioned. And the whole “9/11” doesn’t ring true either because what is this guy actually saying? The Saudi’s did 9/11? Really? Sounds more like misinfo from his old CIA buddies to me. But again, I haven’t read his book as of yet so I don’t know.

      As too his history of being legit. Someone once told me to be highly suspicious of ANYONE once they reach a certain level of visibility in this movement and I tend to agree with that. People get made an offer, you know. Some take it like AJ (but he was compromised from the start) and others don’t like Bill Cooper (who was also military intel by the way and passed on disinfo in the alien invaders mythology if you recall). You get a choice I guess when you garner enough attention to pop up on their radar. Simply makes sense when you think about it.

      Madsen has done great work in the past. Does that mean he hasn’t been approached since or couldn’t be influenced? I don’t know.

    • and honestly, I don’t think they are going to kill someone and their kids for another 9/11 book. I mean, at this point, what do they care? They get away with killing U.S.citizens with drones as it is. In a couple of years, they could come out with a video of Cheney pushing the ACME plunger on the Twin Towers and the people in this country wouldn’t do jack shit about it. So why would they care about another 9/11 book from a guy who would probably be blaming Iran for it?

      • Oh, definitely agree there. I was sticking to the issue of Madsen’s credibility. Honestly, I haven’t thought much about Marshall.

        Ah ha. I get it. I do remember now reading a few articles recently about this where the theory presented was a “explosive 9/11 evidence got him killed” deal. Yeah, that never occurred to me. Hell, we’ve had 10+ years of overwhelming evidence to justify 9/11 arrests. As old Glen Frey says, “The Heat is NOT on.”

        So, your leaning toward some other present CIA business as the reason for this guy’s demise is probably on the mark.

        • I don’t know. But if what Madsen says is accurate about him setting up a business in his ex-wife’s name to export from Turkey, considering his background, I would be very suspicious. Especially now with all the attention being given to the Benghazigate story. Seems straight forward to me. I would look there first before Cheney or Bush, that’s for sure.

  4. I have not looked in to this at all to be able to speculate with some knowledge at least…

    But, it is established knowledge that CIA is a family business that spans through generations within the same family.

    So, how do we even know that all these people they say are killed, actually died??? They might have just ben relocated and added to the new generation of secret psyops society.

    Any witnesses who saw and identified the bodies? any autopsy reports? You know… the usual….

    • that certainly is a possibility.

    • I tried to do a mini research while eating my lunch, but I really need to go back to work.

      Out of the many news articles I looked at, a lot of which were local, only one mentions in passing that friends of the kids found Marshall’s dead body, but they don’t mention anything about who found the two sons and the dog, etc. All other articles I read don’t bother with this detail…

      Does anyone have any info on who found them?

      • I had read that a neighbor went in after the daughter was supposed to contact one of her friends and never did. I’ll try to find my source and post a link.

      • It may have been this Barrett/Madsen interview. I don’t know how you feel about VT. I do like much of what I read there. But again, here’s Madsen in the middle of it…


      • Thanks for your help poolman. Since then, I found a few other publications that mention that the friends of the kids found Marshall’s body. One of them mentions that they looked through the window when one or two of the sons did not come out to meet them. None of them mention anything about who actually positively ID’d the bodies. If I saw a body through a window of a house I am familiar with, I would assume that they belong to the people I know (meaning, we still do not know who ID’d the guy and the kids)

        To tell you the truth, I really don’t know how I feel about anyone anymore… People I have trusted for long years have either started acting weird, spewing lies, or I find out that they are outright disinfo agents and manipulators agents provocateurs.

        People could be scared for their and their loved one’s lives and therefore intimidated, sites like VT can be infiltrated, articles seemingly exposing stuff are more often than not are limited hangout disinfo, etc.etc…

        I expect and suspect everyone to have a hidden agenda, whether conscious or not. I work in the field of photography. If Ernest Withers, who was one of the heros of civil rights movement and photojournalism, and a personal friend of MLK was actually an FBI informant throughout the movement and the MLK years, I can not trust anyone at all anymore.

        ANd the saddest part is, once they establish this kind of distrust between likeminded people who question official narratives, we all end up nothing but lonely souls who know the emperor is naked, but can not agree on who that f’n tailor was who told him he had invisible clothes.

        • Awwww… so sad…..
          Anderson stole the story and changed it slightly… so how fitting to use the invisible clothes story when speaking of an adm. that is stealing our trust..
          but we can see their masks… so that is why you are here….remember?

