Christopher Dorner: It Doesn’t Add Up

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As with all the other American Gladio cases, this one also seems to be missing some key VIDEO evidence. When Cal State Fullerton assistant women’s basketball coach Monica Quan, 28, and her fiance University of Southern California public safety officer Keith Lawrence, 27, were killed on Feb. 3rd, they were sitting in his car on the top floor of a secured parking deck. You had to have a key card to get in and it is apparently covered by security cameras. Meaning there has to be a video of the assailant gaining access to the deck, walking or driving to the top floor and maybe even shooting the young couple. There is no way he avoided all the cameras.

“Engen said the couple recently moved into the condominium complex. The parking structure requires a key-code for entry and there are security cameras throughout the complex, a resident told the Los Angeles Times (” AP

So where is the footage?

UPDATE: Add to this list of problems with the official story of the California Shooting rampage the fact that yesterday legislators in the state announced their new gun confiscation plan…

“Lawmakers also want to make some prohibitions apply to current gun owners, not just to people who buy weapons in the future.” CBS News

All these states seem to have their own little crisis right before a difficult bill gets announced like 9/11 and the Amerithrax attacks and the Patriot Act.


Is this simply the latest stage in the ongoing American Gladio campaign of destabilization leading to disarming the general population of the United States? Alex Disinfo Jones says it looks like he did it because he’s an evil leftist (“it does not smell like a staged event”). I’m not so sure. There has been a dramatic loss of traction in the ongoing effort to force a new series of gun laws in the country in the wake of the Sandy Hook and Webster shootings with even House Democrats vowing to vote against the unconstitutional measures. January was supposed to see this legislation rushed through congress, but there has been a hold-up and suddenly we see TWO events, back to back, with even the unsigned “manifesto” of the current shooter claiming his effort is part of a “unconventional warfare” campaign.

ABC “News” is already running with a professional looking psychologist claiming based on his reading of the “manifesto’ attributed to Christopher Dorner, that Dorner has no intention of “coming home”, that he intends to die after his little run. That would put a neat little bow on this case as well, wrapping it up nicely so there is no trial at the end of the day as is the case in most of the other “American Gladio” cases.

There are more than a couple of things about this case that bother me and that is aside from the very convenient timing of it all in terms of ginning up support for passing stricter gun control legislation and turning popular opinion in that direction.

Let’s take a look at the facts.

1. Burning his truck

Why would Christopher Dorner burn his truck? I can understand him getting rid of it if cops are looking for you in it, but why burn it? Why not just park it someplace it will take a while too find and walk away from it? They already know it’s you, you aren’t trying to hide your guilt. If the manifesto is actually his, he’s already confessed to his “unconventional warfare” campaign and if the ABC doctor is correct, he’s not planning on surviving anyway. So why take the time and risk to burn the truck as if he is covering up evidence that may be inside it?

Burning the truck takes time and it draws immediate attention to the vehicle which puts you in a certain location at a certain time. That information can be very helpful in a manhunt even if it doesn’t lead to his immediate arrest and Dorner would know that.

Burning the truck does him no good and it helps the people who are after him. So why burn it?

The ONLY reason to burn that truck is too destroy evidence of who was in it, or who moved it. If Dorner is incapacitated while this is going on, someone would have to move his truck to get it out of the way and that person in all likelihood would burn it after moving it in order to destroy the DNA and fingerprint evidence. That’s the only reason to burn the truck.

2. Dorner’s History

Christopher Dorner’s history is an interesting one. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in psychology and went straight into the Navy out of college in 2002, probably as an officer to start with, ending up a lieutenant in 2006. When I look at a background like that and then understand he joined the Navy, well, my first thought is Navy intelligence.

He left the military then and decided to go to work in one of the most corrupt law enforcement agencies in the country, the Los Angeles Police Department. But he was called back into service and shipped back over to Iraq for 13 months which put off his plans temporarily. Dorner returned to the LAPD in July of 2007. He remained in the active reserve until this past week.

