Official Chris Dorner Story Taking Shape

by Scott Creighton

Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes? That’s what it seems like the cops are asking right now as their weak grip on this latest psyop is loosening and the whole thing threatens to slip away from them.

The official narrative of the Chris Dorner “domestic terrorism” psyop is finally taking shape though they aren’t explaining how his wallet was found so many times (two wallets? three wallets?) in so many different places nor the fact that there are so many officers talking about burning him out of the little cabin by the woods in San Bernardino.

They aren’t talking about how they shut down the press and Twitter feeds just before starting the fire either, but they did.

They aren’t talking about the missing video surveillance footage in the parking deck where the first couple was shot or how Dorner managed to stay on the naval base days after that couple was killed and after he had made his rampage a matter of public knowledge.

And they certainly aren’t talking about how they “pushed him back’ into the burning building after he tried to escape … or surrender.

But they are having to mention that Chris Dorner was staying “just across the street” from the manhunt headquarters in Big Bear for several days. That much they had to admit.

“Karen and Jim Reynolds said they came face to face with Dorner on the day of his downfall. The couple said that they found him in their cabin-style condominium just a stone’s throw from the sheriff’s command post, and believe he had been holing up there periodically since Friday.”

“He (Dorner) may have caught a break when he found refuge in a vacant vacation cabin just across the street from a command post established for the hundreds of officers frantically searching for him.”  AP

The cops are screeching that they didn’t deliberately burn the cabin down in spite of the audio recordings of them talking about doing just that and in spite of the fact that they deliberately shut down news feeds just prior to starting the fire and several comments made on the radio during the fire about holding off on fire and rescue till the entire building was engulfed in flames. And in spite of an L.A. Times report that shows they switched to incendiary tear gas canisters after the others failed to ignite the place. Let’s not forget “pushing” him back into a burning building.

But they didn’t deliberately burn him. Let’s get that clear.

It was a burn-pit basically, burning up whatever evidence they needed to burn along with the body and the entire legal case surrounding their failed domestic terrorism psyop.

Oh, well, except for the wallet that had been found so many times. Somehow that miraculously remained intact.

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