          • Please do not get me wrong… I enjoy, respect and value Scott’s no holes barred analysis and reporting… There are also some posters here that on and off add value to my thoughts and life, and sometimes expand my mind. I have also learned many truths on these pages, which, on one hand helped me cope with what is going on out there, but, on the other, is driving me ever more frustrated, defeated, and hopeless.

            All this, basically since 9/11… The bullshit was so intense, the lies so big, their narrative so weak… And yet, here we are after almost 12 years…Nothing went anywhere, did it? Why should we even care how exactly they did what they did, what kind of technology they used, etc??? How come just knowing that they have been lying on ALL fronts, and that they have been engaging in a criminal cover up is not enough???

            So, to be totally truthful, the main reason I come here is to remind myself that there are others, regardless of their beliefs and ideas, who also have open minds and are not buying in to the manufactured realities that we have to live with in the outside world without being able to share any part of that reality, or the questions one needs to ask to get to that reality, with friends, family or colleagues.

            There are many other sites that seemingly do the same. But, I find this to be the “cleanest” one. I have seen a few instances of Scott being a bit too trigger happy and driving a few people away, I have not seen anything at all here to doubt his integrity and his intellectual honesty. And I feel lucky to have found the site… And I feel smart to have stayed here for as long as I have.

            btw… THANK YOU SCOTT!

  5. My guess is that once these blackbag former CIA drug runners start spewing trade secrets all over the media their days are numbered.This was probably a long time coming.I mean isn’t the CIA the real Mafia?

  6. “You can’t handle the truth!” Jessep (Jack Nicholson) — “A Few Good Men” — Hollywood

    “We only kill each other” — Benjamin (Bugsy) Siegel — Real World

    Okay this is 100% conjecture so any part of it could easily be far from the mark. Some assumptions: Wayne Madsen used to work at the NSA doing computer puzzles back in the day. And I am 90% sold into the notion that he quit and started a news blog for the conspiracy community, which I used to read until he put up a pay wall and “went pro.” And he now has a sort of one-man news service, and actually travels to places where conspiracies are being performed. He gets a certain amount of extra credit for firmly supporting the conspiracy research of Citizens for Legitimate Government. (And InfoWars is another Alex Jones cash cow, with millions of lucrative cows and sheep on the ranch.) Which brings us to the first paradox. It’s a 100% fact that Madsen almost never comes out from behind his pay wall these days, especially not to do a cameo part on the Jones franchise. Why now? I’m 90% sold that Madsen is personally bewildered, and has opted to (as they say in the computer hacker world) “crowd source” this conundrum.

    I’m 90% sold (praise “Bob” Dobbs) that Philip Marshall never stopped working for the CIA. So his 9/11 books were disinfo. That’s a big sin among the conspiracy community, but nothing much among the so-called intelligence community. They “compartmentalize” everything. Work for them you could be just a mule, an aircraft pilot, an analyst, an operative, a sniper, or an assassin. So you could even write an honest book about 9/11. But that would be unlikely. Maybe Philip Marshall wrote a dis-info book about 9/11? Big sin in the conspiracy community. But dishonesty is no sin at all in the intelligence community.

    So Philip Marshall RECENTLY got involved in some “trade deal” with TURKEY involving his former wife. What could that be to account for the need to wipe him off the map? I would guess, at 90% sold, a nuclear weapon being transported to Damascus.

  7. How did Madsen figure out that Marshall died from a gunshot to the left temple, is what I want to know. (Tends to support suspicions about him.)

    But what I wanted to say is this.

    Here’s a petition to have this case taken up by the DoJ.

    Here’s an aireal view of the Marshalls’ house.

    The toxicology results should be in any time now. I guess the coroner hopes testing for drugs will make sense out of how the two kids who died on Saturday at 3 pm and/or Thursday night slept through getting shot along with their dog (but not the cat)

    On Feb 6 the Union Democrat reports:
    —- excerpts
    The time of the discovery, 3 p.m. Saturday, will be listed as the official time of death.
    —- end excerpts

    Fortunately for the sheriffs, their alibi is that they did not tell the time of death in the press releases.

    Note: If the cat was wounded we may never know because the sheriffs have already destroyed the evidence at the crime scene.

    Dated feb 3.
    The Sheriffs’ version:

    Dated feb 4.
    The Sheriffs’ version:

    In fact they didn’t tell whether paraffin tests were done, ballistics tests, to see if Marshall was indeed the killer, nor did they report any DNA from the cat which might have been wounded, since the alleged murderer managed to kill both of his kids, you’d imagine he’d have killed both of his pets too. And there’s no mention of photographs that might have been taken prior to the hasty cleanup of the crime scene.