The guy who shot Chris Kyle the day before the Dorner run began was also in the active reserve and of course Wade Michael Page of the Sikh Temple shooting had just finished his military career in the psyops division.

3. Fired

Christopher Dorner was allegedly fired from the LAPD for making false statements about an arrest and police brutality in 2008. He said that the officer who was training him kicked a shackled suspect, a homeless mentally ill man, in the collar bone and head unnecessarily. The victim’s testimony and injuries supported Dorner’s version of the events, but in the LAPD, telling the truth isn’t enough. He crossed the thin blue line and lost his job for it.

What better ex-cop to set up than one who blew the whistle on his former brothers in blue? And why did he wait nearly 5 years to extract his revenge? For that matter, why would he target the daughter of the captain who represented him in his defense in the first place? Why not the board who ignored the evidence and voted to fire him or the officer who beat the homeless guy?

4. The Facebook Manifesto Warning

The Facebook “manifesto” is a very convenient contrivance in this case but it doesn’t make sense. And anybody can put anything on your Facebook account at anytime if they are accomplished hackers like those employed by the NSA and their various contractors.

By all accounts, Christopher is a bright guy who’s been trained not only in police investigation techniques but also (apparently) unconventional warfare planning. So why would he undermine his own effectiveness by providing a list of future targets to the feds and the LAPD long before he targets them?

I mean if it’s all about revenge and making a point, you simply start taking them out and when they finally piece it together, THEN you publish your “manifesto” but you don’t do it before you do anything. That defeats the purpose. By doing that you can pretty much guarantee that the ONLY people who will NOT be killed in your little campaign are the people you list as your targets because they will be under intense protection or simply flown out of the area till it’s over.

Dorner’s too smart to make a mistake like that.

But we are supposed to be too stupid to notice it.

Also of note, the manifesto itself is written as if it is an attempt to fix the narrative before it gets started.

As is the case in many of the American Gladio events, the accused doesn’t seem to fit the narrative of what happened. This has cause all kinds of problems for those who try to support the official story. In this case, the manifesto tries to address that little problem from the very start.

“I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous murders and have taken drastic and shocking actions in the last couple of days. You are saying to yourself that this is completely out of character of the man you knew who always wore a smile wherever he was seen…. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete…” manifesto

It’s like the first thing they do is address the biggest problem in all of these mass casualty events. And the rest of it is just as contrived as the opening paragraph.

Dorner doesn’t have a history of personal violence, so the manifesto fixes that little problem as well, making it seem the guy will fly off the handle and strangle fellow workers at will while “wishing” he could have just “put a bullet in his head” instead:

“Journalist, I want you to investigate every location I resided in growing up. Find any incidents where I was ever accused of being a bully. You won’t, because it doesn’t exist. It’s not in my DNA. Never was….”

“At that point I jumped over my front passenger seat and two other officers where I placed my hands around Burdios’ neck and squeezed. I stated to Burdios, “Don’t fucking say that”. At that point there was pushing and shoving and we were separated by several other officers. What I should have done, was put a Winchester Ranger SXT 9mm 147 grain bullet in his skull and Officer Magana’s skull.” manifesto

I certainly don’t see how including any of this makes his case for him, but again, not much of this official story makes sense when you break it down and look at is, so why should the manifesto be any different?

5. Reaching Out to CNN???????

Do I really need to say ANYTHING about how this aspect of the supposed case makes it seem more and more probable that the whole thing is staged? CNN has been fabricating news for decades and caught doing it on a number of occasions. You can find your own references for that, there are plenty out there. But they have been uniquely culpable in recent months fabricating various motives and other storyline embellishments in the various American Gladio events. Over and over they come up with completely false stories in support of the official story, and they have been taking the lead when it comes to calling for removing the guns of U.S. citizens.

And this whole campaign started off with a letter to Wolf Blitzer? Come on folks. Can you say “sweeps week”?

