The Stepford Brothers: Brainwashed Chris Rock Claims Obama is “Our Boss” and “Dad”

by Scott Creighton

Chris Rock lays it all out for you: he tells you that the president is “our boss” and that the president and first lady are like the father and the mother of the nation and you had better listen to what they have too say and do it because if you don’t “it usually bites you in the ass later on”

It’s hard too say if he’s just an insipid follower by nature or if he knows the score in Vichy Hollywood and is playing along to get along.

Most frightening is the paternal/maternal link between the leadership of the country and it’s citizenry. There’s a movie out there made a decade or two ago called “The Wave” about a teacher proving a point to his class and turning them into NAZIs without them really knowing it. Based on a true story. The students formed this little elitist club and stuck with each other and started to hate everyone else because they were better than them just because they were in the club. It’s “the Party’.

This is exactly what Rock is projecting. Could be identity politics. I seriously doubt he would have been caught dead in public proclaiming that his Daddy was George W. Bush a few years ago. In fact I believe he was rather critical of Bush back then.

The fact that Obama has continued the Bush agenda on almost every turn and expanded upon it in brutal ways must be lost on Mr. Rock. Perhaps he should just keep his mouth shut until he knows a few facts about his “Daddy”

You could also draw an interesting comparison to the overall agenda of the Bush/Cheney “Shock and Awe” program which by design attempts to so completely demoralize the targeted population that they start looking at their given leaders (given by us) as a paternal figure. Essential the plan is to completely eradicate who they are and rewrite whatever you want onto their collective identities.

It’s easy enough to see this kind of program taking shape in the U.S. but I really don’t see a mega-wealthy “star” like this guy being reduced to that point unless he’s the type that can be hypnotized at will.

Watching him is kinda like watching the Stepford Wives or the last scene in 1984.

No Chris. The president is not “our boss”. WE ARE HIS BOSS. And it doesn’t matter what color he his. Bush wasn’t my “boss” and neither was Clinton. And I got years of writing right here on this site to prove it. And neither is Barack Obama.

And for the record, fathers can be wrong, deceitful, arrogant, malicious, untrustworthy, lying, sycophantic bastards just like anyone else. And the day you come to understand what he is, who he is, and move past the childish idol-worship, that’s the day you become your own man.

I hope that gives Chris something to look forward too.

Here’s Chris’s little sycophantic/racist ass-kissing suck-up to the man who has killed more children with drones than any other human being in history. And broken more campaign promises as well.


9 Responses

  1. Fuck Chris Rock.
    Ask Chapelle.

  2. Who is that old guy standing beside him and glaring at him?
    Can’t believe Chris said that…. and why has he got to read such a short speech? He sure looked happy to get away from the mike.

    Even President Kennedy was not my ‘dad’…. and I liked Kennedy…
    no president has been a ‘dad’… or boss…
    That is sickening.

  3. U.S.of A. needs a name change. Call Hollywood, many practitioners of name change there and testimonials to benefits. Newly named country logically names leader “Daddy”.

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  5. Annoying, unfunny, and an authoritarian cockwallet. Great! Lemme git one rib!!

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  7. I thought he was going to slug me, to smash me in my mouth, when, at 17, I told him I’d joined the Army. It was like a kidney shot to him—a sucker punch he never saw coming.

    I think he would have kissed me if he’d learned that, at age 20, I went AWOL.

    And I’ve had lots of bosses. They came and went, never leaving much of a mark on me, or me on them. Only that one Dad, though—the only one I ever wanted, or needed.

    He’s up there in heaven now—a place The Bummer’s surely read about, and just as surely turned his back on.

    r ap

  8. Super stupid, very annoying, he thinks he smart – WTF,,,,What an idiot. Never liked him anyway.

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