    But there’s a question as to whether or not he killed any of them, actually.
    tarquin feb 5, 2013
    Phil was NOT depressed. He did NOT take his life. He did NOT murder his kids. Only a few days ago he said that “I have a gun, but it would be useless if I needed it because I got no bullets for it”, (then he laughed!). I knew Phil, and he had everything to live for and he doted over his two beautiful kids.

    And it appears that the sheriffs themselves may not have been so sure either.

    Why did they contact the county supervisor that lived four doors down from Philip Marshall? Was it to get her opinion or to shape it.

    Since the kids quit responding to text messages on Thursday and they didn’t go to school Friday, the coroner’s theory that the sleeping children were killed on Saturday afternoon (when the bodies were found) may be flawed. And if it is flawed, the most likely times of death would be Thursday.

    Here’s Philip Marshall’s twitter page, not broken as of Feb 26, but you might want to download it.


    Notice that his posts are consistent in their tone from Jan 12 to Jan 31 (the Thursday the family most likely died). One interesting change though is his change from using tmblr.co to fb.me about a week before his death, and another interesting detail is a broken link to an RT.com article that was about rupert murdoch and the movie zero dark thirty.

    So the ONLY evidence publicly available besides the sheriffs and coroner’s theory contradicts their conclusion. If they have photos of the crime scene or other evidence that could make sense of their conclusions it would be in the public interest as well as their own to publish the evidence that so far has not been forthcoming.

    Wayne Madsen scooped the story and has learned that Philip Marshall was right handed and that he died from a gunshot to his left temple. That he was right handed can be verified by photos on the net. That he was shot in the left temple can NOT be verified. And so how did Madsen come across this information and is it even correct? Did he get it from the sheriffs? Did they take photos of the crime scene before destroying the evidence? And why did Madsen zero in on this story rather than the Christopher Dorner manhunt which had ten times the number of google hits and culminated in a positive ID from a wallet and ID that somehow survived the conflagration undamaged?

    http://santabarbaraview.com has closed the thread (search “philip marshal victim”), just as the final insult is due in from the lab in Sacramento.

    Looks to me like this football field has the field goals, not in the end zones, but at the cheerleaders’ benches.

    In any case, Marshall ends one of his articles at the top of this page
    — excerpt
    Yet, there is good news. The $15 trillion they have “lost” looking for Osama bin Laden did not vanish from the face of the earth, it simply went to a place where we can’t see it. Thanks to our founding fathers, American citizens come armed with a Constitution, and are backed with judicial and penal systems.
    — end excerpt

    Make it so.

  8. Madsen is kind of the kiss of death for this. His main objective appears to be sensationalization and profiting from conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts, but the bottom line is nothing is getting done.

    So where is the crux of this bogus Philip Marshall thing. Is it the CIA? The Mossad? What can we all agree on that is utterly WRONG about this so called ‘investigation’ done by the sheriffs up there in Calaveras County?

    Let’s play Find The Best Match.

    Here’s the list:
    – brave,
    – lazy,
    – stupid, and
    – dishonest

    And we want to pick the people that best match those qualities. It’s called “profiling”.

    But before we venture any wild guesses let’s practice a little so we know how the game works.

    For example morale is important in law enforcement, but not to the point where it becomes obstruction of justice. Law enforcement and obstruction of justice are not a match. So it works like that. And this should be pretty easy.

    Who has all of these qualities in this situation where three people are found dead and one is assumed to have killed the other two without waking them up and offers only evidence that all appears to be hearsay? (I.e., no substantiating documentation, photos, physical evidence, test restults, logic, reason, etc.)

    A. Philip Marshall
    B. Macaila and Alex
    . The sheriffs and the coroner

    Answer ___

    Well, I tricked you. If you guessed C you’re wrong. That’s because C is not one of the possibilities, so even if you know the answer you cannot get it right.

    Now if the morale of the sheriffs is important (and it is) so too is the morale of the people. And judging by the silence of the people up there it appears that the morale of the people is terrible because due to the qualities of the culprits exhibiting the above qualities there’s a credible possibility that the true murderer(s) is/are at large and may still be in the community. For all anyone knows it could be one of the deputies, sheriffs, or even the coroner!

    What we do know is that we don’t know. Am I doing ok so far.

    Therefor common sense dictates that all these people who are brave, lazy, stupid and dishonest need to find other employment. That is, unless one or more of them are indeed the murderer, in which case the others should put the offender(s) in jail, one would think, because this is a nation of laws, not of men AND that would be good for everyone’s morale. Even the people’s.