6. The Story Itself Makes No Sense at All

This guy supposedly sent a letter to CNN then posted his “big plans” in a Facebook manifesto, then as soon as he starts his righteous crusade, he tries to steal a boat so he can run to Mexico?


What happened to his big plans? He shoots two people, who aren’t on that list as far as I know, then decides “fuck it. I’m going to Mexico”? Really?

Around 8:30 that night, police said, Dorner tried to steal a boat in San Diego, saying he wanted to go to Mexico. The boat apparently didn’t function properly.

At 1:15 a.m. Thursday, Dorner was spotted more than 100 miles north of San Diego in Corona, near the home of one of the targets named in his manifesto. A police protection detail was already stationed near the house when a resident flagged down officers to report seeing Dorner’s Nissan Titan.

Officers spotted the truck and chased it. At the Magnolia Avenue off-ramp from the northbound 15 Freeway, the driver opened fire on them. One officer suffered a graze wound to his head, “literally inches from killing him,” Beck said.

Officers returned fire and Dorner fled, but they couldn’t chase him because their car was damaged by gunfire, Beck said.

Twenty minutes later, 11 miles away in Riverside, police said Dorner fired a rifle at two Riverside police officers who were stopped at a red light.

Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz described it as “a cowardly ambush.”

A 34-year-old training officer, an 11-year veteran, was killed. A 27-year-old officer, who has been on the job less than a year, was shot. He was in stable condition Thursday. Diaz withheld the officers’ names to protect their families.

Within hours, the manhunt spread throughout Southern California. Schools named by Dorner in his manifesto were put on lockdown or closed altogether. Law enforcement agencies from Pasadena to Fontana kept officers off motorcycles or barred single-officer patrols.

Two innocent bystanders were caught up Thursday in the search for Dorner. At 5:15 a.m., LAPD officers had a report of a pickup truck matching the description of Dorner’s driving with its lights off in Torrance, near one of the primary protection targets.

Officers spotted the truck and fired on the vehicle hitting the people inside, who turned out to be female newspaper carriers.

Both were transported to hospital. One has a minor gunshot wound and is being released. The second had two gunshot wounds and is in stable condition.

“Tragically, we believe this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers,” Beck said.” LA News Group

Dorner drove a GREY Nissan Titan. The women shot while delivering papers were driving their Blue Toyota Tocoma. And they were a hundred miles away from the last place Dorner was seen.

grey titan with rack

Not only that, but according to the women who were shot, the cops gave them no verbal warning at all. NONE. One minute they were delivering papers in the morning and the next, cop bullets were riddling their truck as they dove for the floorboards and prayed for their lives.

Dorner is a 270 pound 6 foot tall black man. The woman driving the truck was a 71 year-old little Hispanic woman named Emma Hernandez. You mean to tell me a cop can’t tell the difference?

7. Location, location, location.

The area this is all taking place in, the corridor between LA and San Diego, is absolutely stuffed full of military contractors of varying sorts. With the exception of Northern Virginia, around the CIA headquarters and the Pentagon, that corridor has more defense and intelligence contractors than any other area in the country.

8. The Final Photo

The last photo we have of Christopher Dorner is supposedly from Jan. 28th of this year, just a few days before this “unconventional warfare” campaign kicked off. He doesn’t look menacing, in fact he looks rather calm. It was taken Jan. 28 by a surveillance video camera at an Orange County hotel, police say. They make no effort to explain why Dorner was at a motel that night or who he was there too meet.


I’m sure more stuff will come out in the days to come, but at this point, let’s just say it smells a little fishier than Disinfo Jones makes it seem.

23 Responses

  1. Excellent Scott!

  2. I believe that it wasn’t Wolf Blitzer, but Anderson Cooper who received the packet from “Christopher Dorner.” Check it out, if you will.

    The man’s name seemed odd to me for a black man, although if his family originated in the Dutch Caribbean islands, maybe. By the way, in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany, there is a Christophe-Dorner-Strasse by the Isar River. I found it when googling his name. Cannot find out the story of the namesake for the street. Maybe irrelevant.

    I have an alternate theory about this (not a Gladio one) in which this is a drill for police, due to their inability to handle unconventional warfare techniques, supposedly, which might place critical areas of California in jeopardy. The harbor and international airport for two examples.

    The burning truck immediately seemed to me to be a diversion, to allow an escape while drawing resources into the terrain. Who says he didn’t drive it up the mountain with a motorcycle in it? I don’t think he’s anywhere near Big Bear, but it sure keeps the police up there for some terrain training. Also keeps them out of trouble in places like Torrance, where someone overreacted a bit.

    This to me is an exercise, a maneuver, of red (cell) on blue team. Blue Team seems to have screwed up badly when they shot up those ladies delivering newspapers. The fear that vigilantism will emerge is another problem (even in Big Bear, but a lockdown could prevent that). The manifesto seems a fiction loosely based on First Blood, but a movie is much more controllable even than a military exercise. By the way, LA is very familiar with their environments being temporarily taken over for movie sets, commercials, etc. This is probably just one more. However a real set of maneuvers has greater risks.

    The civilian population may be able to trigger a riot if they retaliate against the wrong person. Better to keep things away from Los Angeles, huh?

    But as for “true crimes” – maybe not. At least I hope not.

    Like Will Rogers, I only know what I read in the newspapers. I believe something else most of the time.

  3. Just a crazy thought – I mistyped Dorner and got Droner. Hm.

  4. been searching all moring and only finding more and more inconsistancies, like im watching a consperisy movie.

  5. For those interested in numerology, in point 6, the quoted paragraph from LA News Group contains numerous numbers significant in the occult (7,9,11).

    I’m interested to see how this story develops while I’m isolated on my upcoming holiday.

    Keep up up the good work Scott.

  6. Scott,

    In reference to your Point #2: Dorners History and support of the idea of Navy Intelligence connection…

    “I had a TS/SCI clearance(Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information clearance) up until shortly after my termination with LAPD. This is the highest clearance a service member can attain other than a Yankee White TS/SCI which is only granted for those working with and around the President/Vice President of the United States.”

    I noted this right away when I read the Manifesto.

    If Diane Foster (above) is correct that the letter went to Anderson Cooper then that would also fit in with the CNN Scheme. Anderson is being scrutinized right his Sandy Hook funeral Blue Screen fraud and this could be a lame attempt to re-establish his credibility (and distract from the questions regarding the Blue Screen) with the morons who will by it.

    The MSM is also just showing the same regurgitated pictures and scenes over and over again, ala Sandy Hook. I do not have enough information of the area to know if they are even of the areas they claim.

    The idea of this being a drill – in plain sight – is interesting. Ballsy for sure, but interesting.

  7. The psychologist I saw commenting on this story this evening looked and acted like a bad tv actor. Rather trying too hard to sell his “professional” views. Reminds me of the Sandy Hook coroner. I’m not buying it.

    • I’m not sure on this one, I live in so cal and think he just might be legit pissed at lapd. As far as his views, if u read his manifesto and shoutouts to well known people u can see he has a lot of time on his hands and gets his views from mainstream media and alternative radio. He’s reminds me of a lot of black guys I know who grew up In all white areas and are over sensitive to wrong things and racism. They try to hard to fit in with real black guys that way. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong but, I don’t get the feeling of a gov operation.

      • A dedicated patsy will certainly conform to the average person’s preconceptions of what his attitudes should be, in regards to racism, etc. It’s not a slam dunk, but worth further investigation. It would be less likely if he were an oddball in terms of his beliefs… that wouldn’t make for as a believable story, and therefore….. legit.