    PS. We don’t even know who originated much of this “evidence”, do we. Who first offered up the “sleeping on a couch” theory? Were they local or from out of town. We demoralized people have a legitimate ‘need to know’.

    Here’s a petition to have this case taken up by the DoJ.

    Here’s an aereal view of the Marshalls’ house.

    The toxicology results should be in any time now which could show that the kids died from an overdose of opiates rather than a gun shot. I guess the coroner hopes testing for drugs will make sense out of how the two kids who died on Saturday at 3 pm and/or Thursday night slept through getting shot along with their dog (but not the cat).

    On Feb 6 the Union Democrat reports:
    —- excerpts
    The time of the discovery, 3 p.m. Saturday, will be listed as the official time of death.
    —- end excerpts

    Notes: The sheriffs press releases said they’d look into whether or not Marshall was mentally ill and on medication but that they would not release the results. Say WHAT??

    There are several insightful comment posts by a person going by “Phil’s Friend” here.

    And follow up here.

    And another person that said he had no bullets for his gun (a good reason to insist on a ballistics test).

    tarquin feb 5, 2013
    Phil was NOT depressed. He did NOT take his life. He did NOT murder his kids. Only a few days ago he said that “I have a gun, but it would be useless if I needed it because I got no bullets for it”, (then he laughed!). I knew Phil, and he had everything to live for and he doted over his two beautiful kids.

    Do consider pulling the DoJ into this (see petition link above). The numbers are trickling in slowly but they are still trickling in.

    Roll up… Roll up for the Mystery Tour…

    Your admission has been paid… By Philip, Alex, and Macaila. And Seanie.

  9. I still have trouble seeing Madsen as two-faced. He certainly doesn’t fit the disinfo agent profile. If he is spreading disinfo, he’s a rarity in that he’s relatively successful as an independent reporter, he’s a former employee of the NSA and he has main-stream press credentials. All of which would make him an excellent candidate, don’t assume I haven’t considered that.

    I’m reminded of Ray McGovern. He too seems on par with Madsen in that he formerly had a high place within the system and subsequently switched sides. But Ray is so sarcastic when he shares his views that the whole system is corrupt, so it tends to support the notion he’s being truthful. Wayne is more matter-of-fact in his reporting.

    2 further points on Wayne – First, nobody is getting rich on low-volume Internet site or newsletter subscriptions. Second, Wayne is a real muck-raking reporter like Greg Palast. So, when he seems to be pulling little-known details out of his ass it’s probably because he’s very hands-on.

    The real problems I have figuring out Madsen or the facts behind this case are that I’m not equipped to. Determining who Madsen might be misdirecting us from is difficult without knowing which person is in which group. Is the current administration undivided? Seems unlikely. But, where is the dividing line? Are the the 9/11 perps a unique subgroup or are they composed entirely of Contra perps? How many of them are gov and how many are private industry like SERCO?

    I remember Wayne spending something like 2 months in Chicago trying to scoop Obama. When he returned, he was loaded with dirt that really nailed Obama (gay, drugs, corruption, fraud, racketeering). He was unabashed in his reporting that Obama is the product of a CIA family. It’s not very likely he was working for Obama or anyone working tightly with him. So, Obama and the current admin are likely independent and maybe even disconnected from the groups who conduct operations like the Marshall hit. I always think it weird when people make connections between events like this and the POTUS.

    Scott, you and Wayne would probably have a lot to talk about. If you were to conduct an interview with him, (with an article transcription) it would be a real treat for your readers and would go a long way to determine him an asset to your research or a distraction.

    I’d apologize for the lengthy post, but I think my analysis is becoming more valid as the years roll on. I suspect the day when the puppet masters are revealed, when we can all relax a bit and actually enjoy a vacation is coming soon. If not due to increased awareness, then due to time racing at increasing speed these days.

  10. Just FYI in case anyone is still interested in this story…After I heard of Marshall’s “suicide” I immediately bought the Big Bamboozle…he really gets into the impossibility of the narrative surrounding the hijackers but he insists that controlled demolition is disinfo to get people off the track of the truth. His book was otherwise very good and I wondered why he took that position so I just now checked to see if his follow up books demonstrated a change of heart, and it seems they did not. I was about to buy “False Flag 911” except it is going for $264!!! So I read the excerpts and sure enough, front and center, he explains that Bldg 7 burned in a fireball for 8 hours before finally collapsing as a result, which there is plenty of video evidence to dispute. So, to the extent there is still speculation that he was killed because of his 911 “truth,” I think this can dispel that. Scott, your instincts were spot on once again.

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