  8. If he had any racism issues with co workers , where are they? How come they aren’t speaking out? If this is another stage in an attack on freedom to pusuade more sheeple to bow down to the fuhrer , I think it will be to raise bar to racism and to show its not just crazy white boys shooting folks, it’s also black people! I hope and pray no one law ever is injured by anything, but it will happen. Hat said, educate yourself on firearm safety, driving, water, first aid, be come active in your community, help others who need it. Stop racism,bullying, bitching and moaning, love thy neighbor, (I am a Christian ) the Muslims I know are smart kind gentle people who keep to themselves, so are the atheist and “witch” type people, I want peace as much as the other person, we’ve got to work together, know each other and what we are even on this earth for. Smile at people, be kind, hold a door, carry out the groceries for the elders and so on, tip your service providers, one kind act goes a looonnnggg way. Trust me. I am a southern gentleman who owns firearms, I respect the jackass late for work as much as I do the goofball who cries for my guns! Educate yourselves . Gain experience with social interaction.
    Cervicide out.

  9. I’m Canadian and I smell lots of plots put out in plain site. There are lots of things happening here all at once. The Obama impeachment, the Libor, the wild Weather, the Amendment, the killings which to me makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Now get real, how come all of sudden these last events are all gone international. Has anyone noticed the Batman theater’s shooting name “Mayan 14” just weird I think. I haven’t done any follow up investigation of my own but I’m sure it is a clue of some kind. My thoughts on this is the Banksters have a agenda 21 and are keeping right on course with it. They are although late in time and I think they are running out of time. The PEOPLE are waking up and I truly hope so. Oh and funny I just watched a televised movie not long ago with I think it was Dustin Hoffman, he was a Hollywood movie director and was approached to direct a real life movie on the street to throw off people and the media. MMMMM seems weird that most of the movies that are coming out have lot of real life adventures. Think about it. And yes I agree with who ever mentioned Rambo and numerology….A lot is happening is such a short time. We are no better here in Canada, we are stripped of our Freedom of rights here which were signed away on the very same way as Obama done to the USA. USA as a country has to win against these bankers like Iceland did, the worlds future for freedom lie in it’s hands. Also the people of the world redarless the color, religion nor the origin of one’s self need to hold hands and stop this so we can take what was given to us as equal share and heal it back to health before it’s to late. Thank you and god bless you all.

  10. […] time. Read more:…#ixzz2KaxhXFZV here is a very good read:…doesnt-add-up/ our asshole government has gone too far, and I think people are starting to wake up. […]

  11. Scott, we can now add “courthouse” to the list of shooting locations…

    • not a psyop

      WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — The gunman in a Delaware courthouse shooting that left three dead was the ex-father-in-law of one of the victims, a law enforcement official said Tuesday.

      The official, who had been briefed on the situation, spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to release the gunman’s identity while the investigation was continuing. The official identified the shooter as 68-year-old Thomas Matusiewicz of Edcouch, Texas.

      Matusiewicz was the former father-in-law of Christine Belford, 37, who police said was fatally shot Monday along with neighbor Laura Mulford, 47. Matusiewicz, armed with a .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun, exchanged gunfire with police and also died.

      Joe Rogalsky, a spokesman for the Delaware Attorney General’s Office, declined to confirm the shooter’s identity.

      Bill Heriot said he was waiting to enter the courthouse Monday morning when he saw a man pull out a pistol and fire a single shot at each of the two women.

      After the shooting stopped, Heriot said he knelt down beside the first woman who was shot.

      “I turned her over and unbuttoned her coat. I saw a single bullet hole in the center of her chest,” Heriot said. “I held her hand, told her it was going to be all right. Her pupils dilated. She turned pale and passed away.””

    • You are right… And I had not interpreted this as a psyop, either. But, I have a very unscientific measuring stick called Puffington Host, and when I see anything featured there as top of the news, it tells me that “they” like the premise and that it suits their propaganda narrative.

      I have a feeling that your list will grow every month even without the naturally occurring killings and shootings.

  12. […] the wake of the recent spate of mass shooting incidents there has been much discussion about firearms and their place in modern America. In my opinion, […]

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